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E.g., Jun 26 2015

babe with sunglasses in skytrain

We both got on at main street. You were with two guys and a girl. I was in black shirt and white shorts. You took off your sunglasses, and we shared quite the long gaze. You got Koff at stadium .

When: Wednesday, May, 27 2015

Where: main skytrain

Blarney Stone

I told you that you were an awful dancer but what I should have said was that dancing with you was the best part of my night. You are from white rock so the chances of running into you are slim but I wouldn't hate it if I saw you on the dance floor again.

When: Sunday, May, 24 2015

Where: The Blarney Stone

Handsome Asian Guy at Kingyo

You were amazingly attractive handsome Asian guy at Japanese restaurant Kingyo. You were with 2 male friends sitting a table and you were on a sofa next to your friend. I was with my male friend and lost a chance to say hello to you. I love your hair style and fashion. Id like to see you again msg me if you see this :)

When: Tuesday, May, 26 2015

Where: Kingyo on Denman St.

Bean Around the World

Every voice in my head was screaming at me to say hello to you but I didn't and that was lame. From the moment you walked in to the moment I drove away I couldn't take my eyes off of you...I felt you. You had such beautiful long hair which looked equally as beautiful after you put it all up in a bun. I was the tall man wearing blue jeans, a brownish hoodie and grey toque. I ran into the door as I was leaving and purposely waited by my truck to see if you would come my way and you walked by glancing at me and I let you and have been kicking myself ever since. Perhaps I have been alone too long and am just not sure how to do this anymore but for the first time I wish I would have tried. If you see this then it means you came looking for it so don't think its weird to message me and connect this way.

When: Wednesday, May, 27 2015

Where: Bean Around the World Lonsdale North Shore

Backwards hat on Cordova Street

We were walking in opposite directions on Cordova St. just east of Richards. You had a black sweater and dark pants, with a backwards hat and a cheeky smile. I was in a black and white striped dress, holding a coffee. You definitely stunned me a little bit and I didn't get a chance to say hi! Give me a shout if you see this and let's grab a drink or snack? Something ridiculous like bowling? :P

When: Wednesday, May, 27 2015

Where: Cordova Street at Richards

English Student from Porto Alegre

I am visiting Porto Alegre and yesterday had to take a taxi - when I started talking to the driver I found out his daughter was in Vancouver for 4 months studying English - amazing coincidence!! I didn't get a chance to get your number or give him my contact information - in case you want to have a coffee before you return on June 24 send me a note

When: Wednesday, May, 27 2015


Ferry Girl

You with a slightly flirty low cut blouse and big glasses. Tall and rail-like in a dark suit at the end of a long week. You were pretending to read your book at the front of the boat to Victoria, all the while arching your back and twirling your long brown hair around your finger. I was sort of reading on my iPad, but you could tell I was caressing your body with my eyes.

When: Sunday, May, 24 2015

Where: Ferry from Victoria

Elegant Seabus Beauty

I noticed you across the waiting room at the Seabus Waterfront. You were wearing a black low-ish cut blouse and bright red lipstick. You saw me, tall dark-haired in a dark business suit. We traded looks across the room until the boat arrived and then we sat across from one another. You smiled knowingly as I glimpsed subtly at your cleavage and stared longingly at your soft red lips.

When: Tuesday, May, 26 2015

Where: Seabus

Smile exchange on skytrain

Wow. Here I am, forever and completely the hopeless dork. You, I'm guessing a dancer, 5'6", dark reddish brunette hair pinned up in the back, black tights, small waist coat and a freckled face with a million dollar smile, you were sitting in the back of the train. Me, I came in at Gilmore station struggling with two green cloth bags, an orange backpack sitting across from you wearing a black jacket, and construction boots. 6 feet tall with short brown hair, Rayban eyeglasses, a salt and peppered beard, and hiding behind earbuds. Sigh... I should've, could've, would've talked to you but didn't, now regret it... We both got up at Broadway and as I struggled with my bags, you patiently stood there and I said "After you" smiling and there was that million dollar smile as you went in front of me. Then you turned around and again completely bedazzled me with that smile as you walked out, I struggled to follow as you disappeared into the crowd. I could've died. Sigh... I know, a dork, but a hopeless romantic dork nevertheless.

When: Monday, May, 25 2015

Where: Skytrain between Gilmore and Broadway

The more I see you, the more beautiful you are.

I see you most days on the 33 bus. You get on 33rd and Knight St. You're caucasian and you wear glasses with a thick black frame. I would just like to let you know you are the most beautiful girl I see everyday.

When: Tuesday, May, 26 2015

Where: 33rd & Knight Street

Foxy Lady

You were standing on the other side of the street, chatting on your phone and holding a leash attached to what looked like a medium-sized fox. Engrossed in your phone call, you stared off into the distance, straight at me. I was drinking my coffee in the sun, staring off into the distance, straight at you. Was it just me, or did we share an electrifying non-moment together as we pretended not to be looking right at one another? You’re cute. You seemed to be complaining a lot on the phone, but I think I could filter that out by focussing on how pretty you are.

