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E.g., Nov 26 2015

I found your phone!

And restored your faith in humanity (as you said.). I hope you didn't think I don't want you to have my number, I do! I think you seem really nice and i'd like to have more friends like you.

When: Friday, November, 20 2015

Where: Main Street- Science World.

Teal Truck Showdown

Me turning left on 12th at Main with one female friend in the passenger seat. You heading west on 12th in an identical teal truck. As we turned you waved. Was that wave at us? Lets be friends with super awesome trucks.

When: Sunday, November, 22 2015

Where: Main Street

cauliflower cutie

i don't know if its because you were confident enough to have dinner by yourself or if its because i watch you eat an entire plate of cauliflower with such gusto but i wish i worked up the nerve to talk to you. you were sitting at the bar by yourself and i was a couple of seats away also having dinner by myself. maybe next time we can have dinner together.

When: Tuesday, November, 24 2015

Where: nuba in gastown

Tuesday night @ Alibi Room

I love the Alibi Room! You sat at the next table and we had no interaction but you caught my eye- you had black glasses on, great smile and ate mussels. You were in a party of three - i was hoping you wee their wheeling but it was hard to tell! Next time, you, me, beer, mussels!

When: Tuesday, November, 24 2015

Where: Alibi Room

You're still tanned!

You came into the supplement/health food store where I work looking for something to help your cold. I helped you with a product recommendation. You seemed really nice & cute, and I'd love to hear more about your recent trip!

When: Tuesday, November, 24 2015


we met

and chatted briefly at the culture crawl. You make music. I make music. I'd love to continue that conversation. new tab

When: Saturday, November, 21 2015

Where: Culture Crawl

I will eat liver everyday

We met to talk about the nonsense that goes along with riding on 8 wheels. I didn't care. I just wanted an excuse to talk to you. Our legs touched and neither of us moved. I somehow managed to tell you about my crush on you and your blue pants. I left. You ran out to hug me. I watched you from my car. I am a shy jerk. But that was the cutest thing ever. Meet me there again? I promise I won't just watch you this time.

When: Monday, January, 19 2015

Where: Lucy's Diner

Skytrain traveling into downtown

I got on at Joyce and you were standing on the other side of the train next to the doors. I noticed you right away as you noticed me too... We tried not to stare at the other but we busted each other a few times. I was wearing brown RayBans with a black jacket facing your direction. You are a caucassion brunette with curled hair, were wearing all black and you got off the train at Stadium. Can I take you out for a drink?

When: Tuesday, November, 24 2015

Where: Skytrain westbound Joyce/Stadium

You were walking your dog this morning in Grays park.

Hello! You have an adorable black dog and I stopped you to say hello to it. You have a fantastic smile and it was a really great way to start my morning. I would've chatted you up but I was in a rush to catch my bus. I saw you look back! I would totally go out for coffee with you. Are you single?

When: Monday, November, 23 2015


Climbing in Squamish

I think your name is Steven? Saw you climbing at Octopus Garden with a girl I was acquainted with. We talked briefly... I have long dark hair and we were wearing the same sportivas. You gave me beta on a mossy route. Anyway, I wasn't sure if you were on a date with that person, or if you're dating anybody at all. But you seem pretty mellow and I like that. Maybe I'll hear from you?

When: Saturday, October, 24 2015

Where: Octopus Garder Squamish

dirty chai latte

Stopped by to grab a coffee and you were in front of me in the line up. You talked to me about the drink you were getting, and it sounded good af, so I got it too, and let me tell ya, its a new favourite. Wanted to tell you that you're really good looking and funny, and I hope to see you here again!!

When: Sunday, November, 22 2015

Where: Milano coffee roasters

Cute guy who helped me mount my bike on the front of a #22 bus.

Friday night around 6:30 pm I was struggling to get my bike up on the bike rack of a bus. This was on Hastings street in front of the Harbour Centre building. You stepped out of the line you were waiting in to come to my rescue. I mentioned that I had never done this before and you said something about how the bike clamps often get sticky. The you smoothly hoisted my bike up on the rack. You smiled at me as I got on the bus. I was humbled by your kindness. I'd love to meet up with you on purpose and thank you for saving me from the bus driver's glare.

When: Friday, November, 20 2015

Where: Downtown Vancouver - Harbour Centre

Max's Deli - Oak & 15th

I was walking home, you were in the window seat. Our casual eye contact was broken by some mutual smiles and then I stumbled a bit to absorb your smile and get away from my focused thoughts. As I finally gathered myself to wave you had dropped back into your book. When I got to my apartment I turned around to go back and say hello, as I normally would have done, but you were gone. Now I'm that guy writing this message. Dang your distracting smile!

