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E.g., Jul 23 2017

Mary Poppins under the stars

The whole play was marvellous, but I noticed you right away when you entered on the stage. Though you didn't play a big role, you had a presence that I seemed to have always been drawn back to, wether it was in the yellow vest during Jolly Holiday, or the bright orange hat in supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. You probably wouldn't have seen me; I was the one, well, in the white rain poncho. Bravo on a great!

When: Saturday, July, 22 2017

Where: Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park


Hey there It was many years ago , 2007 - fall. You were a dancer at the 5.VIP. You went by Black Orchid. Redhead. Sexy as hell. I made you a playlist for your stage. Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, Girl Talk etc.. If still about, would be great to reconnect and hear from you. We hung out quite a bit, you disappeared around boxing day of that year.

When: Saturday, July, 21 2007

Where: Orange 5

Awkward Road Rage in the West End

I am crossing the street on my go, and the car honks at me. I point up to the green lights, and they yell out at me "get a car" so obviously I flip them off. They then start yelling at me so I walk up to the car, and figure I would rather have this argument up close. Then we start explaining our issues with the other person, she keeps saying "I'm going to get upset when you finger me" "you were over there fingering me" and so I am like "I feel like there has to be a better way of saying that...". We fight for a bit, explain why we were mad at the other person... and then realize that fighting about it is really stupid. At the end we both laugh off our stupid fight and I tell her to have a great day... and we went our separate ways. Here is the thing... I figure we have already had our first big fight and if we can walk away from road rage with a smile, things can't be too bad, eh? You said you were taking a photo of me to post to Facebook, so I said I would take one of you... turns out my camera was accidentally turned around and I just took a selfie. Attached.

When: Friday, July, 21 2017

Where: Robson and Jervis

Jericho Beach Ukulele Girl

On Wednesday July 19th, I passed you walking east on Jericho Beach, pulled up at the next log and went for a swim. I came back, dried off with my towel, laid it on the sand and sat down. As you were walking past me to the washroom, you asked me to watch your stuff. I said I’d be here, but can’t make any guarantees. The right answer would have been, “sure,” which would have taken a whole five minutes of my life, but I didn’t say that because in that moment, I was thinking I just want to lay out and chill. When I thought about it later, I was choked at myself for not being more considerate, especially after you flashed your beautiful smile at me. If I ever see you again, I’ll apologize in person and maybe ask you to play me a song on your ukulele.

When: Wednesday, July, 19 2017

Where: Jericho Beach

Don Miguel Ruiz and the 236 to Park Royal

You helped an elderly lady pay her fare, the bus driver and I told you there should be more men like you in the world... We talked about the agreements, and life. I was sad when I got to my stop, but didn't find the courage to ask for your number. You said you were certain we'd meet again.. Sadly I rarely take the bus.. It's been over a month, and for some reason, I'm still kicking myself. I need people like you in my life.. Sometimes fate needs a little help.. I hope you agree and happen to be reading this today.

When: Saturday, June, 17 2017

Where: On the 236 from Lonsdale to Park Royal

Coconut Chips

We were in line at winners / homesense on Cambie ...you a tall handsome guy with an arm and leg tattoo, me a brunette wearing a hat and gym clothes. You caught my eye so I made small talk in line. You helped me pick out the best ever coconut chips that your friend that owns a health food store recommended. Not wanting to be rude and not knowing if you are single or not, I chickened out and didn't just ask you for your number. I kicked myself afterwards as you seemed genuinely nice and have a great smile. It would be nice to know either way if you are single or not and if you are, maybe I'll share some of my coconut chips with you. If not I can at least stop kicking myself for not asking and just enjoy the awesome recommendation.

When: Wednesday, July, 19 2017

Where: Winners / homesense

"Lovely" Cyclist on Point Grey Road - Vancouver Folk Music Festival

I was working Folk Fest, wearing my traffic vest, when I said, "Hey lovely!" to someone in the car behind you as you cycled between the car & I. I noted that you were also lovely but I happened to be talking to them. You replied & we smiled at each other as I blushed. I saw you one other time during the day, when we smiled at each other again, but I didn't get a chance to stop working to chat. I was wearing a green dress, have longer brown hair & was wearing a traffic vest & radio. This may have happened on Friday, not Thursday, & unfortunately I haven't a clue as to what time you cycled past me.

