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E.g., Feb 27 2017

Wicked Game

Our eyes caught a few times, the last time as you crammed into a cab with all your friends,some Sunday a few months back. You were wearing a red shirt I think. I can't remember what I sang, probably Heart. Keep thinking about you. You're kind of scruffy, it's just right. You sang Wicked Game, it was dreamy.

When: Saturday, February, 25 2017

Where: Princeton Pub

Tall, dark and handsome Lululemon Dt QT

To the tall, dark haired guy working at the checkout counter at the Lululemon downtown today (Saturday), you are super handsome! Great eyebrows and a sweet smile. We locked eyes a few times as I was strolling through the store - I had a brown leather bag, dark grey coat, and long, dark brown hair. I think that you were wearing plaid? Just thought that someone should tell you that you're very attractive and seem like a good person, too :)

When: Saturday, February, 25 2017

Where: Lululemon downtown

Winking and Driving

Your navy coloured vehicle's license plate started DXO and you kept pace with me along the Kingsway for something like 20 blocks. All the while flirting, smiling and waving at every red light. At one point you motioned for me to join you at the roadside. I had to get to work, and did not. What if?

When: Friday, February, 24 2017

Where: Along the Kingsway

Magic Mike

I was sitting on the sidewalk, my spare wheel laying beside me staring at my flat tire when you appeared out of the dark, a knight in shining rip stop nylon outer apparel. Asking if I could use your help, I felt a surge of rejoice as my long day of work was making it a monumental task to just change my flat. You were kind and funny, so incredibly sexy and your accent Mmmm, as you helped me figure out the complicated workings of fine European design of my Audi's wheel changing apparatus I was smitten and undressing you with my eyes. Mike we successfully changed a flat together imagine what else we could accomplish!!! I gave you a juice from the place I work, come see me there :)

When: Monday, February, 20 2017

Where: 2nd and Manitoba

Hottie in Dodge 2500 on Swartz to tsawwassen ferry

I've never done anything like this before, but I feel like an idiot for not trying to chat with you. 7pm ferry, you were beside me in the lineup. We smiled at each other a few times... Lost each other when unloading, and I could be wrong but I swear I saw you pull off on marine drive in Vancouver. You're crazy handsome, and hopefully you see this. If so, let me know what I was driving and what color my hair is.

When: Tuesday, February, 21 2017

Where: Swartz bay ferry to Tsawwassen

Tall and handsome police man

I was leaving Roxy cabaret and i saw you standing by the door, I thought you were very handsome so I ask if I could take a pic with you, you just said "Im shy"... and of course you were working, my cousins take us a pic and we left, im going back to Mexico on February 28, and I will like to have the opportunity to have a coffe with you...

When: Sunday, February, 19 2017

Where: Rosy cabaret

ice cream delivery dude at peoples prom

hey, you have a nice smile and you dance cute. thanks for hanging out and being a sweet surprise valentines date. i'm sorry i put your number in my phone wrong. hope to run into you again.

When: Tuesday, February, 14 2017

Where: Peoples Prom

The Yale Saturday

To the god of a man overshadowing every guy in the room with his height and amazing tall athletic body, I was way too shy to approach you but I'd absolutely love to get your number. I think you were wearing a dark shirt with little (red?) speckles on it. You've also got dark hair. I doubt you noticed me but I was wearing a blue dress and I have some long blonde hair. This guy didn't strike me as the type of person to read these but if you know anyone that matches the description feel free to help a girl out.

When: Saturday, February, 18 2017

Where: The Yale

The Pint before the hockey game

You and a friend were sitting at a table beside my friend and I having a few prior to the game. I am the blond lady... you made a remark as I passed by of 'looking good'... And who doesn't like to hear that? LOL. You asked if you could buy us a drink at the rink. Regret not taking you up on your offer. Do over?

