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E.g., Jan 18 2017

On the train this morning

I saw you on the train this morning, heading downtown. I got on at Royal Oak and you were already there, sitting at the back of the car, wearing a blue and gray touque. You got off at Granville and as you stood up, you raised your arms and stretched. I couldn't stop looking at you. Me: blonde, wearing a plaid skirt and purple jacket. Hope you read this. :)

When: Wednesday, January, 18 2017

Where: On the train on the way to Vancouver.

Beautiful Woman with a nose ring on Skytrain (Canada Line) to Downtown

Taking the skytrain was never the favourite part of my daily commute to work - until - a week ago. Last Tuesday I saw you in an overly crowded train. I remember I simply couldn't stop looking at you the moment I laid eyes on you. I think you got on the train at the Olympic Village Station. We caught eyes for a moment and continued to exchange eye contacts. At one point you looked down and had your eyes closed for a brief moment and looked at me after your opened your eyes. I have been hoping to run into you again ever since. You were a stunning woman with a nose ring (left), I was the guy with glasses wearing a black peacoat and I got off at the Yaletown station. I wish I hadn't gotten off the train and had stayed behind to talk to you. I may very well never see you again, that's regret.

When: Tuesday, January, 10 2017

Where: Canada Line Skytrain (Going to downtown)

bowie @ the fox

bowie @ the fox. sparkles & spankings. a bit of a mis/adventure back at yours, but i do keep thinking i would like you to spank me again...

When: Saturday, January, 07 2017

Where: fox cabaret


I saw you in a cafe in Paris. You were with two others and a dog. "The aura of Buddha will be illuminating." Stay safe.

When: Saturday, March, 16 1996

Where: Esmeralda

Gabbys Last Night

Last night at Gabby's at the Me and Mae show, I couldn't take my eyes off of you! You had long dark hair and a beautiful smile. I was there to see West of Memphis and you were there to see Me and Mae. I walked by your table hoping to say hi, but you looked away. Then you moved closer and looked over to me several times. Sorry for staring, I can't stop thinking about you. I'd like to see you again.

When: Sunday, January, 15 2017

Where: Gabby's in Langley

Gastown nights

Water Street Sat night - Me: Long hair in a black and white 3/4 length tweed coat. I stopped you and asked you where the gassy jack was (which I thought mistakenly was the steamclock) You: looking fine in your Sat eve Gastown attire questioning where I was from kindly pointed me in the right direction... but only later to run into you a second time waiting for a table at 6 Acres. u were going to tough out the 45 min wait.. I didn't stay - but I wish I had .

When: Saturday, January, 14 2017

Where: Water Street & 6 Acres

New Year's Eve Chambar

We spoke a few times NYE, but my night ended unexpectedly and I didn't get to say Goodbye. Let's pick up, where we left off. Me-long blonde hair, two-piece red dress. You-muscular, 5'11", tattoo on forearm and wearing a slick vest/slacks combo.

When: Saturday, December, 31 2016

Where: Chambar

I truly saw you and I ran.

I saw you, and then I bolted! haha, we were literally just in line at safeway on 4th, and we talked about proper grocery store etiquette, and then about my weird dinner choices. It's because I've been sick for the last 2 weeks! You were wearing a toque and grey wintery stuff and in your mid to late 30's and I don't think I've never been so dazed? on a first encounter. ever. and I've never written one of these, but how could i not when it's a half an hour later and I'm in my apartment and I'm still smiling about a silly chance encounter.

When: Friday, January, 13 2017

Where: safeway west 4th

Cigarette smoking Asian girl (beige jacket)

This is a long shot - but here goes. I always see you smoking on the corner of Howe and Smithe (right in front of waves). I think we might work in the same building. Last time I saw you, you were wearing a beige/light brownish winter coat, talking to some Asian dude in the lobby as I walked into the elevator. You're unbelievably cute and I'm cripplingly shy to approach you. We should crab a coffee and smoke!

When: Friday, January, 13 2017

Where: Howe and smithe

West Oak, Yaletown, Purple hair Birthday girl

I joined you and your friends at the corner table at the West Oak in Yaletown. It was your birthday I and I bought you shooters. Wish I got your number. Coffee?

When: Saturday, January, 07 2017

Where: West Oak, Yaletown

oak ridge skytrain direction downtown

We both boarded the skytrain at Oak Ridge around 6pm, saw you peeking at me few times, you were Asian 20s, light beige jacket, black leggings, gray sweater and a pair of uggs color cream... you stayed standing by the door till I had to get out at granville station... I was the guy listening music, blue umbrella, with camo joggers, short hair and a blue jacket... im sure you remember - we locked eyes few times ;) holla back!!

When: Sunday, January, 08 2017

Where: oak ridge station

Safeway at King Edward Mall in Vancouver

By fish counter, you were buying fish and you suggested I buy Tilapia with coconut coatings, which I did. Then you suggested I buy Adam's peanut butter when I was by that Aisle. Which I did. For some reason, you had powered me. We exchanged greetings in check in line. Sorry, that I did not wait to see if you could tell me how to cook that Tilapia. Please help me.

