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E.g., Sep 26 2016

Wonton soup and spring rolls on Main street

We made eye contact when you first came in and you sat with your back to me. I was with my mom, you were with an older man (your dad?). You had 2 bowls of wonton soup and spring rolls. On my way out I chickened on passing you my number, but we stared at each other as I left. Walked by an hour later and saw you getting in your truck. Barely missed you. Do over?

When: Saturday, September, 24 2016

Where: Au petite cafe - Main Street.

safeway worker on robson

you were stacking some stuff at the edge of the meat department and caught my eye as you apologized for being in the way -I laughed and said no worries.. but wish I had said more. if this is you - and you - let's maybe plan another time to run into each other when you are off work?

When: Sunday, September, 25 2016

Where: Safeway Robson and Denman

Stormcrow Alehouse

You work as a server and everytime I see you I want to talk with you but I don't want to interrupt you doing your job. There's something about you that I find endearing and I'm really curious to find out more but I can never talk myself into it. You have long brown hair and sometimes where red lipstick. You're thin and very cute and always have a bit of a smile on your face, which I find very attractive. I bring my notebook and often sit alone, I'm tall and pretty much keep to myself, but I think you might know I am interested in you. Honestly I'm not sure though. If you do realize it and are interested as well, we should get together sometime and get to know one another! Beer? Coffee?

When: Saturday, September, 24 2016

Where: Stormcrow Alehouse

At the Grind...

A. - We chatted at the base of the Grind, before the race. I did not end our conversation particularly gracefully and I did not see you at the top. Now you're off stealing passwords...what now? C.

When: Saturday, September, 24 2016

Where: Grouse Grind

Value village on Hastings

I was in a daze vintage shopping at Value Village on Sunday when a tall handsome fella with longer hair wearing denim overalls crossed my path. You caught me off guard when you said hello and asked how I was. I was the blonde wearing a blue/white hippy shirt and jeans. As I was leaving a rainbow appeared outside - not everyday a handsome fella says hello and a rainbow appears! Shoot me a message if you see this :)

When: Sunday, September, 18 2016

Where: Value Village on Hastings

Skateboard on hand Commercial. sept 22nd.

Walking with my sister towards the skytrain , septemeber 22nd. 5:50pm. You : Blond , skateboard on hand coming looking straight into my eyes,....In an instant there was lots to say, your eyes wanting to speak...And I felt it... Me: shaved head, tan, and looking back at you... Coffee?

When: Thursday, September, 22 2016

Where: Commercial st. Vancouver


You were reading the Ethical Slut in Matchstick on Georgia. I hesitated, was lost and by the time I came back to the front of the shop where you sat by the window you were as gone as me. It's a good book, though Sex at Dawn is better, IMO. I suppose that's the gist of what I wanted to say but somehow you haven't left me, so here is hoping.

When: Thursday, September, 22 2016

Where: Matchstick café, E Georgia location.

Sushi in New West

Our eyes met when you were waiting to be seated; then again later as I walked past. I wanted to introduce myself but didn't want to interrupt your dinner with your friend. You had shoulder length hair; I had a hoodie with green stripes on. Sushi or coffee?

When: Thursday, September, 22 2016

Where: Ki Sushi

fujiya babe

You were wearing a white button up and tight black pants. You also had some cool septum jewelry. I was the guy with slicked back hair wearing all black w/ backpack and had a septum clicker. Unfortunately, you were there with what looked like your v tall boyfriend. You two didn't look so happy! We met eyes a few times, I couldn't help myself. I wish I could have said 'Hi' but I didn't want to step on anyone's toes. We could go out for dinner some time. I'd like to see your smile.

When: Wednesday, September, 21 2016

Where: Fujiya - Clark and Venables

biking, you on sidewalk.

I saw you a while ago while biking up a street just off Davie. I don't remember exactly what you looked like. You had dark hair. I do remember that you were super cute. I had short brown hair. People say I look "ethnic" (whatever that means). We looked at each other while I biked passed you. We kept looking back at eachother. I should've written this earlier. I'm pretty sure this was early August. I hope you see this and reply. Would love to go for coffee sometime :)

When: Wednesday, August, 10 2016

Where: Vancouver, side street just off Davie.

Donair Dude

Beautiful Man at Donair Dude on Monday afternoon.... I couldn't keep my eyes off you as I sat in my truck across the street. I went to Starbucks to get a napkin and wrote a message on it for you....when I went were gone :(

When: Monday, September, 19 2016

Where: Donair Dude on Davie Street

Matchstick Coffee on Fraser

Herbal tea. Great smile. Side-shaved head and a ponytail; You asked me if the cafe had wifi, and said your phone browser wouldn't 'prompt' a log-in page which was an endearing AF choice of words. There were notebooks and loose paper- some of it crumpled into a ball because you were, presumably, unimpressed with what you had written. Then you left in a rush before I could drop my earphones and return your smile with anything other than one of my own. Are you free to sit next to each other on purpose some time?

