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E.g., Oct 25 2016

Cute smile grey knit sweater

On the skytrain this evening, you got on the train with your friend, you : nice dark blue jeans, grey knit sweater very sweet smile Asian guy, you kept yawning. Me : all black, shorts, tattoos, bear. didn't want to bother you :) your friend got off at science world we transferred at commercial. Would like to grab a drink/dinner some time

When: Friday, September, 30 2016

Where: Skytrain

Skytrain. September29 midnight

I think you watched me the entire train ride you got off at royal oak and motioned for me to get off i would have missed my bus connection or i would have . this is a long shot i was the gorl in the single seat in a purple shirt you were in a suit abd have a cute smile this is a long shot but i would regret it if i didnt. Coffee?

When: Friday, September, 30 2016

Where: Skytrain

Skateboard on hand Commercial. sept 22nd.

Walking with my sister towards the skytrain , septemeber 22nd. 5:50pm. You : Blond , skateboard on hand coming looking straight into my eyes,....In an instant there was lots to say, your eyes wanting to speak...And I felt it... Me: shaved head, tan, and looking back at you... Coffee?

When: Thursday, September, 22 2016

Where: Commercial st. Vancouver

For M.

I saw you this morning entering the skytrain station. I've had a crush on you since you first started working with me a few years ago, but I never worked up the courage to talk to you.

When: Tuesday, September, 13 2016

Where: Commercial-Broadway Station

Stylish girl got off at Granville skytrain

It was yesterday morning around 9am. (Tuesday) You walked on and stood beside me kind of brushing against me, somewhere in Vancouver unsure which stop. Me: (dark wavy hair girl sitting with dark floral pattern jumpsuit and grey leggings) You: Cute girl with long lucious brunette hair, white and blue collar shirt, beige pants & cool sneakers. I felt you brush against me and may have been sending signals. I had chapped lips, it was my first day back to reality, in any other setting I would've walked asked you out for a drink on the spot. You are goregous, would you like to have a drink with me :)

When: Tuesday, August, 30 2016

Where: Skytrain to Granville

Burrard Station Tues 10.30pm - A cheeky wave

It started at Burrard station, me heading home from meeting friends - green cap backwards and nose pierced. You, good looking, long dark hair, denim jacket and mischievous look. We both kind of lingered near each other. Sat opposite each other on the skytrain and I left the seat open next to me when we transferred at Commercial. You didn't take it but I'm hoping you wanted to. I got off at Sperling/Burnaby Lake and we made eye contact. You waved with a cheeky smile as the train pulled away and I swore. On the off chance that you read this, coffee?

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Burrard Skytrain Station

Skytrain July 29 at 11:30pm

You: dark hair and beard with headphones and grey backpack, got on at granville me: shaved head, reddish beard wondering if you are interested in meeting up?

When: Saturday, July, 30 2016

Where: sky train from downtown

You reading, me writing - on the skytrain

You were readingoing a book and I was journaling, on the Expo/Millennium line skytrain to downtown. We exchanged a smile, you asked me about my writing and I asked about yours (and about your book). Our conversation was cut short when you had to get off at Stadium-Chinatown station. I'd love to read one of your stories sometime, or just have a coffee chat! To verify, what book were you reading?

When: Thursday, July, 28 2016

Where: Expo/Millennium Skytrain to downtown

At Huey Lewis

You and your friends stood in front of me at the Huey Lewis and the News concert in Stanley Park. We talked on the skytrain home. You a tall brunette wearing a grey jacket, white top and blue jeans and i was wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans.

When: Sunday, July, 10 2016

Where: Skytrain

Brunette, cute bum, on way up escalator Burrard skytrain

I had trouble tapping out at the gate below, and then I caught up to you on the escalator at Burrard skytrain station on the way up I passed you and said hey how's it going, and you replied great and we talked a little bit. you were on your way to meet a friend's for drinks and I was on my way to a tech Meetup. we definitely need to try to get together and hang out. you thought I was friendly and I thought you were cute but for some reason we went our separate ways without exchanging contact information I'd love to see you again.

When: Thursday, July, 07 2016

Where: Burrard skytrain station

skytrain commercial to burrard

I saw you as I was getting on at commercial and we ended up in the same car. I was sitting facing the window and you sat right beside me - facing me. I felt the energy and was hoping you'd say something - but I had my head phones in so I understand that you didn't. You were cute - and I was the blonde in the black blazer - let's talk?

When: Friday, June, 10 2016

Where: commercial to burrard skytrain

I caught you looking three times

I got on at Cambie street skytrain, dark haired and in all white, poorly balancing my book and hanging on. I tripped twice and laughed. I felt you (tall, brunette, short beard, walked with a limp) looking at me but thought you were out of my league so I quickly looked away each time we caught eyes. It was only a block we got off at Vancouver City Central that realised it probably wasn't accidental - there was no reason for you to be riding the escalator backwards as I walked the stairs. What's your story, sir?

