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E.g., Feb 10 2016

Crossword Cutie

You sat in the middle of the bus working on a book of crossword puzzles. I was the handsome (or so I'd like to think) Asian guy who kept blatantly stealing glances at you. I think you're really pretty and I wanted to say hi and ask about your puzzle, but that'd be creepy, right? Posting an anonymous I Saw You is totally less creepy/weird/desperate. Anywho, if you ever get stuck on a crossword, I'm pretty good with the movie stuff!

When: Saturday, February, 06 2016

Where: 99 bus

Driving the 402 Bus

I was a little lost and trying to get back to Richmond centre. I hopped on your bus and we had a chat about how much Compass gates and Ikea artwork sucks. I was on my way to an friend's gallery show and I regret not getting your number. Meet up and keep talking?

When: Friday, January, 15 2016

Where: 402 Bus to Brighouse Stn

Just around the corner - Cambie & Bdwy on the #17

You came on the bus @ Cambie & 7th, I left at the next stop. In the time in between we exchanged quite a few glances - you have a great goatee, amazing clear eyes & were wearing a black toque & black ski jacket, carrying 2 bags (& tapping your right hand a bit). Me - long black wool coat, short salt & pepper hair & black framed glasses. Felt some electricity each time I was brave enough to look into your eyes and smiled shyly at you as I left the bus. If you felt something too - how about a longer bus ride together soon to get acquainted more?

When: Monday, February, 01 2016

Where: #17 bus

Rachel Commodore Bartender

You have served me the last few times I have been at the Commodore for shows a few of which we talked about. Most recently Fri night during Corb Lund. Wanted to ask you then but didn't want to disrupt your work, plus it was crazy busy. If by chance you see this and would like to hang out sometime or chat first, hopefully you will respond. I was guy with the long hair blue and black striped shirt

When: Friday, January, 29 2016

Where: The Commodore Ballroom

I was bumbling on my phone after I saw your eyes

You were waiting for the bus ahead of me in line. I looked up from my phone and I was awe struck by your beautiful light eyes. We got on the #10 bus. You were very a beautiful brunette with excellent fashion sense. You were wearing a black jacket and black boots with a white bag. Me: 6" dark hair and a blue plaid snowboard jacket and white shoes. Drink or coffee or nosh?

When: Thursday, January, 28 2016

Where: Waiting for the bus at granville and broadway


I saw you in the bus # 3 on Monday, we had an acquaintance and cannot get you off my head... I found you really beautiful... you were wearing a long black coat with denim and white shoe. We stared each other back and forth and you got off the same bus stop I did. Sorry I didn't had the guts to talk to you but after I missed that day talking to you I am really sad that I should have at least made the move and asked for your contact info. I was wearing black boots, blue jacket and a hat. I am dark skin, 5'8 tall and with some black facial hair... if you reading this then I believe it is meant to be... Looking to hear from you my soul angel. Peace Love XOXO

When: Monday, January, 25 2016



Yo dude. You kept catching me staring at you on the bus and then I ran into you at that pho place on main and 30th??? We said hello BUT YOU STARED INTO MY SOUL?? I felt like I was in a rom-com can't wait to run into you again HAHA! P.S. I was wearing a spacesuit and a fur coat.

When: Sunday, January, 17 2016

Where: 3 marine drive, pho

Sassy Brunette

This is probably more of a confession - I haven't posted here in a long while; life just gets busy. We're neighbours in the same building. I live on the 11th; I think you're the on 15th. I admit to having a bit of crush on you - you've got that easy smile and (I feel) a bubbly personality underneath. We took the elevator up together this evening - you held the door open for me to get my laundry baskets on and off the elevator. Every time I run into you I get the feeling that there's some attraction - hard to define, since I sense that we're both very good at schooling our emotions. Now why didn't I ask you out? Well, I'm pretty sure that you have a boyfriend already. But I still think that I would like to know you. Who knows? Maybe you would like to know me too.

When: Monday, January, 18 2016

Where: Tower Elevator

You had me at man bun..

I know this is a long shot..but I saw you on the 5:45 seabus headed downtown from the quay last Wednesday evening. You were tall, handsome, wearing a suit, and had your hair pulled back. I sat one row ahead of you, but I wish I would have said something. When we got off the seabus, you headed to the sky train and I was headed downtown. I missed my chance. Taking a risk you may read this.

When: Wednesday, January, 13 2016

Where: Seabus

BC Ferries/Canada Line

We were both on the last ferry from Victoria back to Tsawwassen and met in the lineup for the bus. We joked about getting a cab downtown instead of waiting in the cold weather. You were off to Coquitlam and not sure you would make your connection. I had the long brown, curly hair and Cowichan sweather. You had straight dark hair and good style. When we were running to catch the Canada Line in Richmond I just barely got on the train and saw the door slam behind me with you on the other side... I wish we could have chatted more.

When: Sunday, January, 17 2016


No Frills Grocery encounter

We were standing in line at No Frills, we talked for a little whilst bagging our groceries. You said you were going to UBC for psychology. I completely blanked when we got outside, as you were taking a different bus than me. I saw you standing on the other side of the street waiting for your bus and was too nervous to go over and ask for your number. I'd love to get coffee with you.

When: Saturday, January, 16 2016

Where: No Frills

Wreck Beach Trail-Saturday-Jan.2nd

Slim, energetic woman with intriguing bush hat doing the stairs. We chatted at the top then you were off down the stairs again before we could exchange numbers. I am tall with curly blond hair - love to connect.

When: Saturday, January, 02 2016

Where: Wreck Beach Trail

Commercial and Hastings

You wearing all black standing at the 135 buss stop at Hastings and commercial. You won't read this but wow did you ever look good!

