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E.g., Jul 23 2016

Green hair and pretty eyes

My friend and I walked onto the bus and you and I smiled at eachother briefly. I saw that some big drunk dude behind you kept attempting to talk to you so I asked how your night went. You were with friends at the Pint and my friend and I had left the beach. You showed us some of your make up work from film school, and jokingly asked for a bite of my burger when the other drunk guy started pillaging my friends fries. You introduced yourself and told us to find you on Facebook but I didn't have any luck finding you. Thought I should give this a go.

When: Friday, July, 22 2016

Where: 19 Metrotown

Quiznos on Broadway

You were ordering sandwiches at the Bayswater & Broadway Quiznos (in Kits). You gave me a winning smile when i waltzed in and asked the sandwich maker to fill my water bottle. And a second smile as I left. You're white, brown shaved hair. I was wearing a blue men's business shirt and flowing badass leopard print pants. I considered asking for your number as I left but chickened out.

When: Friday, July, 22 2016

Where: Broadway, Kitsilano, Vancouver

Awesome lady July 15 , 9:15 99 B-line argument Thank you

I got on the bus on Cambie and I sat in between you and a guy who decided to spread his legs open when I sat down. I asked him if he could give me a bit of space and he became belligerent and you stood up for me. I really appreciated it but I was so upset I only realized I didn't thank you once I got off the bus. Maybe I can take you out for lunch or something! You seemed rad.

When: Friday, July, 15 2016

Where: 99 B-line between Cambie and main.

You have an amazing smile

I limped onto the 19 bus towards metrotown at Main and 2nd today. I put my bike on the front, I couldn't ride because I hurt my knee. I sat across from you at the front of the bus and we exchanged a few smiles during the ride. You had a smile to light up a room and I think we had a connection, even though we didn't speak. I hobbled off at Kingsway and Carolina. Send me a message and let's go for a drink ;)

When: Thursday, July, 14 2016

Where: 19 Bus route

Young(er) guy bus driver sun. July 3 no6 rd-Cambie

You pulled away from the stop just as I approached. I asked you a question then said nevermind and started walking. You were about to drive away then stopped again and I got on the bus. Im usually not attracted to (other) blondes but something about you. It was a short bus ride,but I wish I DID STAY on the bus. I didnt realise till after i left that maybe you were flirting when you made that suggestion? Will you be friends with me? ??? (No if u have gf but pls let me know either way) Me- blonde hair in bun, really short and thin. Wearing grey cardigan, And dark jeans. I was having two car problems what were they? Or who else was on the bus ?etc. -please no replies from random people with strange requests, or if you think you can trick me/catfish. Im not stupid and will know in two seconds what youre up to. - I came back a week later same time to give you a pretty rose i picked.Then realised how many 410 ? busses there are back to back, (i m guessing at the bus #) and that your schedule might change week to week so I attached it to the sign post hoping you'd see, and not some caterpillar or angry commuter, and left. It was sort of a series of odd events/ decisions that made me end up there that day, so just wanted to put this out there, and hoping i dont sound like a psycho at the same time.

When: Sunday, July, 03 2016

Where: No 6 road exit off highway 91 (6 rd and Maycrest

99 Pink Shorts Cutie

I just got off the 99 today from Wreck Beach. You got on and sat on the sideways seat in front of the back door. The bus driver was an irritable woman who made everyone tap their compass card and wouldn't leave the stop until that happened. Anyways, you had the cutest pink shorts on and we glanced at each other a few times. I was sitting at the back corner seat. I would love to know your name and more.

When: Sunday, July, 03 2016

Where: 99 commercial-broaday from UBC

Avoiding the strike out

You, brunette with blue eyes, white sleeveless top and patterened short skirt. Incredibly beautiful. On the 1215ish 33 bus from 16th and whatever to watch Canadians at Nat Bailey on Sunday 3rd July and caught your eye on the bus, during the game and after, foolishly missed 2 times to talk to you, maybe hit for the 3rd and avoid striking out.