When: Wednesday, June, 08 2016

Where: Skytrain heading downtown

Oakridge Mall - BC Cancer Donation Collector

This is a long shot; but today around 5 pm I walked out of the Skytrain station at Oakridge mall and was stopped by your co-working for a donation. I was feeling generous so decided to contribute. I had a smoke with your coworker while you sat on the bench hitting your vaporizer. You handed me a pen as a gift for donating. I was way too nervous to ask you out - hoping you read this. If you do - coffee? tea? drink?

When: Tuesday, May, 17 2016

Where: Oakridge Mall - Canada Line skytrain station entrance

Wednesday Night Waiting

@ Columbia waiting for the skytrain to King George, you got off at Gateway you were wearing some nice nike air max and had a few tattoos. You bumped in to someone as you were leaving. Hope you have a lovely day, if you see this stranger!

When: Wednesday, May, 11 2016

Where: Columbia Skytrain

You parked your car at Commercial Station!

well loooong shot but here goes! You the geeky Asian girl who parked your car outside the commercial Skytrain station this Saturday around 6:30pm. You were in black yoga pants, holding a bag from Artiza I think, long amazing hair, rockin body, and trendy rectangular eyeglasses. I was coming in the same train but you really caught my attention when you looked back at me while waiting for the light so you could cross the street. I didn’t meant to scare you when I pressed the button again, you left almost running to your car but I saw your charming smile a quarter second before you start running! Haven’t stopped thinking about you since. Hopefully you see this and say Hiii. Probably a long shot but who knows.

When: Saturday, April, 16 2016

Where: Commercial Station (from Dt)


Woman wearing glasses dressed in brown and black who departed skytrain at Metrotown. You have a lovely smile (and a purse with gold chains). Coffee sometime?

When: Sunday, April, 10 2016

Where: metrotown skytrain

Pretty boy in a blue ball cap

We both got on the skytrain at Burrard. we were both standing facing eachother, we locked eyes and I smiled at you. I was hoping you would get off at my stop so I could get your number but you got off at Stadium. I hope you see this so I don't miss the chance to see you again.

When: Tuesday, April, 05 2016

Where: Skytrain travels

Skytrain facepalm

You asked me directions on how to get to the seabus and I told two different ways you could take. The train you ended up taking was the extra 5 min ride but no transfers. As you were getting on the train we both looked at each other smiled and waved goodbye anyway I really should have continued a conversation with you and asked for your number because you have the most beautiful blue eyes and amazing smile! If for some cosmic luck of a chance you see this I would like nothing more than to take you out to dinner

When: Friday, March, 25 2016

Where: lougheed

Back seat Skytrain from Sapperton to Columbia

I was already seated at the back corner seat on the Millenium Skytrain. I was the Asian guy with a navy blue fedora, long olive trench and blue backpack. You came on the train at Sapperton. I looked up at as you walked in. You smiled at me. I darted my eyes away. You sat across from me at the adjacent back corner seat. You had dark back-combed hair, black sweater, blue jeans and a turquoise unworn jacket with bright red-purple plaid lining. You had pale skin that contrasted your hair, but with rosy cheeks. I got off at Columbia.You looked up at me as I left. Maybe we can meet again sometime.

When: Tuesday, March, 01 2016

Where: Millenium Skytrain: Between Sapperton & Columbia

Royal Oak Blooper...

I leapt back onto the skytrain just in time as I realized my mistake and ended up standing next to you. Only later did I wonder if you might have been flirting? It was an easy chat and we both have a similar safety dress sense, lol - coffee?

When: Thursday, February, 18 2016

Where: Edmonds station

Skytrain - Scott Rd - Columbia

You walked onto the Skytrain at Scott Rd wearing a brown leather jacket, jeans and brown boots. I think you were wearing Mavi jeans as they looked Mavilous on you! Your unique hair had more curls than a weekend Bonspiel. Train was packed but when I caught a glimpse of your face I said to myself.....this girl knows how to put it all together. Well done!

When: Wednesday, February, 17 2016


Cute and compassionate nurse

I saw you at production station: long brown hair with bangs, dark pink scrubs, a teal stethoscope in a pocket. You took a few steps off the train then sprinted to the end of the platform where a man was lying flat on his face. You crouched down and began talking to him. Curious, I came over and heard you speaking to him so kindly. The man was very drunk and asking you for smokes but you continued to make sure he was OK and speak to him with respect which is so rare. He made a joke and you smiled a beautiful smile, suggested he sit up on a bench, then left to find a skytrain worker. Let me buy you a coffee sometime?

When: Thursday, February, 11 2016

Where: Production Way skytrain station

Upset at Gilmore

You were quite distraught outside the skytrain station and I gave you a shoulder to cry on. What happened that day seemed to be the icing on a rather bitter cake that you'd been served the past 6 months. If you need someone help restore your faith in humanity or just an open ear to feel comfortable around, I can do that. You seem like you could do with some more good folks in your life.

When: Sunday, January, 31 2016

Where: Gilmore skytrain station

Skytrain new years eve

Skytrain to king George 1am- you sat next to me then broke down in tears our eyes met and you put your head on my shoulder a minute passed you looked at me again as if to ask if it's OK an d I gestured to my shoulder and said something to the effect of 'everything that happens before now was last year, you have a brand new one ahead of you' just wanted to thank you for making my evening.

When: Friday, January, 01 2016

Where: Skytrain to king George


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