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E.g., Mar 27 2015

Don't want to meet again...?

We had a lovely night after dancing together at Portside Pub. You said you were only in town for a few days to visit family, then heading over to Berlin. Said you didn't have Facebook, but you gave me your email contact. It doesn't work. Was that on purpose?

When: Saturday, March, 28 2015

Where: Portside Pub

Gorgeous Genius

Came in early on Saturday morning with my roommate to get her bricked iPhone replaced. Your coworker was helping us but you kept adding to the conversation. Too bad the appointment wasn't with you! You are damn fine, but probably straight... Feel free to prove us wrong

When: Saturday, March, 28 2015

Where: Coquitlam Centre

Such natural beauty.

You (gorgeous, long and wavy brunette with very little (no?) makeup) approached the bus stop on Cambie and were going to stand next to me but quickly you decided to sit and share the bench with me. As you approached I glanced up at your beautiful smiling face looking my way and I just froze. I'm such a shy person when I witness someone like you; I just don't have any words. It's those times that I'd love to be able to gaze into your eyes and be still and present in a shared moment of silent beauty. I'm glad this site has this column because I'd jump at chance to meet you for coffee/tea. Fingers crossed in Vancouver.

When: Friday, March, 27 2015

Where: Bus stop on Cambie St. & W 7th Ave

@ Womyns Ware on Commercial

After some happy browsing and buying, I was pushing open the door of the store and noticed you giving me a very intense look. I'm curious to know what you were thinking. You: Dark hair and even darker eyes

When: Friday, March, 27 2015


yellow bouquet

After the canucks game. You were going back to east van. You had a yellow bouquet. We had some laughs on the ride back. Teach a dude to tango?

When: Friday, March, 27 2015

Where: skytrain

At the library one day

I sat next to you in the library at the community centre on Kingsway/Main in east Vancouver. We started talking because you got a spam call on your cellphone. You were working on a powerpoint presentation at the time. You were a real joy to talk to. If you see this, let's meet up sometime.

When: Friday, March, 06 2015

Where: Vancouver public library

Y-(Didn't I say MORE?)-Yoga..

Leaving yyoga in kits at around 8:30-45 (We were actually in the same class across the room!).... You smiled at me from the bench where we take turns putting our shoes on. It was the kind of smile that felt SAFE... (If you live in Vancouver, you'll know what this means). We walked downstairs and out the building and you held the door open... Then we both walked towards Maple street where our paths were split, sending me into the "Woulda, shoulda, coulda..." mental conversation. But... I playfully I said "Have a good night". You were either really shy, or politely uninterested as you turned back to reply. I don't like living with 'what if's'... So here's my note to the universe. ;)

When: Thursday, March, 26 2015

Where: Yyoga Kitsilano

Across the Runway

I saw you looking at me across the aisle at Vancouver Fashion Week. I smiled at you and you looked away. Were you looking at me? Why didn't you smile back? I caught you staring at me a couple of times...too shy to smile back? You sat in the third row and your friend next to you was wearing a baseball cap. I sat across the runway from you in the second row. I'm the girl in the fuchsia pink top- the one you didn't smile back at.

When: Sunday, March, 22 2015

Where: Vancouver Fashion Week Finale

Skytrain Smiles

You were waiting for the YVR train on the platform at Oakridge on thursday, I was heading towards Richmond. You had a gorgeous smile and dark red hair (I think, I was pretty transfixed on the smile), I was the scruffy lookin' guy grinning from ear to ear. Neither of us could look away. I winked, you blushed, and the train started moving again. I'm still kicking myself for not getting off and saying hi. I'd love to make up for my mistake and buy you dinner sometime.

When: Thursday, March, 26 2015

Where: Oakridge & 41st

Skytrain ConTroll

We were both heading eastbound on the Skytrain at rush hour Monday evening. You got off at New West. I offered you my seat, but you smiled and said you'd prefer to stand, as you'd been sitting at a desk all day. I was intrigued by your floral neck tattoo, purple highlights, the troll doll key chain hanging from your pocket, and the Pallbearer album bleeding from your headphones. Wanna hit up Scrape and grab a beer sometime?

When: Monday, March, 23 2015

Where: Eastbound Skytrain

Server at AnnaLena

You were working this evening at AnnaLena and captivated me...petite and incredibly gorgeous with a stunning tattoo on your back. I could hardly wait for you to come by our table again just to tell us about the food - any food! :) I would love to take you for dinner on your night off!

