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E.g., Mar 30 2015

Handsome Cyclist Almost Brushed By a Bus Heading to Waterfront Station

We were both heading to Waterfront Station and stopped at a light on Granville and West Cordova. You were on your bike looking handsome and smiling with a nose ring. I was in a long dress and had red hair and yoga bag over my shoulder. A bus turned right and barely squeezed by you, to which I said, "That was close!" We both went to Waterfront and exchanged a few glances and smiles. I headed to the SkyTrain and you were going toward the SeaBus. I felt energetically drawn to you and wish I had worked up the courage to have a conversation but I was too shy! Coffee?

When: Thursday, August, 21 2014

Where: Waterfront Station

Tall and Dreaded

The dreaded and tall man who works for Canada Post, talking to another man on the Seabus to North Van I believe. Your energy just popped out at me. Pretty sure I've seen you in a kilt on the North Shore before, too. Look out for me, a fellow North Van weirdo. Stay beautiful.

When: Tuesday, July, 08 2014

Where: Seabus

3:30 SeaBus June 18 reading

I wanted to ask you what you were reading. I never see anyone our age (26-32) reading anymore.. You were wearing kelly green shorts, a small black backpack and had a red road bike. I was going to try to talk to you when the SeaBus unloaded but you stuck your earbuds in. Love to grab a coffee and get to know you more.

When: Thursday, June, 19 2014

Where: SeaBus going Dt from NV

Leaving Two Lions Pub Saturday night

I'm the woman in the striped red and black tanktop/red and black long sleeved tshirt (had on earlier) and grey jeans. You, blonde with a baby blue(?) sweater on asked if we were leaving. I said yeah and we both said not was our first time there. I was a bit thrown by you coming up to me but am kicking myself now. Sorry if I came off as unapproachable or uninterested. I had to make my Seabus :(. Well, if you ever read this, let me just say that you're an attractive guy and I should've got your number. If you can get in touch, do!

When: Saturday, December, 28 2013

Where: Two lions pub in North Van

Dyed red haired Asian Girl.

I saw you walking down the ramp at Seabus, Vancouver side. You were absolutely gorgeous, just wanted to say that. Wow!

When: Friday, November, 22 2013

Where: Seabus

Sunday morning on the Seabus, North Van side

Hi, I saw you Sunday morning on the Seabus (9:30 or 9:45 sailing, we were both getting on at the North Van side. This was truly a random encounter, I have never written one of these notes, but you made an impression. I was wearing jeans, a teal down jacket, and a tuque (orange and yellow stripes). I thought you were really handsome, and I think we smiled at each other. I should have said "hello". Drop me a note if you want to grab a coffee or a pint.

When: Sunday, November, 10 2013

Where: Seabus on the North Van side

Cute girl reading on the seabus

Last seabus of the night, headed to North Van on Saturday. You were the girl in mostly black with curly brown hair, sitting near the front immersed in a book. Just wanted to let you know how refreshing and attractive it is these days to see a cute girl reading instead of scrolling through her phone!

When: Saturday, November, 09 2013

Where: Seabus to North Van

Aug 9th 2:45PM Seabus from North Van to Downtown

We were sitting across from one another. You wore a purple top and long black skirt. Average height, athletic/dancer's body-type, long dark hair, very fair skinned, green/blue eyes, with a medium-large topaz/amber necklace. You were listening to your iPhone near the front of the seabus. Me: tall, plain black-t with white shorts, grey flat cap, black sunglasses and black work sidebag. I was listening to my iPod and fumbling with my iced coffee trying not to rudely stare while on my way to work. I had a distinct feeling we had met once before and your name was Claire M-something, but I couldn't be sure and was trying to figure it out in my head.... Before I knew it the boat was across the inlet. Not sure if you or your friends read the Straight, but worth a shot. I was hoping to see if you'd be interested in coffee or tea sometime.

When: Friday, August, 09 2013

Where: Seabus

Will 'J' set out like Laura Curtis?

