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E.g., Feb 28 2017

12 Kings Cutie

Friday Night outside of 12 Kings. You lent my friend your lighter. We talked about Trump, country music and my conservative parents. I wish I didn't go back to the Biltmore.

When: Friday, February, 24 2017

Where: 12 Kings

silly situations in the bathroom line

I spaced on the opportunity to have a magical group bathroom sesh with you and your friends. Then never got a proper chat after either, pesky dance floor politics. Your outfit had daisies on it and you said your name was common. I was pastel pink and worked in the forest. Wish those laughs lasted longer, another time?

When: Saturday, February, 25 2017

Where: bathroom line at SweetP

rent cheque blondie

I was the "green cricket t-shirt" south african standing next to you most of the night at rent cheque. You're blonde, collar tattoo ~ with your asian friend. I think you're amazing. Odds you see this: 0%

When: Friday, February, 24 2017

Where: Astoria

Wicked Game

Our eyes caught a few times, the last time as you crammed into a cab with all your friends,some Sunday a few months back. You were wearing a red shirt I think. I can't remember what I sang, probably Heart. Keep thinking about you. You're kind of scruffy, it's just right. You sang Wicked Game, it was dreamy.

When: Saturday, February, 25 2017

Where: Princeton Pub

Tall, dark and handsome Lululemon Dt QT

To the tall, dark haired guy working at the checkout counter at the Lululemon downtown today (Saturday), you are super handsome! Great eyebrows and a sweet smile. We locked eyes a few times as I was strolling through the store - I had a brown leather bag, dark grey coat, and long, dark brown hair. I think that you were wearing plaid? Just thought that someone should tell you that you're very attractive and seem like a good person, too :)

When: Saturday, February, 25 2017

Where: Lululemon downtown

Heading to your Voks-vagen.....

You tan skinned lady, holding a cup. Me with a dog. Triumph Street. Gave me a friendly smile, as you headed to you Volkswagen. You looked lovely. But possibly someone to get along with on civil to more areas. 10 to 1130(am) I think.

When: Tuesday, February, 21 2017

Where: Triumph Street

Winking and Driving

Your navy coloured vehicle's license plate started DXO and you kept pace with me along the Kingsway for something like 20 blocks. All the while flirting, smiling and waving at every red light. At one point you motioned for me to join you at the roadside. I had to get to work, and did not. What if?

When: Friday, February, 24 2017

Where: Along the Kingsway

Blonde Aussie at the Naam

A fateful encounter at the Naam. You, blond in red with a leather jacket, were with your two friends. I mistook you for a fellow kiwi but it's possible that I used that just to say hi haha. Caught eyes as you were leaving and am annoyed at myself for not giving you my number. Grab a drink sometime?

When: Thursday, February, 23 2017

Where: The Naam, Kits

Cutie on an MEC bike

I see you every now and then around town on the bike routes. You: Short black hair, super cute, and sexy calves. You ride a MEC bike with black paniers and white helmet. Me: Tall, dark, and handsome with glasses riding a bike with a black bike and yellow pedals. We smiled at each other at Main/Union the other day while going in opposite directions. Oh how I wished I turned around and chased you. I'd love to cruise the seawall with you...

When: Tuesday, February, 21 2017

Where: Main/Union

Smart dude at Physics Seminar

I saw you at a Physics seminar at a local highschool in Port Moody. You were sitting next to me while watching the Physicist James Siu from NASA give a presentation on torque. We struck a great conversation and both seemed to share a passion for Physics. You mentioned that you go to Sam Fraser University in Kelowna but I didn't manage to get your number. Hopefully we can hang out and talk about some more Physics and discuss Dynamics, Vectors, Gravitational Waves and much more.

When: Thursday, February, 23 2017

Where: High School in Port Moody

Magic Mike

I was sitting on the sidewalk, my spare wheel laying beside me staring at my flat tire when you appeared out of the dark, a knight in shining rip stop nylon outer apparel. Asking if I could use your help, I felt a surge of rejoice as my long day of work was making it a monumental task to just change my flat. You were kind and funny, so incredibly sexy and your accent Mmmm, as you helped me figure out the complicated workings of fine European design of my Audi's wheel changing apparatus I was smitten and undressing you with my eyes. Mike we successfully changed a flat together imagine what else we could accomplish!!! I gave you a juice from the place I work, come see me there :)

When: Monday, February, 20 2017

Where: 2nd and Manitoba

Held the door for you

Held the door for you at the London drugs on Robson, exchanged a few glances while we stood in the same isle a few feet from each other! I'm such an idiot for not introducing myself! You had the most gorgeous lipstick on!

When: Wednesday, February, 22 2017

Where: London Drugs at bute and robson

Hottie in Dodge 2500 on Swartz to tsawwassen ferry

I've never done anything like this before, but I feel like an idiot for not trying to chat with you. 7pm ferry, you were beside me in the lineup. We smiled at each other a few times... Lost each other when unloading, and I could be wrong but I swear I saw you pull off on marine drive in Vancouver. You're crazy handsome, and hopefully you see this. If so, let me know what I was driving and what color my hair is.