When: Tuesday, March, 24 2015

Where: AnnaLena

Red Notebook, Art Gallery

I saw you at the art gallery, Tuesday evening. You wore a brown sweater, plain pants and black Nike shoes. Your hair is curly and shoulder length, you wear glasses. I saw you several times but at one moment you approached a piece of art near me and smirked, then continued to open your red notebook to write something down. That was my opportunity to introduce myself but I was too flustered to speak. I’m in Vancouver very briefly, please contact me if you’d like to get tea soon!

When: Tuesday, March, 24 2015

Where: Vancouver Art Gallery

epicurian March 23

I came in to grab a coffee to go with a friend and your energy consumed my attention even though you were tucked away in the corner seat. You were intently working on something. Sure wish I was alone and not rushing to a meeting so I could have asked if you need a second opinion for whatever you were working on. Thanks for that little jolt of bilss - just having to deal with the after effects :) This is a huge long shot but worth a try .... would love to connect and see if there is a chance for a replay.

When: Monday, March, 23 2015

Where: epicurean

We smiled at each other at Oakridge Mall

Around 3pm on Tues 24 March, our eyes met and we both smiled as we passed each other at the Oakridge Mall. You exited the Mall (White Spot) and if I hadn't been en route to a work meeting I would have stopped. Thanks Gary

When: Tuesday, March, 24 2015

Where: Oakridge Mall

Spanish Banks with Daisy & Chloe

You had a purebred pit bull named Daisy who immediately became smitten with my dog Chloe. I really liked talking to you. Wanted to ask you out but didn't. It's too bad humans aren't as unhindered with their affections as our dog companions. Call me!

When: Friday, March, 20 2015

Where: Spanish Banks dog beach


I saw you on Tinder and should have swiped right. Wonder what the chances are of you (or someone who knows you) seeing this and us being able to connect?

When: Tuesday, March, 24 2015

Where: Tinder

Beauty & the Bus

You, long dark brown wavy hair (you were listening to music on your phone), sat down near me at the back. I was wearing black leather jacket & a Motorhead shirt...and a hat. We smiled at each other a few times. I wanted to say something to ya & now I wish I had. Well, I couldn't stop thinking about you, usually I scare people away...not that time, you caught me off guard gorgeous! Los'fer words I guess.......OR one might say I chickened out lol. Maybe I'll see ya 'round sometime! By the way I'm Stephen...drop Facebook.

When: Sunday, March, 22 2015

Where: #4 UBC Bus somewhere on Granville St.

Remorseful Makeup

You were driving a dark blue Fit (122 SMR) between 29th and 45th on Rupert while applying makeup. You're pretty. You know what's not pretty? Air bag bruises and crying a lot because you've killed a child.

When: Tuesday, March, 24 2015

Where: Vancouver between 29th Ave and 54th Ave on Rupert

Superstore Butter Blunder

I was carrying an arm load of ramen noodles and frozen peas, and when I got close to the checkout I dropped my kilo of butter on the floor. We both reached for it, but I was so embarrassed that it completely phased me that it was the perfect set-up for a cheesy rom-com, and simply replied "I got it," snatched it, and continued on my way. I was quite taken with you and have been kicking myself for the past hour-and-a-half for being a living embodiment of the forever alone meme. I hope we can continue the cheese!

When: Tuesday, March, 24 2015

Where: Richmond Superstore

Student Nurse Katie

You taught Sex Ed in my class today. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I wish I hadn't lost my nerve and asked you for coffee at least. If you like bald men in their mid thirties have I got a deal for you. Do these things even work?

When: Monday, March, 23 2015

Where: East Van

Running in the rain.

I saw you on the seawall in the pouring rain. I was out for a jog and as I ran past you I made a comment and kept running. You took a shortcut and caught up to me but I took another turn and I lost my chance to talk you into a coffee date. It's hard to say what was more beautiful, the rain, or you. Give me another chance :)

When: Monday, March, 23 2015

Where: Vancouver Seawall close to Denman

Save on Foods

I saw you in the lineup at the Save on Foods. Please don't judge me for writing an I saw you ad, ha ha. I was in line with my coworker, buying a bunch of stuff for a picnic (mostly hot dog buns). You are slightly on the short side, a brunette, very pretty. I have short dirty blonde to brown hair. If you see this maybe we could drink a coffee sometime?

When: Monday, March, 23 2015

Where: Save on Foods

Cute Blonde

You are a cute blonde working in a small bistro. You have a wonderful smile that makes my brain turn to mush. I hope you have thyme to indulge me for a coffee one day.

When: Sunday, March, 22 2015

Where: Main Street


the time power

I'm so sorry I told you to not pay more attention to your brother's depression when I...