When: Wednesday, January, 13 2016

Where: Commercial Drive

Flower Power on the 169

We got on the 169 bus at Braid station and you sat with your back to me. You had a cup of flowers in your hands. When I stood by the door, waiting to get off at Schoolhouse, we shared a brief smile. You tapped me on the shoulder as I was about to leave and handed me a flower. It was the sweetest gesture I've received in a long time. You really made my day. I wish I had turned around and rode the rest of the route with you.

When: Saturday, January, 09 2016

Where: 169 Bus, Braid to Schoolhouse

Bearded man, #19 bus, 1:30am

You got on at the same stop as me, Abbott and West Hastings. I got off at 16th and Fraser, before you. I think you were slightly tipsy. You had a beard, and had on a jeans jacket, and a bandana around your neck. We made eye contact briefly and I almost said something when you were standing next to me at the front of the bus, and kicked myself when I got off for not saying anything. I really liked you.

When: Wednesday, December, 30 2015

Where: #19 bus

Bad day until we got on the 14 UBC

I was having a pretty crummy day until this point. I know I should be grateful to have worked all night into the morning last night, and again tonight, but I guess I just wanted to stay home. But if I didn't put one foot in front of the next I wouldn't have seen you! We were both about to get on the 014 UBC bus at Granville station same timesies but I smiled and motioned for you to go ahead. You smiled back and it lasted all of half a second, but it felt like we did some kind of handshake with our eyes that lasted much longer. I can't explain why or how it made me feel like a million bucks, but it did, and instantly I forgot why coming to work was such a bummer. You had short black hair, cute black glasses, a grey scarf and dark blue pants. I had the grey sweater, earbuds, and tired look in my eyes standing at the back door as I got off a few stops later. But I'd be remiss if I didn't say I didn't check you out a couple times before I got off the bus =3 What are the chances of you being single AND reading this?

When: Sunday, December, 27 2015

Where: 014 UBC bus, boarding at Granville Station

B-line Karma

You helped an elderly woman get on the bus at the hospital Monday evening, pretty awesome. Major karma for the holidays. Atta boy, maybe we'll run into each other on a slower bus next time.

When: Monday, December, 21 2015

Where: 99 BLine Broadway to Arbutus

Cashier at save on foods

You were at the self checkout cleaning the machines.You are around 5'4 with fair skin, beautiful lips,black hair and I think you're very pretty. I am a 5'6 Latino guy I was wearing a black coat and black pants. I have short black hair and we made eye contact, you smiled and I smiled back. I haven't had the courage to ask you out especially since you're busy working, but that's not the first time I have seen you. We have actually had a few encounters where we had some small talk here and there for the last 2 months now. What I've wanted to ask you now for the longest time is if you wanted to grab some coffee? because honestly I really want to get to know you more.

When: Saturday, December, 19 2015

Where: Save on foods Highgate mall

Trinity Street Xmas lights, blonde, elf pic

Trinity street Christmas lights! Blonde girl with large group on the trolley bus. We locked the elf pic. I was with a friend and her family. No description needed... if you see this, you'll know who I am.

When: Friday, December, 18 2015

Where: Vancouver

19 Bus, light rain and laugh but the conversation was too brief

You hopped on the 19 Bus at Central Station, we exchanged a nice glance in the aisle before you took your seat. Exiting at Stanley Park you looked over smiled and laughed. I complemented you on your floral leggings. We chatted briefly, walk alongside each other before I crossed the street. Looking back to the corner I saw you looking over. Wishing we chatted more. This endless rain is a good excuse for a coffee.

When: Tuesday, December, 08 2015

Where: 19 Bus at Stanley Park

Bus Number 4 Monday 12/7

I hopped on the bus just before the Granville Street bridge on West 4th. You were wearing a cute yellow scarf and I a black toque. You kept looking at me and smiling from your seat just next to the back stairs, and I wish I had smiled back at you and started up a conversation. Instead I sat down in front of you but missed my chance when you jumped off around the Granville Sky Train... A beverage sometime?

When: Monday, December, 07 2015

Where: West 4th and Granville Street

99 B line

We were getting on the bus and you asked some guy to move up a little, he started abusing you, I told him to mind his manners. We started talking, got on the skytrain together, and I got off at Nanaimo without your number..

When: Tuesday, November, 17 2015

Where: Granville/Broadway stop

B & B Contracting guy

Saw you on the 22 bus around 1:45pm today. You were wearing a B & B Contracting sweater and had nice blue eyes. I have shoulder length brown hair and was wearing a royal blue shirt and grey skirt. You smiled when I got on the bus at Broadway and we kept looking over at each other, smiling. You made my day! I got off at Cornwall & Balsam, but maybe I'll see you again?

When: Monday, November, 30 2015

Where: 22 Bus, Broadway-Kits Beach

Skytrain traveling into downtown

I got on at Joyce and you were standing on the other side of the train next to the doors. I noticed you right away as you noticed me too... We tried not to stare at the other but we busted each other a few times. I was wearing brown RayBans with a black jacket facing your direction. You are a caucassion brunette with curled hair, were wearing all black and you got off the train at Stadium. Can I take you out for a drink?

When: Tuesday, November, 24 2015

Where: Skytrain westbound Joyce/Stadium

You were walking your dog this morning in Grays park.

Hello! You have an adorable black dog and I stopped you to say hello to it. You have a fantastic smile and it was a really great way to start my morning. I would've chatted you up but I was in a rush to catch my bus. I saw you look back! I would totally go out for coffee with you. Are you single?

When: Monday, November, 23 2015



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