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E.g., Jul 1 2016

Fantastic laugh and lovely features

I helped you pick out some hardware to fix your bed frame. We made some jokes about how it got broken. I was captivated by your spunky, chatty, and warm personality. Your beautiful smile has been on my mind ever since. Hopefully we cross paths again and explore that dynamic we shared.

When: Saturday, June, 25 2016

Where: Home Depot

Mayne Stage

We bumped elbows at Bent Knee, I shared my scotch while the bassist shot lasers at your heart. Would like to bump into you again.

When: Saturday, June, 25 2016

Where: Campbell Bay

Scotia bank theatre

We both sat on those the front rows in the movies that nobody ever seats on. You came to see the x-men movie alone and you had an M&M bag and I was at the movies with a friend and I had a pop corn bag. I asked you of you wanted some of my pop corn and we eventually ended up swapping snacks. I really wanted to ask you for your number, but I got shy and nervous and never got the chance to. I hope you see this.

When: Wednesday, June, 29 2016

Where: downtown

14th & Granville food store!

Though it is the only grocery store in the neighborhood. I make a point of going in everyday you are working while trying to look my best in hopes we can get past "how are you?" I think you are an adorable young man & would relish some hang time & progressive conversation. Coffee date? Just ask! <3

When: Wednesday, June, 29 2016

Where: the overpriced food shop with a german name...

Fraser and 44-ish bus stop

This is a long shot, but here goes... I sometimes run into you in the early mornings (7 am - 7:15 am) when I'm waiting for the bus at the above mentioned spot. I saw you this morning - you were wearing blue running shoes. I was too terrified to look at your face, so I'm not sure what else you were wearing. You're totally not gonna ever read this..ugh. But if you do, I honestly think you are the prettiest girl on the planet. Please talk to me if you see me again - I'd love to grab coffee/tea with you one of these days.

When: Wednesday, June, 29 2016

Where: Fraser and 45th bus stop.

The Forest Stage

We chatted a bit late at night while attending a music festival on an island. It turns out that our parents are from the same city, on a different land. We didn't really bump into each other after that, but: thank you for the chat, and for the wine, as it was the first of many lovely conversations with all kinds of cool folks I met for the first time. Vacano; suerte!

When: Saturday, June, 25 2016

Where: Mayne Island, BC


I saw you playing a guitar at grandview sang a couple of songs for me. Hope to meet you again ...

When: Sunday, June, 05 2016

Where: Grand view park

To the handsome fellow working at the Starbucks

I saw you while getting a morning coffee at Starbucks on Jervis and Robson. You had headphones in and were diligently working away on your laptop. I think you were wearing a grey shirt and jeans. I was sitting there in a navy striped shirt and blue jeans trying not to stare at you like an idiot. Want to share a coffee (or a proper drink) with me?

When: Tuesday, June, 28 2016

Where: Starbucks on Jervis and Robson


You came into the bookstore I worked at around this time last year. It was a rainy day and it was deadly slow. We chatted for a long time and you said you'd visit again, but months passed and no Lydia! Now I'm not working there; if you see this and remember me, let's resume our chat about work & heavy metal...

When: Monday, June, 01 2015

Where: East Vancouver

You came to talk to me then ran away

I was walking down Burrard yesterday at 1 pm and you walked passed me with your friend. You then ran up to me and started to talk to me but then got flustered and ran away. I didn't even get a chance to say anything and would be interested in what you had to say!

When: Sunday, June, 26 2016

Where: Burrard Street


We were waiting to ride the beast! We talked while waiting and we sat together! Your friend was watching your daughter and my daughter was to scared to ride! You needed slippers for your flip flops! I was with my work having BBQ!! You said you were single and I was an idiot for not picking up on this! Thought you were very cute, and now hope you see this! Been thinking about you ever since! Dan

When: Saturday, June, 04 2016

Where: Playland

Rambling Pink Hair on the Night Bus

We ended up at the same bus stop after the gig. Didn't think much of it at first. Then you started talking. To your friend, to yourself, to the bus. We drunkenly bantered about being socially awkward, cringe moments, the quality of your phone book's content. I'd like to do more of that. You had pink hair and a fantastic laugh, I had my old leather jacket on. Leverage that acerbic wit and let me know how my hair was.

When: Saturday, June, 25 2016

Where: Night Bus, N20, Commercial Drive

Tu parle la langue de l'amour

Stunning paramedic Catherine, you attended a call for service with me at Third Beach in Stanley Park this morning. You're from the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Although I was talking mainly to your partner, I have eyes seulement pour vous. I bade you a fond farewell to `play safe' replied `never!'. Wanna be unsafe together, then?

