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E.g., Jul 20 2017

Victoria Ferry- Skytrain

I noticed you waiting for the ferry to walk on and was taken aback when I saw you get on the bus to go to the sky train station. You were wearing a jean jacket a lot like mine, beautiful eyes and a beard. I could not stop staring to the point it was getting embarrassing for me and obvious to you. I was wearing a navy hat, jean jacket and a backpack. I would love to meet for coffee sometime and maybe see you smile ?

When: Monday, July, 17 2017

Where: 620 Bus to Bridgeport Station

We shook hands at Khatsalano

Dont know if youre just a really great business person, or if you were showing some interest? I was wearing a film camera around my neck. Your name is Alex. I feel like we are supposed to know eachother. May the world allow us to meet again? xx

When: Tuesday, July, 18 2017

Where: 4th ave

Construction worker in NW

I was heading to law court and you said I had wonderful skin passing by my side. I just finished chemo and had no hair under the bandana. But your word brightened me so much. I hope you well and be safe. Thank you.

When: Monday, July, 10 2017

Where: Carnavon street New Westminster

Tall, long blonde hair man I'll probably never see again...

So I'm super shy and I can't believe I'm making this post but I saw a unforgettable guy at the Superstore on grandview highway. We both entered the store about the same time and you instantly caught my eye, we made eye contact and I never ever make eye contact with anyone when I'm out shopping but I did and you did and well, we kept running into each other inside the store and every time, our eyes would meet haha Gosh I sound so cheesy but wow, you're freakin beautiful and have a strong resemblance to the actor Alexander Skarsgard. I've had the biggest, dumbest little girl crush on him ever since watching True Blood back in high school. So when I saw you, I so taken aback and so so wanted to say something. But what the hell was I gonna say? Hi? You're hot? You're so hot? lol ME: I had my hair tied in a puffy ponytail, blue hair, buzzed sides and super skinny, wearing a beige striped long sleeve shirt. YOU: Long blonde hair in a pony tail, all dressed in black, blue eyes I think. I don't expect you to ever read this and if you did and wanted to reach out, I'm sure I wouldn't have the guts to actually meet you in person. Regardless, needed to send this out to the internet. Just had to let it out, be told.

When: Thursday, July, 13 2017

Where: Real Canadian Superstore on Grandview Highway

Harry Potter Movie; You shared your Werthers with us

You were seated next to me, I was there with my cousin's daughter. You commented that your own kid was at home (17 year old daughter), you were with friends. You were really good looking and had a white business shirt on. I felt like I should have talked to you and gotten your info; it felt like i was watching the movie next to someone I knew well...

When: Thursday, July, 13 2017

Where: The Orpheum

Motif Hotel Seattle

You were sitting with a group of guys in the hotel lobby. You were the one on the far left, closest to the elevators. I rode down in the elevator with a friend of yours, who said you were all from Vancouver and in Seattle for a bachelor party. I said I was from Vancouver too. I'm tall and slim and was wearing a navy blue dress and heels. You captured my attention, and I think I might've captured yours too. I was with a couple of family members, which made it awkward for me to approach you.

When: Sunday, July, 09 2017

Where: Lobby of Motif Hotel, Seattle

Smile and Wave -- 84 VCC Clark Station

You're a tall guy with brown hair, I'm the girl with the ponytail and the backpack / yoga mat. We both got on this morning at 4th and Burrard, but I got off before saying hello. You looked back and I smiled and waved. If this is your regular commute I hope we bump into each other again :)

When: Tuesday, July, 11 2017

Where: 84 VCC Clark Station - 4th and Burrard

I met you at FVDED on day 1

I met you when you tried to help detach my shirt that was caught on someone's fanny pack zipper. You tried really detangle us, but I ended taking off my shirt to get the job done. Afterwards, you politely asked me to dance during Wiz Khalifa. I wonder if you remember dancing near my friend's totem "Popular Slut Club." I wish we had our phones on us to exchange numbers. You were really cute, funny and a great conversationalist. So, I'm sending this into void. If I don't find you, at least I can say I tried. If you remember me, please tell me what piece of kandi I gave you says and what my name is (I remember yours)!

When: Sunday, July, 09 2017

Where: Holland Park, Surrey

Ki susho

I was sitting with friends at Ki sushi in new Westminster around noon and we made eye contact as you left the restroom. You are tall, dark haired, beard, and handsome. I am the woman wearing the floral tights and grey shirt, dark haired,short. You were having lunch with some family. Would love to chat.

When: Wednesday, July, 05 2017

Where: Ki sushi

You approached me in the Langley London drugs

You approached my mom and I while we were shopping the the electronic section of London Drugs. You asked my name and I was obviously too shy to talk to you. Perhaps we could start over? Coffee?

When: Thursday, June, 29 2017

Where: Langley London Drugs

Tubing in Maple Ridge

You were tubing with 2 girls, 2 guys. I was having lunch on the bench with my grandma. Your guy friends stopped for a quick beer run. So... when are you going next?

When: Saturday, June, 24 2017

Where: Maple Ridge Park

Lynn Valley hike

Lynn Loop Trail Canada Day You: brown guy with friends Me: white girl, brunette, with blonde girl friend Both kept on looking back but... single?

When: Saturday, July, 01 2017

Where: Lynn Valley Canyon/Headwaters

Third times the charm...

I seen you multiple times at the cloverdale canada day celebration i was in shorts and tank top sitting alone you were in grey/white with a small child im assuming to be your son? It was cute how you were with him and you caught my eye instantly wish i said hi but all i could do was smile...maybe you will see this and we could try again...