A classy blue-eyed brunette with a cute pony tail sipping on starbucks coffee and reading a book (419 by Will Ferguson). It was Tuesday (Feb 12) 5pm seabus from N-Vsn to DT then we exchanged a few glances on Canada-Line. Pretty beige coat, grey sweater, white shirt, and burgundi rain boots. Cute fingers and purpulish nail polish. Will that coincidence happen again? May be. Will we connect? I hope so :)

When: Tuesday, February, 12 2013

Where: Seabus @ Quay - Canadaline

Ben Howard saves the damsel in distress ;)

I've never posted on here but you seem pretty artsy and probably read the Straight so here goes nothing.. I met you on the Seabus after that strange guy kept chatting me up. You were super cute in your grey hat, with a lip ring and nice smile. We talked about Ben Howard (I'll have to check him out) and I wanted to ask your name but then we parted ways. Maybe we can grab a coffee sometime?

When: Sunday, February, 03 2013

Where: On the Seabus

The Comical Seabus Choir

They were singing out of key. We both laughed, you commented on how comical it was. We sat next to each other on the Seabus, you were reading Eckhart Tolke's A New Earth, I was reading Autobiography of a Yogi. You were gorgeous with a smile that could shatter darkness. I was way to shy and wish I had said more.

When: Tuesday, December, 11 2012

Where: Waterfront Station

Handsome guy from seabus

You handsome guy got of the seabus with a friend I believe. I was waiting by the news bins for my friend. We locked eyes a few times and I wanted to talk to you but I was to shy. You turned around one last time before walking through the doors to leave through the main entrance. I wish I would have said something. I hope you see this and we can grab coffee sometime

When: Wednesday, October, 03 2012

Where: sea bus terminal downtown

Maroon Leather Jacket on the Seabus

You were a beautiful fair woman on the seabus heading towards North Vancouver. You were wearing a maroon leather jacket and had your hair up and back. There was the compulsion for me to walk up to you and talk to you but your beauty made me nervous but now I regret it. I should have swallowed the anxiety and just done it; but I didn't. I think you may have seen me: sitting 4 aisles away in front of you to your right. I'm Asian and wore black with a green shirt inside. I was reading on my iPhone and stealing glances at you in between sentences. Don't usually post here but I thought I might as well give it a shot as I have been regretting it all day.

When: Sunday, October, 14 2012

Where: Seabus to Lonsdale Quay ~1pm

Beautiful Super Redhead

Saw you, this beautiful redhead on Robson. I think it was on the 29th September but not sure. We locked eyes for a few seconds. I am older and was wearing a hat. Saw you later on the seabus and once again we locked eyes and you smiled. Then you turned away. Hope I did not scare you as I looked pissed off all the time, but am a loving pussycat under the scowl. Wish I would have gone up to you and gave you a big kiss right there and then. You are the most beautiful female I have ever seen in my life. Love that super red hair. Wow what a beauty !

When: Saturday, September, 29 2012

Where: Robson & Seabus

Tall Beautiful Mom and a BC Lions Fan

You were with your daughter waiting for the seabus saturday evening after the Lions game. Me with my son heading to Lonsdale Quay. I just wanted to tell you how very beautiful I thought you were, your eyes and your lips left me dreaming of you all night. I hope you have someone that tells you that every morning when they roll over and kiss you.

When: Saturday, September, 15 2012

Where: Waiting for seabus after the lions game

Friday night seabus

First time doing one of these, worth a shot. You and like 6 of your buddies were on the seabus from the quay to downtown Friday night around 10. I was by myself heading over on the seabus. I looked over and you and your friends were looking at me, you then smiled and waved at me. I was caught of guard and walked towards the door. When we got on seabus you guys sat facing me, couldn't help but glance over, should of said hi to you. You were tall, blonde hair, blue button up shirt, jeans. Me: black shirt, mint colored jeans, gold flats. Drinks sometime?

When: Friday, August, 10 2012

Where: Seabus from quay to waterfront

229 on Sat afternoon

Sat beside you on the 229 from the seabus and felt a spark when our arms touched. By your look leaving the bus, I think you did too. You were wearing a white cardigan and olive shirt. Let me know if you'd like to meet again.

