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E.g., Jun 24 2017

Businessman In Blue

I saw you at the Fairmont Hotel Airport lounge June 22 from 7 to 9pm. You were wearing a blue suit with funky sox and brown dress shoes... but there was something more about you that peaked my interest. I am the blonde blue eyed woman you and your friend sat right in front of. You both ordered beer and a light meal. I have no idea where you are from or where you were going, but I wanted you to take me with you... hopefully one day. I never write these 'I Saw You' posts, but it's worth a shot.

When: Thursday, June, 22 2017

Where: Fairmont Hotel Airport Lounge

Quality LUSH Honey (ft. Crusty Clark)

I texted the 250 bus for you and we got to talking about the stupidity of the transit referendum. Once we established that Christy was cunning (and also pure evil) we moved on to electoral reform, "bougie Greens", Trump + American roadtrips, and so much more in the 15 minutes before our busses arrived simultaneously. We'd make great politics pals, A! I told you where I work and to drop by... I hope you do -- J

When: Thursday, June, 22 2017

Where: Busstop to North Shore at Georgia & Denman

Dreadlocks, killer smile, blue shirt on Hamilton St...

I think we might be neighbours...I see you here and there...when I do I always regret not saying hello. You were following behind my friend and I on Hamilton - we did a few dbl takes as you were crossing the street. I was trying to be cool & continue my conversation with my friend but my eyes and thoughts were on you. We should say hello next time ... could be interesting.

When: Friday, June, 16 2017

Where: Hamilton Street off Robson

Beer Tasting Event at Glowbal

Your name is Tristan and you were wearing plaid. I sat down at your table and introduced myself but then got moved to another table. I tried to catch your eye during dinner but wish I would have come and said hi before leaving. I think you're cute.

When: Tuesday, June, 06 2017

Where: Glowbal Restaurant

Motorcycle Guy heading towards Denman Street

You were riding in front of me on your motorcycle, heading east on Barclay towards Denman Street. I was on my bike and you kept turning around to try and chat but we were getting too close to the Denman traffic. If you read this, let me know what shirt you were wearing and the colour of my bike!

When: Friday, June, 16 2017

Where: Barclay and Denman Street (approx.)

You're not a creep

This is a long shot but... You got on the bus, we smiled, you were too attractive and so I avoided looking at you too much and pretended to be tired. I imagined getting off the bus and making out with you in the bushes. I continued to try and look disinterested. As I got off the bus you came to tell me I was very pretty , and that you weren't trying to be creepy...and what I really wanted to say.. ((you too are very handsome)) Instead of saying thank you and reamaining shy. I'm not shy !! Usually. Until my cheeks are hot with blush. Hope to see you again. Maybe not on a crowded bus.

When: Monday, May, 29 2017

Where: 95b-line


You were on your bike and we made eye contact for a while just wanted to let you know that you are very handsome and would love to meet up sometime.

When: Monday, June, 05 2017

Where: Pender street by Strathcona School

Cute Counsellor Boy at Info Fair

Your name is Justin. You’re taking Counselling Psychology through Adler University and doing your practicum through Borstal Association. You moved to Vancouver from (near) Edmonton and are planning on going back to do your second practicum this winter. We met in a fairly unusual place and I didn’t want to blatantly ask you out in front of your classmates/my co-worker. If you end up seeing this, I would like to continue our conversation about hammocks and boy scout uniforms ;)

When: Wednesday, June, 14 2017

Where: Abbotsford

Coffee shop cute guy

I was at this Matchstick coffee shop and I walked in with you sitting directly in front of me. You looked up from your book as I walked in, dark hair, white button up which was then opened with a white shirt inside. You had your guitar case up against the wall and you gave off this vibe of mysterious but somehow interesting aura. I thought you looked like Aaron Johnson. I noticed every seat was almost full except for the space next to you. I was contemplating on sitting next to you and maybe strike up conversation but I was too shy and I don't think I would even try. Fortunately a chair cleared up and I was able to sit. But still wondering what of I sat next to you and strike up a convo. Anyway, I am just daydreaming away. If you happen to see this post..i was the girl in the red sweater. Your secret admirer. Hope to meet you at the cafe again.

When: Sunday, June, 11 2017

Where: Matchstick coffee shop

Dan @ the Rodeo

What happened to the cute guy in the blue button up shirt?! I was working at getting you inebriated at the Longhorn Saloon during the rodeo. For the two days (Saturday and Sunday), I was guilty for looking forward to seeing you in line. Disappointed you never grabbed my number. Fingers crossed.

When: Saturday, May, 20 2017

Where: Cloverdale Rodeo

Split Shorts - vowed to stop walking up stairs

You were exchanging a pair of shorts at TopMan and then I bumped into you again buying .. a hat?? at Urban Outfitters. I was doing returns and laughed when I saw you for the second time. You said "See ya at the next spot.." Where's the next spot??? You're super cute and I'm looking forward to running into you again!

When: Monday, June, 05 2017


Kitchen Boy at Mahony's - 2015

I worked at Mahony and Son's on Stamps Landing a few years ago for a very short period of time. You were a very cute kitchen boy named Julian who I would flirt with every time I worked - but I quit before I got the chance to go for a drink with you. I'm a short redhead; you would joke that you would eventually get me out with you. Remember me? Let's grab a drink :)

When: Monday, June, 05 2017

Where: Mahony and Sons - Stamps Landing

WestJet flight to Regina

You - black hoodie, jeans and great glasses, me - jeans, white top, red hair. We were waiting beside each other for our delayed boarding call. Wish I would have said hey.

