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E.g., Mar 22 2017

At the bus stop on Nanaimo and Broadway, I asked is it was alright if I had smoke....

We were waiting for the number 7 dunbar around 12:15pm. This was at Nanaimo and Broadway. I asked you if it was alright I had a smoke....and I said it is weed. You said it was alright and I offered you a toke. You accepted had a couple puffs and then the bus came. We chatted on the bus, you said you work at Moxies and only worked an hour. I said I am a sous chef. We exchanged names. You said you had some beers with co workers and I said I am dying for a beer after a bit of a rough day at work. Anyways you got off at your stop, you have such a sweet smile and would love to smoke the rest of that joint sometime! Hope you read this.....

When: Thursday, March, 02 2017

Where: Nanaimo and Broadway

Rock Enthusiast on the Bus

I SAW YOU...on the bus on February 16th heading home from work. You caught my attention when you started talking to the person next to you about cooling rates and phaneritic crystals. I feel the need to learn more. Will you help me? I want to understand the relationship between location, cooling rates and crystal sizes. You seemed willing to talk then, will you reply to me now? What about composition? Are all igneous rocks made out of the same material? Maybe you remember me. I moved closer to you on the bus to try to learn more, but was too intimidated to talk to you in person. I heard you use the words magma and lava. Aren't these the same? I noticed you talking about color index, but couldn't figure out what you meant. Who is this Bowen guy you referred too? What did he discover about igneous rocks? Are all igneous rocks found in the same formations? I've heard that Hawaii is volcanic and here in Vancouver rocks are plutonic. What's the difference? What features might I see here that are different in Hawaii? You mentioned hiking on Mt. Baker. Isn't that a volcano? Is it dangerous? Tell me something about volcano types. This seems like so much information, I would love to hear how it all fits together. I'm hoping you write back to me, and if things go really well, maybe we can meet in person so you can teach me more. Hoping for a response and eager to learn, Iggy

When: Thursday, February, 16 2017

Where: #180 Bus

Hottie at Our community bikes on Main.

I saw you at Our community bikes on Main st. You greeted me with a smile at the door; after that I couldn't find the right moment to talk to you, you were busy working. You were wearing a Nirvana hoodie and a red corset under. Coffee?

When: Sunday, February, 19 2017

Where: Our community bikes

bus stop @Cordova and Seymour

I was at the bus stop and you seem to just been out of a bar, you were with a male friend and you both were very drunk, you approached me and ask where I was from, when I said Mexico, you start to say that you had been to Guadalajara and you eat guacamole, I thought you were very cute but you were too drunk, so I get nervous, coffee maybe?

When: Friday, January, 20 2017

Where: bus stop Cordova and Seymour

Beautiful blonde on the 25

We locked eyes more than a few times on the 25 this evening (Valentines Day) after you got on around Fraser or Main. You had beautiful blonde hair, and might have been wearing a green sweater or jacket... I digress. I was a tall brown haired guy in a camel coat and exercise clothing. You turned around and stared at me out the window as the bus pulled away after I got off - coffee sometime? :)

When: Tuesday, February, 14 2017

Where: 25 Bus

99 BLine - YOU: blackhatted, redhead, charming eavesdropper

Boarding the 99BLine at Commercial/Broadway this morning just after 11am, my friend and I were the last to scramble on because I was loading my bike. You were sitting in the articulated-hips section of the bus, and as we walked past you, I was laughing and said something to my friend about how I wasn't *that* hungover. You said something complimentary and I told you how much nicer you are than my friend, and then I commended you for such a lovely black and grey hat. Sadly you got off well before the end of the line -- clearly I was hungover enough that my reaction time was tooooo slooooow to ask you for your number. Want to go somewhere and eavesdrop together? I like your chutzpah. [Me: black jacket + toque, grey tights, clunky snowboots, hangover glasses]

When: Wednesday, February, 08 2017

Where: 99 BLine Westbound, Commerical Broadway station

You Dropped your phone.

Hey. You slipped in the snow at the crosswalk. I noticed your cell and ran it back to you as you were getting onto the bus. I wanted to introduce myself but I didn't really have the time to while the bus was leaving, sorry about that.

When: Friday, February, 03 2017

Where: Renfrew Skytran Station

Wheelchair on a snowy night bus.

When we finally arrived at the door, he asked if I remembered your name. I did. We had both been dancing, you at Calabash, me at Astoria. You and two transit staff hefted the wheelchair to the roadway while I helped him navigate the snow and slush. You were then reluctant to get back on the bus, showing genuine concern for two strangers. Not something that happens every day in Vancouver.  We had a bit of an adventure getting Harold and his electric wheelchair safely home through the snowy streets. I'd love to tell you about it. Coffee?

When: Sunday, February, 05 2017

Where: N20 Night Bus

Beautiful Eyes over Coffee Cup

I was standing at the bus stop at Granville & Georgia when I looked back... and saw your gorgeous eyes staring into mine quite intensely, and holding my gaze, which was full of fire I'm sure as I was having quite the day :) You did so as you were taking a sip of your to-go coffee, and you had a london drugs shopping bag as well as being dressed impeccably and very beautiful! Coffee?