When: Tuesday, February, 21 2017

Where: Swartz bay ferry to Tsawwassen

Rock Enthusiast on the Bus

I SAW YOU...on the bus on February 16th heading home from work. You caught my attention when you started talking to the person next to you about cooling rates and phaneritic crystals. I feel the need to learn more. Will you help me? I want to understand the relationship between location, cooling rates and crystal sizes. You seemed willing to talk then, will you reply to me now? What about composition? Are all igneous rocks made out of the same material? Maybe you remember me. I moved closer to you on the bus to try to learn more, but was too intimidated to talk to you in person. I heard you use the words magma and lava. Aren't these the same? I noticed you talking about color index, but couldn't figure out what you meant. Who is this Bowen guy you referred too? What did he discover about igneous rocks? Are all igneous rocks found in the same formations? I've heard that Hawaii is volcanic and here in Vancouver rocks are plutonic. What's the difference? What features might I see here that are different in Hawaii? You mentioned hiking on Mt. Baker. Isn't that a volcano? Is it dangerous? Tell me something about volcano types. This seems like so much information, I would love to hear how it all fits together. I'm hoping you write back to me, and if things go really well, maybe we can meet in person so you can teach me more. Hoping for a response and eager to learn, Iggy

When: Thursday, February, 16 2017

Where: #180 Bus

I'd love to see that smile again!

You were coming up the moving walkway from the parkade at New West stn as I was going down--you have long, light brown hair and were wearing jeans, long sleeves and earth toned vest. I was the ginger wearing the grey toque and Paul frank looking cardigan. I saw you before you saw me and thought "wow!" Then you looked up, met my eyes and smiled and I was smitten! I managed to smile back and then glanced back as you got off. Grab a beer or coffee sometime?

When: Tuesday, February, 21 2017

Where: New West Station

Tall and handsome police man

I was leaving Roxy cabaret and i saw you standing by the door, I thought you were very handsome so I ask if I could take a pic with you, you just said "Im shy"... and of course you were working, my cousins take us a pic and we left, im going back to Mexico on February 28, and I will like to have the opportunity to have a coffe with you...

When: Sunday, February, 19 2017

Where: Rosy cabaret

ice cream delivery dude at peoples prom

hey, you have a nice smile and you dance cute. thanks for hanging out and being a sweet surprise valentines date. i'm sorry i put your number in my phone wrong. hope to run into you again.

When: Tuesday, February, 14 2017

Where: Peoples Prom

The Yale Saturday

To the god of a man overshadowing every guy in the room with his height and amazing tall athletic body, I was way too shy to approach you but I'd absolutely love to get your number. I think you were wearing a dark shirt with little (red?) speckles on it. You've also got dark hair. I doubt you noticed me but I was wearing a blue dress and I have some long blonde hair. This guy didn't strike me as the type of person to read these but if you know anyone that matches the description feel free to help a girl out.

When: Saturday, February, 18 2017

Where: The Yale

The Pint before the hockey game

You and a friend were sitting at a table beside my friend and I having a few prior to the game. I am the blond lady... you made a remark as I passed by of 'looking good'... And who doesn't like to hear that? LOL. You asked if you could buy us a drink at the rink. Regret not taking you up on your offer. Do over?

When: Sunday, February, 19 2017

Where: The Pint Vancouver

Dark-haired hiker in a purple jacket on Hollyburn

You asked about my dog, and mentioned you have a six-year-old Aussie-collie mix. I dunno if it was the thin mountain air or what, but the only thing I thought to talk about was other hikes. I should've asked your name. I should've asked you out. Your two friends seemed cool, and I hope that y'all had a really nice adventure.

When: Saturday, February, 25 2017

Where: Hollyburn Mountain

Hottie at Our community bikes on Main.

I saw you at Our community bikes on Main st. You greeted me with a smile at the door; after that I couldn't find the right moment to talk to you, you were busy working. You were wearing a Nirvana hoodie and a red corset under. Coffee?

When: Sunday, February, 19 2017

Where: Our community bikes

Adventurous Brunette at the Ski Shop

You came in to the shop looking for a helmet after your friend's crash on Cypress. Not everyone can look that good in a helmet, but maybe it was your smile. Being the professional salesman I am I neglected to make any moves, but I thought about chasing after you when you left! Want to go for a shred?

When: Saturday, February, 18 2017

Where: Boundary and Hastings

One year of I Saw You posts, mapped

Curious to see where sparks are flying between Vancouverites? One data-savvy Georgia Straight reader took it upon himself to map a year's worth of I Saw You posts, revealing trends in the ways we interact—or don't interact—with one another. Check out his findings here:

When: Friday, February, 17 2017

Where: Vancouver, BC

bus stop @Cordova and Seymour

I was at the bus stop and you seem to just been out of a bar, you were with a male friend and you both were very drunk, you approached me and ask where I was from, when I said Mexico, you start to say that you had been to Guadalajara and you eat guacamole, I thought you were very cute but you were too drunk, so I get nervous, coffee maybe?

When: Friday, January, 20 2017

Where: bus stop Cordova and Seymour

white spot restaurant @ homer street

You were sitting in a single boot and I was facing you, I was with a girlfriend but can not take my eyes off of you, I noted that you were giving me the eye as well, I wanted to send you my phone with a waitress but I get cold feet, you were wearing a pink polo shirt (maybe red), I hope you see this, you look very handsome and nice :)

When: Friday, January, 20 2017

Where: whitespot restaurant @homer street


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