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E.g., Apr 14 2015

Same tattoo

This is worth a shot. I was working when you came into the store, I helped you grab some shoes and thought you were cute as hell but I forgot to ask for your name. We both have a similar tattoo on the exact same spot on our arms, which was kinda weird, except mine was on my right arm.

When: Saturday, April, 18 2015

Where: Downtown Vancouver

Girl in Black Suede dress

Saw you on Main st , Sat at about 5pm. You remind me of Magenta Da Vine (English fashion presenter). I was the guy in the plaid shirt and leather pants. I appreciate your style - just telling it like it is!

When: Saturday, April, 18 2015

Where: Main and Industrial

Love at the Maple Shop

I work at the front desk (I'm the bald Kevin Spacey-esque one), you work at the Maple Shop and have a big face. I sometimes watch you in the elevator... The other day we locked eyes ...Maybe we could take a ride together?

When: Thursday, April, 16 2015

Where: Canadian Maple Delights

We exchanged smiles on the skytrain

I saw you at Granville skytrain station where we both got on the same train. You were with a friend, and when he got off we exchanged at least three smiles before you got off at 22nd st skytrain. I wanted to give you my number, but I hesitated. I was wearing navy blue skull leggings, red lipstick and have Brown hair.

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: Granville skytrain station

25 UBC

You got on the 25 UBC bus and you were about to sit by me but I had to get unfortunate! It was a slightly awkward so I had to compose myself and look kewl beans but I was actually quite flustered by your smile. I should have just stayed put and just chatted with you. Regardless, the smile kept me going ;) Hope you had a great night!

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: 25 UBC bus at King Edward and St. Catherine's

on seabus southbound

me in green and black striped top, green 3/4 pants, glasses, very short brown hair, you in brown blazer and jeans, glasses, reading a book, we shared a look - wanted to look again, but didn't, would like a chance to say hello.

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: seabus to vancouver

bacon salt and bourbon syrop

You work at Edible Canada, on the store side – I think? You have long, dark brown hair and the most incredible smile! You kept me laughing while you helped me with the different salts and preserves. Looking forward to next time I visit.

When: Thursday, April, 02 2015

Where: Edible Canada

Red hair at Granville and Broadway

I saw you crossing Broadway at Granville. Wanted to say hi, but didn't really want to disturb you waiting for your bus. I just walked by and into the cafe to grab a coffee. You have red hair, were wearing a denim jacket, I think, and sort of checkered pants (houndstooth?). I was wearing a grey sweatshirt, about 6 foot with a beard.

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: Granville and Broadway

At the show

You let me go ahead of you in line. You said you were not sure what movie to see. I recommended a movie and you bought a ticket to that show. On the way out of the theatre you wanted to talk,but I had to rush away. I wish I would have take a minute to explain that to you. Sorry, I would have enjoyed a chat with you.

When: Friday, March, 20 2015

Where: Silver city

telus store

I saw you working in the Telus store downtown, you helped me find a new phone, but I awkwardly laughed the entire time. Wanted to grab your number but didn't, and should have.

When: Thursday, April, 16 2015

Where: telus store, downtown Vancouver

Crossing paths once a month on Oak

I first saw you a few months ago, one afternoon behind the De Dutch at Oak and 16th. Then a month or two later I saw you on Oak and 13ish when I was with my friend on a Saturday afternoon. Then I saw you a couple weeks ago one evening when I was getting off the 17 at Broadway and Oak. Maybe I will see you in a month and get the chance to give you my number this time? Or maybe you'll see this and want to go for a beer before then. If you do, let me know!

When: Tuesday, April, 07 2015

Where: Oak Street

Blue eyes Kingsway & Boundary

You were driving south on Boundary in a white SUV. I could feel your eyes on me, I looked up & couldn't look away. You hypnotized me with those amazing blue eyes. I'm pretty sure you saw straight into my soul. I'm tried to say 'Hi' as I walked in front of your car, but you looked away. Thank you for that intense moment. I felt alive.

When: Tuesday, April, 14 2015

Where: Kingsway & Boundary

Love me like a reptile

You were the one dressed as Lemmy kilmister at the pub 340, I thought you were super cool. You said you wanted to hang out after the show, but when I got off stage you were gone. We talked about mythology and comics and or love for sake. Maybe we can listen to some sisters of mercy sometime? Hope to see you again and give you back your scarf.

When: Friday, October, 31 2014

Where: Pub 340

A Brief Coffee Shop Encounter

We talked about non-functional knots, teaching art to children and migration software. You asked me for a card and I told you I didn't drive. It turns out I had cards on me after all. Would love to sit down for a coffee sometime.

