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E.g., Aug 30 2016

"f*ck gender"

You were a (stunning) visiting Montrealer with silver dyed hair. I was the courier you talked to on your way to work. Now you're gone and I just wanted to say that I miss the way you brightened my mornings. If you're still hanging around and would like to grab a beer, let me know. -B

When: Monday, July, 25 2016

Where: Downtown

Chez Monique's on the West Coast Trail

You and your two friends came in after our group, going the opposite way. You're from Vancouver and started at the halfway point. We chatted a bit, and in the kitchen said you liked my style. Wanted to say I like yours too! Would be great to trade stories of our adventures. Beers sometime, not on the middle of nowhere:)?

When: Wednesday, August, 24 2016

Where: Chez Monique's West Coast Trail

Irish guy at Bismarck Bar

My sister first saw you across the bar and asked me to talk to you and get your number. We talked at the bar for a bit (about your Irish accent and the UFC fights) then parted but did not exchange names. But we kept locking eyes after. At the end of the night she asked me to give you her number anyway...but you caught me off guard and said you actually wanted my number. All I told you was that my number was 1 digit different then hers, gave you a wink and walked off. Hoping to see you again one day

When: Saturday, August, 27 2016

Where: Bismarck Bar on Abbott St

Lovely Stranger

I am sorry I missed our meeting at the Unbelievable Magic Show. I looked for you in the front rows after the show, but didn't see you. We had a lovely chat earlier that day sitting inside the Market Place and liked what we talked about and felt connected...and I think we could be friends. Sincerely, R:-)

When: Thursday, August, 25 2016

Where: PNE Market Place

Gorgeous mother on The Drive

Sunday morning, Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive, between 9-10 a.m. You were sitting with your back to the entrance. You look in your early 30s, have long brown hair with sunglasses held up in it. You were wearing a light brown light sweater with a blue skirt, flip flops and had a hint of polish on your toes. You were sitting with a blond haired boy wearing a ball cap who looked between six and eight years old. You talked to the boy, listened to him and played with toys with him then checked your phone as he ate. You glanced my way twice, once at my black shirt with a red design, and once at me. You and that moment looked so beautiful in so many ways. I’d love to meet for coffee and tell you about it in person.

When: Sunday, August, 28 2016

Where: Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive

Smooth talkin hockey boy that can handle sass.

Jason, you kissed my hand right when I walked into the bar. I was sassy as hell all night long but you handled it so well. I crashed in your hotel room after we helped a passed out woman on Howe. Your two friends were not impressed. You're from Langley, and own two (maybe three) dogs if I recall correctly, and hate going to north Vancouver for work. You asked me if you would ever see me again before I hopped in a cab and I said "only if you make an effort" - turns out you can't because I forgot to give you my number. I kicked myself the whole way home. I wonder if this will even work?

When: Saturday, August, 27 2016

Where: The Roxy

On the phone at Urban Fair

You are a very attractive tall blond wearing a bold jacket, who was on the phone this afternoon at Urban Fare. I was the blond in jeans, just a little damp from the rain. We exchanged several glances, but your call seemed to take quite some time. Let's find some time to talk to each other !

When: Sunday, August, 28 2016

Where: Urban Fare, Coal Harbour

"It's really starting to rain"

We were both getting into cars at the end of the Grouse parking lot as it started to rain. You were putting on your white Adidas shoes I was with my friends and a dog. We said hi and smiled at each other as it started to rain and you got in your car to drive away. Never tried this before but I thought you were cute and am curious if you're single?

When: Sunday, August, 28 2016

Where: Grouse Grind parking lot

2 smiles in 2 hours

To catch someone's eyes and exchange an honest smile of acknowledgment once in a day is one thing, to do so twice in the span of 2 hours in the same place but opposite directions - leaves a glow, and a wish that a third chance encounter mot lead to a walk in the same direction. The first time you were alone, the second you were with friends. I may have to frequent that cafe in hopes of making the third time a charm :)

When: Saturday, August, 27 2016

Where: On Smithe between Beatty and Expo Blvd

Stunning at Clough Club

You were sitting at the bar with your friend. I was sitting a couple seats away with my buddy. I was in a blue and green checkered button up shirt. You were absolutely stunning. We made eye contact a bunch of times. I couldn't stop myself looking your way. Let's grab coffee/food sometime?