When: Thursday, July, 13 2017

Where: Point Grey Road by Jericho Beach Park

Frie Drill @ The Cadillac Fairview 609 Granville

At about 2pm our building had to evacuate for a fire drill. Our team was marshaled to the corner of Dunsmir and Howe in front of the Carl's Jr burger place. You were wearing all black standing on the steps of the with your florescent armband. You looked over a few times and I noticed that you have a stunning amazing smile! I was wearing light blue shorts and light red hoodie. Lost you in the crowd on the way back in! Let's grab a coffee for lunch one day!!

When: Thursday, July, 20 2017

Where: Corner of Dunsmir and Howe

Beauty on her break

Hello, yesterday as I was looking for a spot to set up and we talked about your brewery and the area. Your good luck! I did well yesterday there. Your also absolutely goregeous and im kicking myself for not taking my chances or even getting your name. Just throwing it out there. I hope to see you again :)

When: Wednesday, July, 19 2017

Where: Annacis Island

Aaron and Bub

Cambie and 10th, you and I chatted this evening at the intersection. I have no idea why I didn't ask for your number! You're a total babe and I think you thought the same. Let's grab a bite?

When: Wednesday, July, 19 2017

Where: Cambie and 10th Ave bike route

The perfect face

I'm not sure if you're going to see this, or even speak English for that matter - its hard to tell in this city. But I just saw you get off the bus at St. George and 41st; we made eye contact a few times on the bus but I quickly looked away. We walked in the same direction up St. George. You're asian, were wearing a white shirt, blue jean shorts and a backpack. You had a big gold watch on. You're face is honestly perfect.

When: Wednesday, July, 19 2017

Where: St. George/41st

Pretty Passenger

We were both sitting at the back of the 95 heading downtown around 6 pm. Your presence immediately put a smile on my face. During the trip I pointed out a cute Samoyed riding in the back of someone’s truck; it was super white and fluffy. We ended up discussing the homeless as we were driving past Main Street, and the social services available in the States and Canada. I’d love to have more conversation with you, over coffee. You are very attractive – fit, with shoulder-length, sandy brown hair, and brilliant, healthy-looking skin. You were dressed in a navy blue sleeveless top and jeans, and grey converse shoes. You had a black leather handbag and pink sunglasses, which I thought belonged to the guy sitting to your left - I didn’t want to make any assumptions ;). You said that you were from Seattle. I was your seatmate on your right with short, black hair and dressed in a blue and white striped tee and white shorts.

When: Tuesday, July, 18 2017

Where: 095 Burrard Stn Bus

Victoria Ferry- Skytrain

I noticed you waiting for the ferry to walk on and was taken aback when I saw you get on the bus to go to the sky train station. You were wearing a jean jacket a lot like mine, beautiful eyes and a beard. I could not stop staring to the point it was getting embarrassing for me and obvious to you. I was wearing a navy hat, jean jacket and a backpack. I would love to meet for coffee sometime and maybe see you smile ?

When: Monday, July, 17 2017

Where: 620 Bus to Bridgeport Station

you cared enough to ask....

I was a mess and feeling really down. you saw me crying on the express bus going westbound on hastings from nanaimo. you actually cared enough to offer to take me for coffee. i declined but i will never forget you offered. i often wish i had said yes. i would love to thank you. you were an angel to me on a very dark chapter of my life. i now have 3 months clean and sober. i am doing well. i just hope you know you were appreciated.

When: Wednesday, April, 19 2017

Where: hastings and nanaimo express bus

We shook hands at Khatsalano

Dont know if youre just a really great business person, or if you were showing some interest? I was wearing a film camera around my neck. Your name is Alex. I feel like we are supposed to know eachother. May the world allow us to meet again? xx

When: Tuesday, July, 18 2017

Where: 4th ave

Blonde Curley Hair

I can't believe I'm doing this. I always see you get on the bus around 12th/Fraser in the mornings. On good days, you end up sitting next to me. We both get off downtown at the same spot, and usually walk in the same direction to work. I'm usually reading a book and way too petrified to make eye contact and initiate a conversation. You've got really curly blonde hair, glasses and never where headphones....which I think is really cool for some reason. You're never going to see this.