When: Sunday, June, 26 2016

Where: Third Beach, Stanley Park

Clark & Broadway bus stop

It seemed you and your girlfriend were going to yoga. You both crossed Clark and East Broadway on the north side then down Clark past me at the 22 bus stop and we exchanged some pleasantries and was wondering if you would like to go for a coffee?

When: Sunday, June, 26 2016

Where: @bustop NE corner of Broadway & Clark

Red Burrito Commercial Dr

You are a lovely woman in a purple dress. I had on a black sweater and was just leaving. I wanted to say hello, would love to get to know you

When: Wednesday, June, 22 2016

Where: Red Burrito Commercial dr


You work at a certain fast food joint and I've only seen you there late at night. Sometimes after the bar sometimes not. We've talked many times. On the bus once or twice too. Quite sure your name starts with the letter A. I've been waiting for the next time I run into you but it never happens. Let me know who I am

When: Friday, June, 24 2016

Where: Coquitlam

You & I

To the babe at the Local Natives concert. I noticed you right away, you stood out in the crowd with your dark hair, I really loved your tshirt. I was the brunette dancing with my group of friends. I may not have known all the lyrics but I sure wish I could have danced with you. When did our love grow cold?

When: Wednesday, June, 22 2016

Where: On the dance floor at The Biltmore

we dropped something at the same time

I was carrying back home a plant I just bought, and dropped in the middle of the street. You were delivering mail, and dropped a bunch of papers nearby at the same time. We exchanged a few words. I wish I invited you for coffee and chatted a bit more but you were on duty. Meet again during free time?

When: Thursday, June, 23 2016

Where: east vancouver - grant and woodland

Commercial/Grandview Sunny Friday bike crossing double take

I was on my bike at the junction waiting for the lights; when you walked over the crossing wheeling yours...we both looked, smiled and caught each others eye looking back a good few times. I said hi and you stopped and took your headphones out to turn back at me just as the lights changed...I didn't mean to be rude but I was in the middle of the road by the time i figured i should've stopped to chat. I was kicking myself the rest of the way home. If you see this fancy going for a drink?

When: Friday, May, 20 2016

Where: Crossroads at commercial and Grandview

Pretty Smile Pretty Fitness Girl at Body Energy Club

I walked past you on davie near howe. You were outside at the Body Energy Club next with a table setup with some protein samples. We made eye contact and smiled at each other. I was in a suite and tie. You have a pretty smile and sure are cute. Coffee?

When: Monday, June, 20 2016

Where: Body Energy Club next to Tim Hortons on Davie Street

Saying "hi" on Commercial drive

I saw you at the little park on Commercial beside the Sweet Cherub place. You said hi. I also said hi. I dont know if we are acquainted or if we were two strangers saying hi. I sometimes forget people I meet. Sorry if I sped off, I was late! Anyway, if you want to talk more then get in touch!

When: Monday, June, 20 2016

Where: Commercial Drive

Dazzling smile on the 135

I was on my way home from work, and stood up to give my seat to someone else. I accidentally kicked your foot, and turned around, and saw the most beautiful smile ever! You: Asian girl with white jacket, blue jeans, a backpack, and adorable dimples. Me: the awkward tall guy who booted your foot.

When: Tuesday, June, 21 2016

Where: 135 to SFU

Homeless but sexy

You were sitting on the sidewalk in front of London Drugs. We chatted and I gave you the change in my pocket. But when I handed it to you I had a visceral reaction - immediate attraction. I'll chat with you again. You're probably not gay, and I'm attached but I love your smile. Maybe I should be telling Dan Savage this story.

When: Saturday, June, 18 2016

Where: London Drugs

Quick glances at Revolver

I had just picked up my coffee from the counter at Revolver when you walked in with your friend (I think?). You're tall, have dark hair, dark rimmed glasses and wearing an unbuttoned shirt over a t-shirt. We instantly made eye contact and there was something really easy about it. I was in a striped dress and walked past you and your friend when leaving. I immediately turned around when out on the sidewalk in front of the coffee shop, and you were standing in the doorstep just smiling calmly. I'm an idiot and didn't start a conversation since I was with some friends. Geez, maybe I'll get another shot here?! *pun intended*

When: Tuesday, June, 21 2016

Where: Revolver Coffee on Cambie street

False Creek Angel on a Bycycle

It was a beautiful afternoon. You locking up your bike to possibly go for a drink, brunette, beautiful smile. Me walking by with a friend of mine, Filipino. Our gaze only lasted for a few moments but in those few seconds as weird as it sounds, I actually had a physical response to you. I don't know who you were with, if you have a boyfriend but I haven't stopped thinking about you and that look since it happened. I though I would take a chance if you felt something as I did and would love to see if we could be something amazing together.

When: Friday, June, 17 2016

Where: False Creek Area, bike lock near a pub.


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