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E.g., Mar 26 2015

Skytrain ConTroll

We were both heading eastbound on the Skytrain at rush hour Monday evening. You got off at New West. I offered you my seat, but you smiled and said you'd prefer to stand, as you'd been sitting at a desk all day. I was intrigued by your floral neck tattoo, purple highlights, the troll doll key chain hanging from your pocket, and the Pallbearer album bleeding from your headphones. Wanna hit up Scrape and grab a beer sometime?

When: Monday, March, 23 2015

Where: Eastbound Skytrain

Attractive Caucasian Blonde Teacher Recently Graduated From SFU

Hey! Dunno if you'd ever read this but.. I guess I should give this a shot. You were a cute blonde with short hair sitting across from me on the skytrain and got on at New West at 11ish? You had a fundraiser at the Met and you were wearing a green polo and light blue rain jacket. We had a brief conversation about what we both did and I am such an idiot and really wanted to give you my number. You said your name was Patrick. If you're single and you want to reconnect, I'm the Asian with the dark green jacket and shoulder length black hair. Send me a message!

When: Saturday, March, 14 2015

Where: New Westminister Skytrain

Sebastian from Halifax with your bike on the Skytrain

You got on the Skytrain at Main Street (Friday, March 6th). We talked until arriving at Commercial, where I got off. I gave you my CD so you could contact me. I just found out that one of the email addresses linked to my website hasn't been properly forwarding. If you wrote me and I didn't write back, please write me here. I'd still love to show you around.

When: Friday, March, 06 2015

Where: Skytrain between Main and Commercial

Asian guy on the skytrain

I got on the skytrain from edmonds station and I sat in front of you and you smiled at me. I accidentally kicked your shoes, we looked and smiled at each other. All I remember is you looked filipino and you were wearing a black jacket with brown shoes and you got off at Metrotown station. I'm that asian girl with blonde ombre wearing a black jacket and white scarf. I hope you see this. I think you're really cute.

When: Sunday, January, 04 2015

Where: Burnaby

Dazzling Smile in Yaletown

I was sitting in my car at a red light on Davie at about 530, just minding my own business. You crossed the street in front of me, looked over, and gave me the most dazzling smile I've seen in ... well as long as I can remember. You: long straight black hair, asian (maybe Phillipina), wearing black tights. Me: Driving black car, wearing ball cap, and probably looking a bit dazed. You threw something away in front of the skytrain station, and started walking up Davie. I drove off to do something that seems totally unimportant now. Would like to see that smile again. Hopefully talk to you this time. Make you laugh. Maybe take you out dancing ;)

When: Sunday, December, 14 2014

Where: Davie and Mainland

Sexy Boy On The Train

We were both on the skytrain heading towards East Van around 3:30 on Friday. I was standing holding onto the pole and you were sitting closest to the window across from me. We both kept looking over at each other and smiling. You have the sexiest smile I have ever seen! Every time you looked at me I got the most intense butterflies. You were wearing a camo-print hat, had dark hair...wish I could remember more but I was too busy staring at your face! I had my hair up in a bun, was wearing a black dress and jacket. I got off at Commercial/Broadway and looked back once more, you did too. I want to see you again!

When: Friday, November, 21 2014

Where: Eastbound Skytrain

King George skytrain

You were a tall, slim young man wearing a plaid shirt. I was a brunette wearing my hair in braids with a black hat, and a green coat. You sat across from me on the skytrain. You got off the train at new Westminster I think. We made eye contact a few times and we smiled. Honestly you made my heart beat faster each time you looked at me. You seemed slightly nervous before you got off at your stop. Before you walked out the doors, you turned back to look at me one last time and I wish we could've had a conversation or something.

When: Saturday, November, 22 2014

Where: Skytrain

Curly haired girl in the bright blue jacket on the train

Heading back towards Coquitlam on the skytrain late Saturday night. You had curly brown hair and a bright blue jacket and we smiled at each other a bunch of times. You got off at Production Way and I cursed myself for not having struck up a conversation.

When: Saturday, November, 15 2014

Where: Skytrain in burnaby

Skytrain to commercial

Today we both stood opposite each other on the skytrain, it was around 5.10pm. You are of Asian decent, you were wearing a long navy blue coat, beats ear buds and tall waterproof boots with furr on them. We did catch each other's eye a couple of times but I think we were to afraid to say hi. You got of at commercial.

When: Thursday, October, 23 2014

Where: Skytrain to commercial

"I swear I'm not following you"

We were on the skytrain together for a little bit and we got off at marine drive station together. We both crossed the street and you went to a car and looked at me and said "I swear I'm not following you" and I thought it was pretty cute because well I think you're cute.

When: Sunday, October, 19 2014

Where: Marine drive station.

Excellent Manners

To the young man in the green sweater and brown shoes, carrying a black backpack: Tonight on the Skytrain toward King George between 8:30 and 9 it was really crowded, and you could have sat the whole time but you gave up your seat not once but twice to the seniors coming aboard. You even insisted one man take your seat as you stood sardined by the doors. I was and still am very impressed by you. So rarely do I see such chivalry and all around common courtesy in this town. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity, even just for tonight. I was the woman with the red scarf and denim blazer, sitting not too far from you. If not for the huge age difference between us, I would ask you out at the drop of a hat! Stay classy, and you will go far. Thank you again for being one of the good ones out there.

