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E.g., Aug 31 2015

I saw you for days and days

Dear Icy, I saw you yesterday and days before, in my head. Hopefully you are reading this when I'm back. I want to hold you tight, and smell the cigarette from your hair, I was missing you too much. I meant to say something deep and sweet, but I'm shy just talking to your eyes. When we departed, you came back to the station but I was gone, like the way I did to you. There is always regret, and I just want this time to last longer.

When: Sunday, August, 30 2015

Where: waterfront station

Blood Donor Clinic

You: tall, dark t-shirt & shorts. Me: long hair, tattoos, t-shirt, sitting at the snack table behind with a couple of people. I noticed you had a 1st time donor sticker on and you weren't with anyone. I tried to sneak a couple peeks at you cuz I thought you were really handsome and I wanted to see how your first time went. Also I wanted to say Thank You for donating. What you did was really awesome and I hope your next time you are able to bring some friends with you. I don't know if this is something you would be but life's all about taking chances whatever the outcome might be

When: Friday, August, 28 2015

Where: Blood Donation Center Oak St

Apartment Yaletown

We were both perusing the men's section at Apartment. We discussed sweaters and headphones. You were cute and I was flustered. I am not used to people talking to me in public (given the headphones and whatnot usually). Let's grab a drink sometime? Also is it weird to post this? I feel weird ha.

When: Friday, August, 28 2015

Where: Yaletown

Aphex Twin on the Number 3

You were sitting in the back talking to an older man about electronic music, i was sitting alone waiting to get off at Hastings and Main. I heard you bring up Aphex Twin and had to automatically interrupt. We chatted about Richard and you told me you were from Victoria.

When: Thursday, August, 20 2015

Where: 3 Bus heading down Main

#8 Downtown bus

You: Tall, dark hair, got on my bus looking a little worse for wear, but still super cute. You had one arm in a sling, and the other was pulling a large black duffel bag. Me: Tall, cute bus driver with short, brown hair We talked about your injury, your daredevilery, the power of mind over matter, and my tight hammies, among other things. Wish I hadn't stumbled on my words when you got off the bus. Perhaps we could grab a coffee sometime?

When: Thursday, August, 27 2015

Where: #8 Downtown bus @ Main St. Skytrain Stn

You complimented me and made my day!

You: tall, dark hair, beautiful eyes. Me: a redhead in a green jacket and faded ripped jeans. We made eye contact across separate checkouts and then you stopped me at the elevator to tell me I looked great. The unexpected compliment brightened my day. I wish I'd had time to say more than "thank you" before the elevator doors closed.

When: Friday, August, 28 2015

Where: Whole foods, Cambie and Broadway

Super Dad at Safeway (but where was your cape?)

You: tall with red hair and juggling 2 little blond rug rats like a boss in the self check out. Me: brunette in line behind you who couldn't help grinning at your littlest munchkin. Totally in awe of your multitasking skills: even with your two helpers, a stroller AND groceries you still made it through the self check out before any of the others! I did notice the bread, but I'll never tell ;)

When: Thursday, August, 27 2015

Where: Safeway at Robson and Denman

VIP Bike Parking in front of produce shop 41st st. Kerrisdale

I saw you enter the produce shop I was in and get in line behind me. You clearly brought your bike with you and I had hoped your bike was locked to the same parking meter as mine out front; it was. we shared a few words upon unlocking our bikes and you commented on our "VIP Parking" for the produce shop. I meant to say something more but got distracted by someone spilling blueberries. I looked back to say something, but you smiled at me and were leaving. I couldn't stop thinking about you all the way home... and I may have just biked through that area today at the same time hoping to run into you... If you get this, maybe we could share some VIP parking in front of a coffee shop next time.

When: Wednesday, August, 26 2015

Where: 41st Ave. Kerrisdale

White Caps Game Sept 26-- Section 114 Row 5

I saw you at the Whitecaps game and you were two seats away from me. You tall , salt and pepper hair and beautiful eyes, not to mention a lovely smile. You were wearing jeans, plaid shirt , red shoes and was with a friend. Me.. wearing white t-shirt, blue jacket , black pants and I brought mom to the game. Wish we had a chance to talk but was unable to as I had to leave early. If it is meant to be are paths may cross in the future..

When: Wednesday, August, 26 2015

Where: BC Place-- White Caps Game Section 114

are you tired?

because you've been running through my mind all day. sorry about the corny joke. i saw you jogging tues night along the seawall wearing a white tank with your earphones in. you're a cute asian girl that ran with a look that can only be described as pissed-off determination. you were on snapchatt (?i think) while you were jogging and I thought it was super cute because you were clearly out of breath. (ironic because you took my breath away) ok, i'm done with the puns. i was the guy out walking his chocolate lab puppy, would love to see you again.

When: Tuesday, August, 25 2015

Where: False Creek near Science World

Beautiful Angel at Safeway

We were at the bulk items at Safeway and I was on your way and you were on mine. You passed me some paper strips and I said Thank You! but I should have said more. Your eyes are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. I thought I have lost you, you were gone in a blink. However, I found you and I got the fortune those magical eyes touched me again before you left. You are an Angel.

When: Thursday, August, 27 2015

Where: Safeway of Granville and 70th.

Bearded runner: I watched you stumble off a curb

I was riding my bike way to dance class, stopped at the light at 10th and Main: black cutoff tights, long red hair, sunglasses. I watched you running north on Main, beard and black shorts and tank. I thought you looked great, you looked at me, our eyes kind of locked, and then you missed the curb! Aw man. It was just a little stumble, but so cute and funny and classic. I should have smiled and asked if you were okay! I'd love to re-live that and laugh about it with you.

