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E.g., Jul 3 2015

Maybe you were smiling in the mirror

You got on my bus a couple of times...8:30ish at Granville and Georgia and got off at Howe and headed south on Hornby...the first time we chatted about bad drivers, the next time we just smiled in the mirror....

When: Wednesday, June, 10 2015

Where: georgia and Granville. Davie/ Howe

You: crossing the street, me: in the Car2go

You must have been out running on the sea wall or something like that, you seemed to be so hot, sweating even, when you crossed Beach Avenue on Hornby. You were tall with dark hair and amazing eyes - mid-40's, I suspect. I was sitting there in my Car2go waiting for you to cross the street. You looked at me, then looked away...but then you looked again and smiled. I grinned back at you. If I only had my business card, I would have unrolled my window and given it to you, you beautiful man. Seeing your smile brightened my day. It would be awesome to see your smile again. Call me.

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Hornby Street at Beach

You picked your nose at me, I face palmed myself.

You got off the bus a stop before mine and you gave your name, and I didn't even have the courtesy to give you mine because I was too busy being dumb. We were on the 7 together and then you evaporated into fairy dust. I'm pretty sure you exist, so I hope you see this. Hello Shyanne (Shianne?) I'm Shy Richard.

When: Sunday, June, 28 2015

Where: Nanaimo Skytrain Station

Cute guy at the YMCA on Burrard

We met in the stairwell of the YMCA, you thought I was a girl you played softball with, I thought you were cute. We had a nice, flirty conversation and I said I would see you around. Well I really would like to see you again, and maybe trying to find you in a busy gym is asking a lot. You said your name was Braden, you have very broad shoulders, a beard and a nice smile. Would you like to go for coffee?

When: Monday, June, 15 2015

Where: Robert Lee YMCA

135 SFU; You sat at the front with a crazy lady berating you.

We didn't met per-se, however, I got on at the Main Street bus stop, the same stop as the crazy lady who was harassing you for not giving up your seat even though she had a seat already. (What was that about? :\) She threatened you, harassed you and even pushed you with her hands, and you just chose to act calmly, without violence. Didn't get to hear or see the whole thing, but I hope you're okay. Everybody else on the bus was on your side if the issue would've escalated. Hope you have a great week, and keep that smile on! :)

When: Friday, June, 19 2015

Where: 135 SFU bus

Swartz Bay Ferry to Broadway Sunday 9pm - Girl in Black Dress with Parasol

You were on the same ferry as me, heading from Swartz bay to Tsawassen Sunday night. I first saw you walk by while at the cafe. You were wearing a black dress and had a bamboo parasol or umbrella slung over your shoulder, which I found intriguing. Later on you boarded the same bus and then the same car on the Canada Line, you were wearing a light-colored knit hat, sitting quietly. You seemed to be traveling alone and without luggage, a day-trip perhaps? Something about the way you carried yourself caught my attention - you were very fascinating. I was the guy with glasses and a red shirt under a denim jacket. I thought you may have looked over at me as you got off the train at Broadway but I'm not certain. If you'd like to get in touch, send me a message. I'd love to get to know you. If not, thanks for adding a little mystery to my day!

When: Sunday, June, 14 2015

Where: Swartz Bay to Broadway

Shirt Black Hair on 16 Bus

Nearly daily we would sit near one another, I barely have the courage to speak, you have noticed me I'm sure of it, but tonight was different you kept glancing as if to catch my eye and when you did you pulled away quickly as if to single something, I won't be taking the bus for a while but I would really like to meet you!

When: Monday, June, 15 2015

Where: 16 Bus to Arbutus

Beautiful Tall Afro-american Lady

To the tall beautiful Afro-american lady I saw you at a bus stop on Granville St around 2:00 PM on Thursday afternoon June 11. I am a tall Native American - I was wearing a black t-shirt, a camo shorts and sandals. As I walked pass you - you whispered hello and I replied hi. After walking pass I turned around and you had done the same! Just then my phone rang and I answered and tried to get rid of the person on the other end, but before I did you boarded the bus and you were gone! The experience both made my day and wrecked my day. It wrecked my day because I never got to speak to you. I would love to meet you?

