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E.g., Jun 22 2015

white tshirt with black short sleeves, tall guy near park royal

If you were offended by a random stranger giving you a salty look while walking by at a bus stop, I didn't mean to!! I am sure you didn't think much of it but if you were, I am sorry. I wasn't trying to be rude. It was a failed attempt at making an eye contact with you, and basically me being a loser ha. You are gorgeous and have a great long weekend!

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015


Handsome Postman

You came to visit me in uniform at my favourite coffee shop even though it was off your route. Then you walked me to the bus stop. Now every time I see a postman or a post vehicle I smile and wonder if it's you. I'll receive a package from you any time.

When: Wednesday, May, 06 2015

Where: main and broadway

50 Bus leasving Granville Island and later @ Cactus Club (Bentall)

Hi- We spoke about buying tickets to the bus, rode the bus together then walked from W Georgia to the corner of Burrard together - later we saw each other again leaving the Cactus Club (Bentall) - you mentioned a coffee - I would love to meet for a coffee - maybe this weekend as I return to Brasil on Tuesday

When: Tuesday, May, 12 2015

Where: 50 bus stop - Granville Island

Boarding the 6 on Davie/Bidwell

I told you how pretty you were this morning... wish I'd asked your phone but you were already boarding the bus... coffee ?

When: Monday, May, 11 2015

Where: Davie Street/Alexandria-Pommes

You offered me your seat

We both got on the 44 downtown leaving UBC Loop. I walked to the back of the bus but couldn't get a seat so I stood. I was wearing a navy shirt, jeans and grey flats. I have golden brownish hair and blue eyes. We exchanged glances and you offered me your seat (you were sitting in the accordion part of the bus wearing a navy sweater, a collared shirt and glasses). I politely declined (mostly because I didn't want to take your seat and was a little embarrassed). Anyway...I thought the gesture was incredibly sweet and I find myself very curious about you. Do you want to meet for coffee?

When: Monday, May, 04 2015

Where: 44 Bus Downtown

Gorgeous Lady on the bus

We both got on the 50 bus at Granville Island and stood next to each other. You wore a white top and you have beautiful eyes. We smiled at each other then you left the bus on West Georgia with a couple of friends of yours. Hope to hear from you...

When: Friday, May, 08 2015

Where: 50 Bus to Waterfront

Cheeky painter

I noticed you around Cambie on the 99 Tuesday afternoon. You gave me the best, most cheeky smile ever. I couldn't take my eyes off you or keep your gaze. I can't believe you got away! I thought I was going to have the opportunity to talk with you when we got off the bus but there was too much going on. I'm really hoping to run into you again...

When: Tuesday, May, 05 2015

Where: 99 bus, main street

Very tall pretty blonde girl on expo skytrain from king george to waterfront

Im 6 foot 4 and its very rare to see a girl thats my height You were a very tall about 6 foot 3 girl, with blonde hair up in a bun, a jean jacket, black jeans, and a backpack, you looked like you just got out of class or something. You got off at Scott Road I was sitting down across from you with my laptop, I have very short hair, a blue jacket, and a button up on. We caught each others glances a few times as I was sort of creeping on you haha. I wanted to go up and talk to you but I figured starting up conversation on a busy train was a bit weird an awkward, I'm regretting it now. You were stunning, contact me, maybe you'd lke to get to know a guy who isn't shorter than you for once? haha

When: Wednesday, May, 06 2015

Where: Expo line skytrain from king george to waterfront

John the Musician + Judas Priest Fan

A man had been following me for several stops... I reached out to you in the line up for help and you intervened without hesitation. You protected me, kept me safe and rode the bus past your own stop to make sure I made it to my stop safely. You walked away saying if I ever needed help, that I could find you at that same stop around the same time and I've been looking for you ever since... I've shared our story and have drivers and passengers keeping their eyes open for you too but I seem to be missing you every time... I want to share with you how amazing you are and how grateful I am to you for being so willing to help me... for being such a gentleman. You're a beautiful soul and I would like to see you again... AND I cannot believe I didn't ask you for your number or give you my card! Woman?! haha I had just taught a meditation class and was a bit shook up from being followed... I also trusted I would see you again... Trying every angle to find you. Hoping you read the Georgia Straight! Warmest hugs, ~Michelina