When: Sunday, February, 05 2017

Where: Granville @ W Georgia

130 Metrotown to Brentwood Station

I got on the bus and you were having a great convo with your friend you have the softest eyes ever, we exchanged smiles and got off at brentwood. We even stood across from each other until we both departed. My head was deep elsewhere and i regret not saying hello. I was wearing a black under armor shirt and a black arctic goose jacket. you had cool boots and a new york jets shirt on. Let me know what the saying about the pig was you said on the bus and ill know its you.

When: Friday, February, 24 2017

Where: Hastings and boundary stop

Urban Lumberjack on #4 UBC

We were on the bus Friday morning, you got on around hawks ave. you were wearing a red plaid, black jeans and blundstones and had a leather briefcase. I was wearing workout clothes, a grey sweater and black jacket. You got up to change seats and sat next to me but I was too nervous to say hi. I'd love to grab a beer with you.

When: Friday, January, 27 2017

Where: #4 UBC bus

I saw you roma the tomato paste aisle

I saw you at Buy Low Foods on kingsway and my cheeks turned into cherry tomatoes when we were both looking for tomato paste. Then I waved as you biked by afterwards while I was waiting for the bus. Was it hot house in there or were we flirting?

When: Wednesday, January, 25 2017

Where: Buy Low Foods on Kingsway

On the C7 Metrotown bus

You: driver, me: passenger. You gave me hope and a lot of laughs. Sorry that day I was depressed and I couldn't talk much. I hope you will give me a chance to see each other again.

When: Wednesday, January, 18 2017

Where: Between Edmonds stn and Metrotown

Grouse Mt Gondola

Hi "just a person", aka not a ski instructor ;) Something inside is telling me you aren't just your average run of the mill person. There's something about you that intrigues me. I couldn't help but look through your bus window, as I walked by, wondering who you are. You looked at me too. Then we both did that thing and turned around and looked at each other again. You have a cute little gap between your front teeth and nice blue eyes and I think you had a kiwi accent. I hope you see this ad and respond. I'd like to meet up and learn more about you.

When: Sunday, January, 22 2017

Where: Grouse Mountain Gondola

Braiding on the #3

I was the woman groggily re-braiding my hair on the #3 bus just before 8am Friday morning. You were the guy sitting across from me making a pretty good show of not looking at me until you surprised me when you went to leave. Thanks for the nice words. I wish I had been awake enough to return them properly. Say hi earlier next time. :)

When: Friday, January, 20 2017

Where: Between National and Broadway on the #3 bus

Blonde hair. White toque or Detroit hat #3bus

Blonde hair. Detroit hat or white toque. Grey Nikes (roshe possibly) neon green and blue headphones. Saw you a few times on #3 bus main st. We kepted looking at each other.

When: Wednesday, January, 04 2017

Where: Main st bus #3

Fat Burger downtown

My buddy and I were at Fat Burger. You and your friend were sitting there finishing your meal. You allowed us to sit with you as the place was crazy busy. You said you were going skating, and that you were a student, but not much was a spec awkward?

When: Monday, January, 02 2017

Where: Fat Burger, downtown

Marine drive station

Hey cute dude who I saw like 2 days ago.. 27th at marine drive stn, u got on the 100 bus (I think) found u v cute yes I'm bi, hope u see this :) still feel a connection tbh

When: Tuesday, December, 27 2016

Where: Marine Drive Station

#19 bus

U had grown out bleached hair and I couldn't help but smile at you and your friends loud conversations, on the 19 bus to Stanley park. Sorry for the awkward eye contact :)

When: Monday, December, 26 2016

Where: 19 bus

Taken Aback

99 bus heading west. I got on at Fraser. You got off at Clark. I was the man with round glasses, bundled in my coat and toque. You were the beautiful woman with the philtrum piercing giving me intense eye contact. I regret not saying anything to you. I'd love to meet some time.

When: Thursday, December, 22 2016

Where: 99 Bus, Fraser and Broadway

Rad guy on the 3

No 3 bus going up Main. I got slapped on the ass by a random guy and you spoke up. You might've been tipsy from your work party, but your earnestness got me good. Let's be friends?

When: Monday, December, 19 2016

Where: Vancouver

Hey Boy

Uncanny Ryan Gosling look alike on the 20 bus downtown today. There was some eye contact as you got on and again as I got off downtown. I wanted to blurt out something witty but thought better of it so as to refrain from tripping over my mouth. If you see this and we are semi on the same page, get at me.

When: Wednesday, December, 21 2016

Where: 20 bus downtown

Park Ranger on the Seawall

You were blocking off the sea wall and me and my friend were riding by on bikes. We stopped at third beach to look at the view and you came over to ask us about our detour through the park. We chatted for a while and you seemed really interesting and super friendly. My friend said something funny about you busting blowjobs in East Van... I was the other girl! I'd love to get a drink sometime if you remember me :)

When: Monday, November, 14 2016

Where: Third beach, Stanley Park

A Triangle-tattooed staff at Cactus Club Cafe

Five of my good-dorky friends and I had dinner last night - it was a busy Sunday night. You were my server. You touched lightly on my arms. Ever since I was little I hated touching. However, I didn't hate it. I was just bit anxious. And I did/said dumb things the whole time. All I wanted to tell you is how beautiful you are [Just letting you know you are like a 20 out of 10].

When: Sunday, December, 11 2016

Where: Cactus Club Cafe


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