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E.g., Mar 30 2017

Puerto Vallarta

Your eagle eye noticed the sunscreen I had just purchased and was already in my bag. You caught me off guard by noticing this on a very wet Vancouver day. You mentioned your brother and his partner had just move to Puerto Vallarta after you found out where I was going. Shy at best...perhaps you were trying to connect, and I realize I should have gotten the message....So here I am making the effort and enjoying every moment of it

When: Sunday, March, 26 2017

Where: Safeway at City Square checkout

Donalds Market

We were in the lineup together staring and talking about sardines! Are you up for sardine sandwiches sometime? You know who you are.....

When: Sunday, March, 26 2017

Where: Donalds Market

Willows at Whole Foods

You asked if the arrangement I'd just bought for my friend's birthday were willows. I wonder if you'd like to meet for coffee?

When: Saturday, March, 25 2017

Where: Whole Foods at Cambie

Olympic Village Taxi Cab

We both walked towards the cab at the same time, you slightly ahead of me. When you saw me you politely backed away, offering me the cab. When I said "No no you can have it", you pretended you didn't need one and were just trying to make conversation. It was very sweet, I should have asked where you were going and offered to share.

When: Sunday, March, 26 2017

Where: Olympic Village

Meet Cute at MeeT

I was the tall brunette reading at the bar, wearing glasses and a black long-sleeve top with jeans. Halfway through dessert, I looked up from my book and we caught eyes. You were wearing a black t-shirt and had blonde hair (so descriptive I know!) You were with a very animated group of friends and your laughter carried to the bar. I left wishing I had said "Hi". Maybe we can MeeT again?

When: Saturday, March, 25 2017

Where: MeeT Gastown

Wolf Parade, Thursday show

You asked for my number and joked you would "text me in the next 5 minutes" but you never did. Did I give you an incomplete or wrong phone number? I sure didn't mean to!

When: Thursday, March, 23 2017

Where: Imperial

No.7 Bus Driver

You used to drive the no. 7 bus that stopped at Adanac at 8.11am on the way to Nanaimo Station. I was the blonde woman who was always late and in too much of a rush to say hi but you brightened up my Monday mornings. One morning you'd disappeared and my Mondays haven't been the same since.

When: Monday, December, 05 2016

Where: No. 7 Bus

Costco Downtown - You remarked that I only had one item

I was carrying a tub of feta cheese. You said you were impressed that I only had one item. Actually, my cart was parked elsewhere, but more to the point, I missed the opportunity to take your opening. I kicked myself afterwards.

When: Sunday, March, 19 2017

Where: Costco Downtown

Blenz on Lonsdale barista

Barista wearing a baseball cap with a Vancouver Millionaires' (?) logo. I think you are really cute. Coffee? (Hehe)

When: Sunday, March, 19 2017

Where: Blenz at Lonsdale and 15th in North Van

Cutie on the train

Me all black gym gear las Vegas hat. You dark and handsome. This is a long shot but we kept making eye contact on the train I wish I said hi when I had the chance your very cute.

When: Tuesday, March, 21 2017

Where: Train from metro town to Joyce collingwood

lighting my cigarette

it was night time around 9 o'clock and i was talking on the phone. while i was talking on the phone i could not find my lighter. Then you burrowed yours but i couldn't say thanks. i was wearing pink skirts and knee high boots.

When: Saturday, April, 19 2014

Where: outside of plush club

Starbucks / City Hall Skytrain "Meet Cute" encounter

I was leaving the City Hall Skytrain station. You were walking in and I turned around and smiled and waved, thinking I knew you. I walked across the street into the Starbucks at Cambie and Broadway…you followed me and came and sat across from me in the Starbucks. YOU: Have a wonderful smile, work for an electrical company (Mott Electric), have dark hair and great style. ME: Short with brown hair and work for a Project Management company – we figured out our companies have worked together quite a bit. You said my smile made your day and took my number to schedule a real coffee date. I haven’t heard from you and am worried that you wrote down my number wrong OR think I gave you a fake number (not the case) . A “meet cute” is rare and I want to take you up on that coffee!