When: Wednesday, April, 08 2015

Where: Surrey Central Station | Bus Stop #61035 | Bus #502 Langley Centre | Time: 8:30pm

I startled you aruound 8pm as you were heading to work

Me, short female, dirtyblonde. You, tall dapper fellow with your JJbean coffee. I was having a heated argument, and stopped you to demand your opinion on the definition of verbal abuse. You cleared some things up, then declared "I have to go to work now!" and bid a hasty retreat. I just wanted to say thanks, and I'll buy your next coffee if you see this!

When: Wednesday, May, 06 2015

Where: Commercial and 6th

Beauty in black

You were waiting for the 17 bus at Broadway and Cambie around noon. You were wearing faded black jeans and black North Face jacket. You got up at one point to talk on your phone to someone about the hail (I wasn't listening, I promise). I was the guy with his gym bag and groceries. When you got off the bus at 12th and Oak, I wished I had worked up the nerve to say hello. Can we meet up some time so I can say hi and buy you a coffee or a whole meal of food?

When: Tuesday, May, 05 2015

Where: Broadway and Cambie

#99 Monday evening

We got on the bus at the same stop. Traded smiling glances back and forth until MacDonald, where we both exited. You had headphones in. I should have said hello. I was wearing a black jacket, glasses, and have dark wavy hair. After getting off the bus, I got a call from a friend. I was standing across the street from the apartment building you walked into and looked up to see you (?) painting a red wall (?) Tell me the stop where we boarded the bus, and the name of the coffee shop attached to your building, so I know it's you! Maybe we can ride the bus again, but sitting together this time?!

When: Monday, May, 04 2015

Where: b-line, going West

Pacific Cinematheque

You were the attractive red-head sitting alone in the theatre. I was the gentleman with white beard and glasses sitting by myself in the row ahead of you. We watched the Russian movie Alexander Nevsky. During intermission, we chatted briefly as I was looking for something on the floor. During the 2nd feature, The Elephant Man, I sat elsewhere with some friends, but afterwards you and I crossed paths at a Translink bus stop and I waved (and you waved back) after you took a seat on your bus. How about coffee sometime?

When: Sunday, April, 26 2015

Where: Pacific Cinematheque Theatre, Howe Street, Vancouver

Mosquito Attack in Eastvan

You and I smiled at each other on the 20 bus on Sunday evening. As we got off we had to make our way through a bunch of Mosquitos. Coffee? I was the guy wearing a cariboo black hoodie. You in jeans with curly hair

When: Saturday, April, 25 2015

Where: 20 Victoria Bus

lovely server at portland craft

You were our lovely server, you said you are new to the place, and I had you bring me a beer based on your suggestion. I am a guy with a beard (not unusual in this city) I surely felt attracted to you and perhaps you felt the same. You said drinking budweiser was more your style. I get the sense that servers get hit on by drunk patrons a fair bit and based on this was a little hesitant to engage in conversation, you are busy working. If you are into getting a low brow beer at a low key place, message me, I would be pleased.

When: Saturday, April, 25 2015

Where: portland craft

Cute Long Hazel Haired Asian Girl In a Blue Flowered Dress

I saw you on the bus across Lions Gate Into the city. There was a black man standing next to you so I had no chance to make a move then when he sat down I stood next to you, but then I didn't say anything. It was raining and you were wearing this pretty blue flowered dress and beige sweater and you were playing with your hair, I definitely should have said something! You were beautiful with your long hazel hair, and I was just standing there 6'4"with my black hoodie with the hood up looking your general direction. I would love to get to know you, I hope you get this, or I see you on the bus again as it the route I take to get to downtown.