When: Sunday, February, 19 2017

Where: The Pint Vancouver

bus stop @Cordova and Seymour

I was at the bus stop and you seem to just been out of a bar, you were with a male friend and you both were very drunk, you approached me and ask where I was from, when I said Mexico, you start to say that you had been to Guadalajara and you eat guacamole, I thought you were very cute but you were too drunk, so I get nervous, coffee maybe?

When: Friday, January, 20 2017

Where: bus stop Cordova and Seymour

white spot restaurant @ homer street

You were sitting in a single boot and I was facing you, I was with a girlfriend but can not take my eyes off of you, I noted that you were giving me the eye as well, I wanted to send you my phone with a waitress but I get cold feet, you were wearing a pink polo shirt (maybe red), I hope you see this, you look very handsome and nice :)

When: Friday, January, 20 2017

Where: whitespot restaurant @homer street

Harry Shum Jr.-lookalike chasing toddler through aisles of Shoppers Drug Mart

I couldn't not notice you chasing a curly-haired toddler through the aisles of the Shoppers Drug Mart at Granville and 13th. You seemed to be helping the kid's parents as they shopped and having fun while doing so. You shyly offered up a few apologetic smiles when you scrambled by, dodging other customers, and trying to keep up with your energetic kiddo friend. He was definitely having a good time. In addition to being impressed with your child minding skills, was immediately struck by my attraction to you. You were a slender asian man in a baseball cap and possibly leather shoes. Maybe late 20's to early 30's? Beyond being incredibly handsome, your face seemed really kind, too. My friend mistook you for the actor Harry Shum Jr from Glee, though a second glance said probably not. Maybe the baseball cap look had you giving off celebrity vibes. And me? I was the young asian woman wearing a dark knee-length coat, purple hood, and short rainboots. I was shopping with a friend. Let me know if you noticed me too. Maybe we can chill with your kid friend at a park or meet up for some other kind of city adventure on our own.

When: Thursday, February, 09 2017

Where: Shoppers Drug Mart, Granville + W 13th

99 BLine - YOU: blackhatted, redhead, charming eavesdropper

Boarding the 99BLine at Commercial/Broadway this morning just after 11am, my friend and I were the last to scramble on because I was loading my bike. You were sitting in the articulated-hips section of the bus, and as we walked past you, I was laughing and said something to my friend about how I wasn't *that* hungover. You said something complimentary and I told you how much nicer you are than my friend, and then I commended you for such a lovely black and grey hat. Sadly you got off well before the end of the line -- clearly I was hungover enough that my reaction time was tooooo slooooow to ask you for your number. Want to go somewhere and eavesdrop together? I like your chutzpah. [Me: black jacket + toque, grey tights, clunky snowboots, hangover glasses]

When: Wednesday, February, 08 2017

Where: 99 BLine Westbound, Commerical Broadway station

Bear Sized Bouncer

I think I've seen you a few times at the Rio. You might be security for venue shows? You have long hair, often wear curb stomper boots and your built like a damn mountain. Hello, greetings, this is just a message to let you know you're so handsome. Last time I saw you was Hari Kondabolu's show. I wanted to get up and say hi to you walking up and down the aisle in front of the stage but I couldn't think of anything witty to say beyond the strong need to climb you like a tree.

When: Saturday, December, 03 2016

Where: Rio Theatre

Sample server at Vij's restaurant (Cambie)

You were a sample server at the Vij's restaurant in the lounge area. Around 5,8, black curly hair, olive skin and a beautiful accent. I was in a white sweater, 5,7, blond curly hair and blue eyes. We exchanged glances many times and you came to my table more often then the others. We both went home in the same direction but I never got the courage to talk to you. Would love to see you again some time and maybe go out for a coffee.

When: Friday, February, 03 2017

Where: Vij's restaurant on Cambie

Jogging in the snow

I saw you Feb 4th, you were jogging with your friend, it was snowing. You gave me a huge smile, then smiled and clapped your hands at my dog. Would love to see that smile again....