When: Sunday, July, 03 2016

Where: Nat Bailey Stadium

Fraser and 44-ish bus stop

This is a long shot, but here goes... I sometimes run into you in the early mornings (7 am - 7:15 am) when I'm waiting for the bus at the above mentioned spot. I saw you this morning - you were wearing blue running shoes. I was too terrified to look at your face, so I'm not sure what else you were wearing. You're totally not gonna ever read this..ugh. But if you do, I honestly think you are the prettiest girl on the planet. Please talk to me if you see me again - I'd love to grab coffee/tea with you one of these days.

When: Wednesday, June, 29 2016

Where: Fraser and 45th bus stop.

Rambling Pink Hair on the Night Bus

We ended up at the same bus stop after the gig. Didn't think much of it at first. Then you started talking. To your friend, to yourself, to the bus. We drunkenly bantered about being socially awkward, cringe moments, the quality of your phone book's content. I'd like to do more of that. You had pink hair and a fantastic laugh, I had my old leather jacket on. Leverage that acerbic wit and let me know how my hair was.

When: Saturday, June, 25 2016

Where: Night Bus, N20, Commercial Drive

Clark & Broadway bus stop

It seemed you and your girlfriend were going to yoga. You both crossed Clark and East Broadway on the north side then down Clark past me at the 22 bus stop and we exchanged some pleasantries and was wondering if you would like to go for a coffee?

When: Sunday, June, 26 2016

Where: @bustop NE corner of Broadway & Clark


You work at a certain fast food joint and I've only seen you there late at night. Sometimes after the bar sometimes not. We've talked many times. On the bus once or twice too. Quite sure your name starts with the letter A. I've been waiting for the next time I run into you but it never happens. Let me know who I am

When: Friday, June, 24 2016

Where: Coquitlam

Smiling Long-Haired Blonde

I was up mixing my coffee and you noticed me from your seat in the far dark corner. There wasn't an opportunity for me to approach as you were with a man (business meeting?). We smiled again when I had to leave at 5pm - leaving through the door near you. Would certainly like to meet you, hoping I've read this correctly!

When: Tuesday, June, 14 2016

Where: Blenz Coffee on Broadway @ Maple

152 lougheed stn

We rode the bus together on Friday sometime around 5. We both got on at the station. I think you caught me checking you out when you approached the bus. I was sitting near the front facing the driver, you sat beside me in the row across the walkway. You seemed to look my way 4 or 5 times during the trip, and i looked your way after noticing you do it a couple times in hopes of making eye contact but we never seemed to get our timing right. If you should see this, send me a message, tell me something so we know we are the right people, I'd like to pursue the apparent mutual interest.

When: Friday, June, 10 2016

Where: Bus

Hot young lady with strappy green sandals

You were sitting almost beside me at the back of the bus we exchanged glances a couple of times we smiled at each other. Then you moved to the back and the same thing happened again. I regret not blowing you a kiss when I got off at Main. Hope I see you again one day on that awful bus. A connection will be made I hope.

When: Friday, June, 10 2016

Where: 14 or 16 east on Hastings

You gave me a 1040 scarf

We met on the bus, you offer me a glass of water, gave me a 1040 scarf and we went for a walk on the beach. It was a wonderful time and I wished I knew how to get ahold of you. Would love to see you again

When: Friday, November, 13 2015

Where: Bus and than 4 th ave

At No Frills you picked up my Box of Fudgesicles when they fell out of my basket

You said "I'll get that" and went to reach for the box of Fudgesicles that fell from my basket near the frozen food section at the No Frills on East Hastings. You laughed when I awkwardly tried to reach for them and you got to them first... When I said thank you, you smiled and kind of lingered but I got really shy and walked away, looking behind for you as you disappeared among the busy shoppers and groceries. Then you ended up in the same isle as me at the cashiers and smiled at me again. I nervously smiled back but was too shy to say anything... I noticed you were either with your grandmother or mother who was unloading the cart... You walked over towards your groceries and started to pack them. I nervously avoided eye contact but desperately wanted to ask you your name. You were wearing a baseball cap, shorts and a gray shirt? You have an amazing smile and seemed so sweet and kind. I have blonde long straight hair and green eyes, I had a long black skirt and tank top. Wish I got the nerve to tell you my name... Strange I felt like I've met you before too....whoever you are...