When: Friday, September, 16 2016

Where: Matchstick Coffee on Fraser and Kingsway

Kits macenzie near Broadway.

Saw you in kits coming out of your house near Starbucks on Broadway, you looked at me and we smiled at each other, I was with my friend talking to the next door neighbor. Me tall and dark eyes, you made want to know you. Kicking myself for not saying something. Wanna coffee or drink in the neighbourhood ?

When: Sunday, September, 18 2016

Where: Mackenzie near Broadway.

Kits Beach Playground

You have dark hair and a good beard, and were collecting chestnuts with your kids at Kits Beach. The little girl I was looking after unburied a chestnut your son had so carefully hidden in the sand. I was the blonde girl in a jean jacket with the stash of goldfish crackers. We chatted briefly. It'd be nice to see you again sometime. :)

When: Sunday, September, 18 2016

Where: Kitsilano Beach Park

Homer Street Smiles

In passing - I was on my lunch break walking west on Homer St close to Helmcken and you had crossed the street walking the other way. You: A handsome taller Mark Wahlberg'esk looking man in dark jeans and khaki long sleeve with great smile. Me: cute brunette with long hair in a burgundy sweater, black leather jacket and black pants. You smiled / I smiled / we both smiled at each other; made my day. There is little chance you will read this, but you never know. If you do, share another smile or two over a coffee?

When: Monday, September, 19 2016

Where: Homer St. near Helmcken

Beautiful girl on a Mobi bike

You pulled up to a red light on you're mobi share bike looking very cute and European without a helmet or a care. I was in a black Yankees ball cap and black leather jacket. I crossed in front of you and caught your eye. You made me change course and cross again with you riding next to me. We just kept looking at each other. How do ask a girl on a bike out to dinner?

When: Monday, September, 19 2016

Where: Richards and Smithe

Cutie in Costco

Saw you in Costco, Richmond on Sunday September 18th around 11:45am. You were wearing grey jogging pants, a white shirt and a baseball hat. You have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I was wearing blue jeans and a plaid shirt. My son was in the buggy. We locked eyes & smiled at each other but I never saw you again. I can't believe I'm doing this.....

When: Sunday, September, 18 2016

Where: Costco in Richmond

Embarrassed by my roomie hollering out of her car as you passed by

My friend and I were stopped at an intersection in her red civic on Nanaimo and Adanac (roughly). I told her I thought you were cute and she proceeded to flag you down in a rather embarrassing manner. You were such a good sport, shook my hand and told me your name was John. Despite being embarrassed, I still think you're cute and would love to hear from you. Cheers! M.

When: Sunday, September, 18 2016

Where: Nanaimo st, you were catching the 7

Your Yellow Umbrella Provided Refuge from the Rain

I (black shirt and blue jeans) was struggling in the rain trying to work the parking machine when you offered me the shelter of your yellow umbrella (Saturday, 2016-Sep-17). You are from Ontario (spent time in Ottawa), I am from Saskatchewan, but spent some time in Ottawa too and I went to Rideau High School on the east side of the Rideau River. Later, I thought I should have tried to connect with you. You reminded me of Meryl Streep in the movie, "The Bridges of Madison County". I would love to to get to know a little more about you and find out what we have in common. Coffee, drinks, lunch, dinner, billiards at the Commodore - well maybe not - just a blind stab in the dark on the billiards).

When: Saturday, September, 17 2016

Where: Denman at Pendrell

Savoury Island Pie Company

You were with a friend getting a soy latte. You sat on the adjacent table. There was an English couples across. I would have asked for your number if I had not been shy. Coffee?

When: Saturday, September, 17 2016

Where: Savoury Island Pie, West Vancouver

Cute quidditch player

I was coming down the stairs at Commercial-Broadway station. We used to work together but I never could build up the courage to talk to you. I've seen you around now and again and wish I could just say hi but I'm too chicken.

When: Tuesday, September, 13 2016

Where: Commercial-Broadway Skytrain

Main Street Farmers Market

I was buying eggs. You walked over with a bag of carrots. I said, "good carrorts?" You said, "yeah, you want one?" I said, "sure". I thought it was really cute you offered me a carrot. Then you asked if I lived in the area. I really loved your energy. Maybe we can have coffee, or go for a drink? Happy to make friends, or get married and run away.

When: Wednesday, September, 14 2016

Where: Main Street Farmers Market

Banjo Babe

Me: too cool to say 'hey' You: just too cool. Banjo, dog, rockin' hot. I was checking you out as we waited to depart. It was obvious.

When: Sunday, September, 11 2016

Where: Ferry to Vancouver

Babe on a bike

We were talking on Hastings and you were frustrated. I just wanted to smooch away your mood. You rode off and I got on the bus. I felt like getting off and chasing you down but you were too far away. Literally and figuratively. I hope we can ride together soon.

When: Tuesday, September, 13 2016

Where: Hastings and Heatley


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