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E.g., Dec 11 2016

Great Smile on the Snowy Number 9

Normally I hop on the 99, but I didn't want to wait in the cold so I got on the 9 and I'm glad I did 'cause your smile brightened my day. I was bundled up in about 13 different layers and you were dressed real sharp with shiny black shoes that didn't look like they'd hold up too well in the snow. We kept exchanging looks, even after we got off the bus... I should have stopped and said hi. So, hi. Drink sometime?

When: Friday, December, 09 2016

Where: Broadway & Cambie

Hastings Tacofino

You were the blonde who seemed to be on a business lunch. I hope. I sat facing you at the next table. We shared a couple of smiles. If you'd rather have a meal with someone who pays more attention to you than his phone, I'm available.

When: Saturday, December, 03 2016


To the guy with the snowboard outside Noodlebox...

We caught each other's eyes as I walked past you at the bus stop on Main and Broadway. You were holding your snowboard and I was heading into the Noodlebox. I sat by the window as I waited and you turned and smiled at me, I don't know why I didn't take the chance, run out and give you my number while we were both waiting. The #3 bus came and you turned, smiled and waved. I grabbed my pen and a piece of paper to quickly write my number but the bus just pulled away as I got outside. If by chance you are reading this, would you be interested in coffee sometime?

When: Friday, December, 02 2016

Where: Broadway and Main

I wanna see that smile again...

We were sitting in front of each other, your beauty caught my attention and then you caught me staring at you You smiled at me, but I dunno if it was just for being polite The curious fact is that you have an old cell phone as mine lol Btw, you made a comment about the noise that the bus made I want to know you :)

When: Monday, November, 28 2016

Where: 99 UBC bus

Crazy taxi and Scintillating N9 Ride

Hey! Keira! Thanks for making my bus ride a little more wonderful. Couldn't stop looking into your eyes, and laughing at your off kilter sense of the world! I wish there were more great convos like that around; the world would be a better place. See ya around! Ps. Do you kiss your mother with a mouth like that?! Zac

When: Sunday, November, 27 2016

Where: Cambie & Broadway. On N9

To the seabus cutie who caught my eye

Now, believe me when I say I never do this. But after today, I absolutely had to. I'm kicking myself for not saying anything to you earlier so I guess this is my best bet... I was getting the vibe that the attraction was mutual but I can't be too sure, so, here I am. walked past you and sat down on the seats along the back window, nervously shuffling through my backpack trying to make myself look busy. This is a complete long shot, but if you're out there and you read this... Well, I guess you know what to do.

When: Thursday, November, 24 2016

Where: Seabus

Anchored at 29Th Avenue Station.

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I was waiting on the platform of the Skytrain at the station 29th to go to work when I saw you arrive, the time was frozen when we locked eyes a few seconds, thats around 8:15 am and I could only pay attention to your movements, you took a number from "The Georgia Straight", then while you reading it I could see that you wear a red bracelet with an anchor and other with this: TAAB. You were very rushed and that's why I did not approach, however I know you read this newspaper and it will be my big opportunity to find you again. I can't get you off of my mind, and Im very intrigued to meet you. I count on this publication to make an appointment I only ask you to wait for January, when I come back from Mexico and it will be just to look for you. "Andabamos sin buscarnos, pero sabiendo que andabamos para encontrarnos"Julio Cortázar. P.S. I hope it was not a dream and I can see you again.

When: Thursday, November, 17 2016

Where: Skytrain, 29Th Avenue Station.

Raincoat on Hastings bus, 6:30ish pm.

You: 20-something, dirty blonde hair, Blundstones (obvs), nifty raincoat. Me: Soaking wet and bundled up in a black wool jacket, scarf and ball cap, envious of your rain-appropriate attire. Wish I had thought of something more clever to say than, "Where did you get your raincoat?" but I was genuinely curious. We exchanged smiles as you got off the bus. I doubt you'll see this but if you do, reply with the answer you gave me?

When: Wednesday, November, 16 2016

Where: #16 bus, I think.

#7 Bus heading Downtown from Dunbar

You got on the bus on Dunbar and about 18th, you had a big bag with you, maybe it was a massage table. We made eye contact a few times and shared a few smiles. I got off the busat Granville and Davie and as the bus drove off we shared another big smile. I'm 6'4, brown hair, and was wearing a grey and blue zip up hoodie. You were probably around 6'1 or so, had auburn hair and freckles. You gave off a really great vibe and it would be nice to connect with you.

When: Monday, November, 14 2016

Where: # 7 Bus heading downtown

Smitten on Bus #16

We rode the #16 bus westbound this morning together, from Strathcona until I left at City Centre. You are tall, wavy dark hair with a great beard and even greater blue eyes. Your jacket looked like something from a Team Canada, with a maple leaf crest and your number embroidered on the sleeve. You carried a messenger bag, red, I think. I hope you felt me smiling, and heard me whisper 'bye'. I regret not saying 'hi'.

When: Thursday, November, 10 2016

Where: #16 Bus Westbound

Tall, handsome guy wearing a green toque

I was reading my book and you stood in front of me on the bus, catching my attention. You sat down and started reading "Gas Pipe". Would you like to go for coffee to discuss fine literature sometime?

When: Monday, November, 07 2016

Where: 99 B-Line from UBC

You paid for my banana

You were in front of me in line at the small Kitsilano grocery store and asked if I had the time, then if I'd like to go in front of you since I was only buying a banana. I said it was alright, but when you went to ring in your groceries you insisted you buy my banana for me. We walked home together in the rain under my umbrella and had a really great conversation until you got to your bus stop, where I asked for your number. You gave it to me! ... I lost it... In a world where 99 percent of people meet by swiping right, it was nice to meet an authentic person like yourself. Hope we meet again somehow.