When: Tuesday, April, 07 2015

Where: Trees Coffee

Tall Girl at Our Town

I don't go to Our Town as much anymore, but I remember your face. You were always cold to me, but now I know it was because you are actually really cool.

When: Wednesday, April, 15 2015

Where: Our Town, Mt Pleasant

Green eyed, green jacketed gentleman

I was doing some work and you sat down across from me. We talked about your job and the plebiscite. I'm terrible at knowing when people are into me. You are handsome, intelligent and but most likely straight. I'm putting this out there on the odd chance that you aren't straight and want to get a coffee sometime. D

When: Wednesday, April, 15 2015

Where: Whole Foods Cambie - Allegro Café

handing out books outside broadway-city hall station

it was my birthday and i was waiting for friends. your name is isaiah. i almost gave you my number but then didn't when your work friend came over. anyways, you're cute!

When: Tuesday, April, 14 2015

Where: broadway city hall canada line station (near the 99 stop)

19 bus and black sticker

As you were exiting the bus you handed me a sticker that said, "you are beautiful". You didn't say anything else, so it was unusual. But It really changed how I was feeling at that time and made me smile, thanks for that. I know I didn't say much other than thank you. I wish you knew that that was the nicest gesture I have ever experienced from a complete stranger.

When: Monday, April, 13 2015

Where: 19 bus to metrotown

Redhead on the 99

You were with your boyfriend (?) at the Clark St 99 stop and you had a beard and red hair pulled into a bun. It looked like you were wearing a border security uniform, or something else from the airport. You look EXACTLY like a character in my novel and you should send me a selfie.

When: Sunday, April, 12 2015

Where: the 99 stop at Clark, going west

Silvercity Riverport, Saturday night

You were standing in front of me at the concession on Saturday night for the Furious 7 show. You were with a woman, but I couldn't tell if you were a couple. You had blonde hair and were wearing a navy blue jacket. You made a comment about some kids playing a basketball game in the arcade which I replied to (apparently neither of us have hoop skills). You're really cute and had a sweet smile! I saw you again in the theatre, normally I would have chatted you up more, but didn't think that would be respectful, in case that was your girlfriend. If this interaction sounds familiar, shoot me an email :)

When: Saturday, April, 11 2015

Where: Silvercity Riverport, Richmond

If I wasn't so painfully shy...

I see you often. If I wasn't so painfully shy I would have conversated more. I would have asked your name at the very least. Sorry for my awkwardness but you are so lovely. I doubt you will see this but if you happen to come aross it, I hope you are feeling better. What is your name?

When: Monday, April, 13 2015

Where: Whole Foods

The Lost Journal on Wreck Beach (gender unknown)

When I came back after sunset to look for my lost travel journal/diary/sketchbook, I was surprised to see it neatly placed on a log, safe and dry, even with the pens next to it. Relieved, I picked it up without a closer look. Only hours later at home did I discover your heartfelt note on the latest page. You complimented my words and the drawings from my trip, even wishing me a 'welcome back'. But you also responded to some personal family related thoughts I had trusted to the paper. I was nervous that someone had read my writings, which were never intended for other people's eyes. But reading how it had influenced you, and even motivated you to reach out to your mom, was very touching to me. You signed it: 'Sincerely, A Stranger'. Even though I have no idea if this will reach you (I don't even know your gender, wild guess at male based on the handwriting) I wanted to thank you for YOUR beautiful words. They made my day too.

When: Sunday, April, 05 2015

Where: A log on Wreck Beach, near Trail 4

Breaded Gentleman on the Sky Train East Bound at around 5:30ish. Today (April 12)

I was on the Sky Train home. You got on at Mainstreet I think. You were tall, all in Black, including a Black hat. You have a thick black beard and black eyes. Have a Punk/Garage look going on When you first got on, I checked you out a few times. I thought you were pretty attractive. You got off at Paterson the throw something away. I turned around to check where I was, then you ran back on. Then you stood infront of me the entire time until you got to Edmonds. I am the brunette, with glasses, a green coat, black shoulder bag, black hat. Why did you stand in front of me? Did you want to communicate with me, or did you feel by checking you out I was violating your space and you were violating mine in turn? All I meant was an flattering check out. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable.

When: Sunday, April, 12 2015

Where: Sky Train- Main-Paterson-Edmounds

Yaletown Friday Night Sighting

First noticed you when you passed behind me and I was impressed with how tall you are, cute too. After I thought you were checking me out, but you were sitting with a group of ladies, so I wasn’t super sure. When I left you were outside with your friend who was smoking, we made eye contact when I passed. When I got my courage to talk too you which was under 5mins later, you were gone… You were wearing a dark plaid shirt and I was in a hot pink blazer. Let’s have a coffee/tea

When: Sunday, April, 12 2015

Where: Yaletown Distillery


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