When: Saturday, July, 01 2017

Where: Canada day celebration cloverdale

Summer in the Vineyard Movie

I was an extra for the day and you were a crew member on set from Vancouver. I think you might be Native, not sure. You were wearing aviators, camo shorts and have tattoos. I think you noticed me too, but we didn't get a chance to officially meet. I have long, dark hair and blue eyes. Hope you read this, or someone who recognizes the description can help.

When: Saturday, June, 10 2017

Where: Penticton

Sleeve of crows on the SFU B-Line

I was sitting by the back entrance on the SFU B-line, absorbed in my iPhone when you stepped on the bus and took a seat across the aisle. I felt your eyes on me when you stepped in, which initially caught my attention. Then I couldn't stop glancing over. You: baby blue t-shirt, short blonde hair, two sleeves of tattoos; your left arm with 3 crows flying toward a darker/larger tattoo on your wrist. Me: black dress, striped cardigan, sunglasses. You look super familiar and I don't know why.

When: Friday, June, 30 2017

Where: SFU B-line heading east

Dad with son at Granville Loop Park Playground

Hanging out with my daughters today at the playground at Granville Loop Park (west 5th ave, near granville bridge). you came at about 7pm ish with your young son in your baby carrier. Your son tried to play with my girls in the green truck. You asked how old my kids were and I asked you the same. You're a really hot dad and a total treat for the eyes (blonde hair and incredible smile). It's so uncommon to see such a good looking man with such a beautiful happy smile and perfect teeth. I was really taken aback by your good looks and especially that smile. You should smile like that all the time. It makes the world a better place. boy have i been hitting up the wrong playgrounds ; )

When: Friday, June, 30 2017

Where: Playground @ Granville Loop Park

Charles bar

I had just walked into the charles bar to drop something off. You had just stood up and saw me and said "hi" i said "hi" back then you asked me how i was etc. I was parked illegally so i had to run. But you were a fucking babe! A tall, ridiculously good looking babe. I was the short and curvy one with long black hair.

When: Thursday, June, 29 2017

Where: The Charles Bar

Post Clubbing Pho

Me and my friend were sitting at the table beside yours after a solid night of dancing around 4am(ish). We started chatting and I couldn't keep my eyes off your tatts and hella attractive smile! You told me that you had just moved back to eastvan from the states and treated my friend and I to the fried chicken that you swore by :) I didn't get a chance to grab you number bcos we left in a rush to catch our cab (which ended up not being ours lol). I would love to meet up for another pho session? ;)

When: Sunday, January, 15 2017

Where: Kingsway Pho

Your dog rolled over

We were both walking through Victoria Park this evening. You were wearing a green shirt and jeans, I was wearing black pants and a tank top. We stopped to talk for a minute because I was walking my friends dog and you were walking your huskey pomeranian cross. She rolled over onto her back and we both kind of chuckled. I'd love to walk her with you again.

When: Thursday, June, 29 2017

Where: North Vancouver

Salt and Pepper MARCO from California now in Yaletown

You and I ended up walking and talking from Richards and Beach Avenue in Yaletown into the downtown core together. We had a good conversation (duvets, relocation, hips, activities, exercising for 2-hours a day and singleness) and I found your straightforwardness refreshing. I felt super comfortable with you, we seemed to have lots in common and I loved that you touched my hip - I'd like more of that. My regrets are I felt so comfortable I didn't even think to ask for your number too (and that on retrospect, I mighta walked you too far into the city from your shopping destination). You are a beautiful older salt and pepper semi-bearded white male newly here from Cali. I am freckled, rubaneque woman in a blue dress, sunhat and sunglasses. I would like to see you again and continue the conversation. So if you are this man, or know this man, please send him my way ;)

When: Tuesday, June, 27 2017

Where: Yaletown at Richards and Beach

Nordstrom Ebar getting coffee with backpack

You: Light blue dress shirt with a black backpack You were in line at the coffee shop inside Nordstrom. I was getting up to leave out of the corner table and almost ran into you and we locked eyes. You gave me a look as if we've met before. I walked toward the milk/cream station to throw away my coffee and we exchanged glances a couple more times. Since I was already leaving, it felt awkward to linger.. It's a long shot but if you see this, shoot me message!

When: Wednesday, June, 28 2017

Where: Nordstrom

bday boy jordan (I think) garfinkles

brief random chat at club. you made fun of me for saying huh. you...super cute. your friends crazy funny and entertaining. was your bday week. me.....from victoria.....came for tough mudder with kickboxing crew. hung out for a bit after but I got too drunk and silly. hope you had a great bday. and I didn't look too foolish.

When: Saturday, June, 17 2017

Where: whistler garfinkles

I saw you on the bus (7 to downtown around 3 pm)

I was seating on the back of the bus with my sister, and you appeared in a white cool t-shirt looking lovely and seated on the side, it was 7 bus to downtown and you had a tattoo on your right forearm, you were blond and cute and i thought you looked at me but I played cool, i wish I'd said hi, i was a black haired girl with orange croptop :)

When: Saturday, June, 24 2017

Where: bus number 7 to downtown

Businessman In Blue

I saw you at the Fairmont Hotel Airport lounge June 22 from 7 to 9pm. You were wearing a blue suit with funky sox and brown dress shoes... but there was something more about you that peaked my interest. I am the blonde blue eyed woman you and your friend sat right in front of. You both ordered beer and a light meal. I have no idea where you are from or where you were going, but I wanted you to take me with you... hopefully one day. I never write these 'I Saw You' posts, but it's worth a shot.

When: Thursday, June, 22 2017

Where: Fairmont Hotel Airport Lounge


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