When: Tuesday, November, 01 2016

Where: Kitsilano grocery store

Familiar-looking fellow on #14 Hastings bus at City Centre

I thought you may have given me a hesitant smile when I boarded the bus at Georgia. Perhaps I was staring? You look so familiar to me. . . I've seen you around downtown before - at the opera I believe - and I had the same feeling then. Do we know each other from some years ago? You: attractive fellow (late 40s?), tallish, short, dark hair, wearing dark jacket, trousers, boots and a satchel. Alighted at about Seymour I think. Me: 5'8", bobbed light brown hair and blue eyes. I was wearing a hooded black a-line rain jacket, jeans and boots. Your looking so familiar is driving my memory a bit mad! Help me solve the mystery by getting in touch?

When: Wednesday, November, 02 2016

Where: #14 Hastings bus - Granville at Georgia at 11:00am

boy from the seabus

you: tall, tan colored coat and black hoodie, black skinny jeans in holes on both knees, curly dirty blond-brown hair, and doc martens. me: tall, wearing a coat with a faux fur collar and an old new yorks knicks hat, doc martens. i tried to make eye contact but our eyes never matched up .. until the end. i smiled and so did you then we parted ways. i thought you were really handsome and i wanna get to know you!

When: Tuesday, November, 01 2016

Where: lonsdale quay seabus

Wish I Said Something

I hopped on the 9 bus (at Cambie) through the back door and we noticed each other immediately. You had strawberry blonde hair, overalls, and sweater/shawl type of thing. I was in black with a leather. We were exchanging glances and smiles at each other the whole ride, but for some reason I didn't say anything and I've been kicking myself for it ever since we both exited at Commercial/Broadway. Here's hoping you see this and I can correct that mistake. Perhaps over a drink?

When: Sunday, October, 23 2016

Where: Bus 9 Boundary at Cambie/Broadway

Rainy day bus ride up Main St

It was a rainy, crappy day on a stuffed bus and you smiled at me when I saw you. Honestly, that never happens. I feel invisible most of the time in this city. I was super cranky, huddled up in a scarf, having a bad day. So thanks, I needed that. You: cute, blue eyes, dark hair, friendly energy. Keep being friendly!

When: Wednesday, October, 12 2016

Where: 8 bus south, rush hour crunch up main st

We talked about Florence......

Your name is Jennifer and I saw you on the c38 bus. I enjoyed our talked about Florence and Israel. You were headed to the dentist. How about coffee? I'd love to hear more Florence. -Michael

When: Wednesday, October, 12 2016

Where: C38 community bus

pokemon go 03 bus

we briefly talked about pokemon go trend im working upto/trying to be social serious thanks for the grace and shit

When: Thursday, October, 06 2016

Where: on 3 bus main st.

212 bus, 6:47

we started on the 210 downtown. i moved so you could sit, cause there were no seats left, you sat beside me. i was wearing black hoodie, black leggings and black and white shoes. i was listening to music. we both got off at phibbs and got on the 212. i sat right behind you. when you got off the bus (one stop before me) we locked eyes as the bus pulled away. you were wearing work clothes, had a green backpack with a hard hat strapped to it. must have been coming off the night shift.

When: Thursday, October, 06 2016

Where: 210, 212 bus

Beauty applying lipstick on the bus

We rode the bus together, sitting opposite sides facing each other. Eye contact was made frequently. Smiles were also exchanged frequently. You were the adorable Asian girl with a green jacket. I was the tall caucasian dressed in my work clothes. I work in construction so it really didn't look impressive. Nevertheless, I guess I made enough of an impression for you to wave at me as I got off at Granville Street. I doubt you'll read this, but in case you do, I think you're breathtakingly beautiful. Coffee?

When: Thursday, October, 06 2016

Where: 135 to Burrard

209 Vancouver Bus

Saw you sitting with a friend on the 209 Vancouver bus from Lynn valley. Blue ball cap, white shoes, and a black jacket. You were 10/10 and I wish I said something as I got off!!!!

When: Saturday, October, 01 2016

Where: 209 Vancouver bus

Skytrain. September29 midnight

I think you watched me the entire train ride you got off at royal oak and motioned for me to get off i would have missed my bus connection or i would have . this is a long shot i was the gorl in the single seat in a purple shirt you were in a suit abd have a cute smile this is a long shot but i would regret it if i didnt. Coffee?

When: Friday, September, 30 2016

Where: Skytrain

Marcus @ Birthrave

We danced all night at the birthrave bush party on the river. Your friends and mine joined forces to throwdown beats and cook up a delicious hog. You were gone from my tent in the morning but I can't stop thinking about your fancy feet

When: Saturday, September, 24 2016


8:45pm 502 bus heading Langley way.

You were wearing a big cozy looking, blue sweater, you have your bridge pierced and you were sitting in the far back corner of the 502 headed towards Langley around 8:45-9pm. I was the girl wearing all black and grey drawing in front of you. You were getting off the bus when we made eye contact and then you gave me a silly face as you walked away. I thought you were cute and it would be cool to actually meet, if you ever find this that is. I really should have said hello!

When: Monday, September, 26 2016

Where: 502 bus going to Langley

Babe on a bike

We were talking on Hastings and you were frustrated. I just wanted to smooch away your mood. You rode off and I got on the bus. I felt like getting off and chasing you down but you were too far away. Literally and figuratively. I hope we can ride together soon.

When: Tuesday, September, 13 2016

Where: Hastings and Heatley


Mouch baby

I confess, I'm only posting so I can win a trip to France


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