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E.g., Apr 23 2015

Cute Long Hazel Haired Asian Girl In a Blue Flowered Dress

I saw you on the bus across Lions Gate Into the city. There was a black man standing next to you so I had no chance to make a move then when he sat down I stood next to you, but then I didn't say anything. It was raining and you were wearing this pretty blue flowered dress and beige sweater and you were playing with your hair, I definitely should have said something! You were beautiful with your long hazel hair, and I was just standing there 6'4"with my black hoodie with the hood up looking your general direction. I would love to get to know you, I hope you get this, or I see you on the bus again as it the route I take to get to downtown.

When: Tuesday, April, 21 2015

Where: Bus across Lions Gate. (I forget the number)

surrey central bus loop

We been taking the bus together for two years. Your very attractive and I'd really like to get to know you, but quite frankly, i'm a little intimidated by you. You: tall, Asian, shoulder length black hair, you curled it back in February and it looked really nice. Me: about your height, caucasian, sometimes a beard. Usually wearing a hat, and reading or listening to music. I used to smoke. I seen you read the straight, so hopefully you'll see this. If you do, and are a little interested, come say hi, im not so shy if a girl breaks the ice first.

When: Wednesday, April, 01 2015

Where: sry ctrl bus loop/bus to newton exchange

25 UBC

You got on the 25 UBC bus and you were about to sit by me but I had to get unfortunate! It was a slightly awkward so I had to compose myself and look kewl beans but I was actually quite flustered by your smile. I should have just stayed put and just chatted with you. Regardless, the smile kept me going ;) Hope you had a great night!

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: 25 UBC bus at King Edward and St. Catherine's

Red hair at Granville and Broadway

I saw you crossing Broadway at Granville. Wanted to say hi, but didn't really want to disturb you waiting for your bus. I just walked by and into the cafe to grab a coffee. You have red hair, were wearing a denim jacket, I think, and sort of checkered pants (houndstooth?). I was wearing a grey sweatshirt, about 6 foot with a beard.

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: Granville and Broadway

19 bus and black sticker

As you were exiting the bus you handed me a sticker that said, "you are beautiful". You didn't say anything else, so it was unusual. But It really changed how I was feeling at that time and made me smile, thanks for that. I know I didn't say much other than thank you. I wish you knew that that was the nicest gesture I have ever experienced from a complete stranger.

When: Monday, April, 13 2015

Where: 19 bus to metrotown

Best ride to work

Bus driver, 230 Lonsdale, 7:47am on Friday from Lonsdale Quay, Apr 10. You are adorable. That is all.

When: Friday, April, 10 2015

Where: Lonsdale Quay

Umbrella sharing

We talked while sharing an umbrella while waiting for the bus. I should've asked your name!

When: Friday, April, 10 2015

Where: Lougheed bus loop

cute thumbelina from denman mall

You are cute latino looking thumbelina about 5ft4in tall in earlier 20's with dark eyes and hair :) ... I'm a 5ft 10in white blond skinny guy. Every time I see you I want to start a chat but its always busy and I don't want people in the lineup behind me wait on me talkin to you... I remember once u wondered how small were the apples I got. I wasn't able to reply anything as my english sucks. I wish we had some time to talk in private, like coffee shop..

When: Monday, April, 06 2015

Where: denman mall

Waiting for the Bus at Granville and 12th

You: waiting for the bus on Granville at 6:45pm outside of the Stanley Theatre. Brown hair, wearing a long beige coat, dressed up for something fancy or perhaps just looking as lovely as ever. Me: blue rain jacket clad biker (w/o a helmet...) racing down Granville, late for dinner. Shall I race back for coffee on Granville next week?