When: Saturday, June, 04 2016

Where: No Frills East Hastings Street Vancouver

ATTN: Cute Phibbs bus boy with glasses who almost alwaaaays reads the morning paper

I've been coerced by my co-workers to post this, so: I've seen you get off at Kootenay Loop and back on the same bus as me every day I've worked my summer job. After the bus stops at Phibbs, you line up for the 239 and I go off to take a different bus. You wear a lot of button-ups, thick-rimmed glasses, have blue eyes, and are almost always reading the newspaper on the bus (: You've looked over a few times (I think) but I am the actual worst at talking to strangers for the first time :$ I think you're super cute! And we should go for coffee if you ever see this. Maybe. Possibly.

When: Wednesday, June, 01 2016

Where: Kootenay Loop Bay 8

Bus driver Newton

Moving soon had to post in hopes you read this before I no longer see you. You are beautiful and have blonde hair. You drive the 319 bus and I get dropped off at Scotsdale. Would love to take you out on a date. I have grey hair & wore shorts. You leave Newton at around 6:15 am...

When: Friday, June, 03 2016

Where: Newton Surrey

Lost Boy from Arkansas at Lynn Canyon

You asked me for directions on the 228 bus on June 1st. We got off the bus for Lynn Canyon suspension bridge. I told you I was from London. You told me you were from Arkansas and you were going to visit friends in Seattle, then go to Portland then San Fran. I never got your name but I wish I had, and I wish I hiked with you.

When: Wednesday, June, 01 2016

Where: Lynn Canyon Park, Vancouver

Tall dark and handsome stage actor on #20

I sat across from you weeks ago now on the #20 downtown early one morning. You chatted with an older woman charismatically, daif hello to an acquaintance, of your profession I believe, and were generally quite charming to behold. I didn't want to interrupt however and so read my book in silence until I could not help but laugh out loud several times from the comedy. We made eye contact several times and smiled across the isle before you said something, also charming, about my laughter and we exchanged a few words at which point I mentioned I recognized you from the neighborhood and you said you lived on the Drive and elaborated on your work in various theatres over the years. And then abruptly we were all getting off the bus downtown and I never even got your name which I immediately regretted. I'd love to converse further. I have taken to crossing my fingers every time I get on the bus these days or that I'll simply have the pleasure of running into you one day in the street.

When: Wednesday, April, 20 2016

Where: Commercial at Venables

Sunday afternoon on the sea bus

We were standing in line to get on the sea bus at waterfront. I excused myself and asked you if you knew of any good restaurants at the Quay. You said you were heading to work at Denny's. I said "Oh..." and seemed disappointed. I thought you were really cute.

When: Sunday, May, 29 2016

Where: Waterfront sea bus terminal


I was the guy unsure about my use of the word 'soliloquy' while speaking with a friend. You were the English teacher holding a basketball who assured me I'd used it correctly. My 2nd favorite bus encounter, so far. Wish I'd gotten your name.

When: Thursday, May, 19 2016

Where: #20 Bus @ Grant on Commercial Drive


I always come to your spot SBC down on Hastings, your either running around scowling super busy or behind the bar barking. regardless none the less when I come to shows and see you I instantly I feel like a sat on slug. Turn that frown upside down lets have a drink? Arn't you suppose to be the smilin Buddha?

When: Saturday, May, 21 2016

Where: SBC

Beautiful girl/off center lip ring/ AMAZING orange hair

On the 20 bus going south, right around 12th and commercial dr. May 20th I believe??? My jaw hit the floor when I saw you. I did my best to play it cool. We made eye contact many times and both exchanged smiles. I was the guy in work clothes and sunglasses trying very hard not to stare! You had beautiful dark skin, maybe first nations?? Your whole style was perfect. Not a hair out of place. You could easily model.... I didn't really look the best as I was returning from work but rest assured, I clean up well! Getting another chance to see you would make a man very happy:)

When: Friday, May, 20 2016

Where: 12th/Commercial dr. On the #20 bus going south!

Last week on the 312 from Scott road....I called you gorgeous.

So, you got on the bus and immediately I was taken aback. I'm a naturally social person, but I didn't want to approach you on the bus full of people and totally froze up. We got off at the same stop, I ran up, told you how beautiful you are and ran off (I had to hurry home to let someone in). I should have talked longer or gave my number or something but if you see this coffee would be great sometime.

When: Thursday, May, 12 2016

Where: 312 Bus from Scott road


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