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E.g., Jul 3 2015

Seabus going to north van at Around 2pm on June 12th(Friday)

Few weeks ago now but I saw you on the seabus. Your back was to downtown and I was facing the city. You were in the second row from the rear window and I was in the same row facing the other way. You: absolutely beautiful, with dark hair and perfectly tanned skin, very pretty eyes, lululemon like pants, and a purplish top I think. Relatively tall as well. Me: I would have been wearing cargo shorts and had a grey backpack. About 6'1 with dark blonde hair and blue eyes, roughly shaven probably at the time and have a leg band tattoo around my right calf about 4 inches wide. We glanced at each other a few times in the seabus but never spoke. We were close together getting off the seabus and both headed towards the cab waiting area. If I stick out in your mind at all it'd be great to meet for coffee. Wish I had said something.

When: Friday, June, 12 2015

Where: Seabus to North van.

Blue Hair Girl, Main Street Brewery

Saw you standing, waiting for someone to arrive. Was wearing a floral shirt and big hat, we looked at each other and said hello and I walked on. I kept looking back and no one arrived and quickly stopped by my house for a growler, was going to ask you in for a beer if you were there when I came back, but you seemed to give up on your meeting and walked away just as I was arriving. I'd like a beer with you.

When: Saturday, July, 04 2015

Where: Main street brewery.

Lost in the Jungle.

You: James from Gold Coast, been here approx. four years, electrician, bearded and pierced, wearing black RVCA hat, black shirt, denim shorts. Me: Asian girl, writer, wearing a black tank, denim shorts, hip glasses. We met at a jungle-themed party where we talked about Australia's politics, good news vs. bad news (and how I like to be a purveyor of good news), how you were surprised your third visa came through, and that you're working toward your Red Seal. I kept thinking I still had time left at the party to chat with you again but time flies and you'd left before I found you again. Alas - you came with a co-worker who heard about the party from his girlfriend who may or may not actually know one of the party hosts. If you see this, perhaps a drink to celebrate your visa?

When: Tuesday, June, 30 2015

Where: House party near W 15th and Cambie.

Maybe you were smiling in the mirror

You got on my bus a couple of times...8:30ish at Granville and Georgia and got off at Howe and headed south on Hornby...the first time we chatted about bad drivers, the next time we just smiled in the mirror....

When: Wednesday, June, 10 2015

Where: georgia and Granville. Davie/ Howe

canada wreck beach kisses

I spotted you and instantly asked you to come to the spot where I was haning at the far left. We shared some kisses and you ate some chocolate ;) , You asked to hang out after and I left without giving you my phone number or facebook. Me: tattooed arms and legs. You: back and arm tattoos and your from Calgary.

When: Wednesday, July, 01 2015

Where: Wreck beach

Dominic-Canada day My Skytrain Prince

You generously offered me your seat on the crowded train, opened the window, and we chatted while stuck waiting to move. You moved here two yrs ago, build luxury houses, and I know you live right by Nanaimo station. I thought you were very handsome and kind and should have asked for your number!

When: Wednesday, July, 01 2015

Where: Waterfront Skytrain Station

Cute barista @ JJ Bean Olympic village

You smiled, said hi then asked if I had any plans for Canada day, You were wearing a black t-shirt, I believe it said "Champions". It was hard to chat more while you were working but would love to chat with you. Me: latin guy wearing a yellow t-shirt. Here's hoping.

When: Wednesday, July, 01 2015

Where: JJ Bean @ Olympic village

Smiles and a wave

We instantly caught eyes as I was walking into the Starbucks; we looked a few more times - you were already waiting for your drink as I was walking in with my friend. When you left you gave me one last beautiful smile and waved. Perhaps I can get your coffee next time?

When: Tuesday, June, 30 2015

Where: Westminster Centre Starbucks - New West

Cute comic at 8&1/2 on Monday

You were up in the first part of the comedy show at 8&1/2 off Main. You had on a nice purple dress shirt and you talked about hitting a pedestrian that rolled off the hood of your car. You had me and my friend rolling with laughter! I wish we could have stayed around to talk to you!

When: Monday, June, 29 2015

Where: eight & a half restaurant

i saw you at big bad johns in victoria

I met you in victoria on a saturday night june 20. We both were with a friend. You gave me your number and told my friend to be sure that i called you the next day. I lost your number. It would be great to see you again. My name is Kelly

When: Saturday, June, 20 2015

Where: Big bad johns in victoria

Wish I'd had the guts to say hello

You were sitting in the second row centre, dressed in white and kept looking back at me sitting at the end of the row behind you. In the crush when the show wrapped up I lost you in the crowd otherwise I would have taken the chance to ask you out and share our own stories. See you at the next show? Or sooner?