When: Monday, March, 30 2015

Where: Granville @ 12th Ave


WHERE? Taking the 209 bus from Phibbs exchange to downtown WHEN? Bus left around 8:15pm In a nutshell I(lanky looking with blue jeans, brown adidas nestors, black windbreaker with hood up because I was grumpy ) was sitting at the very back of the bus facing the front and then out of nowhere you(this Daria-esque girl but with lighter hair) came on to the bus at Phibbs and sat in a seat looking out towards the back window where I was sitting. You had black specs, light-ish brown hair, were wearing a green jacket, grey tights, had a light brown-ish bag and I think you had blue gum boots on too. We were both listening to our ipods and you looked sleepy but pretty into whatever you were listening to. Anyway, I was gonna ask what you were listening to but you hopped off the bus before I had a chance and then disappeared forever. What were you listening to anyway? I need to know! Oh also, I believe you hopped off the bus inbetween Richards and Seymour. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU WERE LISTENING TO!!

When: Sunday, March, 29 2015

Where: 209 bus from Phibbs to downtown

Such natural beauty.

You (gorgeous, long and wavy brunette with very little (no?) makeup) approached the bus stop on Cambie and were going to stand next to me but quickly you decided to sit and share the bench with me. As you approached I glanced up at your beautiful smiling face looking my way and I just froze. I'm such a shy person when I witness someone like you; I just don't have any words. It's those times that I'd love to be able to gaze into your eyes and be still and present in a shared moment of silent beauty. I'm glad this site has this column because I'd jump at chance to meet you for coffee/tea. Fingers crossed in Vancouver.

When: Friday, March, 27 2015

Where: Bus stop on Cambie St. & W 7th Ave

Doing your lil turn on the Greyhound 'Catwalk'!!

I saw this beautiful woman walking off the Greyhound bus looking stunning &confidant, on a mission, with mezmorising eyes, like she belonged on a Catwalk. She had a one way ticket in her hand....returning home to the love of her life....ME!! I loved you then and I love you even more now~everyday~every minute~every second!! You are my heart and soul for life BABY!!

When: Thursday, March, 19 2015

Where: Vancouver Greyhound Station

230 upper Lonsdale bus

I got on the bus at the 15th street stop, we made eye contact and I got lost in your eyes for a moment. I was too nervous to talk to you so I sat down in the seat in front of you next to the back door of the bus. Me: black leather jacket with a red strip across the chest and down the arms with a black plaid shirt and a black and grey toque. You: where wearing a black shirt, black leggings and a black jacket. You had deep dark eyes anymore could get lost in and light brown hair. You got off two stops later at 19th street and glanced back at me after you got off the bus.

When: Saturday, March, 14 2015

Where: 230 bus North Vancouver

#16 Bus caught eyes and smiles

I was in a lime green waste length coat sitting at the front (where seniors normally sit) of #16 Arbutus bus heading downtown from Granville/Broadway stop. You were sitting diagonally from me on the left hand side of the bus, 2nd row. Our eyes met, we held the gaze, we shared a smile, you acknowledged me with a nod and I smiled again. I wanted to tell you that you are so handsome. You made my day with your dashing no-hair professional look and that smile made me smile all day. Then you got off at W. Georgia and Granville...I wondered what the chances are that we might meet again? Anything is possible.

When: Thursday, March, 12 2015

Where: On Bus #16 heading downtown from Granville and Broadway

Good Omens

We were both riding the #7 bus heading downtown on Wednesday morning. You were reading Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman. I'd never heard of it but love both those authors so requested from the library then & there. This morning Terry Pratchett died and it made me think of you.

When: Wednesday, March, 11 2015

Where: #7 bus

Lynn Valley Adventurer!

You: white fluffy dog, "What happens in the bush stays in the bush" T-shirt. Me: Rottie x, pants rolled up like a goof ball, mohawk. I told you I liked your shirt. I would like to find out what these mysterious bush adventures are!

When: Saturday, March, 07 2015

Where: Lynn Valley Park

Clark and Broadway

You asked me how my night was going and I told you how my drunk friend passed out somewhere. I think it was around 10 or 11 at the 9 stop at Clark and Broadway. You were wearing a toque, I think a green long sleeved shirt and you have a well grown moustache. I wish we could have talked more but I saw my friends on the bus, Hope you see this and we can get to know each other?

