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E.g., Dec 1 2015

Suffragette seeking Hatted Gentleman in New West

On election night we crossed paths at a skytrain station - you were dashing in your coat and hat, and wanted to know why I was dressed as a suffragette... I remain impressed you recognized me as a suffragette, and am wondering if you'd like to step out in style for a coffee?

When: Monday, October, 19 2015

Where: Bus loop at a skytrain station in New Westminster

Commercial Exchange

You were getting off the skytrain at Commercial with a guy that was special needs. You flashed me the most genuine smile as you were getting off.

When: Wednesday, September, 16 2015

Where: Commercial Station

VCC Skytrain - black hoodie great smile

You - black hoodie, headphones, jeans - smiled at me - black everything, tattoos - after a couple sideways glances on the VCC Skytrain tonight. Just wanted to say, it's a hell of a smile.

When: Thursday, September, 17 2015

Where: VCC Skytrain

Isabella (?) From the Ferry to Vancouver

I was covered in mud and had just finished the West Coast Trail. You struck up a conversation and we chatted about hiking and life from Tawassen until Broadway City-Hall where I wimped out and got off the skytrain without giving you my number (my phone was broken). If you want to grab a beer sometime or go for a hike, I'd love that.

When: Friday, September, 04 2015

Where: Canada Line

Vancouver city centre skytrain - We had the same shoes

We were waiting for the skytrain, both wearing the same shoes and you smiled me and said cool shoes, and we joked about how mine were cleaner! The train came and I sat down, but you stood. We smiled at each other a lot and you got off after one stop, I wanted to introduce myself and give you my number! Hopefully you read this :)

When: Sunday, August, 30 2015

Where: Vancouver City centre skytrain stop

We both went from the ferries to Bridgeport

We both got on the 275 express bus to Vancouver from horseshoe bay-- it was packed. You were wearing a beige sleeveless shirt with jean shorts. You were talking to some older men about something. You were reading a book, and you had your hair in a ponytail. We made eye contact a few times. I had dark hair and glasses, and I was wearing an orange t-shirt. We got off at the same stop to take the skytrain and then we both got off at Bridgeport. I was going to leave you my number but I didn't have a pen or paper. I found you to be really beautiful, and I felt like we had a non-verbal connection.

When: Monday, August, 10 2015

Where: Horseshoe bay

Hottie on Bus 025

I rarely see someone I find attractive but saw you and couldn't stop stealing glances at you. We were on the same bus and then the same skytrain. You were in a grey tee, jean shorts. Tanned skin. I was blond, Asian.

When: Saturday, August, 08 2015

Where: Bus 025

We talked about the time I got a makeover with coloured chalk

You: a beautiful blonde cosmetology student (I'm guessing on the cosmetology student thing) with your classmates Me: a brown-haired bearded guy with my coworker We were on the skytrain heading out from downtown - I think you got on at Granville. You overheard me telling my coworker a story about the time I got a makeover from a girl at a party using coloured chalk, and you joined in the conversation. You asked if I was still engaged to the girl in the story or if we had married, and I told you no we weren't together anymore. I was way too dense at the time to realize that might have meant you were interested - it didn't occur to me at all until long after I got off the train in New Westminster. If you see this I'd love to get in touch!

When: Thursday, August, 06 2015

Where: On the Skytrain

Skytrain to Downtown // Erosion Papers

Wednesday afternoon on the skytrain from commercial to downtown. You are a small, blonde girl with a red bag and papers on soil erosion, snapchatting selfies. I'm a dirty-blonde guy in a black jacket with a backpack on. We sat across from each other. You're super pretty. Coffee?

When: Wednesday, August, 05 2015


Bobby come back!

At Braid Skytrain Station, I was waiting to be picked up. You skateboarded passed me and made eye contact with me the whole time. You returned a couple of minutes later to introduce yourself as Bobby, and to tell me that you thought I was stunning. I gave you a hug and you left. I regret not giving you my phone number! Please find me!

When: Monday, August, 03 2015

Where: Braid Skytrain Station

My crush in the skytrain

Yesterday around 12:45 pm. I got on the skytrain at 29 Avenue Station and I sat next to a very handsome guy. He was tall and with tattoos in both of his wrists, he looks white and had his long brown hair tied in the back of his head. He left the skytrain at the Stadium-Chinatown Station and I regret not having say hello to him because he looked like a very nice person. If you are reading this, please contact me. Would be great to meet you!

When: Monday, July, 27 2015

Where: Expoline Skytrain to Waterfront

Clap Your Hands

We were both at the CYHSY show at the Electric Owl. We got on the same skytrain home. As I left the train at Commercial Drive our eyes met and I smiled at you, and you smiled a big beautiful smile back... through the window I motioned for you to get off the train and join me, but you didn't move. Maybe you were just nervous, maybe you weren't interested, this message is in case you were...