When: Saturday, August, 27 2016

Where: Clough Club

Bearded Brewery Creek Babe

My two friends and I were so stunned by the variety of beers and the babes working there. You saw the confusion on our faces (I said "confusion looks good on us") and came to our aid multiple times. When we got distracted by pretty labels, you guided us towards the sour (beer) land. We think your name is Brendan, and I was the one with braids and cracking all the jokes. If you have a girlfriend, forget about it. If not, lets hang. Sprinkle me with some beer knowledge.

When: Friday, August, 26 2016

Where: Brewery Creek Liquor store

Tap Shack on Thursday

I was with work people, you were with what seemed like another couple. We certainly noticed each other but I never took the opportunity to ask you for a drink. Let's hope like minded people prevail.

When: Thursday, August, 25 2016

Where: Tap Shack - Coal Harbour

Subway guy

I was having lunch with coworkers at Joey on Burrard and Robson and as we were finishing up saw you through the window in line at the Subway next door. We made eye contact a few times and I'm not positive but felt like there was a mutual interest...not the best time to try and pursue it but if you see this and were interested, feel free to reach out. Either way, you're looking fine!

When: Friday, August, 26 2016

Where: Burrard and Robson

Astonished at Nash

It seemed like a regular Wednesday at Nash Morgan Crossing. You wore a blue top and dark pants. Long dark hair. You were stretching by one of the resistance machines near the kettle bells. I was on the Rogue rack by the window, doing my usual odd routine. You smiled, waved and left. I was literally paralyzed with surprise (that sort of casual friendly NEVER happens to me). I looked around (somebody else behind me?), but I was the only person in that space. I think I remember helping you with a barbell sleeve one time (?). Sorry I froze, but thank you for making my day, and my week. Maybe longer. You're amazing.

When: Wednesday, August, 24 2016

Where: Steve Nash Morgan Crossing


September 1992 in the big theatre in the Scotia tower during the VIFF. You were young and radiant maybe 30. Wearing a light coloured sweater. Red hair, could be strawberry blonde, fair complexion, some freckles and jeans. You were eating a nicely organized lunch from plastic containers, obviously a seasoned vet of the film fest. I was 2 seats to your right. Before our film screened, the manager announced that those staying for the next film in that theatre should put up their hands so an usher could take tickets. The title of that film was flamingly gay. You slowly looked up from your food and scanned the theatre. You said in a stage whisper, "Well, now we know who's who." Then you went back to your food, the lights went out and the magic began. I know now that in that instant I loved you. I kicked myself for not engaging you and losing you after the screening. I never saw you again. I went back to the VIFF every year, saw more foreign films than I can count, read far too many subtitles, laughed, cried, looked for you to no avail. I can't stop. I'll be there again this year. Help me.

When: Sunday, September, 27 1992


Steve Miller rocked, & so did we!

Sandy Dee noticed me cause I was larger than life! My EX-wife says I'm jerky, but Sandy perceived the quirky & she knows I'm a kind, generous, intelligent guy who (bonus!) is an intriguing, cuckoo-fun Dancer, baybee! (FYI Bebé said like Austin Powers, not like a creepy weirdo dude!). You seem fun, smart, open-minded*(*for a Catholic school-girl anyway, LOL, probably graduated not so many years ago -such a fresh, youthful smile Sandy has ;-) When I take you for lunch, brunch, cocktail, dinner w.h.y. I GUARANTEE more smiles, or I'll pay (oh I'm paying anyway, so... I haven't thot that thru, but I know YOLO you'll let me buy you a meal or two & we reminisce old times at Club Soda, Metro, the Coyote(?). Turns out thee man, Steve Milller, is 72! I bow to his amazing-ness. We ARE so young, it turns out :^)

When: Wednesday, August, 24 2016

Where: PNE amphitheater

Long white hair, tall and lean, shirtless

You were walking on the other side of the street, and I was turning right in my car. Wish I could have spoken to you. Still would like to. Not too many casually healthy-looking people ambling along with ease at our age. You caught my attention, and few do.