When: Sunday, June, 04 2017

Where: YVR

Server/Barista @ Terra Breads Olympic Village

You work at Terra Breads Olympic Village. All the servers are great. But you are especially amazing because you are really cute. something about you i like. you have a beard , brown hair and i think your name might be Sam. I just wanted you to know that I have fantasized about you. thanks for that : ) xo

When: Sunday, June, 04 2017

Where: Terra Breads Olympic Village

Ducati Aussie on Bowen Island

We met at the ferry line up on Bowen Island and all of us five motorcycling girls liked you, but I especially wanted to flirt with you more than we could on that short ride. Your Australian accent was adorable, then you even started talking in my mother tongue German, however, I just looked at your amazing welder hands and broad shoulders. When the ferry landed at Horseshoe Bay the highway quickly split our group apart, we first lost you to the Sea-to-Sky, then flew by you checking your phone by the side of the road. HMU for a ride and so on. Free bird on a KLR.

When: Saturday, June, 03 2017

Where: Bowen Island Ferry

Tall man walking bike past Sylvia Hotel Sat, May 3rd 9:20pm

You are a tall, caucasian male who was walking your bike past The Sylvia Hotel last night (Sat, May 3rd at 9:20pm) into the neighbourhood. I am a tall, white female leaving the hotel. Blue pants. Black shirt. Our eyes met, want to go for coffee neighbour?

When: Saturday, June, 03 2017

Where: The Sylvia Hotel, West End

Tall Man with Bicycle passing Sylvia Hotel Sat, June 3rd at 9:20pm

You passed me exiting the Sylvia Hotel at 9:20pm tonight, Saturday, June 3rd. You are a tall male walking a bike into the neighbourhood. Caucasian. Me, blue pants, dark shirt, long hair pulled back. Caucasian. Come back, I want to talk to you and see if there is a spark neighbour.

When: Saturday, June, 03 2017

Where: Sylvia Hotel

You're not a creep

This is a long shot but... You got on the bus, we smiled, you were too attractive and so I avoided looking at you too much and pretended to be tired. I imagined getting off the bus and making out with you in the bushes. I continued to try and look disinterested. As I got off the bus you came to tell me I was very pretty and I really wanted to say ((you too are very handsome)) Instead of thank you and reamaining shy. I'm not shy !! Usually. Until my cheeks are hot with blush. Hope to see you again. Maybe not on a crowded bus.

When: Monday, May, 29 2017

Where: 95 b line

Commercial alley

Commercial & 11th back alley. You were walking with your friend. You have dark hair. I was wearing black and smiled at you. I regret not saying "hello".

When: Thursday, June, 01 2017

Where: Commercial & 11th

Biking and Bruised on Granville Island

I totally bailed on my bike when my tire got caught in the tracks near the entrance to Granville Island. I was pretty shook up, a little scraped but generally okay. You ran up with hot pink shorts and offered tools and help. You put my chain back on my bike for me and told me to walk home. You fell in the same way a couple weeks ago in Seattle. Your friend(?) came up and made sure I was alright as well. You gave me a hug and made me feel so cared for. Would love to meet under better circumstances - can I take you two out for a beer or coffee some time? You're both awesome!

When: Wednesday, May, 31 2017

Where: Granville Island

Stranger, you made my day!!!

I saw you taking the 49 bus at UBC this afternoon, we made eye contact for a few seconds, I looked back and you were staring at me. You took the 49 bus, but leave it inmediatly and started asking people to change a 5 dolars bill!!! I was looking at you all the time, you know that..... It will be awesome to see ut this I saw you, actually works!!! Do you want to have two coffees with me? It was great to see someone like you in Vancouver

When: Tuesday, May, 30 2017

Where: UBC Bus loop 49 stop

Making Eyes at Main/14th JJ Bean

You and your coworker (or friend?) were behind me in line getting coffees. Looked like you guys worked in construction. We made eyes a couple times. Pretty sure your friend said "ciao" to me on the way out. You: tall, dark, handsome, shaved head, blue eyes, work clothes, work boots. Me: Asian, glasses, wavy hair, black jeans, chucks. Your friend: short, longer/wavy hair, work clothes, spoke loudly with an accent, young. Long shot - but might as well try!

When: Wednesday, May, 17 2017

Where: JJ Bean at Main/14th


I saw you as soon as I walked into a certain veg mexican restaurant on 12th and commercial, where I happen to work. I stopped in to grab a bite after my cousin's wedding the night before, so was still dressed in my full garb. I entered my food in and while I was at the ipad you asked if I could grab you some change. In any other case, I would've said no but you were so cute I couldn't resist. I was kicking myself for not saying more after you left. SO on the off chance you actually read these things...I'd love to hang out sometime!

When: Sunday, May, 28 2017

Where: Bandidas

Homer & West Pender Encounter

It felt electric. You kept staring. Turned around even. I said you were going the wrong way. And so you came back. And then we chatted for a bit while your friend kindly waited. Trying to encourage me to join you for a drink. But I was on my way to dancing. And so you went on your way. And I went on my way. You promised you'd remember my number...but here I am, thinking what if... And now I'm thinking that maybe you weren't free, and that's why you didn't give me your number. It's a pity...so much could've happened.

When: Sunday, May, 21 2017



False Advertising

I boycott the place whose motto is "Eat & Drink Local" and head office is in Calgary.