When: Saturday, June, 23 2012

Where: North Vancouver

Seabus, Saturday May 26, N.V to Van 5:30

I was on my way to see Roger Waters at BC place and you came and sat in front of me on the Seabus, looked as if you were on your way to work or to meet with friends for the night. Anyways, you seemed chill and you had a really sweet disposition about you, get in touch if you'd like to grab a coffee or something.

When: Tuesday, June, 26 2012

Where: Front of Seabus, Saturday May 26, North Vancouver to Vancouver 5:30'ish

Blue Pant Sea Bus User

We exchanged a few glances while waiting for the Seabus from N.Vancouver to Dt at around 930pm? You had on a darker grey? Pea coat and very nice blue pants, light blue. You are tall, dark, and handsome, and the pants really suited you. I was the blonde walking slowly in heels, and was a little shy.

When: Sunday, April, 22 2012

Where: Seabus from Lonsdale to DT Vancouver

On the Seabus

Around 5:00 pm on the Seabus. I caught you looking at me a couple of times, but I'm so bad at reading signals that I didn't do anything. We got off at Waterfront station and walked in the same direction for around one block. You: eating a McDonalds burger, long light brown hair, brown jacket, greenish eyes. I was wearing blue jeans, a dark green shirt and a black and blue jacket which I had taken off while on the Seabus. It would be nice be nice to have a second chance to say hello.

When: Thursday, March, 22 2012

Where: Seabus

YOU, so fresh and beautiful

So fresh and womanly sitting on the Seabus on Sunday going to North Van! You, wearing a black sexy athletic jacket, bell bottom blue jeans and a brown suede bag with tassles on it! Your brunette-reddish hair falling around your beautiful face and walking up the ramp so gracefully! I must admit, I did notice your beautiful butt as I watched you from behind! :) Me, sitting two rows in front of you and facing you on the Seabus, trying not to stare to long at you, it was hard! I was wearing a wetskins jacket with very short hair and blue jeans. I noticed you had a ring on but if you are ever bored or if you are bored, please reply sometime, I would definitely make you smile! Take care.

When: Sunday, March, 18 2012

Where: 1:15pm Seabus from Downtown to North Van

Cute red headed bearded man on seabus

I sat by you on the seabus going to North V. I was with my mom and you were on the phone for most of the ride. I was reading a book and I'm pretty sure you noticed that. I tried looking for you when we got off, I saw you walking toward Mcdonalds and lost you in the crowd. this post might be a long shot, I don't know if you noticed me really but you seem really interesting and my type. Maybe we can meet again?

When: Friday, April, 22 2011

Where: Seabus to North Van

Sea Bus Goddess

You are the tall, blonde, woman who used to catch the early seabus in the morning with your workmates to work. I guess your shift change but again I saw you last week returning from work. Our eyes have met a few times but being older guy I have felt awkward about approaching you. Intrigued?

When: Monday, April, 11 2011

Where: Sea Bus returning from Lonsdale Quay to Waterfront Station

DavidJ A.K.A. CrazyMan

DavidJ, my CrazyMan... I saw you on your birthday, last, on the Seabus heading towards Vancouver. I wanted to wish you happy birthday but found myself being shy... I have thought of you often and would love to re-connect for perhaps lunch? Dinner? Coffee? Or??? Anything you desire, really. FWB, sure. Yes it is C.A. and I miss you, I do. I miss your smile, your sense of humour and your teasing. Let's, yes, re-connect and share smiles... C.A. misses her DavidJ. There is a lot to talk about and share - let's go4it.

When: Saturday, February, 12 2011

Where: On the SeaBus going to Vancouver way

I should have asked

Bronwyn, I offered you a chocolate on the seabus. Not something I normally do, but you sat right beside me so it would have been rude not to. You were very engaging, I was... tired and too thick to ask for your number. If you don't read this, maybe I'll see you again. Jamie.

When: Friday, March, 04 2011

Where: Burrard Inlet


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