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E.g., Jun 22 2017

Still crazy about you after all these years

We worked together years ago and I thought we would have a connection, but we did not. Then, I saw you again and got the same feeling. Even my cycling companion thought you were interested. You looked great.

When: Saturday, June, 17 2017

Where: Canada Line Station - Olympic Village

Dreadlocks, killer smile, blue shirt on Hamilton St...

I think we might be neighbours...I see you here and there...when I do I always regret not saying hello. You were following behind my friend and I on Hamilton - we did a few dbl takes as you were crossing the street. I was trying to be cool & continue my conversation with my friend but my eyes and thoughts were on you. We should say hello next time ... could be interesting.

When: Friday, June, 16 2017

Where: Hamilton Street off Robson

Beer Tasting Event at Glowbal

Your name is Tristan and you were wearing plaid. I sat down at your table and introduced myself but then got moved to another table. I tried to catch your eye during dinner but wish I would have come and said hi before leaving. I think you're cute.

When: Tuesday, June, 06 2017

Where: Glowbal Restaurant

Cute cat lover on skytrain

You had an accent and a feather tattoo on your wrist, talking to your friend about how much you love cats - you captivated me.

When: Monday, June, 19 2017

Where: King Edward Skytrain

Leigh, the Chief Hiking yogi

We were in the same Hot class on Sunday. You had just hiked the Chief! The reflection of my lanky uncoordinated movements DEFINETLY threw your balance off and I apologize. You're originally from Toronto and your name is Leigh (Lee?). Got your name but that was unfortunelty it. Hope to catch you at another class!

When: Sunday, June, 18 2017

Where: Yyoga Park Royal

Take the power back

We walked only a single block together. In that short space you mused about reversing the roles we perform with the street canvassers, and we established that we'd both been teenage telemarketers. What do you say we cover some more ground? This is an exclusive offer. Act now. Satisfaction guaranteed. (Skill testing question: You approved of how I described these forms of marketing. What did I say?)

When: Wednesday, June, 14 2017

Where: Robson street downtown

Motorcycle Guy heading towards Denman Street

You were riding in front of me on your motorcycle, heading east on Barclay towards Denman Street. I was on my bike and you kept turning around to try and chat but we were getting too close to the Denman traffic. If you read this, let me know what shirt you were wearing and the colour of my bike!

When: Friday, June, 16 2017

Where: Barclay and Denman Street (approx.)

You're not a creep

This is a long shot but... You got on the bus, we smiled, you were too attractive and so I avoided looking at you too much and pretended to be tired. I imagined getting off the bus and making out with you in the bushes. I continued to try and look disinterested. As I got off the bus you came to tell me I was very pretty , and that you weren't trying to be creepy...and what I really wanted to say.. ((you too are very handsome)) Instead of saying thank you and reamaining shy. I'm not shy !! Usually. Until my cheeks are hot with blush. Hope to see you again. Maybe not on a crowded bus.

When: Monday, May, 29 2017

Where: 95b-line


You were on your bike and we made eye contact for a while just wanted to let you know that you are very handsome and would love to meet up sometime.

When: Monday, June, 05 2017

Where: Pender street by Strathcona School

Cute Counsellor Boy at Info Fair

Your name is Justin. You’re taking Counselling Psychology through Adler University and doing your practicum through Borstal Association. You moved to Vancouver from (near) Edmonton and are planning on going back to do your second practicum this winter. We met in a fairly unusual place and I didn’t want to blatantly ask you out in front of your classmates/my co-worker. If you end up seeing this, I would like to continue our conversation about hammocks and boy scout uniforms ;)

When: Wednesday, June, 14 2017

Where: Abbotsford

I saw you again

You saw me at the pool that day. And I saw You. You I-Saw-You'd me. We saw each other. For a hot minute. Then you were seeing someone else. I saw you again. Driving into the Save On Foods parkade as I was driving out. I think you saw me too. No I'm I-Saw-You-ing you. I would like to see you again.

When: Wednesday, June, 14 2017


water refill at Mec

Caught a cute smile thrown my way as you passed and then ended up by helping you re fill your hydra pack at the water fountain. I should have asked for you number then or at least a coffee , when you passed on your way out felt it may have ben a touch presumptuous but still should have, maybe you are the type of cool Vancouver woman who reads these things. If so , how does a sea wall bike ride sound.

When: Tuesday, June, 13 2017

Where: Mec on Broadway

Cute office

I said you were very beautiful and you responded with a Thank You! Next time I see you I will speak up. By the way this is not the first time we have seen each other.

