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E.g., Feb 20 2017

The Yale Saturday

To the god of a man overshadowing every guy in the room with his height and amazing tall athletic body, I was way too shy to approach you but I'd absolutely love to get your number. I think you were wearing a dark shirt with little (red?) speckles on it. You've also got dark hair. I doubt you noticed me but I was wearing a blue dress and I have some long blonde hair. This guy didn't strike me as the type of person to read these but if you know anyone that matches the description feel free to help a girl out.

When: Saturday, February, 18 2017

Where: The Yale

The Pint before the hockey game

You and a friend were sitting at a table beside my friend and I having a few prior to the game. I am the blond lady... you made a remark as I passed by of 'looking good'... And who doesn't like to hear that? LOL. You asked if you could buy us a drink at the rink. Regret not taking you up on your offer. Do over?

When: Sunday, February, 19 2017

Where: The Pint Vancouver

Dark-haired hiker in a purple jacket on Hollyburn

You asked about my dog, and mentioned you have a six-year-old Aussie-collie mix. I dunno if it was the thin mountain air or what, but the only thing I thought to talk about was other hikes. I should've asked your name. I should've asked you out. Your two friends seemed cool, and I hope that y'all had a really nice adventure.

When: Saturday, February, 25 2017

Where: Hollyburn Mountain

Hottie at Our community bikes on Main.

I saw you at Our community bikes on Main st. You greeted me with a smile at the door; after that I couldn't find the right moment to talk to you, you were busy working. You were wearing a Nirvana hoodie and a red corset under. Coffee?

When: Sunday, February, 19 2017

Where: Our community bikes

Adventurous Brunette at the Ski Shop

You came in to the shop looking for a helmet after your friend's crash on Cypress. Not everyone can look that good in a helmet, but maybe it was your smile. Being the professional salesman I am I neglected to make any moves, but I thought about chasing after you when you left! Want to go for a shred?

When: Saturday, February, 18 2017

Where: Boundary and Hastings

One year of I Saw You posts, mapped

Curious to see where sparks are flying between Vancouverites? One data-savvy Georgia Straight reader took it upon himself to map a year's worth of I Saw You posts, revealing trends in the ways we interact—or don't interact—with one another. Check out his findings here:

When: Friday, February, 17 2017

Where: Vancouver, BC

bus stop @Cordova and Seymour

I was at the bus stop and you seem to just been out of a bar, you were with a male friend and you both were very drunk, you approached me and ask where I was from, when I said Mexico, you start to say that you had been to Guadalajara and you eat guacamole, I thought you were very cute but you were too drunk, so I get nervous, coffee maybe?

When: Friday, January, 20 2017

Where: bus stop Cordova and Seymour

white spot restaurant @ homer street

You were sitting in a single boot and I was facing you, I was with a girlfriend but can not take my eyes off of you, I noted that you were giving me the eye as well, I wanted to send you my phone with a waitress but I get cold feet, you were wearing a pink polo shirt (maybe red), I hope you see this, you look very handsome and nice :)

When: Friday, January, 20 2017

Where: whitespot restaurant @homer street

Cute Asian on the train

You got on the train this morning and stayed standing wearing black and white kicks, blue jeans black wool coat and glasses, I was sitting in the seat in front of you reading my iPad. You were extremely cute, we kept making eye contact and smiling you got off at renfrew... if your interested would love to get to know you better maybe do dinner, coffee, nice walk?

When: Thursday, February, 16 2017

Where: Millennium Line / Evergreen Line

Catherine from muji

You were the petite asian girl. Maybe half japanese? You had dyed hair and a black shirt on. I was the caucasian guy in the black coat and jeans. You smiled and said that if I had any questions you could help me. I should've asked you if you were free for drinks. If you felt the same connection I did let's go some time.

When: Wednesday, February, 15 2017

Where: Fairmont Pacific Rim

Beautiful blonde on the 25

We locked eyes more than a few times on the 25 this evening (Valentines Day) after you got on around Fraser or Main. You had beautiful blonde hair, and might have been wearing a green sweater or jacket... I digress. I was a tall brown haired guy in a camel coat and exercise clothing. You turned around and stared at me out the window as the bus pulled away after I got off - coffee sometime? :)

When: Tuesday, February, 14 2017

Where: 25 Bus

Brunette with sausage dog

I saw you at the southeast end of Sunset Beach Park walking your cute sausage dog. You were wearing a black coat with a furry hood. You are a beautiful brunette and you took my breath away as I walked by you. I saw you again later on sitting on a log at the beach and you gave me a glance as you got up and left. I was wearing shades, black jacket and pants, nearly shaved head and a beard. We were walking the same direction and I thought about catching up to you and saying hi, but you disappeared just around the corner at "tap shack". I would love to meet you, maybe take you out sometime. Who knows maybe I'll bump into you again around there...

When: Sunday, February, 12 2017

Where: Sunset Beach Park

Beauty in Black.