When: Saturday, February, 04 2017

Where: Coopers Park Seawall

#9 Guy With Nice Smile

I was the redhead in glasses and ripped jeans who got on the 9 at Glen. I noticed you sitting by the back door and I mmediately thought you were cute. Think you got off near Kingsway. We locked eyes and you smiled at me. I would've gotten off and said hi but I had to meet someone. Meet for coffee?

When: Tuesday, January, 31 2017

Where: #9 Bus

Urban Lumberjack on #4 UBC

We were on the bus Friday morning, you got on around hawks ave. you were wearing a red plaid, black jeans and blundstones and had a leather briefcase. I was wearing workout clothes, a grey sweater and black jacket. You got up to change seats and sat next to me but I was too nervous to say hi. I'd love to grab a beer with you.

When: Friday, January, 27 2017

Where: #4 UBC bus

Vinyl wielding bearded babe at JJ Bean on the drive

Me: Tall, blonde with Penny Lane jacket sitting in the corner window at JJ Bean on the drive. You: Tall, bearded, wearing red plaid and holding a vinyl. The vinyl caught my attention first but the person holding it sealed the deal. Show me yours I'll show you mine? Vinyl collection I mean...

When: Saturday, January, 21 2017

Where: JJ Bean Commercial Drive

I saw you roma the tomato paste aisle

I saw you at Buy Low Foods on kingsway and my cheeks turned into cherry tomatoes when we were both looking for tomato paste. Then I waved as you biked by afterwards while I was waiting for the bus. Was it hot house in there or were we flirting?

When: Wednesday, January, 25 2017

Where: Buy Low Foods on Kingsway

On the C7 Metrotown bus

You: driver, me: passenger. You gave me hope and a lot of laughs. Sorry that day I was depressed and I couldn't talk much. I hope you will give me a chance to see each other again.

When: Wednesday, January, 18 2017

Where: Between Edmonds stn and Metrotown

Harrison Hot Springs hotel lobby

You: Tall dark handsome man chatting in the lobby with your company sitting. you stop chatting and immediately stare directly at me as I am walking down pass the lobby desk, you couldn't keep your eyes off of me. Me: Red head with hair up walking with my adult daughter and adult son through the lobby area noticing you looking at me You: not leaving my eyes Me: looking at you and thinking i know you or i want to know you. I look to see who you are with, if you are with a lady or not. i hope to hear from you. I wish i stopped and said hi :( i can't keep you off my mind!

When: Sunday, January, 22 2017

Where: Harrison Hot Springs hotel lobby

Skytrain to Waterfront Station

You - tall, cute, well dressed, glasses, brown boots. Me - blonde hair, bangs, green glasses, bundled up. We both got on at Main Street Skytrain Station and shared a few glances back and forth until I got off at Burrard. I turned back and smiled at you before I left... hopefully, I'll bump into you again on our morning commute :)

When: Tuesday, January, 24 2017

Where: Main Street–Science World station

Grouse Mt Gondola

Hi "just a person", aka not a ski instructor ;) Something inside is telling me you aren't just your average run of the mill person. There's something about you that intrigues me. I couldn't help but look through your bus window, as I walked by, wondering who you are. You looked at me too. Then we both did that thing and turned around and looked at each other again. You have a cute little gap between your front teeth and nice blue eyes and I think you had a kiwi accent. I hope you see this ad and respond. I'd like to meet up and learn more about you.

When: Sunday, January, 22 2017

Where: Grouse Mountain Gondola

Burner at the Squamish Gas Station

You asked me what I was famous for at Burning Man. I asked you what you would do if you create anything in your life inspired by the festival what it would be. We talked about graduation, and community, and how it is the first two go when the going gets tough. You told me you teach kids how to build lego robotics. I told you I teach kids how to ride horses and get woken up in the night by avalanches. And then I lost my nerve, and got in my car and drove away. Then I decided that was stupid, and turned around and looped back, but you were already gone. Want to continue that conversation somewhere that is not a gas station parking lot?

When: Saturday, January, 21 2017

Where: Squamish


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