When: Wednesday, October, 01 2014

Where: Skytrain

Amazing Smile and Impeccably Dressed

I noticed you with the light brown hair at the Nanaimo Skytrain Station when both of us looked at the time the 25 Brentwood Bus was suppose to leave. As well I smiled at you when you entered the bus and passed me and you reciprocated. Now lets take this time to introduce each other. I am sure you remember me. Coffee at a great European Cafe?

When: Saturday, September, 13 2014


Blonde hair girl name Natasha

We met on a skytrain and I asked if you taught English in Korea.We got off at commercial drive station.You were awesome.Really wish we can get to know each other more over the coffee

When: Wednesday, August, 20 2014

Where: commercial station

Handsome Cyclist Almost Brushed By a Bus Heading to Waterfront Station

We were both heading to Waterfront Station and stopped at a light on Granville and West Cordova. You were on your bike looking handsome and smiling with a nose ring. I was in a long dress and had red hair and yoga bag over my shoulder. A bus turned right and barely squeezed by you, to which I said, "That was close!" We both went to Waterfront and exchanged a few glances and smiles. I headed to the SkyTrain and you were going toward the SeaBus. I felt energetically drawn to you and wish I had worked up the courage to have a conversation but I was too shy! Coffee?

When: Thursday, August, 21 2014

Where: Waterfront Station

Cute Cheetah

I, vibrant red nike shirt, was just on the skytrain with my buddy. You, beautiful exotic with cheeatah top and white jeans, hopped on and got off I think at lougheed? Taking my breath and air out of the car. I don't know if we have anything in common, but would love to find out over a drink sometime if you see this.

When: Thursday, August, 07 2014

Where: Leaving lougheed skytrain stn.

Skytrain Attendant

Greg or Craig, I can't remember your name. You are a "dirty" blonde who was wearing the Skytrain attendants uniform. I was wearing a purple dress with bright orange hair. We chatted for a bit and I just want you to know you made my night. I was having a horrible, stressful, long day and your compliments made the ending so much better. Thank you.

When: Monday, July, 07 2014

Where: Lansdowne skytrain

Riding the 97 B-Line from Coquitlam Centre to Lougheed Skytrain Station

Tuesday, June 17 @ 12 noon: Our eyes have met even before you got on the bus at the station across Coquitlam Centre. Then you sat across from me and we kept looking at each other. At first, I thought it was because we've met before, but I would have definitely remembered you. We both got off at Lougheed Skytrain Station, but quickly ran in different directions. If you know who I am, please write back :-)

When: Tuesday, June, 17 2014

Where: Coquitlam Centre

Commercial to Granville STN

You: Green hoodie, blue jeans, brown shoes. Me: black top, green skirt, weird sandals, sitting awkwardly on the skytrain with a backpack. We both got on at Commercial station, you got off at Granville. We shared a few sly smiles with some intense eye contact, but you got off the train before I could work up the courage to come talk to you. Would love to gaze into those blue eyes again sometime, over a drink maybe?

When: Tuesday, May, 20 2014

Where: Commercial STn

7am walk to work, shared smiles

I have no idea how long we've been passing each other on our friday morning commutes but the past few weeks we've exchanged smiles and a few good mornings while I'm dreaming of my first cup of coffee at 7am. Last week we shared a second look at the burrard st skytrain station. I'd rather not wait for another week to see that lovely smile again. It would be lovely to share a cup or two of coffee some time.

When: Saturday, May, 17 2014

Where: Burrard St

danza italiana

I Saw You... Today around 2:30 pm at the Granville Street Skytrain Station. We danced out of each other's paths, laughing. My heart actually flipped and fluttered. You turned back to ask me if I'm from Italy. Come sei bello! Mmmmmm...

When: Tuesday, May, 06 2014

Where: Granville Street Skytrain

Donald's Market, Falconetti's, Easy Dinners & Burlesque

I was shopping at Donald's on the drive and saw you when you entered to the store. Your beautiful face and amazing eyes captured me right away. Then we had a small but fun conversation about Falconetti's, quick meals and burlesque at the cash register line up. I was hoping that you were coming my way (to the north side) after I left but I realized you walked towards to skytrain. I wish we can have a beer or glass of wine somewhere some day. I'm hoping that you will read this!

When: Tuesday, April, 29 2014

Where: Donald's Market on Commercial

Cutie with the foot deer tattoo

We chatted on the skytrain last Friday but jumped off at my stop without getting your number. Let's grab a drink...

When: Friday, April, 25 2014

Where: Canada line skytrain

Cute Blonde on Joyce Skytrain @12:50pm

Cute blonde, we made eye contact as the skytrain pulled in at Commercial, and got on together and I sat down. I got off at Joyce and we shared a smile that seemed to confirm some attraction. I kinda wish you ran after me - why should guys have to do all the work? ;) I hope you look for me here too, I'm curious about you.

When: Wednesday, April, 23 2014

Where: Skytrain: Commercial -> Joyce

Sarah with not that big of a purse.

You moved your purse for me on the skytrain. I said it was a big purse and you said it wasn't that big. I was on my way home from a sober dance and you were on your way to drink beer. I was quite charmed by our conversation, and you have very pretty green eyes. If you dont hold sobriety against me, I'd love to charm you soberly again.

When: Friday, April, 18 2014

Where: last skytrain


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