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E.g., Feb 14 2016

A 10 at Eight and a Half

You were sitting at the end of the bar with a guy who seemed like just a friend (at least I'm hoping he was just a friend). You drank red wine and had the most beautiful infectious laugh. You repeatedly caught my attention with your dark hair, dark dress (might I mention - wow) and high heels. Would love to see you again.

When: Friday, February, 12 2016

Where: Eight and a Half


You road-raged at me from out of the window of your white SUV on Kingsway Ave. I was in the passenger seat of a 96' Mercedes. You had the shrill voice of a falling angel and rich brown skin, so much like chocolate that I could almost taste you melting on the dash of your car. Needless to say I was speechless from the first words that left your rose-petal lips. "HUH??! YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY YOU UGLY ******** *****!!! YOU ******* CRACKHEAD!!" you yelled as we slowed our car to better see and admire at your beauty. "I ALREADY CALLED THE COPS YOU CRACKWHORE!!", you cooed in my direction, while making eyes that were unmistakably on fire. I wanted you then and I want you now. At one point in your passionate speech you asked me if I "WANTED FRIES WITH THAT." I can honestly say that from the moment we locked eyes I knew I wanted the whole meal. And with finality and vindication, you asked "DO YOU EVEN HAVE TWO-CENTS?!". The windows rolled up and the cars behind continued to honk and I can honestly say, I like fire with my fries. I would love to meet you again; beautiful flames.

When: Friday, December, 11 2015

Where: Driving west on Kingsway

Cute and compassionate nurse

I saw you at production station: long brown hair with bangs, dark pink scrubs, a teal stethoscope in a pocket. You took a few steps off the train then sprinted to the end of the platform where a man was lying flat on his face. You crouched down and began talking to him. Curious, I came over and heard you speaking to him so kindly. The man was very drunk and asking you for smokes but you continued to make sure he was OK and speak to him with respect which is so rare. He made a joke and you smiled a beautiful smile, suggested he sit up on a bench, then left to find a skytrain worker. Let me buy you a coffee sometime?

When: Thursday, February, 11 2016

Where: Production Way skytrain station

PomPom Jewellery and Italian Restaurants?

You and your classmates were selling jewellery for Valentine's Day and I dropped by to pick something up for my mom's birthday. It was the second time I'd seen you there and I really wanted to buy the jewellery you had made - and talk to you a little more - but unfortunately your pompom style just wouldn't work for my mom. I mentioned an Italian restaurant that I was going to take her to that night and you said you had never been there. I was about to ask if you wanted to go with me sometime, but chickened out with all of the people around. Kicking myself for it now, but if you see this, I'd love to get to know you better.

When: Friday, February, 12 2016

Where: VCC downtown

handsome tall knight at dennys

you were sitting at dennys on davie and thurlow, u have amazing brown eyes and a soft voice, your skinny and tall and all around sexy, you had a skateboard with you and a computer bag, had headphones on and u came in dancing. will you marry me?? i looked at you and instantly fell in love

When: Wednesday, February, 10 2016

Where: dennys

Midnight Angry Man

You were the angry-looking man who said, “It must suck to have such an empty life,” to me when we crossed paths in my neighbourhood. I was the girl deliberating on whether or not to engage, whether or not to say hello. Here it is: Hi.

When: Saturday, February, 06 2016

Where: Hawks

Young Optimus Prime

Your voice cut through my Skrillex tape as soon as you came on at Royal Oak station. You were wearing an Optimus Prime shirt and had hair like a newborn baby duck. Are you into JRFM hip hop? Although you look a bit younger, I don't mind. Can I be your chaperone?

When: Wednesday, February, 10 2016

Where: Expo Line heading to Surrey

Flying from Phoenix to Arizona

I was boarding my flight home to Vancouver. An older lady was in front of me and I helped her put her bag in the over head. As I made my way to my seat you thanked me for the help and we started chatting while everyone else got seated. Our conversation ended abruptly as you needed to attend to your duties. I was hoping to chat with you again to ask you out before we landed but the opportunity never presented itself; although I did hear you say "bless you" when I started sneezing at the end of the flight. If you see this how about meeting over a drink?

When: Thursday, February, 11 2016

Where: Phoenix to Vancouver

Heart of - Probably - Gold

Doubt you'll see this, but I saw you at the Lansdowne Centre food court volunteering with a group of elderly people. You wore a blue UBC hoodie and I was the one in the red sweater who flashed some smiles your way. I just really wanted to tell you how rare it is for someone our age to take the time to volunteer, so kudos! Maybe you can let me take you out a coffee or a bubble tea as a reward for your kindness (and of course to get to know you)

When: Wednesday, February, 10 2016

Where: Lansdowne Centre foodcourt

Were those roses for me?

You were standing at the entrance to Vancouver City Centre station with a few single-stemmed roses in both hands. Was this a pre-Valentine's Day stunt? Are we women supposed to approach you to ask about them? Were you selling them? I don't know what your deal is, but I commend you for your quirkiness.

