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E.g., Jun 26 2017

Homer & West Pender Encounter

It felt electric. You kept staring. Turned around even. I said you were going the wrong way. And so you came back. And then we chatted for a bit while your friend kindly waited. Trying to encourage me to join you for a drink. But I was on my way to dancing. And so you went on your way. And I went on my way. You promised you'd remember my number...but here I am, thinking what if... And now I'm thinking that maybe you weren't free, and that's why you didn't give me your number. It's a much could've happened.

When: Sunday, May, 21 2017


Fireball BBQ

You arrived late to a BBQ in East Van where the guest of honor has a healthy obsession with fireball. We locked eyes and introduced ourselves - your name started with a K; mine with an A. You had on clear rimmed glasses and a black hat, while your hands were covered in bicycle grease. I was wearing a dress with Venus fly trap floral on it and I have fire red hair with blue eyes. My friends and I went on a mission for smokes near the end of the night and I didn't get a chance to give you my number - bike ride and a beer some time?

When: Saturday, May, 20 2017

Where: east vancouver

Our eyes met and I couldn't stop looking away

This is a long shot and worth it, if you see it ;) I was walking down Lonsdale with a guy, not my boyfriend and our eyes caught each other. You were with another guy. Corner table. We keep looking at each other. The connection had me thinking about you as I was walking home. Do you live close by? What were you thinking of? Help me get you out of my mind!

When: Sunday, May, 21 2017

Where: Brown's on the deck, on Lonsdale, Lower Lonsdale

Welk Mart Guy

I come by once a week, and it always makes me happy to see you. I feel like we've always had a pleasant nod, but have never really spoken. I don't want to ask you out at work, because I don't want to make you uncomfortable, but I find you intriguing. I also think you look fantastic in plaid. If you're down, I'd love to go for coffee. I am a blue eyed brunette, hopefully that rings a bell.

When: Saturday, May, 20 2017

Where: Welk Mart on Main Street

Gilmore Guy on the Millennium Line

Noticed you first on the skytrain platform at Commercial/ Broadway. Then when getting into the skytrain you ended up sitting facing me on the opposite side. You were wearing a red hoody, a cap, (jeans?) with a backpack. I was in a bright salmon coloured sweater, black capri pants and had a tan purse. I avoided making eye contact because I thought you were super attractive and I'd be too obvious. Not sure you're the type to ever read one of these posts but in the off chance you do we should grab coffee sometime.

When: Wednesday, May, 17 2017

Where: East Van/Burnaby

How do I spill the beans?

I buy coffee from you sometimes during the week. I am a little shy so sometimes I am not as chatty as I would like to be, especially since you are working. I have wanted to ask you out for a while now, but it never seems like an appropriate time. We've really only ever talked about calibrating the sketchy espresso machine at the cafe, but would you like to hang out and talk about other stuff sometime?

When: Wednesday, May, 17 2017

Where: Strathcona

The blondest hair and the bluest eyes

You were leaving a grocery store on Commerical Drive when I caught your eye. You: beautiful blonde haired man with the bluest eyes I've ever seen. Me: shy brunette holding packets of hot chocolate. Was it just me, or did my eyes turn into hearts when we looked at each other? Maybe you would like to sit in my chair while I make you some hot chocolate?

When: Wednesday, May, 17 2017

Where: Commerical Drive

We smiled; I was beguiled

50th and Fraser; 7pm Saturday the 13th. Thirteen must be my lucky number. You caught me looking at your red beard a wee bit too long. I couldn't help myself. You: uniformed handsome. Me: wet hair and purple scarf. Should have stopped to say hello. Kept buying red foods at Buy-Low afterwards. Coincidence?

When: Saturday, May, 13 2017

Where: 50th and Fraser Street, Vancouver

Midnight waiting for a bus

Waiting for the bus on Hastings and Abbott Friday at midnight. I was on date that's going nowhere. You: grey Philips brewing shirt, white (?) hair. Me: jeans, blond. Couldn't take my eyes off you, and it felt mutual. Want to light the spark?

When: Friday, May, 12 2017

Where: Hastings and Abbott

i gave you a wrong number

It was nice talking to you but I think I typed my number in wrong on your phone by mistake, totally an accident! we were looking at car accessories, message me if you see this!

When: Monday, May, 08 2017

Where: coquitlam

march 31 2016 vancouver to vegas

We made eyes when we stood up to exit plane. Saw you again outside airport. You were with buddies. Still thinking about those moments.

When: Sunday, May, 07 2017

Where: airplane

skater who sat across from me on bus

you got on near 25th ave, sat at the back directly across from me, smiling the entire bus ride. we made eye contact a few times and I couldn't control my smile. I bet I looked like a big loser but with you smiling at me I couldn't help it. you got off at broadway, looking back a few times at me before exiting the bus. you were so cute!!

When: Thursday, May, 04 2017

Where: #16 Arbutus bus

Starbucks renno, corner of 14th and Main

You are working on the Starbucks renno on the corner of 14th and Main. I was walking by and stopped to speak with you for a moment. I asked you some questions about the renno. You seemed really interested in talking with me and I foolishly walked away. We exchanged a look again on Monday the 24. Both times you were working on the door right on the corner. Would you like to meet for a conversation?

