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E.g., Aug 29 2015

#8 Downtown bus

You: Tall, dark hair, got on my bus looking a little worse for wear, but still super cute. You had one arm in a sling, and the other was pulling a large black duffel bag. Me: Tall, cute bus driver with short, brown hair We talked about your injury, your daredevilery, the power of mind over matter, and my tight hammies, among other things. Wish I hadn't stumbled on my words when you got off the bus. Perhaps we could grab a coffee sometime?

When: Thursday, August, 27 2015

Where: #8 Downtown bus @ Main St. Skytrain Stn

The Most Beautiful Black Girl Ever !!! Edmonds Station 2:30pm

We both took the same Bus today The 106 New West bus at Edmonds station at 2:30 pm You got on after me , And Sat beside me on the Bus , And You got off at the Value Village I Really wanted to tell you how Beautiful you are :) But ? I'm Way too Shy :( anyways .. You , Beautiful Tall Black Girl !!! You Looked So Sweet & So Stylish :) Me , White Guy with Bright Yellow & Blue Versace Sweater & Black Fedora Hat !!! I'm stylish Too !!! lol If you read this ...? Love to hear back from you :)

When: Wednesday, August, 26 2015

Where: Edmonds Station 106 New West bus

99 b-line to kits

I entered the back of the bus, sat down and there you were. Sitting there with your cap on - jamming to your music. I was so blown away at your eyes, as soon as I sat down - we connected them multiple times..I was wearing a grey/white tank top with blue shorts and had my skateboard in hand.. I had to take off my headphones in hope to starting a conversation with you, but it didn't follow through. After failing at getting off at the same stop as you in hope on giving you my piece of mind, my phone rang and my friend interrupted my opportunity. I'm on that rout almost everyday, next time let's make it happen!

When: Wednesday, August, 26 2015

Where: Cambie to arbutus


You are a big driver, you got HUGE arms! I rode your bus and tried to start a conversation about your route; minutes before I was fantasizing about asking for your phone number... Obviously it didn't happen but It would have been great.

When: Sunday, August, 23 2015

Where: West End - Downtown

bikes and tattoos

We both jumped on the bus with our bikes at the same stop and I sat next to you. We probably have the same length hair although yours was up and mine was down. You had a jelly fish tattoo and gloves on. I was wearing my denim jacket and a long black skirt. I make am damn fine coffee if your interested?

When: Friday, August, 21 2015

Where: 22 bus route at a Clark st stop

160 Vancouver

On Friday Aug 15th 4pm. We both waiting at the Front of the Port Coquitlam City hall waiting for the late 160 Bus to Vancouver. You Asian girl short hair wearing glass wearing a orange/black Floral dress wolfing down sushi. You look awesome!!!! I wanted to chat w/ you but You chatted w/ the old man before climbing on the bus. You sat at the front. I was glazing at you the whole time. Can't stop thinking about you. Meet-up for coffee or sushi?

When: Saturday, August, 15 2015

Where: Port Coquitlam City Hall Bus stop

We both went from the ferries to Bridgeport

We both got on the 275 express bus to Vancouver from horseshoe bay-- it was packed. You were wearing a beige sleeveless shirt with jean shorts. You were talking to some older men about something. You were reading a book, and you had your hair in a ponytail. We made eye contact a few times. I had dark hair and glasses, and I was wearing an orange t-shirt. We got off at the same stop to take the skytrain and then we both got off at Bridgeport. I was going to leave you my number but I didn't have a pen or paper. I found you to be really beautiful, and I felt like we had a non-verbal connection.

When: Monday, August, 10 2015

Where: Horseshoe bay

Hottie on Bus 025

I rarely see someone I find attractive but saw you and couldn't stop stealing glances at you. We were on the same bus and then the same skytrain. You were in a grey tee, jean shorts. Tanned skin. I was blond, Asian.

When: Saturday, August, 08 2015

Where: Bus 025

99 bus dreamy boy

I was sitting there; in my black dress, blonde hair and green eyes next to a guy with a red hat, you right across from me sitting down on the bus, brown hair, amazing muscle, your workout bag in sweatpants and a tank, jamming out hard to your music... I really wanted you to say hi or wave back, but I saw you look back instead... Do you remember me?

When: Sunday, August, 09 2015

Where: Vancouver

Total Beauty

Shoulder length black hair, red lips and docs, jeans wrapping your waist, a black top and a b/r coloured bag with an eagle. Stunned by you. Chinatown, bus-stop and ride up main, you chatted with an oldman a guy and his dog in a bag. We caught each other eyes a couple times. You are the loveliest thing I have every seen.

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015



Standing outside the Urban Winery late last night, talking with a group of friends was you, a beautiful girl with an amazing smile in a black and white stripped skirt. I caught your eye on the way in, and again for a little longer on the way out. You were busy and there wasn't really a chance to introduce myself, so I managed a simple 'hi' as I passed. Something about the encounter kept you on my mind for the rest of the night, and this morning there you were again. And now here I am looking for you.

When: Thursday, July, 23 2015


Hot Dude Reading

ATTN : HOT DUDE found reading at bus stop on Main Street. Surprised I could catch your eye the way you were studying them pages.

When: Tuesday, July, 21 2015


99 Bus beautiful stranger

You, a beautiful blonde, 25-30. You always take the 99 bus and get out at VGH stop. i see you almost everyday but never got the chance to say hi. Very polite, you always thank you to the driver. I have 2 stops to make my move, but how in a such crowded bus?

