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E.g., Jun 29 2017

17 Downtown Bus

v v long shot but here it does I saw you and ur cute af we got on the same bus at marine drive station, and got off same stop would love to connect with you:)

When: Friday, May, 19 2017

Where: Marpole area

Waiting a little too long for the bus

Hi, This is probably a long shot, but here goes. There was a huge line up by waterfront and we were standing next to each other waiting for the bus. I didn't really have the guts to start up a full out conversation, but we made some small talk about how long the bus was taking. I ended up getting on Main bus and I think you ended up waiting longer for the Fraser. I wish I had waiting with you. I was wearing all black. You're totally not gonna read this. If you drink?

When: Friday, May, 19 2017

Where: Seymour and Cordova - waiting for the bus in front of Tim Hortons.

99 B-Line with nice beard

Carrying home some groceries on the bus I had the pleasure of your company in the seat next to me :) I thought about striking up a conversation, but got shy! We didn't talk except for me thanking you for letting me out. You: long dark-red beard, great smile. Me: glasses, green pants, carrying produce in my lap. Thanks for the laugh and wave as you drove away! If you'd like to grab a coffee, you now know where to find me.

When: Sunday, May, 14 2017

Where: 99 B-Line westbound at Main St

Midnight waiting for a bus

Waiting for the bus on Hastings and Abbott Friday at midnight. I was on date that's going nowhere. You: grey Philips brewing shirt, white (?) hair. Me: jeans, blond. Couldn't take my eyes off you, and it felt mutual. Want to light the spark?

When: Friday, May, 12 2017

Where: Hastings and Abbott

Walking by UBC Pool, Friday May 12

Me in my Orioles baseball cap and “NASA” glasses, walking from the bus loop, when I caught just a glimpse of you out of the corner of my eye. I suspect few men appreciate the privilege of contemplating your unique beauty, which explains why it took me several seconds to take in what I had just seen. Shoulder length black hair, a strong, crisp jawline and oh-so-wise, blue-gray eyes. A scatter of freckles over high, broad cheekbones and a nascent smile as you spoke to the female friend you were walking with. What daze-inducing magic it would be to see you laugh. I have no idea what you were wearing, you dazzling woman, because even this barest glimpse of your beautiful, soulful face made everything else fall away. Though the chances of you seeing this are just about nil, I want to thank you for filling my world - however briefly - with your beauty.

When: Friday, May, 12 2017

Where: Outside UBC Pool

#3 Bus after Fortune

You just came from Fortune with your two friends and you sat by me on the #3 bus and we chatted for a bit. You said I was cute as you got off at Terminal station. I thought you were cute too. I wanted to follow up, but it was too late. This was Sunday night, after midnight.

When: Monday, May, 08 2017

Where: Main and Terminal

skater who sat across from me on bus

you got on near 25th ave, sat at the back directly across from me, smiling the entire bus ride. we made eye contact a few times and I couldn't control my smile. I bet I looked like a big loser but with you smiling at me I couldn't help it. you got off at broadway, looking back a few times at me before exiting the bus. you were so cute!!

When: Thursday, May, 04 2017

Where: #16 Arbutus bus

VSO Violinist on #7 Bus

You were taking the bus from 4th to Granville. I asked about your violin and we spoke briefly about the your time with the Symphony. You were both smart and incredibly cute. Your stop came up faster than I could find the courage to ask you out. Coffee or a drink sometime?

When: Thursday, April, 27 2017

Where: #7 bus going downtown

Busted for bad behavior by VPD

To the VPD Officer who pulled me over for the most "A$$hole driving I've seen all week." I'm really sorry. And thankful. I was being an idiot. Besides those great takeaways, I couldn't help but feel that you are very attractive. Would love to show you, that yes, I am a normal person, and am the opposite of what my driving displayed. Beers on on me?

When: Wednesday, April, 12 2017

Where: Mt Pleasant

130 bus heading to Metrotown

You; Filipino sitting at the back talking on the phone in a red sweater. Me black jaket, several smiles exchanged and would like to see that smile again :)

When: Friday, April, 14 2017

Where: Willingdon and Hastings

Game of Thrones, drunken idiot and fun bus conversations...

Ok, this is less of a "missed connection" and more of a "I bloody well wish we had more time to interact" kind of post. You're an actress who was reading Game of Thrones and sat down beside me coming from East Van toward Burnaby... you got on the bus at the same stop as a belligerent, drunk and obnoxious fat dude who kept yelling on the back of the bus "...who wants to party?? You?? YOU???" lol. I had to ask you about GoT, as I'm a huge fan (I'm sure that was obvious). I would love to share minds more about that... and whatever our curious minds might point us toward. As you left the bus, you mentioned actress and I told you musician, then you introduced yourself and I responded in kind. Your name start with T and mine with D.... If you see this, I hope you reply. You're fucking awesome.

When: Sunday, April, 09 2017

Where: 95 bus

Polite Lass after the Bus

You were running to catch the #50. By all appearances, it looked like you were heading from or to yoga. I was standing in front of the bus shelter, waiting for the #84, and stepped aside so that you could zip past. As you passed by, you delighted me with a courteous “Thank you” – that makes you someone I’d like to know better. Well, I’m glad you made it, and I hope you had a good time! You: Tall, curly-haired, brunette with a yoga mat and distinct I ♥ Dublin cloth bag. Me: Black hair, glasses, and windbreaker. If you see this, please reach out. I would enjoy seeking the craic with you sometime!

When: Sunday, April, 09 2017

Where: W 4th Ave. & Fir St.

Cutest laugh

I was sitting near you at quiz show last night and found your laugh to be so intoxicating. I've never thought that hearing someone laugh so wholeheartedly would leave me so smittened. When I looked over to see you I could hardly believe it - you're the same girl I see on the #3 bus occasionally. Always dressed impressively you were wearing a shirt with little cats all over it. I would love to get to know you better if you ever want to grab a coffee.