When: Wednesday, August, 26 2015

Where: 10th and Main

white tireland truck

i saw u driving on broadway. me in a big blue truck. you in a little white truck. we both stopped at balsam. we looked at each other and u began to remove your panties. want to get a coffee

When: Wednesday, August, 26 2015

Where: broadway and balsam

The Most Beautiful Black Girl Ever !!! Edmonds Station 2:30pm

We both took the same Bus today The 106 New West bus at Edmonds station at 2:30 pm You got on after me , And Sat beside me on the Bus , And You got off at the Value Village I Really wanted to tell you how Beautiful you are :) But ? I'm Way too Shy :( anyways .. You , Beautiful Tall Black Girl !!! You Looked So Sweet & So Stylish :) Me , White Guy with Bright Yellow & Blue Versace Sweater & Black Fedora Hat !!! I'm stylish Too !!! lol If you read this ...? Love to hear back from you :)

When: Wednesday, August, 26 2015

Where: Edmonds Station 106 New West bus

Ferry help

You were the blond on the 9am ferry from Swartz Bay working in the coastal cafe. I had a tray in my hand and was getting a coffee when you offered to help me, but I said I was fine because I work in the industry. I would have rather chatted you up but you were at work.

When: Wednesday, August, 26 2015

Where: BC Ferries

99 b-line to kits

I entered the back of the bus, sat down and there you were. Sitting there with your cap on - jamming to your music. I was so blown away at your eyes, as soon as I sat down - we connected them multiple times..I was wearing a grey/white tank top with blue shorts and had my skateboard in hand.. I had to take off my headphones in hope to starting a conversation with you, but it didn't follow through. After failing at getting off at the same stop as you in hope on giving you my piece of mind, my phone rang and my friend interrupted my opportunity. I'm on that rout almost everyday, next time let's make it happen!

When: Wednesday, August, 26 2015

Where: Cambie to arbutus

Harbour Centre Lookout

Earlier tonight I bought tickets from you to go up to the lookout. I was the local with the two relatives from out of town. You were the only one behind the counter. We shared a little small talk about how locals never go up there. I now know why... Let's meet up and chat more if you see this.

When: Tuesday, August, 25 2015

Where: Harbour Centre

Nine Is Number One

More of a "I haven't seen you." Do the first time you took me to the moon and you were teaching me how to swear in the local dialect? After laughing for a few minutes you told me I didn't have enough tongues to say it properly. Then I showed you how well I get along with just one tongue. I've been looking for you, as much as I can down here, on my own: staying out too late, getting myself into trouble hoping you'll turn up but you never do. Good thing you taught me how to take care of myself. Honestly, I just miss you and I miss the way you see the world. I'll wake up from dreams of us playing naked tag, chasing each other through the endless rooms of the TARDIS, finding new uses for that sonic screwdriver ;) Do you ever think of me down here? I keep expecting you to be waiting for me when I get off work to whisk me away on another adventure: walking me down the diamond sand beach of a distant planet, your hand in the small of my back telling me worlds about fantastic things I'll never see. It can't all be chip shops and tea.

When: Tuesday, August, 25 2015

Where: Tiny blue planet

JJ Bean Morning Coffee Convo

We were in line for coffee this morning around 10am. I asked you if you worked in film because you were dressed nicely and your friend was covered in paint. We had a small conversation before my coffee was ready and as I was leaving you said bye to me and used my name. I left without asking your name but went back to leave my number with the barista for you in case you asked about me. Is that the JJ where you always take your breaks because I'd like to see you again...

When: Tuesday, August, 25 2015

Where: JJ Bean Park & Tilford

5pm-ish,Friday, August 21st - Cypress Street, Vancouver

I was sitting/texting on the steps of a condo bldg (between York and 1st Ave), watching you put your gym bag? into your SUV. We chatted briefly, you popped into the store on the corner and came back to your car...and then I left walking. I waved, you waved back. I should have asked if you were single and interested in coffee - are you?

When: Friday, August, 21 2015

Where: Cypress Street and 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC


You are a big driver, you got HUGE arms! I rode your bus and tried to start a conversation about your route; minutes before I was fantasizing about asking for your phone number... Obviously it didn't happen but It would have been great.

When: Sunday, August, 23 2015

Where: West End - Downtown

I wish you would see me

woman.......please......I wish a woman would put a I Saw You posting here for me.......I'm so lonely.

When: Sunday, August, 23 2015

Where: Vancouver

Elevator Smiles

*Please ignore the gender markers here.. We were in the elevator after JT Leroy doc. You were the cutie with purple hair, shorts, tee & beanie. You said you liked my hair. :) Your smiles are infectious. Just thought you should know. ;)

When: Saturday, August, 22 2015

Where: International Village

You caught me eating donuts out of the box!

You interrupted my snack time to tell me I make wearing glasses look good (or something to that effect). I laughed and said thank you but feel like maybe you thought I was laughing at you? I didn't mean it that way. You just caught me stuffing my face with my favorite treats and I didn't know how to react in a more cool way! Lol Thanks ♡

When: Sunday, August, 23 2015

Where: New west skytrain station safeway

Hippie no parking girl

You made such an impression on me I just had to come back. You probably have daddy issues and were perhaps looking for someone to put you in your place. I was there for you but you had to bring up fucking with me and when I didn't give you what you wanted you became irritated. Maybe you were out of your meds or had a HSV flare-up going on but I guess I wasn't sensitive enough to recognize that you were in need of some space. I hope to see you again soon as I'm in your area regularly.

When: Sunday, August, 23 2015

Where: Near 47th & Fraser


Ontario bound

yes I had heard all the horror stories about Vancouver , the job market is dismal, the people...


Dancer Lucila Munaretto's friends launch...

The 21-year-old has emerged from a coma in Lions Gate Hospital.