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E.g., Jul 23 2017

Don Miguel Ruiz and the 236 to Park Royal

You helped an elderly lady pay her fare, the bus driver and I told you there should be more men like you in the world... We talked about the agreements, and life. I was sad when I got to my stop, but didn't find the courage to ask for your number. You said you were certain we'd meet again.. Sadly I rarely take the bus.. It's been over a month, and for some reason, I'm still kicking myself. I need people like you in my life.. Sometimes fate needs a little help.. I hope you agree and happen to be reading this today.

When: Saturday, June, 17 2017

Where: On the 236 from Lonsdale to Park Royal

The perfect face

I'm not sure if you're going to see this, or even speak English for that matter - its hard to tell in this city. But I just saw you get off the bus at St. George and 41st; we made eye contact a few times on the bus but I quickly looked away. We walked in the same direction up St. George. You're asian, were wearing a white shirt, blue jean shorts and a backpack. You had a big gold watch on. You're face is honestly perfect.

When: Wednesday, July, 19 2017

Where: St. George/41st

Victoria Ferry- Skytrain

I noticed you waiting for the ferry to walk on and was taken aback when I saw you get on the bus to go to the sky train station. You were wearing a jean jacket a lot like mine, beautiful eyes and a beard. I could not stop staring to the point it was getting embarrassing for me and obvious to you. I was wearing a navy hat, jean jacket and a backpack. I would love to meet for coffee sometime and maybe see you smile ?

When: Monday, July, 17 2017

Where: 620 Bus to Bridgeport Station

you cared enough to ask....

I was a mess and feeling really down. you saw me crying on the express bus going westbound on hastings from nanaimo. you actually cared enough to offer to take me for coffee. i declined but i will never forget you offered. i often wish i had said yes. i would love to thank you. you were an angel to me on a very dark chapter of my life. i now have 3 months clean and sober. i am doing well. i just hope you know you were appreciated.

When: Wednesday, April, 19 2017

Where: hastings and nanaimo express bus

We shook hands at Khatsalano

Dont know if youre just a really great business person, or if you were showing some interest? I was wearing a film camera around my neck. Your name is Alex. I feel like we are supposed to know eachother. May the world allow us to meet again? xx

When: Tuesday, July, 18 2017

Where: 4th ave

Blonde Curley Hair

I can't believe I'm doing this. I always see you get on the bus around 12th/Fraser in the mornings. On good days, you end up sitting next to me. We both get off downtown at the same spot, and usually walk in the same direction to work. I'm usually reading a book and way too petrified to make eye contact and initiate a conversation. You've got really curly blonde hair, glasses and never where headphones....which I think is really cool for some reason. You're never going to see this.

When: Tuesday, July, 18 2017

Where: Broadway/Fraser

Monday 10:45PM Seabus leaving Waterfront.

We exchanged glances when I boarded and sat down across from you. However, I was in total blank iPod stare mode and not too quick on the uptake. Would love to connect and maybe meet up for coffee, should you be interested. You were a stunning brunette wearing a black dress, with glasses and several tattoos. Please describe your headphones and hairstyle to confirm ID.

When: Monday, July, 17 2017

Where: Seabus to Quay

Harry Potter Movie; You shared your Werthers with us

You were seated next to me, I was there with my cousin's daughter. You commented that your own kid was at home (17 year old daughter), you were with friends. You were really good looking and had a white business shirt on. I felt like I should have talked to you and gotten your info; it felt like i was watching the movie next to someone I knew well...

When: Thursday, July, 13 2017

Where: The Orpheum

Sorry for staring...

I'm sorry for staring at your reflection in the window of the 22 bus; your eyes reminded me a lot of someone I once knew, and I was taken aback. I hope I didn't make you too uncomfortable. Let me make it up to you sometime over a coffee?