When: Saturday, November, 21 2015

Where: Max's Deli

consistently rushing past you

I see you, consistently, at the oddest hour walking north down Templeton street. Who are you? Why are you awake at the early hour of work a day people and where could you be going when you're walking away from all the bus stops? What kind of cigarettes do you smoke? Is your beard soft? Can I find out? What does your voice sound like? Have you noticed a creepy stranger cultivating a mystery around you for over a year now? How does it feel to be so effortlessly alluring? By now I would have said hello, and asked all the above questions your curious presence inspires in me, but I'm always in rush to work mode when I pass you, maybe this digital nudge will coax you out at a more chatty time of day.

When: Thursday, November, 19 2015

Where: Templeton street

Asian Lady Jogging on Point Grey Road and Alma

You were jogging along Point Grey Road on Friday November 20th at about 11AM and gave me a the nicest smile I've seen for a very long time. I think you were quite tall,maybe wearing some pink but didn't really notice much other than your sparkling eyes and that you were fairly tall. By coincidence,a couple minutes later I saw you crossing 4th Ave going south on Alma,about a block ahead of me. Thanks for taking the time to brighten my day!

When: Friday, November, 20 2015

Where: Pont Grey Road & Alma

Chicken Soup and an Apple Fritter

You: blue tuque, big glasses, necklace with keys on it, a face so dazzling I was afraid to look directly at it Me: blue tuque, big glasses, a freshly purchased book, a serious case of nerves You were smiling at me, willing me to talk to you, but I couldn't work up the courage. Even when you picked up my chili and handed it to me, the biggest in I've ever received, I chickened out. I've choked before, but this one is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. If I had a time machine I'd let Hitler live, and instead, ask you to join me for dinner.

When: Thursday, November, 19 2015

Where: Tim Hortons at Main and Broadway

Anna. Met at Stateside Craft Sunday night.

Oh crazy tipsy French lady. We were at the pub, we left at the same time and for whatever reason we walked arm in arm down the drive. But I'm a dolt and never grabbed your number... I don't know if you'll ever see this but it's worth a shot.

When: Sunday, November, 15 2015

Where: Stateside Craft


I saw you at the Caffè Medina queue Saturday morning Nov. 14th with your gf. I was working next door wearing my black uniform, tall light hair blue eyes doorman/security. You are gorgeous, elegant young & tall (5.7/5.8) tanned blonde Caucasian girl. You were wearing black pants and red longsleeve and red scarf. I saw you there and our eyes met twice, it was just morning but I knew you are highlight of my day. I was waiting for you when you finish your breakfast so I could introduce myself but I got busy and I must missed you leaving. If for some reason you see this I'd be more than happy to take you out for dinner and get to know you. I still have your picture in my mind. Please don't be shy and say hello or come again and made my day one more time! M

When: Saturday, November, 14 2015

Where: 788 Richards st

But you don't have an accent?

I see you almost every day. Sometimes I avoid you because I become so flustered, you melt me like butter. Your smile is perfect and I just want to Get to know you better....amongst other things. Sometimes I wish we didn't work together. But you do make Monday's better. I'll continue my sordid love affair with you in my mind. Maybe one day you'll ask me out.

When: Friday, November, 06 2015

Where: Downtown

Jessica at Vogue

We met during xambassadors, had good times, hey?

When: Wednesday, November, 18 2015

Where: Vogue Theatre

Dangerous Bicycle Lane

You...long dark hair, naturally elegant with a beautiful smile. scarf and overcoat. Waiting for the light to change I commented on how dangerous the bicycle lane was. Our I-Phones both needed help. Yours a new battery. Mine a charge. Let's have a coffee.

When: Wednesday, November, 18 2015

Where: Corner Dunsmuir and Hornby

Your nose was red from the cold but you had somewhere to be.

Tall, dark, and brilliantly handsome. I saw you standing on the platform of Production Way/University, waiting for the Millenium Line. I could't take my eyes off of you. You were holding a box of Daniels chocolate, wearing a charcoal peacoat and jeans with black laced brogues. I was standing a few feet away: Asian, short, brown curly hair in a leather jacket and headphones, trying not to be too obvious. I suspect the chocolates were for that someone special in your life. The train was late so I hope you made it to them on time.

When: Tuesday, November, 17 2015

Where: Production Way/University Skytrain Station

You're always smoking behind the restaurant you work at

I've been seeing you smoking on your breaks, I guess behind your restaurant on 5th and commercial, you have really long black hair. the last time I saw you, you were wearing a white sweater top I think. I don't know I guess because I'll never talk to you, I just wanted to tell you that you are really gorgeous.

When: Tuesday, November, 17 2015

Where: 5th and commercial


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