When: Saturday, April, 22 2017

Where: Starbucks renno, corner of 14th and Main

Edgewater Casino

We met on April 7th and I have been there since looking for you. Wish I gave you my number that night. You-50's? Ruggedly handsome; Caucasian; maybe light brown hair tousled look; i loved your sense of humor and boyish charm. You said you bet like a girl and asked if I won $20000 would I buy you a beer. I said sure, and you laughed. Well I wish I didn't wait. I wish I bought you that beer. You also said something to the woman attendant Sheri. I stupidly went to another part of the casino to play where you found me later. You stayed only for a minute, then said you would leave so you do not jinx me. I wish I gave you my number! I have been back several times looking for you. I will not go as often to look for you, but will go every once in awhile now. I have light brown skin; dark brown eyes; dark brown longish, wavy/curly hair; I was wearing black jeans and a black jacket. I'm putting it out to the universe that I want another chance to say hello and actually give you my number! :))

When: Saturday, April, 29 2017

Where: Edgewater Casino

Blue Shoes

You were in bright blue shoes and a blue t-shirt. I was in a bright blue skirt. I was walking behind you down pretty much the length of Commercial Drive watching you catch yourself or others around you in the reflection of the passing windows. You stopped once and were behind me for a bit, standing beside each other at a pedestrian light and then again I was following you. You stopped to talk to a friend and I popped into the coffee shop for a coffee, sitting outside. You sat at the table beside me. I wished I'd said something. Hey, nice shoes, or anything else equally as cheesy to kick of a conversation. It was a pretty cool interaction and I can't stop thinking about it.

When: Tuesday, April, 25 2017

Where: Commercial Drive

Guy with a white dog

I saw you buy science world and you were walking with your dog I was with my son and I give you a bag for your dog may be we can have some coffee or tea.h

When: Wednesday, April, 26 2017

Where: Science world

Busted for bad behavior by VPD

To the VPD Officer who pulled me over for the most "A$$hole driving I've seen all week." I'm really sorry. And thankful. I was being an idiot. Besides those great takeaways, I couldn't help but feel that you are very attractive. Would love to show you, that yes, I am a normal person, and am the opposite of what my driving displayed. Beers on on me?

When: Wednesday, April, 12 2017

Where: Mt Pleasant

BlackLodge Having Drinks

I was with my friends and you were with your friend drinking out of a blue metal mug. Asked what you were drinking. You gave my friends and I tickets for a performance at Wise Hall on Friday. 3 of us were the last to leave. You headed south and your friend headed north with me.

When: Thursday, April, 13 2017


Riding your bike down Fraser street

We didn't get a chance to talk since you were riding your bike and all but had you had been walking I honestly would have stopped to try and talk to you. You were dark and handsome but I'm not really sure if you were tall because you were on a bike but that's ok. You were riding your bike down Fraser, near Kingsway and I was the girl with the auburn hair jay walking with my friend standing on the median wearing mostly black heading to Sal Y Limon. We exchanged multiple glances, but of course that was it...

When: Monday, April, 24 2017

Where: Kingsway and fraser


I was sitting with my friend on the couch upstairs having a drink. You passed by a few times and looked as if you were searching for your friends. You looked really sweet and I wanted to ask you to have a drink with us while you waited. You: Pretty tall crazy awesome curly hair. Me: Dark Hair jean jacket.

When: Friday, April, 21 2017

Where: East Side Flea One Year Anniversary Party

Sam R @ the Yale

Sam, I saw you at the Yale! I'm fairly certain you don't know who I am but I embarrassingly recognized you from Tinder a while back. Almost as shameful as me posting on this. We made some eye contact but that's all. I've got long blonde hair, no idea if you noticed me. You don't strike me as the type of person to read these but you're fine as hell and I hate myself for not coming up and talking to you.

When: Saturday, April, 22 2017

Where: The Yale

Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer

You were with a group of friends towards the back of the commodore ballroom. Wearing red t-shirt , reddish beard and great smile. We danced a bit and shared a few sips of beer. You ended up in a conversation with a friend and I didn't want to interrupt even though I wanted to ask your name and dance some more. Then the show ended and I lost you in the crowd....

When: Sunday, April, 23 2017

Where: Commodore Ballroom

Mystery Bike Man all around Vancouver

You: tall, dark hair, handsome, outgoing, Adam driver doppelgänger. Me: significantly but not quite as tall as you, half Asian, light brown hair. I've seen you all around the classic vancouver spots: Yyoga (possibly), whole foods on Cambie and most recently the sea wall near science world. Last I saw you, you were on your bike with female company. I recognized you and I think you did too so you said hi. I got too nervous to respond. Who are you mystery bike man?!

When: Friday, April, 14 2017

Where: Everywhere downtown vancouver

Mixed with dreads on Hastings at Woodwards

Saw you walking in Hastings between Cambie and Abbott this afternoon on my way home from working out. We made eye contact briefly and you had this vibe..When I looked back you had turned around and were walking behind me but must have ducked in somewhere cause you were gone when I looked again. If you recall and are down, tell me what I was wearing? I'd love to grab a coffee and hear all about you.

When: Wednesday, April, 19 2017

Where: East Hastings

Karaoke Dream Man

I didn't sing and neither did you before I left. You were wearing plaid and had a delicious ginger composition. I like your beard. We made eye contact once or twice. I would like to again!

When: Thursday, April, 13 2017

Where: British Ex-Servicemens Club



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