When: Tuesday, January, 03 2017

Where: Safeway at King Edward Mall in Vancouver

Afghan Horseman

I was waiting for someone and I guess you were too so the waitress brought you to look at me and asked you "Is that her?" I looked up and smiled. Of course I wasn't your date, but I wish I had been. You are handsome, tall, with light hair. I am Caucasian, brunette, 5'7". What a funny coincidence. Maybe we could meet intentionally next time? :)

When: Wednesday, January, 04 2017

Where: Afghan Horseman, Granville Island

Girl with Hope in Shadows calender @ Continental Cafe

Must admit I was jealous, you were the woman with to toque wearing all black sitting with your back at the window, I was the tall guy wearing black (with the black/white hat), well you were looking outside the window at a girl standing in front of the cafe on her phone, I'm guessing you were more interested in her, (I don't want to make assumptions) & just saw me as just another guy (if helps I was transitioning to female, but decided to stop & feel I'm now non-binary/genderneutral I am on estrogen) Anyway who knows.

When: Saturday, January, 07 2017

Where: Continental Cafe on the Drive


We sat next to each other at Scotiabank Theatre, watching Passengers in 3D. You were casual cool in a nice button down, I was the fidgety brunetter with the plaid shirt and ponytail. You were snacking on nibs, I sorta wanted to snack on you. I know, cliche.

When: Friday, January, 06 2017

Where: ScotiaBank Theatre Burrard

Jocelyn Pizza Lover

Pizzaria Farina we briefly talked pizza while waiting for Vancouvers Very Best! Would love to talk and eat more pizza while gazing into your beautifully framed eyes ! Really! Wish we were both there by our lonesome selves ... but! I look for you in every pizza shop I visit and would love to eat Pizza with you I said that already ! So if your Jocelyn and wear big black framed eye glasses and you love eating pizzza get in touch with me!

When: Friday, January, 06 2017

Where: Pizzaria Farina on Main St

Dancing at Junction

You asked to dance with me, I was rocking the floor, which you admired, and eventually I said I needed a time-out. Was there with a couple bros that night. The real reason I left was I was tired going out after a week of being sick. Me: beard with glasses. You: light maybe reddish hair looking slim and fine. Let me know if you want to go oout again once I'm a little healthier.

When: Friday, January, 06 2017

Where: Junction

sweet cherubim server

you are so beautiful !!!! you served me and my friend a brownie and a coffee and you winked when we said goodbye.

When: Thursday, January, 05 2017

Where: sweet cherubim

re: super valu redhead cashier

i got your reply but couldn't seem to send you a reply. you asked for my description to jog your memory and i have long black hair and green eyes and was wearing glasses and a leather jacket. really hoping you see this!!!!!!

When: Thursday, January, 05 2017

Where: super valu

Blonde hair. White toque or Detroit hat #3bus

Blonde hair. Detroit hat or white toque. Grey Nikes (roshe possibly) neon green and blue headphones. Saw you a few times on #3 bus main st. We kepted looking at each other.

When: Wednesday, January, 04 2017

Where: Main st bus #3

Fat Burger downtown

My buddy and I were at Fat Burger. You and your friend were sitting there finishing your meal. You allowed us to sit with you as the place was crazy busy. You said you were going skating, and that you were a student, but not much was a spec awkward?

When: Monday, January, 02 2017

Where: Fat Burger, downtown

Jean Jacket and Kind Eyes

You, jean jacket, and toque, nice beard, kind eyes, polka dot shopping bag. Me, oversized fleece, shorts with leggings, brown toque, long hair. We were both shopping at Donald's Market, passed each other in the dairy section, saw each other in line at checkout. I was waiting outside for a friend, you walked past and we exchanged shy smiles. You seem really sweet, would love to get to know what's behind those eyes.

When: Monday, January, 02 2017

Where: Donald's Market Commercial Drive

Late Night Safeway Babe

I said hi to you in passing at Safeway just before closing, months back. We left at similar times. Outside, it was raining. You were driving, I was walking. You asked if I had a big enough umbrella hinting the opportunity for a ride. I passed on the offer. In truth I wish I had said yes. Just over a week ago, I saw you at a different supermarket. I would like to have given you my number but the timing was inopportune, as you were arriving as I was checking out. This is the alternate extreme, though I hope you get this. I would like to not have to wait as long to see you again.

When: Monday, January, 02 2017

Where: West End

Carnegie reading room phantom.

It was early Thursday evening on the 26th of December when I unwillingly got sucked into the abyss of perhaps the greatest, darkest, blue eyes I have ever felt. This being was truly so kind and helpful when it assited a long blacked haired female friend of mine with the computer to print off some documents. We had to wait a little while for a computer, It came around to give us some advice about other printing options, and also to simply ask if we where alright?. You could say it was just doing its job, or maybe volunteering. As it seemed it being female, mid 20`s, wearing Blundstone boots for reason perhaps it came from a far place in the cold. When I recovered from the shock, I returned the following day not only to find it was not there, no one could truly say it existed or explain the happanening itself. Was it an incredibly friendly dark blue eyed phantom...or was it a she and she a human? I need to know.

When: Thursday, January, 26 2017

Where: Carnegie reading room

Celebrities NYE Party

I saw you at the Black and White NYE Ball at Celebrities Night Club. I first met you when I was scanning my phone near the pillars at the front of the club. You asked me to meet you on the dance floor. I was wearing all black except for black and white Vans. Something about you honestly took my breath away. We briefly caught each other but your friends seemed to be pulling you in different directions. I hope we can cross paths again - Aaron

When: Sunday, January, 01 2017

Where: Celebrities Nightclub


I Don't Even Drink Beer!

I'm a server and this whole craft beer fad is making my job a lot harder.


Vancouver Latin American Film Festival...

VLAFF's guest country this year will be Cuba.