When: Saturday, July, 18 2015

Where: Commercial Drive

Skytrain from waterfront

You: Curly dark brown hair and brown eyes, unshaven, white beats headphones, greenish shirt, converse runners. Me: longish dark brown wavy hair, green eyes, black sweater over a blue tank top, listening to earbuds. I noticed you waiting for the Seabus at Lonsdale Quay at the south doors, I was standing right behind you. You didn't sit near me but I was happy to find that you were on the same skytrain as me headed towards King George. You stood by the door and I was sitting, our eyes met a few times above the crowd. You got off at Broadway station, our eyes met again as you were leaving the train and it felt like something passed between us. If it had been less crowded maybe I would have been brave enough to say hello, but you were gone before I had the chance. I'd love to get a chance to try again

When: Saturday, July, 11 2015

Where: Skytrain from waterfront to broadway

Pretty Asian girl shopaholic

You here on the Skytrain and I got up and you took my seat but then got up to let someone else sit and then finally sat again a little further back just before I got off at Broadway sta. You had a shopaholic black bag and you had a back pack on. You took my breath away. We caught glances a few times but I was wearing sunglasses. I had a light blue shirt on with some tattoo's

When: Thursday, July, 09 2015

Where: on the westbound skytrain

Skytrain - Commercial to Granville

I got on the skytrain at Commercial. You were sitting at the very back on the ledge drinking your coffee. We kept looking at each other and you knocked my leg by accident. I should have said hi. I got off at Granville and you waved goodbye.

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Skytrain - Commercial to Granville

U asked me to go sit with u&ya cousin

We met eyes numerous times and I got your name (Dave )but didn't introduce myself. I wanted to swap numbers but hoped you would be on the skytrain or in Victory square in a cpl days n I'll see you again when I visit my uncle there tomorrow.

When: Thursday, June, 25 2015

Where: Victory Square

Gorgeous Brunette in Yaletown

Our eyes locked as we crossed paths near the Yaletown skytrain station. You have such a beautiful smile. I was the tall guy in blue. I was a perfect opportunity to say 'hello'...I guess I'm out of practice! Here's hoping for a second chance. :-) I'd love to meet you sometime.

When: Monday, May, 18 2015

Where: Mainland at Davie

We exchanged smiles on the skytrain

I saw you at Granville skytrain station where we both got on the same train. You were with a friend, and when he got off we exchanged at least three smiles before you got off at 22nd st skytrain. I wanted to give you my number, but I hesitated. I was wearing navy blue skull leggings, red lipstick and have Brown hair.

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: Granville skytrain station

Skytrain ConTroll

We were both heading eastbound on the Skytrain at rush hour Monday evening. You got off at New West. I offered you my seat, but you smiled and said you'd prefer to stand, as you'd been sitting at a desk all day. I was intrigued by your floral neck tattoo, purple highlights, the troll doll key chain hanging from your pocket, and the Pallbearer album bleeding from your headphones. Wanna hit up Scrape and grab a beer sometime?

When: Monday, March, 23 2015

Where: Eastbound Skytrain

Attractive Caucasian Blonde Teacher Recently Graduated From SFU

Hey! Dunno if you'd ever read this but.. I guess I should give this a shot. You were a cute blonde with short hair sitting across from me on the skytrain and got on at New West at 11ish? You had a fundraiser at the Met and you were wearing a green polo and light blue rain jacket. We had a brief conversation about what we both did and I am such an idiot and really wanted to give you my number. You said your name was Patrick. If you're single and you want to reconnect, I'm the Asian with the dark green jacket and shoulder length black hair. Send me a message!

When: Saturday, March, 14 2015

Where: New Westminister Skytrain

Sebastian from Halifax with your bike on the Skytrain

You got on the Skytrain at Main Street (Friday, March 6th). We talked until arriving at Commercial, where I got off. I gave you my CD so you could contact me. I just found out that one of the email addresses linked to my website hasn't been properly forwarding. If you wrote me and I didn't write back, please write me here. I'd still love to show you around.

When: Friday, March, 06 2015

Where: Skytrain between Main and Commercial

Asian guy on the skytrain

I got on the skytrain from edmonds station and I sat in front of you and you smiled at me. I accidentally kicked your shoes, we looked and smiled at each other. All I remember is you looked filipino and you were wearing a black jacket with brown shoes and you got off at Metrotown station. I'm that asian girl with blonde ombre wearing a black jacket and white scarf. I hope you see this. I think you're really cute.

When: Sunday, January, 04 2015

Where: Burnaby

Dazzling Smile in Yaletown

I was sitting in my car at a red light on Davie at about 530, just minding my own business. You crossed the street in front of me, looked over, and gave me the most dazzling smile I've seen in ... well as long as I can remember. You: long straight black hair, asian (maybe Phillipina), wearing black tights. Me: Driving black car, wearing ball cap, and probably looking a bit dazed. You threw something away in front of the skytrain station, and started walking up Davie. I drove off to do something that seems totally unimportant now. Would like to see that smile again. Hopefully talk to you this time. Make you laugh. Maybe take you out dancing ;)

When: Sunday, December, 14 2014

Where: Davie and Mainland

Sexy Boy On The Train

We were both on the skytrain heading towards East Van around 3:30 on Friday. I was standing holding onto the pole and you were sitting closest to the window across from me. We both kept looking over at each other and smiling. You have the sexiest smile I have ever seen! Every time you looked at me I got the most intense butterflies. You were wearing a camo-print hat, had dark hair...wish I could remember more but I was too busy staring at your face! I had my hair up in a bun, was wearing a black dress and jacket. I got off at Commercial/Broadway and looked back once more, you did too. I want to see you again!

When: Friday, November, 21 2014

Where: Eastbound Skytrain

King George skytrain

You were a tall, slim young man wearing a plaid shirt. I was a brunette wearing my hair in braids with a black hat, and a green coat. You sat across from me on the skytrain. You got off the train at new Westminster I think. We made eye contact a few times and we smiled. Honestly you made my heart beat faster each time you looked at me. You seemed slightly nervous before you got off at your stop. Before you walked out the doors, you turned back to look at me one last time and I wish we could've had a conversation or something.

When: Saturday, November, 22 2014

Where: Skytrain


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