When: Tuesday, April, 21 2015

Where: Bus across Lions Gate. (I forget the number)

surrey central bus loop

We been taking the bus together for two years. Your very attractive and I'd really like to get to know you, but quite frankly, I'm a little intimidated by you. You: tall, Asian, shoulder length black hair, you curled it back in February and it looked really nice. Me: about your height, caucasian, sometimes a beard. Usually wearing a hat, and reading or listening to music. I used to smoke. I've seen you read the straight, so hopefully you'll see this. If you do, and are a little interested, come say hi, I'm not so shy if a girl breaks the ice first.

When: Wednesday, April, 01 2015

Where: sry ctrl bus loop/bus to newton exchange

25 UBC

You got on the 25 UBC bus and you were about to sit by me but I had to get unfortunate! It was a slightly awkward so I had to compose myself and look kewl beans but I was actually quite flustered by your smile. I should have just stayed put and just chatted with you. Regardless, the smile kept me going ;) Hope you had a great night!

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: 25 UBC bus at King Edward and St. Catherine's

Red hair at Granville and Broadway

I saw you crossing Broadway at Granville. Wanted to say hi, but didn't really want to disturb you waiting for your bus. I just walked by and into the cafe to grab a coffee. You have red hair, were wearing a denim jacket, I think, and sort of checkered pants (houndstooth?). I was wearing a grey sweatshirt, about 6 foot with a beard.

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: Granville and Broadway

19 bus and black sticker

As you were exiting the bus you handed me a sticker that said, "you are beautiful". You didn't say anything else, so it was unusual. But It really changed how I was feeling at that time and made me smile, thanks for that. I know I didn't say much other than thank you. I wish you knew that that was the nicest gesture I have ever experienced from a complete stranger.

When: Monday, April, 13 2015

Where: 19 bus to metrotown

Best ride to work

Bus driver, 230 Lonsdale, 7:47am on Friday from Lonsdale Quay, Apr 10. You are adorable. That is all.

When: Friday, April, 10 2015

Where: Lonsdale Quay

Umbrella sharing

We talked while sharing an umbrella while waiting for the bus. I should've asked your name!

When: Friday, April, 10 2015

Where: Lougheed bus loop

cute thumbelina from denman mall

You are cute latino looking thumbelina about 5ft4in tall in earlier 20's with dark eyes and hair :) ... I'm a 5ft 10in white blond skinny guy. Every time I see you I want to start a chat but its always busy and I don't want people in the lineup behind me wait on me talkin to you... I remember once u wondered how small were the apples I got. I wasn't able to reply anything as my english sucks. I wish we had some time to talk in private, like coffee shop..

When: Monday, April, 06 2015

Where: denman mall

Waiting for the Bus at Granville and 12th

You: waiting for the bus on Granville at 6:45pm outside of the Stanley Theatre. Brown hair, wearing a long beige coat, dressed up for something fancy or perhaps just looking as lovely as ever. Me: blue rain jacket clad biker (w/o a helmet...) racing down Granville, late for dinner. Shall I race back for coffee on Granville next week?

When: Monday, March, 30 2015

Where: Granville @ 12th Ave


WHERE? Taking the 209 bus from Phibbs exchange to downtown WHEN? Bus left around 8:15pm In a nutshell I(lanky looking with blue jeans, brown adidas nestors, black windbreaker with hood up because I was grumpy ) was sitting at the very back of the bus facing the front and then out of nowhere you(this Daria-esque girl but with lighter hair) came on to the bus at Phibbs and sat in a seat looking out towards the back window where I was sitting. You had black specs, light-ish brown hair, were wearing a green jacket, grey tights, had a light brown-ish bag and I think you had blue gum boots on too. We were both listening to our ipods and you looked sleepy but pretty into whatever you were listening to. Anyway, I was gonna ask what you were listening to but you hopped off the bus before I had a chance and then disappeared forever. What were you listening to anyway? I need to know! Oh also, I believe you hopped off the bus inbetween Richards and Seymour. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU WERE LISTENING TO!!

When: Sunday, March, 29 2015

Where: 209 bus from Phibbs to downtown


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