When: Friday, June, 26 2015

Where: Rain City Chronicles - Museum of Vancouver

Calgary flight underwater sculptures

Hello Nick, I saw you at Vancouver Airport and sat next to you on West Jet flight 174... we chatted, nature, scuba diving, underwater sculptures... The hour flight seems to have cut our conversation short. Let me know if you'd like to continue it. Nikki

When: Thursday, June, 25 2015

Where: Calgary airport/ west jet flight 174

You: crossing the street, me: in the Car2go

You must have been out running on the sea wall or something like that, you seemed to be so hot, sweating even, when you crossed Beach Avenue on Hornby. You were tall with dark hair and amazing eyes - mid-40's, I suspect. I was sitting there in my Car2go waiting for you to cross the street. You looked at me, then looked away...but then you looked again and smiled. I grinned back at you. If I only had my business card, I would have unrolled my window and given it to you, you beautiful man. Seeing your smile brightened my day. It would be awesome to see your smile again. Call me.

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Hornby Street at Beach

Skytrain - Commercial to Granville

I got on the skytrain at Commercial. You were sitting at the very back on the ledge drinking your coffee. We kept looking at each other and you knocked my leg by accident. I should have said hi. I got off at Granville and you waved goodbye.

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Skytrain - Commercial to Granville

You were my cabby tonight (saturday)

You picked me up when I finished my shift around Georgia and seymore at 430am. You are a total babe. You drove me to New westminster, we chatted the whole way. I never like people, and I totally liked you. Can we do that again?

When: Sunday, June, 28 2015

Where: Georgia and seymore

You picked your nose at me, I face palmed myself.

You got off the bus a stop before mine and you gave your name, and I didn't even have the courtesy to give you mine because I was too busy being dumb. We were on the 7 together and then you evaporated into fairy dust. I'm pretty sure you exist, so I hope you see this. Hello Shyanne (Shianne?) I'm Shy Richard.

When: Sunday, June, 28 2015

Where: Nanaimo Skytrain Station

Blonde from Abbotsford hiking Panorama Ridge

You were hiking with your friend who's studying in England. I was with a group of friends. We chatted about some of the hiking trails in the Fraser Valley before you (intentionally...) slid down the mountain! Would you like to hike Mount Cheam together sometime?

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Panorama Ridge, Garibaldi Provincial Park

you piqued my interest at the top of Lynn peak

My two girlfriends and I were just coming down from the top of Lynn peak. You asked if you were close to the top. You put out your hand. I took it. You were very sweet and guided me down. I wanted to ask. "What's your name?" "Do you wanna be my boyfriend?".

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Lynn Valley Peak

We danced, I pranced.

Met you on the dance floor at the Portside earlier tonight. I was wearing a blue tank top and green shorts, you were wearing a purple tshirt and had a beard. We danced for ages and you left to go to the washroom, asking if I would be there when you got back. My friends pulled me away but I wish I could have stayed. I don't have your number or even know your name but maybe we could get coffee sometime?

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Portside

U asked me to go sit with u&ya cousin

We met eyes numerous times and I got your name (Dave )but didn't introduce myself. I wanted to swap numbers but hoped you would be on the skytrain or in Victory square in a cpl days n I'll see you again when I visit my uncle there tomorrow.

When: Thursday, June, 25 2015

Where: Victory Square

33 Acres Dude

You sat with my friends and I and we had some good conversation. I thought you were really handsome and regretted not exchanging information. Saw you later on at red gate. Who knows if you'll see this, but I hope you do and I wanna talk to you more about rattails.

When: Friday, June, 19 2015

Where: 33 Acres

To the girl playing tennis at kits around 1pm

You were wearing sky-blue with purple, playing with your male friend (?). It might have been a Wilson Burn racket you were playing (well) with, which is a bonus. I was the topless fellow wearing the black hat, playing his old godfather further down the courts. If you're up for it, let's play.

When: Thursday, June, 25 2015

Where: kitsilano tennis courts

I wish I got your number - Rogers Store

You came into Rogers Bentall to get a new sim card while I was being helped. We chatted a little but I wish I got your number.. I would like to see you again!

When: Thursday, June, 25 2015

Where: Rogers - Bentall


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