When: Tuesday, February, 09 2016

Where: Outside Canada Line station, Granville & Georgia

Commercial Street Eye-Lock

We walked past each other on the Drive just after Grandview Highway. You were the tall blonde bearded man (gave off the Lumber-sexual vibe, but I don't think you were wearing plaid). I can't remember what you were wearing because I just kept staring at your eyes. I was the 5'10 brunette in a royal blue wool coat and grey knit circle scarf. Coffee?

When: Tuesday, February, 09 2016

Where: Commercial Drive (east side of the street) near Grandview Highway

Outside MEC on a rainy morning

You were waiting outside MEC before it opened, both of us a bit wet from biking in the rain. I should have stayed to continue chatting! Feel free to write if you felt similarly. And I hope you get some fenders for your nice bike.

When: Wednesday, February, 10 2016

Where: MEC on Broadway

Books and glances at Prado

I usually never do this, but we exchanged a series of glances this afternoon. You sat near me for a while before I had to head out. Me: tall, had a hat on, sitting in the sunshine. If you are interested in getting coffee, tell me what color touque you were wearing.

When: Tuesday, February, 09 2016

Where: Commercial drive

Books and glances at Prado

I usually never do this, but we exchanged a series of glances this afternoon. You sat near me for a while before I had to head out. Me: tall, had a hat on, sitting in the sunshine.

When: Tuesday, February, 09 2016

Where: Commercial drive

Fascinating People

We locked eyes for a few seconds as you said "...fascinating people..." and walked by with your friend. I'm curious - let's go for a walk!

When: Sunday, February, 07 2016

Where: Seawall

DQ lynn valley

You - beautiful blonde with sultry blue eyes. You exchanged electrical glances with Me- grey hair blue eyes who was there with sister. I think you have a boy named taylor as I have one too.

When: Monday, February, 08 2016

Where: DQ lynn valley

Missed Glances

I noticed you before I even walked onto the train. Black coat, blue jeans, red backpack, blonde hair and a beautiful face that made me feel a bit shy. You were chatting with an asian fellow with glasses. I was wearing black and grey sweats/hoodie and a black ballcap. We narrowly missed a number of glances in each others' directions. I was working with a client, otherwise I would have come said hi. This method of reaching out seems a bit odd, but I really wanted to share a smile with you.

When: Sunday, February, 07 2016

Where: Canada Line Oakridge-Granville

Crossword Cutie

You sat in the middle of the bus working on a book of crossword puzzles. I was the handsome (or so I'd like to think) Asian guy who kept blatantly stealing glances at you. I think you're really pretty and I wanted to say hi and ask about your puzzle, but that'd be creepy, right? Posting an anonymous I Saw You is totally less creepy/weird/desperate. Anywho, if you ever get stuck on a crossword, I'm pretty good with the movie stuff!

When: Saturday, February, 06 2016

Where: 99 bus

Australian at Save On

You were a rower and good at math. I was a blonde who couldn't decide what to buy.

When: Wednesday, February, 03 2016

Where: Save On Cambie

Scotiabank Theatre - solo date night with self

Colin, we are basically the same person, as you said. I wished I had come straight over to you after the film was done to ask what you thought hoping we once again had something in common. Can we run into one another again? I'd consider giving up my seat in the back next time and turn it into an actual 'date'

When: Friday, February, 05 2016

Where: Scotiabank theatre

Driving the 402 Bus

I was a little lost and trying to get back to Richmond centre. I hopped on your bus and we had a chat about how much Compass gates and Ikea artwork sucks. I was on my way to an friend's gallery show and I regret not getting your number. Meet up and keep talking?

When: Friday, January, 15 2016

Where: 402 Bus to Brighouse Stn

Princeton pub

it was karaoke night and I was sitting with my neighbour by the bar. You were playing pool with your friends wearing a black hoodie and toque. Blue eyes. I kept staring at you. Wish we would have met

When: Thursday, February, 04 2016

Where: Princeton

Granville island Rainy Day

We crossed paths in the food court of the market. I was the guy wearing a grey sweater third wheeling a young couple with a baby. I was to captivated to muster anything more than a hello. I saw you again in the market later on but when I finally managed the courage to come over to say hello you were gone. I went out the door to see if I could see you but you were no where to be found. I'll chalk this up to a learning curve on just being a man and introducing myself. In the meantime this is just a shot in the dark, because why not!

When: Thursday, February, 04 2016

Where: Granville Island Market

Cha Cha you're a foley

We matched on tinder. You asked what I was doing because you like to hear about the mundane in peoples lives, I thought you were special, from our short couple chats. What happened?

When: Wednesday, August, 05 2015

Where: On our little screens

What were you listening to?

Long golden hair which you used to hide your face grey trench coat and jogs tucked into you socks tucked into your slip-ons. We caught each other glances once, maybe twice. We both had music playing to ourselves. You bobbed your head and was into it, I liked your style and I was into you. I'm stoked you're out there. I was in the back half... hoodie and blue sweat pants laundry day style.

When: Thursday, February, 04 2016

Where: The number 20 bus from main to clark


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