When: Saturday, August, 20 2016

Where: New West, 7th Avenue just north of 6th Street

Beautiful blonde in all white on main st.

You looked amazing in all white as you seemingly bumped into your friend and stopped to have a chat. I too was standing on the corner chatting with a friend I had just met up with. We met eyes more than a few times as I struggled to pay attention to the conversation I was having. I overheard your friend say your name so if you'd like to randomly bump into me this time send me a message:)

When: Wednesday, August, 24 2016

Where: Main and 10th

Departure Bay

Sorry it's come to this (I am apologizing to myself for posting an I Saw You, because I think this is the domain of cowards - no offense, everyone) We spoke on the ferry one recent Saturday afternoon. You: N. and hot as hell, traveling light. A true gentleman for saying hello and striking up conversation in this, a cold world of indifference where no one says hello anymore. Unfortunately, I rambled on about gambling and beach-lounging, topics that might make me seem as if I take no stock in serious things. Yes, I did have a bag of books. You liked my shoes. They are common-enough shoes, but I am glad they brought you happiness. I would have been a lot more pleasant but when you said hello I had been separated for only a week or so. I have no game yet. The world is still a huge and terrifying place full of strangers I don't feel equipped to make successful small-talk with. You made me smile. That hasn't happened lately. I hope life is good for you on the mainland. Happy trails, stranger.

When: Saturday, August, 13 2016

Where: BC Ferries

Irish guy needing directions

You stopped your bike to ask me for directions to Clark, I had a stroller and a dog, pretty hard to miss. I wished we had chatted longer. Drinks? (P.s. They aren't mine, I'm a child minder.)

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Knight and Kingsway

Mysteries Pretty Blonde at Burrard & Nelson

You were out for a walk this morning around 10:30. I was in my car at a red light as you crossed the street. As you walked by me I definitely noticed you peak at me from the corner of your eye. Pretty difficult for me to be able to talk to you in that situation, but I am definitely curious and would be interested to talk to you. You're beautiful. You were wearing shorts and a t-shirt. If you come across this shoot me an email :)

When: Wednesday, August, 24 2016

Where: Burrard & Nelson. Downtown

Burrard Station Tues 10.30pm - A cheeky wave

It started at Burrard station, me heading home from meeting friends - green cap backwards and nose pierced. You, good looking, long dark hair, denim jacket and mischievous look. We both kind of lingered near each other. Sat opposite each other on the skytrain and I left the seat open next to me when we transferred at Commercial. You didn't take it but I'm hoping you wanted to. I got off at Sperling/Burnaby Lake and we made eye contact. You waved with a cheeky smile as the train pulled away and I swore. On the off chance that you read this, coffee?

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Burrard Skytrain Station

Sausage Party....

you do not strike me as the type of person that would read these things, and to be honest neither am i, but what have i got to lose...i saw you tonight at the movie theatre and i was sitting in front of you. if i'm not mistaken you were wearing a white striped shirt, black shorts and nikes. i've got blonde hair and i was with my guy friend. i doubt you'll ever read this, but i thought you were really attractive and i would have loved to grab your number or something but i had no liquid courage in me. in the unlikely event that you are reading this, gimme a shout :)

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Park & Tilford

Ramenman West End

You were looking for a table at Ramenman, and smiled. I sat outside, sorry I did not invite you to join me. You were with a friend. I liked how seriously you discussed your ramen with the staff, and your smile. Let's have ramen together?

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Vancouver

You, me and Wreck

Wreck Beach. Me: nude, curvy, tattooed caucasian woman with bleached hair. You: nude, caucasian man with brown hair and an amazing smile. I was comfortably set up, solo, on the sand in front of you with me multicolour umbrella. We exchanged some smiles and words, you asked me how the water was! As you left you walked by me telling me you were on the hunt for shadier space before you got burnt... i'm usually super gutsy and would have made a comment about perhaps seeing you again? But I left it up to chance... wreck beach season isn't over! Contact me if you want to find some shade together :)

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Wreck beach - near the bathrooms



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