When: Saturday, April, 08 2017

Where: The fox in Mount Pleasant

En Route to the Sylvia Hotel - I should have walked too.

I first noticed you around the Olympic Village station, we both got off at Yaletown Roundhouse. All of a sudden you were next to me on the sidewalk and stated a conversation. When I stopped to catch the bus going down Davie, you said you were going to keep walking. We each said "see you later" as you departed. It felt so natural that I nearly forgot that I didn't know you. I now don't know how, but I hope that I see you later.

When: Friday, April, 07 2017

Where: Yaletown Roundhouse Station

Beautiful girl on the Skytrain

I asked you if that was the 106 bus that stopped at the stop I was waiting at, even though I knew it was, and I just thought you were so beautiful. We got on the skytrain together and felt so good when I noticed you smile at me. I wanted that dude sitting next to you to get off so I could sit next to you, but he never did and I never worked up the courage to talk to you :( You smiled and waved as I got off the train, and I wanted to go back into the train to ask you for your phone number but I never did, and I'm kicking myself for not doing that. Wherever you are, Pretty skytrain girl, you definitely made my day.

When: Tuesday, April, 04 2017

Where: New west bus stop, skytrain

they say nice people smile, but yours....

is a true implement of torture. Do you always send such missiles of warmth from behind the wheel of your silver Transit as you wait for the light to turn green, or did you feel some allure to my organic and friendly bush boy charm? All I will say is come garden, on haida gwaii, forever.

When: Tuesday, April, 04 2017

Where: cambie and 14th

oak bus #17, loves to cook!

You asked me where to catch the 17, I was returning from Michaels to buy last minute cake things. Lot of randomness while you really hoped there would be alcohol at the party you were heading to! You took my number, and where did you go? Curiosity for these random intriguing bus meets.

When: Friday, March, 31 2017

Where: Broadway

Bright eyes on the rush hour bus

As the 240 Vancouver pulled up to your stop at Fell Ave on Tuesday evening, I noticed you in the crowd. You sat down at the front, wearing a rainjacket in a lovely green and drinking from a yellow water bottle. We made sustained eye contact twice before I got out at the next stop. I'd love to get to know you over tea.

When: Tuesday, March, 28 2017

Where: Marine Dr & Fell, North Vancouver

Belonging to the Universe, Science and Theology

You were reading a book that made me curious. I showed you something i had written in my journal. You said "thank you". I wish i had stayed on the bus for another stop to connect with you and ask you what you think of the book. Right as i stepped off the bus, something came to my mind that i would love to share with you.

When: Tuesday, March, 28 2017

Where: Back seat of the B line, between Cambie and Main St.

Scout and Bax at Jericho

We met early this morning at Jericho...Baxter was digging a hole and Scout was enjoying a large stick. I was too busy watching the dogs to notice your friendliness and laugh right away. You loved on Bax and we talked dogs and animal control. You had a septum piercing and great smile. Would love to talk dogs and more over a drink sometime.

When: Friday, March, 24 2017

Where: Jericho Beach

No.7 Bus Driver

You used to drive the no. 7 bus that stopped at Adanac at 8.11am on the way to Nanaimo Station. I was the blonde woman who was always late and in too much of a rush to say hi but you brightened up my Monday mornings. One morning you'd disappeared and my Mondays haven't been the same since.

When: Monday, December, 05 2016

Where: No. 7 Bus

At the bus stop on Nanaimo and Broadway, I asked is it was alright if I had smoke....

We were waiting for the number 7 dunbar around 12:15pm. This was at Nanaimo and Broadway. I asked you if it was alright I had a smoke....and I said it is weed. You said it was alright and I offered you a toke. You accepted had a couple puffs and then the bus came. We chatted on the bus, you said you work at Moxies and only worked an hour. I said I am a sous chef. We exchanged names. You said you had some beers with co workers and I said I am dying for a beer after a bit of a rough day at work. Anyways you got off at your stop, you have such a sweet smile and would love to smoke the rest of that joint sometime! Hope you read this.....

When: Thursday, March, 02 2017

Where: Nanaimo and Broadway

Rock Enthusiast on the Bus

I SAW YOU...on the bus on February 16th heading home from work. You caught my attention when you started talking to the person next to you about cooling rates and phaneritic crystals. I feel the need to learn more. Will you help me? I want to understand the relationship between location, cooling rates and crystal sizes. You seemed willing to talk then, will you reply to me now? What about composition? Are all igneous rocks made out of the same material? Maybe you remember me. I moved closer to you on the bus to try to learn more, but was too intimidated to talk to you in person. I heard you use the words magma and lava. Aren't these the same? I noticed you talking about color index, but couldn't figure out what you meant. Who is this Bowen guy you referred too? What did he discover about igneous rocks? Are all igneous rocks found in the same formations? I've heard that Hawaii is volcanic and here in Vancouver rocks are plutonic. What's the difference? What features might I see here that are different in Hawaii? You mentioned hiking on Mt. Baker. Isn't that a volcano? Is it dangerous? Tell me something about volcano types. This seems like so much information, I would love to hear how it all fits together. I'm hoping you write back to me, and if things go really well, maybe we can meet in person so you can teach me more. Hoping for a response and eager to learn, Iggy

When: Thursday, February, 16 2017

Where: #180 Bus

Hottie at Our community bikes on Main.

I saw you at Our community bikes on Main st. You greeted me with a smile at the door; after that I couldn't find the right moment to talk to you, you were busy working. You were wearing a Nirvana hoodie and a red corset under. Coffee?

When: Sunday, February, 19 2017

Where: Our community bikes


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