We locked eyes. Then I couldn't keep mine off of you. Once I noticed you were free, I cleared my bill and requested a pen. I had written my number down on paper, but when I glanced up and you were gone. Timing is a virtue.

When: Sunday, February, 12 2017

Where: Granville island.

Red headed beauty

Sarurday Feb 11 at Walmart in Guildford. You are a beautiful red headed woman wearing all black in the electronics section. I was wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans. I just wanted to say that you are the most beautiful women I have every seen.

When: Saturday, February, 11 2017

Where: Walmart Guildford

Ben Rogers and Brunch

I frst saw you and your amazing tortoise shell glasses at the Ben Rogers show Saturday night, then again at brunch Sunday morning at Fable. I was the guy who looked overdressed for both occasions. Would love to grab a coffee sometime!

When: Sunday, February, 12 2017


Rivers Reach Pub-New Westminister

I was having lunch by myself, you were having lunch with your son, I couldn't stop looking your way, you had a pink sweater on with black pants and black boots, you were having fish tacos , wanted to talk with you but chickened out as your son was with you, grab a drink sometime?

When: Saturday, February, 11 2017

Where: New Westminister,B.C.

Harry Shum Jr.-lookalike chasing toddler through aisles of Shoppers Drug Mart

I couldn't not notice you chasing a curly-haired toddler through the aisles of the Shoppers Drug Mart at Granville and 13th. You seemed to be helping the kid's parents as they shopped and having fun while doing so. You shyly offered up a few apologetic smiles when you scrambled by, dodging other customers, and trying to keep up with your energetic kiddo friend. He was definitely having a good time. In addition to being impressed with your child minding skills, was immediately struck by my attraction to you. You were a slender asian man in a baseball cap and possibly leather shoes. Maybe late 20's to early 30's? Beyond being incredibly handsome, your face seemed really kind, too. My friend mistook you for the actor Harry Shum Jr from Glee, though a second glance said probably not. Maybe the baseball cap look had you giving off celebrity vibes. And me? I was the young asian woman wearing a dark knee-length coat, purple hood, and short rainboots. I was shopping with a friend. Let me know if you noticed me too. Maybe we can chill with your kid friend at a park or meet up for some other kind of city adventure on our own.

When: Thursday, February, 09 2017

Where: Shoppers Drug Mart, Granville + W 13th

70yr Snow Record

We talked about the snow during a short elevator ride. Continue stats sharing over coffee?

When: Thursday, February, 09 2017

Where: Elevator

99 BLine - YOU: blackhatted, redhead, charming eavesdropper

Boarding the 99BLine at Commercial/Broadway this morning just after 11am, my friend and I were the last to scramble on because I was loading my bike. You were sitting in the articulated-hips section of the bus, and as we walked past you, I was laughing and said something to my friend about how I wasn't *that* hungover. You said something complimentary and I told you how much nicer you are than my friend, and then I commended you for such a lovely black and grey hat. Sadly you got off well before the end of the line -- clearly I was hungover enough that my reaction time was tooooo slooooow to ask you for your number. Want to go somewhere and eavesdrop together? I like your chutzpah. [Me: black jacket + toque, grey tights, clunky snowboots, hangover glasses]

When: Wednesday, February, 08 2017

Where: 99 BLine Westbound, Commerical Broadway station

Bear Sized Bouncer

I think I've seen you a few times at the Rio. You might be security for venue shows? You have long hair, often wear curb stomper boots and your built like a damn mountain. Hello, greetings, this is just a message to let you know you're so handsome. Last time I saw you was Hari Kondabolu's show. I wanted to get up and say hi to you walking up and down the aisle in front of the stage but I couldn't think of anything witty to say beyond the strong need to climb you like a tree.

When: Saturday, December, 03 2016

Where: Rio Theatre

You Dropped your phone.

Hey. You slipped in the snow at the crosswalk. I noticed your cell and ran it back to you as you were getting onto the bus. I wanted to introduce myself but I didn't really have the time to while the bus was leaving, sorry about that.

When: Friday, February, 03 2017

Where: Renfrew Skytran Station


You are a beautiful blonde woman. We were on the Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay Ferry. We were just docking and everyone was heading to their cars. I was sitting behind you talking with my friends about how I thought it was colder here and warmer on the Island. You got up, looked at me, smiled and said something...I was so captured by your smile so I didn't catch it but I think you said Yes it was. You walked away with your carry on and although I really wanted to talk to you all I could do was look at you in awe. You have an amazing smile and great energy. I had a black jacket with the faux-fur around the neck and a black hat on. I would like to have a coffee or drink with you and hang out. Hope you look at these.

When: Friday, February, 03 2017

Where: Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay Ferry

White sneakers, white snow, I offered to piggy back you

We talked about your great snow foot gear and then chatted briefly in Tara Breads. I meant to ask you if you had time to get together but then turned shy. Looking for you! Next Saturday at Tara at 11:00 or?

When: Saturday, February, 04 2017

Where: Tara Breads Kitsilano


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