When: Thursday, June, 11 2015

Where: Granville St

Oh Hi..

I saw you on the 99 we both got off on commercial. I wanted to say hi but I lost you in the crowd. I was sitting down on the bus and you were standing by door. You caught my eye with the suit you were wearing and septum piercing you had. I was so out of it I wish I said hi sooner. Anyways here's hoping you respond. Sincerely the blonde girl with the stupified look on her face. Coffee?

When: Friday, June, 05 2015

Where: 99 at Commercial

Punk rock babes !

Chatted with 2 punk rock girls on the bus! Talked about my propagandhi shirt and the upcoming screeching weasel show! I think you girls where off to a smoke shop. Anyways you both are babes and we should hang out! Cheers!

When: Monday, June, 08 2015

Where: MacDonald bus towards downtown.

You gave me $4 enroute to job interview

I got on the 22 Knight bus headed south to Richmond; you heard me tell the bus driver I was headed to a job interview. Before you got off the bus you pressed $4 into my hand and wished me good luck with my job interview. Thank you for your kindness; it turned out I wasn't what the employer was looking for (or what I was seeking either) but your kindness lifted my spirits and was a really nice surprise.

When: Thursday, June, 04 2015

Where: South Vancouver

99 to Boundary Wednesday 5:20ish Purple Dress

I have never been in a position where I didn't approach a woman whom I wished to meet until now. You were sitting just behind the articulated section in the left-hand window seat. You were wearing a purple dress with some red in the pattern carrying a partially orange backpack. I got on at Granville and you got off at Heather we exchanged a couple of smiles in the short ride but the crowd prevented me from getting close enough to speak. It is most likely they were smiles of shared discomfort on a crowded bus but I decided to give this a shot. If I had time tomorrow or Friday I would try the 99 in hopes of seeing you but this is the only option for the moment. Your dress was great but your eyes and smile were amazing and I would love to have the chance to meet in circumstances where we can talk.

When: Wednesday, June, 03 2015

Where: 99 to Boundary

Back of the Bus Boys

You and I were sitting in the back of the 14 bus on Granville heading north. You were wearing a black tee and sweatpants. You'd probably just worked out, since you kept stretching out your leg/ankle. Cute blue/green socks, btw. I was the 20-something dude in the back row with an attempted casual look on his face. I want to see your straight nose, light eyes, and dusted freckles again. If you want me to rub out your leg, I'm in. Anything more, and I'm all yours.

When: Wednesday, May, 27 2015

Where: 14 Bus Granville St.

Upper Lonsdale Bus

I saw you on the Upper Lonsdale bus yesterday around 10:30 a.m. You were sitting near the front beside the window. An elderly woman with white hair and a pink jacket came to sit beside you but, because the driver didn't wait for her to sit down, he drove on and on she pitched forward. Some people's reaction might have been to protect themselves and not get hit by a falling person, but you reached out to break her fall. Thank you for showing me that men can be gentle and protective. When I read the daily news I forget that sometimes. You: mini mohawk, tan backpack, green ear buds, sunglasses, superbly awesome. Cheers :)

When: Thursday, May, 28 2015

Where: Upper Lonsdale Bus

Elegant Seabus Beauty

I noticed you across the waiting room at the Seabus Waterfront. You were wearing a black low-ish cut blouse and bright red lipstick. You saw me, tall dark-haired in a dark business suit. We traded looks across the room until the boat arrived and then we sat across from one another. You smiled knowingly as I glimpsed subtly at your cleavage and stared longingly at your soft red lips.

When: Tuesday, May, 26 2015

Where: Seabus

The more I see you, the more beautiful you are.

I see you most days on the 33 bus. You get on 33rd and Knight St. You're caucasian and you wear glasses with a thick black frame. I would just like to let you know you are the most beautiful girl I see everyday.