When: Tuesday, May, 26 2015

Where: Commercial and 2nd

green lettuce in surrey

I was eating with my friends and you came in with yours. I couldn't help glance your way whenever I could, butyou sat behind me so I wasn't able to until I left from the paying counter. You were wearing white with black framed glaces. I wanted to say hi but got too nervous Anyway love to have coffee sometime

When: Sunday, May, 24 2015


Handsome Bus Driver #16 Monday

You were a very handsome brown-skinned guy in your 20s, driving the #16 Monday morning. You smiled at me, I'm hoping with interest.....but I was of course a passenger and maybe you're just friendly. I'm a fit caucasian guy in his 20s, scruff/beard, short brown hair. I was wearing a blue collared shirt with sleeves rolled up and a red/grey backpack. I wasn't able to say hi again since I had to exit through the rear doors, and I was only at the stop at that time since I was running late. Maybe I need to be late again ;) Hopefully you're more than just friendly.....drop me a line

When: Monday, May, 25 2015

Where: Arbutus @ 12th

134 Bus loop Burnaby Lake

I sat down on the other side of the bench you smiled at me, we got on the same bus, you kept looking at me and I was trying to think of something to say, when you got off at your stop you smiled again and left. You had a beautiful smile, were wearing a grey sweater, shorts, pink water bottle and white canvas shoes. I was wearing a red hat, green jacket, blue jeans and black shoes, Figure I would give this a shot. I would like to take you out for dinner and get to know you.

When: Monday, May, 25 2015

Where: Burnaby

The Eagle has landed

I was taking a photo of an eagle perched on a rock off-shore Oak Bay in Victoria on the May long weekend. You approached and told me you had seen it landing and the spread of its wings was magnificent to see. Then my friend, who was also taking photos, came back and you went to your car. There was a moment when I looked at you and felt a "pull". I wanted to find out why. I still do.

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015

Where: Oak Bay Beach

The Bay Oakridge Saturday Afternoon

This afternoon in the basement of The Bay Oakridge; I saw one of the most beautiful woman I have EVER seen! At around 5:30 our eyes met as we stood on either side of the cash. To even try and explain how beautiful you are would be impossible! We kept glancing and smiling and oh how I wanted to come over and say hi to you. I was with my family and I can't get you out of my head... Your beauty has been engraved inside my brain and I have been unable to think about anything else all evening. I just had to type this and just wanted to say "hi". Maybe I will be lucky enough to see you again and would love to hear from you.

When: Saturday, May, 23 2015

Where: Oakridge Mall Basement

Hot guy on Rolerblades

Was walking down Denman St. to do laundry & saw you blading towards me. I looked at you, and got a little nervous (so cute!) so I looked down at your blades & started laughing. When I found the courage to look up, saw you smiling back. Would love the chance to blade the park with you one day! :)

When: Saturday, May, 23 2015

Where: Denman, between Barclay & Haro.

Missed chance to give you my number on Denman

The girl in black with the takeout, we shared a few smiles through the window but I was working and couldn't give you my number. I'd love to know if you're as nice as your smile!

When: Saturday, May, 23 2015

Where: Kitaya Japanese on Denman

Vine & 4th

We smiled at each other as we were crossing 4th and Vine yesterday around 5pm. I wore a floral maxi dress and you were a cute blond guy with a backpack. You started talking to me complimenting me on my smile, but even on a good day I'm that paradigmatic girl who walks around with her head in the clouds... I guess it took me way too long to realize how warm your smile was. And then you started petting a big dog.. Love big dogs! I think I don't write this for any particular reason other than to note that I liked your smile too. :)

When: Friday, May, 22 2015


JJ Bean patio cutie

Sat behind you this morn in a grey hat. You in a burgundy hoodie, reading Coupland? Said something inside, but too spaced out and nervous for anything else. You look very interesting. Coffee?

When: Friday, May, 22 2015

Where: on the drive

224 West Esplande

Today I opened the door for the most beautiful princess as you were leaving the building. I looked down at you and you held my gaze until you smiled and looked away shyly. You had your headphones in which made it hard for you to hear me tell you so. The universe will have us cross paths again if that is meant to happen.

When: Friday, May, 22 2015

Where: North Shore Harbour Quay

Downtown firehall near Burrard

You jumped out of the fire truck and stopped my car in traffic. You waved at me and smiled, then guided the truck into the fire house. I didn't have to double take because I couldn't stop looking at you. You were stunning and I hope you stop me again! Or coffee? I'm Jason, I was in a white Audi, brown hair Caucasian male.

When: Wednesday, May, 27 2015


Waiter at Rodney's

You served my sister and I on May 17 where we stayed until close and enjoyed a cheesecake (thank you!). You're quite handsome... perhaps we could grab a drink sometime.

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015

Where: Rodney's Oyster Bar

VanDusen Gardens

You were beautiful. Blonde, wearing a white cashmere sweater. Seriously beautiful - like you took my breath away. Made me hope that I could meet someone like you. I chatted with you in the foyer - said we were both at the gardens taking our moms. You replied it was your neighbour who was like family and that you had a membership and came all the time. Now that IS beautiful. I so wanted to ask you out. But the way you looked at me, open yet sad, as though you had lots going on behind that smile made me realize I maybe intruding. Some times when you meet someone it just feels right. This felt beautifully right.

When: Wednesday, May, 13 2015

Where: VanDusen Botanical Gardens


Lump in the road

I'm probably going to lose a new job because of health issues.. I've been so stressed...


Canadian government realizes periods aren...

We all know that if men bled from their penises every month, this would never have been an issue.