When: Tuesday, July, 18 2017

Where: Broadway/Fraser

Seymour Stunner

You were walking up Seymour with your friend (purple hair), wearing black shorts and a halter top. I was also in black shorts and a brown T-shirt, and commented on how lovely you looked. Your friend seemed slightly annoyed with my forwardness. I introduced myself and watched you disappear into the crowd at Robson. I'd love to buy you a drink, a coffee, anything really!

When: Tuesday, July, 18 2017

Where: Seymour and Robson

Corner of Marine and Boundary

Sorry for staring, but you were dreamier than I imagined. I was in awe of how well-traveled you are, offering so much more than I was used to. Your fresh vibe and wine knowledge was intoxicating, and made me want to come back for more. Meet me at 8570 River District Crossing. I will be at the Tasting bar, and it’ll be my treat. In the meantime, add me on FB @everythingwineinc. Can’t wait to see you.

When: Thursday, July, 13 2017

Where: Everything Wine

Monday 10:45PM Seabus leaving Waterfront.

We exchanged glances when I boarded and sat down across from you. However, I was in total blank iPod stare mode and not too quick on the uptake. Would love to connect and maybe meet up for coffee, should you be interested. You were a stunning brunette wearing a black dress, with glasses and several tattoos. Please describe your headphones and hairstyle to confirm ID.

When: Monday, July, 17 2017

Where: Seabus to Quay

Belgium Fries

I don't know if you'll read this, if by chance you do, I just want to saying that your beautiful and I find your style mesmerizing. You: side-cut wavy hair, yellow boots. Me: short hair, tie-dye shirt

When: Monday, July, 17 2017

Where: Belgium Fries

Chapters - downtown

This is a log shot. You work at chapters (Robson location). I was there during my lunch break and bought a book (science) while you were on cash. My names not too common but you seemed to pronounce it perfectly. You're terribly cute and I'm terribly scared to do anything about it. I wonder if you'll see this.

When: Monday, July, 17 2017

Where: Chapters - Robson

Monique's Clogs and Halleluiah

Met in the coffee line. Was looking forward to seeing you at the blues gig at Stage 4 but alas we did not cross paths again.

When: Sunday, July, 16 2017

Where: Vancouver Folk Festival

Sunday on the12:15 Ferry from Departure Bay

You were wearing a white T-shirt with blue trim on the sleeves, jean shorts and orange shoes. I was in a orange T-shirt, gray shorts, gray shoes, black ball cap and sun glasses. I was admiring you leaning on the rail and you gave me couple nice smiles. When I finely got up the nerve to say hi you disappeared, I looked for you but ran out of time as the boat was docking. If your interested in getting to know me get back to me.

When: Sunday, July, 16 2017

Where: Departure Bay to Twassen Ferry

Construction worker in NW

I was heading to law court and you said I had wonderful skin passing by my side. I just finished chemo and had no hair under the bandana. But your word brightened me so much. I hope you well and be safe. Thank you.

When: Monday, July, 10 2017

Where: Carnavon street New Westminster

Tall, long blonde hair man I'll probably never see again...

So I'm super shy and I can't believe I'm making this post but I saw a unforgettable guy at the Superstore on grandview highway. We both entered the store about the same time and you instantly caught my eye, we made eye contact and I never ever make eye contact with anyone when I'm out shopping but I did and you did and well, we kept running into each other inside the store and every time, our eyes would meet haha Gosh I sound so cheesy but wow, you're freakin beautiful and have a strong resemblance to the actor Alexander Skarsgard. I've had the biggest, dumbest little girl crush on him ever since watching True Blood back in high school. So when I saw you, I so taken aback and so so wanted to say something. But what the hell was I gonna say? Hi? You're hot? You're so hot? lol ME: I had my hair tied in a puffy ponytail, blue hair, buzzed sides and super skinny, wearing a beige striped long sleeve shirt. YOU: Long blonde hair in a pony tail, all dressed in black, blue eyes I think. I don't expect you to ever read this and if you did and wanted to reach out, I'm sure I wouldn't have the guts to actually meet you in person. Regardless, needed to send this out to the internet. Just had to let it out, be told.

When: Thursday, July, 13 2017

Where: Real Canadian Superstore on Grandview Highway



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