When: Monday, July, 10 2017

Where: 22nd Knight bus

GODDESS, Hastings at Ingleton bus stop, this morning

This morning around 0945, as I was driving past in my very distinctive work vehicle, you were sitting at the bus stop, smiling and waving at me. You're a tall woman, wearing a sunhat and a blue blouse with a plunging neckline, and sunglasses....absolutely STUNNING....I was beyond captivated. If you remember this encounter, and are interested, please reply back and tell me what I do for a living... Hope to hear from you!

When: Monday, July, 10 2017

Where: Bus stop, Hastings at Ingleton, Burnaby

Girl with clear glasses

I was the guy in a flannel shirt when you bummed a light from my friend. Ran into you a few times afterwards but was too busy trying to check on my friend to properly chat. You were good company.

When: Sunday, July, 02 2017

Where: Waldorf Hotel

Sleeve of crows on the SFU B-Line

I was sitting by the back entrance on the SFU B-line, absorbed in my iPhone when you stepped on the bus and took a seat across the aisle. I felt your eyes on me when you stepped in, which initially caught my attention. Then I couldn't stop glancing over. You: baby blue t-shirt, short blonde hair, two sleeves of tattoos; your left arm with 3 crows flying toward a darker/larger tattoo on your wrist. Me: black dress, striped cardigan, sunglasses. You look super familiar and I don't know why.

When: Friday, June, 30 2017

Where: SFU B-line heading east

I saw you on the bus (7 to downtown around 3 pm)

I was seating on the back of the bus with my sister, and you appeared in a white cool t-shirt looking lovely and seated on the side, it was 7 bus to downtown and you had a tattoo on your right forearm, you were blond and cute and i thought you looked at me but I played cool, i wish I'd said hi, i was a black haired girl with orange croptop :)

When: Saturday, June, 24 2017

Where: bus number 7 to downtown

Businessman In Blue

I saw you at the Fairmont Hotel Airport lounge June 22 from 7 to 9pm. You were wearing a blue suit with funky sox and brown dress shoes... but there was something more about you that peaked my interest. I am the blonde blue eyed woman you and your friend sat right in front of. You both ordered beer and a light meal. I have no idea where you are from or where you were going, but I wanted you to take me with you... hopefully one day. I never write these 'I Saw You' posts, but it's worth a shot.

When: Thursday, June, 22 2017

Where: Fairmont Hotel Airport Lounge

Quality LUSH Honey (ft. Crusty Clark)

I texted the 250 bus for you and we got to talking about the stupidity of the transit referendum. Once we established that Christy was cunning (and also pure evil) we moved on to electoral reform, "bougie Greens", Trump + American roadtrips, and so much more in the 15 minutes before our busses arrived simultaneously. We'd make great politics pals, A! I told you where I work and to drop by... I hope you do -- J

When: Thursday, June, 22 2017

Where: Busstop to North Shore at Georgia & Denman

You're not a creep

This is a long shot but... You got on the bus, we smiled, you were too attractive and so I avoided looking at you too much and pretended to be tired. I imagined getting off the bus and making out with you in the bushes. I continued to try and look disinterested. As I got off the bus you came to tell me I was very pretty , and that you weren't trying to be creepy...and what I really wanted to say.. ((you too are very handsome)) Instead of saying thank you and reamaining shy. I'm not shy !! Usually. Until my cheeks are hot with blush. Hope to see you again. Maybe not on a crowded bus.

When: Monday, May, 29 2017

Where: 95b-line

Beautiful girl catching up with some old friends

You were outside of the the IGA at the corner of Vine and Broadway with an elderly group of ladies. You had a badge on your side so I assume you are a nurse on an outing with the ladies. You were all sitting down enjoying the day. I was coming from the gym, waiting for the bus, wearing a Pixies shirt. Not sure if i recognized you or i just couldn't stop noticing different beautiful things about you. Figured it would be slightly corny if i approached you while you were working and not fully confident you were noticing me too or wondering who this guy was creeping on her :) Would love to meet you sometime.