When: Tuesday, May, 26 2015

Where: 33rd & Knight Street

134 Bus loop Burnaby Lake

I sat down on the other side of the bench you smiled at me, we got on the same bus, you kept looking at me and I was trying to think of something to say, when you got off at your stop you smiled again and left. You had a beautiful smile, were wearing a grey sweater, shorts, pink water bottle and white canvas shoes. I was wearing a red hat, green jacket, blue jeans and black shoes, Figure I would give this a shot. I would like to take you out for dinner and get to know you.

When: Monday, May, 25 2015

Where: Burnaby

white tshirt with black short sleeves, tall guy near park royal

If you were offended by a random stranger giving you a salty look while walking by at a bus stop, I didn't mean to!! I am sure you didn't think much of it but if you were, I am sorry. I wasn't trying to be rude. It was a failed attempt at making an eye contact with you, and basically me being a loser ha. You are gorgeous and have a great long weekend!

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015


Handsome Postman

You came to visit me in uniform at my favourite coffee shop even though it was off your route. Then you walked me to the bus stop. Now every time I see a postman or a post vehicle I smile and wonder if it's you. I'll receive a package from you any time.

When: Wednesday, May, 06 2015

Where: main and broadway

50 Bus leasving Granville Island and later @ Cactus Club (Bentall)

Hi- We spoke about buying tickets to the bus, rode the bus together then walked from W Georgia to the corner of Burrard together - later we saw each other again leaving the Cactus Club (Bentall) - you mentioned a coffee - I would love to meet for a coffee - maybe this weekend as I return to Brasil on Tuesday

When: Tuesday, May, 12 2015

Where: 50 bus stop - Granville Island

Boarding the 6 on Davie/Bidwell

I told you how pretty you were this morning... wish I'd asked your phone but you were already boarding the bus... coffee ?

When: Monday, May, 11 2015

Where: Davie Street/Alexandria-Pommes

You offered me your seat

We both got on the 44 downtown leaving UBC Loop. I walked to the back of the bus but couldn't get a seat so I stood. I was wearing a navy shirt, jeans and grey flats. I have golden brownish hair and blue eyes. We exchanged glances and you offered me your seat (you were sitting in the accordion part of the bus wearing a navy sweater, a collared shirt and glasses). I politely declined (mostly because I didn't want to take your seat and was a little embarrassed). Anyway...I thought the gesture was incredibly sweet and I find myself very curious about you. Do you want to meet for coffee?

When: Monday, May, 04 2015

Where: 44 Bus Downtown

Gorgeous Lady on the bus

We both got on the 50 bus at Granville Island and stood next to each other. You wore a white top and you have beautiful eyes. We smiled at each other then you left the bus on West Georgia with a couple of friends of yours. Hope to hear from you...

When: Friday, May, 08 2015

Where: 50 Bus to Waterfront

Cheeky painter

I noticed you around Cambie on the 99 Tuesday afternoon. You gave me the best, most cheeky smile ever. I couldn't take my eyes off you or keep your gaze. I can't believe you got away! I thought I was going to have the opportunity to talk with you when we got off the bus but there was too much going on. I'm really hoping to run into you again...

When: Tuesday, May, 05 2015

Where: 99 bus, main street

Very tall pretty blonde girl on expo skytrain from king george to waterfront

Im 6 foot 4 and its very rare to see a girl thats my height You were a very tall about 6 foot 3 girl, with blonde hair up in a bun, a jean jacket, black jeans, and a backpack, you looked like you just got out of class or something. You got off at Scott Road I was sitting down across from you with my laptop, I have very short hair, a blue jacket, and a button up on. We caught each others glances a few times as I was sort of creeping on you haha. I wanted to go up and talk to you but I figured starting up conversation on a busy train was a bit weird an awkward, I'm regretting it now. You were stunning, contact me, maybe you'd lke to get to know a guy who isn't shorter than you for once? haha

When: Wednesday, May, 06 2015

Where: Expo line skytrain from king george to waterfront



I miss you! I miss your kisses, your hugs, your compliments, the cute dates and how you made me...


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