When: Monday, June, 12 2017

Where: New West

Capilano university lounge 2013 september

V meet in capilano university lounge while buying books in the students lounge in september 2013. U told ur name was chantelle and i told u that i was from india. V spoke about our careers and laughed about the different spellings of your name. After dat v bumped at phibbs exchange in dec at around 1 am. That is when i realised that v had somethi g magical between us. I was unwell dat night so i decided to rush to my house and just gave a smile. I did see u again after dat in july or august 2014 in the university lounge but was toooo shy to talk to u. I hv been thinking on and off about u since den Please reply to this post if you would like to meet me.

When: Wednesday, September, 03 2014

Where: Capilano university lounge

Coffee shop cute guy

I was at this Matchstick coffee shop and I walked in with you sitting directly in front of me. You looked up from your book as I walked in, dark hair, white button up which was then opened with a white shirt inside. You had your guitar case up against the wall and you gave off this vibe of mysterious but somehow interesting aura. I thought you looked like Aaron Johnson. I noticed every seat was almost full except for the space next to you. I was contemplating on sitting next to you and maybe strike up conversation but I was too shy and I don't think I would even try. Fortunately a chair cleared up and I was able to sit. But still wondering what of I sat next to you and strike up a convo. Anyway, I am just daydreaming away. If you happen to see this post..i was the girl in the red sweater. Your secret admirer. Hope to meet you at the cafe again.

When: Sunday, June, 11 2017

Where: Matchstick coffee shop

Cool Woman buying a lighter in Gastown

I randomly went into a corner shop in Gastown, you were there buying a lighter and told the clerk you have too many at home so you just wanted the cheapest one. Dirty blonde hair, somewhat tall and thin, you had a tongue stud. I had a beard and medium long brown hair. I was purposely trying to get your attention by saying something about lighters at checkout. I sensed this chill cool person, and part of me wanted to run after you and talk to you.

When: Friday, June, 09 2017

Where: Corner shop on Cordova and Abbott in Gastown

You saw me at the Roxy and contacted me through Facebook.

You found me on Facebook after seeing me at the Roxy. You said your name is Claudia and that you teach yoga. I wasn't sure that you're real and I'm still not, but you deleted your account before I had a chance to respond to the picture you sent and now I'm wondering if I wasted a great opportunity. Contact me again?

When: Thursday, May, 18 2017

Where: The Roxy

Justin =) at Starbucks

You are the cutest bearista I've seen... and very charming. It'd be cool to go for a coffee or a bite.

When: Saturday, June, 10 2017

Where: Denman and Davie

DEF LEOPARD could have talked to you all night

you working didn't want to bother you doing your job.could have talked to you for a long time so comfortable wished had got your number. to have coffee ,dinner ,movie anything would have been better then thinking missed a chance on a great person.talked concerts you going to Metallica

When: Tuesday, June, 06 2017

Where: Def Leppard concert

Dan @ the Rodeo

What happened to the cute guy in the blue button up shirt?! I was working at getting you inebriated at the Longhorn Saloon during the rodeo. For the two days (Saturday and Sunday), I was guilty for looking forward to seeing you in line. Disappointed you never grabbed my number. Fingers crossed.

When: Saturday, May, 20 2017

Where: Cloverdale Rodeo

Split Shorts - vowed to stop walking up stairs

You were exchanging a pair of shorts at TopMan and then I bumped into you again buying .. a hat?? at Urban Outfitters. I was doing returns and laughed when I saw you for the second time. You said "See ya at the next spot.." Where's the next spot??? You're super cute and I'm looking forward to running into you again!

When: Monday, June, 05 2017


Beautiful girl catching up with some old friends

You were outside of the the IGA at the corner of Vine and Broadway with an elderly group of ladies. You had a badge on your side so I assume you are a nurse on an outing with the ladies. You were all sitting down enjoying the day. I was coming from the gym, waiting for the bus, wearing a Pixies shirt. Not sure if i recognized you or i just couldn't stop noticing different beautiful things about you. Figured it would be slightly corny if i approached you while you were working and not fully confident you were noticing me too or wondering who this guy was creeping on her :) Would love to meet you sometime.

When: Wednesday, June, 07 2017

Where: IGA corner of Vine and Broadway

The cutest girl in all of Vancouver

I boarded the 4th Powell with my skateboard and shades; you looked athletic and had blonde hair, black shoes, and the most captivating eyes. You sat in the back and I just couldn't take my eyes off you. I just wanted you to know that you are without a doubt the cutest girl in all of Vancouver

When: Tuesday, June, 06 2017

Where: 4th Powell bus

Kitchen Boy at Mahony's - 2015

I worked at Mahony and Son's on Stamps Landing a few years ago for a very short period of time. You were a very cute kitchen boy named Julian who I would flirt with every time I worked - but I quit before I got the chance to go for a drink with you. I'm a short redhead; you would joke that you would eventually get me out with you. Remember me? Let's grab a drink :)

When: Monday, June, 05 2017

Where: Mahony and Sons - Stamps Landing


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