When: Wednesday, June, 07 2017

Where: IGA corner of Vine and Broadway

Would've been cool if you missed your bus

I was picking up cigarrete butts with with some hippyesque characters (the butt touchers) and was squatted on the curb when you and your friend ran by. We glanced at each other as you raced past and I was attracted to you immediately. I was watching you as you got on the bus curious to see if you'd look back. You did and when our eyes locked you started to smile or laugh and I had the feeling we both wouldn't have minded if you missed your bus.

When: Saturday, June, 03 2017

Where: Granville

You're not a creep

This is a long shot but... You got on the bus, we smiled, you were too attractive and so I avoided looking at you too much and pretended to be tired. I imagined getting off the bus and making out with you in the bushes. I continued to try and look disinterested. As I got off the bus you came to tell me I was very pretty and I really wanted to say ((you too are very handsome)) Instead of thank you and reamaining shy. I'm not shy !! Usually. Until my cheeks are hot with blush. Hope to see you again. Maybe not on a crowded bus.

When: Monday, May, 29 2017

Where: 95 b line

Stranger, you made my day!!!

I saw you taking the 49 bus at UBC this afternoon, we made eye contact for a few seconds, I looked back and you were staring at me. You took the 49 bus, but leave it inmediatly and started asking people to change a 5 dolars bill!!! I was looking at you all the time, you know that..... It will be awesome to see ut this I saw you, actually works!!! Do you want to have two coffees with me? It was great to see someone like you in Vancouver

When: Tuesday, May, 30 2017

Where: UBC Bus loop 49 stop

17 Downtown Bus

v v long shot but here it does I saw you and ur cute af we got on the same bus at marine drive station, and got off same stop would love to connect with you:)

When: Friday, May, 19 2017

Where: Marpole area

Waiting a little too long for the bus

Hi, This is probably a long shot, but here goes. There was a huge line up by waterfront and we were standing next to each other waiting for the bus. I didn't really have the guts to start up a full out conversation, but we made some small talk about how long the bus was taking. I ended up getting on Main bus and I think you ended up waiting longer for the Fraser. I wish I had waiting with you. I was wearing all black. You're totally not gonna read this. If you do..coffee? drink?

When: Friday, May, 19 2017

Where: Seymour and Cordova - waiting for the bus in front of Tim Hortons.

99 B-Line with nice beard

Carrying home some groceries on the bus I had the pleasure of your company in the seat next to me :) I thought about striking up a conversation, but got shy! We didn't talk except for me thanking you for letting me out. You: long dark-red beard, great smile. Me: glasses, green pants, carrying produce in my lap. Thanks for the laugh and wave as you drove away! If you'd like to grab a coffee, you now know where to find me.

When: Sunday, May, 14 2017

Where: 99 B-Line westbound at Main St

Midnight waiting for a bus

Waiting for the bus on Hastings and Abbott Friday at midnight. I was on date that's going nowhere. You: grey Philips brewing shirt, white (?) hair. Me: jeans, blond. Couldn't take my eyes off you, and it felt mutual. Want to light the spark?

When: Friday, May, 12 2017

Where: Hastings and Abbott

Walking by UBC Pool, Friday May 12

Me in my Orioles baseball cap and “NASA” glasses, walking from the bus loop, when I caught just a glimpse of you out of the corner of my eye. I suspect few men appreciate the privilege of contemplating your unique beauty, which explains why it took me several seconds to take in what I had just seen. Shoulder length black hair, a strong, crisp jawline and oh-so-wise, blue-gray eyes. A scatter of freckles over high, broad cheekbones and a nascent smile as you spoke to the female friend you were walking with. What daze-inducing magic it would be to see you laugh. I have no idea what you were wearing, you dazzling woman, because even this barest glimpse of your beautiful, soulful face made everything else fall away. Though the chances of you seeing this are just about nil, I want to thank you for filling my world - however briefly - with your beauty.

When: Friday, May, 12 2017

Where: Outside UBC Pool



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