When: Friday, July, 17 2015

Where: corner of Main & Broadway

Back of the 99 B-Line

I've seen you a few times. You're blond, about 5'9", wearing black nail polish and somewhere in your 20's. Presumably, you like Bauhaus, Beavis & Butthead and long skirts, based on clothing choices. We play lookie-no-lookie when we happen to catch the same bus. I get a sense of familiarity from you, like kindred spirits. Maybe you get the same vibe?

When: Thursday, July, 16 2015

Where: Broadway B-Line

Beauty on the 97!

Me, White Hollister T-Shirt, Light brown khakis, and a black Flat bill hat. I saw you at Lougheed Mall waiting for a bus. You got on the 97 to Coquitlam with me. You were sitting right across from me and kept stealing a look with that gorgeous smile of yours. You moved right beside me when the seat was empty. I think you were trying to get my attention. I should of said Hello. I regret not speaking up. Hopefully you read this and we can go grab a coffee sometime. Would really love to get to know you!

When: Wednesday, July, 15 2015

Where: 97 Bus to Coquitlam

Polka dotted beauty

You: blue and white dotted shirt, blue jeans, brunette hair, flip flops, a tattoo on your left foot, and absolutely gorgeous. Me: tattoos, skateboard, half asleep I got on the 320 Surrey central bus around 8:30. Almost immediately, I noticed you. After we exited the bus, I noticed you again on the train platform. I tried to smile at you a few times, and turned back to get another glacé at you as I exited the train at 22nd street station. I would've loved to talk, but unfortunately I was on my way to work...

When: Wednesday, July, 15 2015

Where: Transit

Skytrain from waterfront

You: Curly dark brown hair and brown eyes, unshaven, white beats headphones, greenish shirt, converse runners. Me: longish dark brown wavy hair, green eyes, black sweater over a blue tank top, listening to earbuds. I noticed you waiting for the Seabus at Lonsdale Quay at the south doors, I was standing right behind you. You didn't sit near me but I was happy to find that you were on the same skytrain as me headed towards King George. You stood by the door and I was sitting, our eyes met a few times above the crowd. You got off at Broadway station, our eyes met again as you were leaving the train and it felt like something passed between us. If it had been less crowded maybe I would have been brave enough to say hello, but you were gone before I had the chance. I'd love to get a chance to try again

When: Saturday, July, 11 2015

Where: Skytrain from waterfront to broadway

Bus from Kits to downtown

I saw you on the bus going from Kits to downtown by Burrard bridge. I was standing close to the back doors and you were standing next to me, we were glancing at each other. I got off the bus close to Scotiabank than I saw your smile again when I was waiting on traffic lights. I wish I could see that smile again.

When: Thursday, July, 09 2015

Where: Vancouver

Sat #20

On a Saturday evening in June is when we met for the first time. I was waiting at the bus stop and you came along to wait for the #20. We talked a few times since but I haven't seen you in some time. Chance meetings? Maybe, but what if it isn't? I have been thinking of you since. I should have asked you for your number. I would like to see you again. You, petite blonde with beautiful blue eyes and long flowing locks and likes black. Me, shork black hair with handsome brown eyes. Likes black too. This is a huge city we live in and I don't have any delusion about running into you again like we did before. So, this is it. I hope I hear from you. If not, then it was a slice.

When: Saturday, June, 13 2015

Where: Vancouver


You beautiful blonde with amazing eyes. You got off the bus. I waved at you and you smiled. Lets grab a coffee, tea, or a glass of wine. My treat. I hope we can meet. Cheers.

When: Saturday, July, 04 2015

Where: On the 601

Seabus going to north van at Around 2pm on June 12th(Friday)

Few weeks ago now but I saw you on the seabus. Your back was to downtown and I was facing the city. You were in the second row from the rear window and I was in the same row facing the other way. You: absolutely beautiful, with dark hair and perfectly tanned skin, very pretty eyes, lululemon like pants, and a purplish top I think. Relatively tall as well. Me: I would have been wearing cargo shorts and had a grey backpack. About 6'1 with dark blonde hair and blue eyes, roughly shaven probably at the time and have a leg band tattoo around my right calf about 4 inches wide. We glanced at each other a few times in the seabus but never spoke. We were close together getting off the seabus and both headed towards the cab waiting area. If I stick out in your mind at all it'd be great to meet for coffee. Wish I had said something.

When: Friday, June, 12 2015

Where: Seabus to North van.

Maybe you were smiling in the mirror

You got on my bus a couple of times...8:30ish at Granville and Georgia and got off at Howe and headed south on Hornby...the first time we chatted about bad drivers, the next time we just smiled in the mirror....

When: Wednesday, June, 10 2015

Where: georgia and Granville. Davie/ Howe

You: crossing the street, me: in the Car2go

You must have been out running on the sea wall or something like that, you seemed to be so hot, sweating even, when you crossed Beach Avenue on Hornby. You were tall with dark hair and amazing eyes - mid-40's, I suspect. I was sitting there in my Car2go waiting for you to cross the street. You looked at me, then looked away...but then you looked again and smiled. I grinned back at you. If I only had my business card, I would have unrolled my window and given it to you, you beautiful man. Seeing your smile brightened my day. It would be awesome to see your smile again. Call me.

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Hornby Street at Beach

You picked your nose at me, I face palmed myself.

You got off the bus a stop before mine and you gave your name, and I didn't even have the courtesy to give you mine because I was too busy being dumb. We were on the 7 together and then you evaporated into fairy dust. I'm pretty sure you exist, so I hope you see this. Hello Shyanne (Shianne?) I'm Shy Richard.

When: Sunday, June, 28 2015

Where: Nanaimo Skytrain Station


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