When: Monday, March, 13 2017

Where: City Hall Skytrain & Broadway/Cambie Starbucks

meet cute between two-cent tattooed lady and cheesy pin clad man @ the Belmont

Me and a friend decided to go to the Belmont for Saint Patricks day last minute and I'm so glad we did! I remember seeing you and thinking you were quite a handsome fella. You teased me about my tacky stick on tattoos but I liked it. Although your "kiss me I'm irish" pin you were wearing was a bit cliche, i thought it was cute and it served its purpose well! haha… I told you my name was Hannah and you told me yours was Taylor before you disappeared. Had a blast dancing with you, you seem like a pretty cool guy. I've never tried this before but I can't get you out of my head, so I thought I'd give it a shot! I know you're out there somewhere… Find me! xx

When: Friday, March, 17 2017

Where: The Belmont Bar

east side beer fest

you poured me a beer at the East Side beer fest and told me my fox cardigan was adorable. I'd love to have more beers with you.

When: Wednesday, March, 15 2017

Where: Wise hall

Blarney stone pub

Hey Jeremy (chef) this is kat I met you at blarney stone pub you were there with your friends and i asked if you were a part of the meet up group 20-30's and you said yes because you wanted to talk to me, but you weren't actually apart of meetup. But we ended up hanging out all night and had a lot of fun, I tried to be your wing-man and i guess it worked cuz you both vanished :) didn't get a chance to give you my contact info, feel free to contact me and we can go for drinks or something :)

When: Friday, March, 10 2017

Where: Blarney stone (Gastown)

Purple pants at the Canada Seven's Rugby tournament

We had an empty seat between us. You were with your friends, you had purple pants on and a Hawaiian themed shirt. I offered you peanuts and liquorice. I liked your smile but I have never asked a guy out or given him my number so I didn't know how, but wish I had tried. If you are interested too?

When: Sunday, March, 12 2017

Where: BC Place Canada Seven's Rugby tournament

Next to you at Canada Sevens Rugby

You were with your friends, you were wearing purple pants and a Hawaiian themed shirt. There was an empty seat between us. I offered you liquorice and peanuts. I wish I had said bye when we left, more so, I wish I asked for your number, something I've never done before. Regretful. I liked you.

When: Sunday, March, 12 2017

Where: BC Place Canada Sevens

Fierce focus and beautiful balance

You: in a black t-shirt and green plaid shorts, wearing a sweet, disarming smile. Me: the short-hair gal in a pink tank top and grey shorts who commented on your impressive balance after seeing you stand on the exercise ball doing exercises with the heavy basketball. Your eyes exude a beautiful kindness. Care to chat away from the gym crowd?

When: Friday, March, 10 2017

Where: Hillcrest Fitness Centre


I was choosing flowers to buy. You were buying flowers too? I thought you were a babe, and got too nervous to interact with you. What's up Buttercup?

When: Monday, February, 27 2017

Where: Robson St. @ Bidwell

Trout Lake Dog Owner

You: Orange toque, east side van bag, sunglasses, black/grey dog Me: Green jacket, blue jeans, hanging out with 2 friends, white husky You walked by us and we all nodded 'hi.' Let's have a doggy date =)

When: Sunday, February, 26 2017

Where: Trout Lake

12 Kings Cutie

Friday Night outside of 12 Kings. You lent my friend your lighter. We talked about Trump, country music and my conservative parents. I wish I didn't go back to the Biltmore.

When: Friday, February, 24 2017

Where: 12 Kings

Wicked Game

Our eyes caught a few times, the last time as you crammed into a cab with all your friends,some Sunday a few months back. You were wearing a red shirt I think. I can't remember what I sang, probably Heart. Keep thinking about you. You're kind of scruffy, it's just right. You sang Wicked Game, it was dreamy.

When: Saturday, February, 25 2017

Where: Princeton Pub

Tall, dark and handsome Lululemon Dt QT

To the tall, dark haired guy working at the checkout counter at the Lululemon downtown today (Saturday), you are super handsome! Great eyebrows and a sweet smile. We locked eyes a few times as I was strolling through the store - I had a brown leather bag, dark grey coat, and long, dark brown hair. I think that you were wearing plaid? Just thought that someone should tell you that you're very attractive and seem like a good person, too :)

When: Saturday, February, 25 2017

Where: Lululemon downtown

Winking and Driving

Your navy coloured vehicle's license plate started DXO and you kept pace with me along the Kingsway for something like 20 blocks. All the while flirting, smiling and waving at every red light. At one point you motioned for me to join you at the roadside. I had to get to work, and did not. What if?

When: Friday, February, 24 2017

Where: Along the Kingsway


Creature of habit

I get social anxiety and immediately feel better when I smile at someone and someone smiles back....


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