When: Friday, March, 06 2015

Where: 9 bus stop at Clark and Broadway

Asian girl at the bus depot!

You were an Asian girl waiting for someone from the Bolt Bus. I was wearing a bright orange hoodie, standing inside the bus depot when you suddenly approached me to ask when the Bolt bus was coming in. I was stunned by how pretty you were! I can't stop thinking about you. Let's go grab a drink!

When: Tuesday, March, 03 2015

Where: Pacific Central Station (Bus Station)

Lost in your cuteness

I was with my dad at Deer Garden on Fraser Street. I am half Asian, short black hair wearing beige pants and a black t-shirt. You are Chinese (Cantonese) and you were with your mom, wearing black leggings, a light grey t-shirt and a light sweater. You didn't seem to be in that good of a mood. We made eye contact several times in the waiting area, and as we sat at tables beside each other. you were doodling, and ate with your left hand. I noticed you left a napkin with something written on it, but could not make it out, as I noticed it just as the bus-girl used it to wipe the table. I would love to make contact with you and perhaps get to know you better over coffee??

When: Tuesday, March, 03 2015

Where: Deer Garden on Fraser Street

Too many groceries

We met at the 99 bus stop at MacDonald, you had a bunch of groceries and a skateboard, I had a red bandana in my hair, and was wearing a leather vest. We talked about my home town (Aberdeen), skateboarding, and you mentioned your in a talent show tomorrow night. You seemed pretty cool and I'm kicking myself for not asking if you wanted to hang out..

When: Sunday, March, 01 2015

Where: MacDonald and Briadway

Mrs. Dalloway

It's none of my business, but I'm always drawn to what people read and you were reading Mrs. Dalloway. I was sitting across from you, it was hard not to look, we caught eyes a couple times, but its an difficult way to meet. You are the strikingly beautiful and there was something hauntingly sweet about you I imagined, and I wondered... Anyway, you will probably never see this. But hey, thanks.

When: Thursday, February, 26 2015

Where: 99 Bus

Walking/talking and missed you and your cute dog!

Today I decided to wear my heels and forgot my wallet so headed back home. I decided to handle business so I was on the phone gabbing while you passed me with your chocolate lab.? All kinds of cute. We didn't make eye contact but if I could press replay, I'd be off the phone, actually say hi and take a chance, to meet you. You were wearing black, had a bit of a beard or scruff and I was in black jeans, and you can let me know the color of my jacket if you get this..

When: Wednesday, February, 11 2015

Where: Oak and W 11th Ave

Victoria to Vancouver Ferry, 5 PM sailing - Sunday Feb 8th

You sat down beside me in the Swartz Bay ferry terminal, apologized for brushing against me and flashed the most incredibly charming smile. You have long dark hair and were dressed all in black. We were also both near the back of the 620 bus from Tsawassen to the Canada Line, but when our eyes met I felt uncomfortable for some reason and looked away. I think that you are stunningly beautiful and I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since.

When: Sunday, February, 08 2015

Where: Swartz Bay / Tsawassen

22 Knight bus around 10:45pm

As soon as I got on the bus, I noticed you. A cute guy in all black with a black toque. I was scoping for a seat I looked back at you and you appeared to be holding back a smile. I'm not sure if I caused this or you just had a funny thought. You looked back at me a few times during the ride, and when I got off I was too shy and tired to look at you and flash you a smile. I should have.

When: Friday, February, 06 2015

Where: 22 Knight bus

Shaminder / Shoppers

You work days at a drugstore in Kerrisdale. You are in your 20s, pretty, with beautiful big eyes and a serious and sexy demeanour. My schedule only rarely allows me to pop in when you're in the store, but I'm always excited to get a glimpse of you when I can. I try to make eyes at you but you're all business!! I would like to offer to take you for lunch during your break at one of our neighbourhood's fine eateries - I would love to get to know you because you have such a beautiful way about you!

When: Thursday, February, 05 2015

Where: West Side