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E.g., Jan 24 2017

Grouse Mt Gondola

Hi "just a person", aka not a ski instructor ;) Something inside is telling me you aren't just your average run of the mill person. There's something about you that intrigues me. I couldn't help but look through your bus window, as I walked by, wondering who you are. You looked at me too. Then we both did that thing and turned around and looked at each other again. You have a cute little gap between your front teeth and nice blue eyes and I think you had a kiwi accent. I hope you see this ad and respond. I'd like to meet up and learn more about you.

When: Sunday, January, 22 2017

Where: Grouse Mountain Gondola

Burner at the Squamish Gas Station

You asked me what I was famous for at Burning Man. I asked you what you would do if you create anything in your life inspired by the festival what it would be. We talked about graduation, and community, and how it is the first two go when the going gets tough. You told me you teach kids how to build lego robotics. I told you I teach kids how to ride horses and get woken up in the night by avalanches. And then I lost my nerve, and got in my car and drove away. Then I decided that was stupid, and turned around and looped back, but you were already gone. Want to continue that conversation somewhere that is not a gas station parking lot?

When: Saturday, January, 21 2017

Where: Squamish

Braiding on the #3

I was the woman groggily re-braiding my hair on the #3 bus just before 8am Friday morning. You were the guy sitting across from me making a pretty good show of not looking at me until you surprised me when you went to leave. Thanks for the nice words. I wish I had been awake enough to return them properly. Say hi earlier next time. :)

When: Friday, January, 20 2017

Where: Between National and Broadway on the #3 bus

Reading a hardcover book on the #10

You got onto the #10 @ Granville & Pender at approx. 540pm. You were wearing a red jacket and had a canvas beige bag on your shoulder. You pulled out a book with either the title or author in red capital letters "PAUL COL...." (i cannot remember the rest). At Davie and Granville, you sat next to me - I was wearing a black coat, grey scarf, and have shoulder length brown hair. I had a knapsack on my back and a black bag with a red purse on my lap. I was so fascinated by the hardcover book you were reading! You looked at your cell once and put on a grey toque just before you got off at 11th and Granville. My stop is 13th & Granville. We live in the same neighbourhood! Want to meet for coffee sometime and discuss the wonder and delight of old fashioned hard cover books?

When: Thursday, January, 19 2017

Where: #10 heading south on Granville

At Joes Grill for brunch

You had salt and pepper hair, the Nandos chicken tattoo'd on you, and a gregarious, infectious laugh. We were both in line to pay, and you were joking with the waiter about how had no interest in football, but would still watch it that day to hang out with your friends. It was sweet. I also hate football, we should go out sometime. I was the girl in the black toque, grey t shirt and black jean jacket. :)

When: Sunday, January, 15 2017

Where: Joes Grill on Main

On the train this morning

I saw you on the train this morning, heading downtown. I got on at Royal Oak and you were already there, sitting at the back of the car, wearing a blue and gray touque. You got off at Granville and as you stood up, you raised your arms and stretched. I couldn't stop looking at you. Me: blonde, wearing a plaid skirt and purple jacket. Hope you read this. :)

When: Wednesday, January, 18 2017

Where: On the train on the way to Vancouver.

bowie @ the fox

bowie @ the fox. sparkles & spankings. a bit of a mis/adventure back at yours, but i do keep thinking i would like you to spank me again...

When: Saturday, January, 07 2017

Where: fox cabaret

Gastown nights

Water Street Sat night - Me: Long hair in a black and white 3/4 length tweed coat. I stopped you and asked you where the gassy jack was (which I thought mistakenly was the steamclock) You: looking fine in your Sat eve Gastown attire questioning where I was from kindly pointed me in the right direction... but only later to run into you a second time waiting for a table at 6 Acres. u were going to tough out the 45 min wait.. I didn't stay - but I wish I had .

When: Saturday, January, 14 2017

Where: Water Street & 6 Acres

New Year's Eve Chambar

We spoke a few times NYE, but my night ended unexpectedly and I didn't get to say Goodbye. Let's pick up, where we left off. Me-long blonde hair, two-piece red dress. You-muscular, 5'11", tattoo on forearm and wearing a slick vest/slacks combo.

When: Saturday, December, 31 2016

Where: Chambar

I truly saw you and I ran.

I saw you, and then I bolted! haha, we were literally just in line at safeway on 4th, and we talked about proper grocery store etiquette, and then about my weird dinner choices. It's because I've been sick for the last 2 weeks! You were wearing a toque and grey wintery stuff and in your mid to late 30's and I don't think I've never been so dazed? on a first encounter. ever. and I've never written one of these, but how could i not when it's a half an hour later and I'm in my apartment and I'm still smiling about a silly chance encounter.

When: Friday, January, 13 2017

Where: safeway west 4th

Safeway at King Edward Mall in Vancouver

By fish counter, you were buying fish and you suggested I buy Tilapia with coconut coatings, which I did. Then you suggested I buy Adam's peanut butter when I was by that Aisle. Which I did. For some reason, you had powered me. We exchanged greetings in check in line. Sorry, that I did not wait to see if you could tell me how to cook that Tilapia. Please help me.

When: Tuesday, January, 03 2017

Where: Safeway at King Edward Mall in Vancouver

Afghan Horseman

I was waiting for someone and I guess you were too so the waitress brought you to look at me and asked you "Is that her?" I looked up and smiled. Of course I wasn't your date, but I wish I had been. You are handsome, tall, with light hair. I am Caucasian, brunette, 5'7". What a funny coincidence. Maybe we could meet intentionally next time? :)

When: Wednesday, January, 04 2017

Where: Afghan Horseman, Granville Island


We sat next to each other at Scotiabank Theatre, watching Passengers in 3D. You were casual cool in a nice button down, I was the fidgety brunetter with the plaid shirt and ponytail. You were snacking on nibs, I sorta wanted to snack on you. I know, cliche.

When: Friday, January, 06 2017

Where: ScotiaBank Theatre Burrard

Jean Jacket and Kind Eyes

You, jean jacket, and toque, nice beard, kind eyes, polka dot shopping bag. Me, oversized fleece, shorts with leggings, brown toque, long hair. We were both shopping at Donald's Market, passed each other in the dairy section, saw each other in line at checkout. I was waiting outside for a friend, you walked past and we exchanged shy smiles. You seem really sweet, would love to get to know what's behind those eyes.

When: Monday, January, 02 2017

Where: Donald's Market Commercial Drive

Late Night Safeway Babe

I said hi to you in passing at Safeway just before closing, months back. We left at similar times. Outside, it was raining. You were driving, I was walking. You asked if I had a big enough umbrella hinting the opportunity for a ride. I passed on the offer. In truth I wish I had said yes. Just over a week ago, I saw you at a different supermarket. I would like to have given you my number but the timing was inopportune, as you were arriving as I was checking out. This is the alternate extreme, though I hope you get this. I would like to not have to wait as long to see you again.

When: Monday, January, 02 2017

Where: West End

Flat tire in Tofino day before Christmas Eve

You kindly stopped to help my mom and I with her flat tire. You mentioned you would be at the pub the following evening celebrating your son's birthday...but when I decided to pop by, it was closed for renovations. Would love to thank you again in person.

When: Friday, December, 23 2016

Where: Tofino Visitor Centre

We locked eyes at the Whip

You were wearing a blue jacket and had soulful eyes. Me I just had something in my eye, maybe it was love but I'm leaning more towards an eyelash. You seem like a really great guy and I think perhaps we should get together to play a good ol fashioned game of musical chairs as from the looks of it it seems you'd be pretty good at it.

When: Thursday, December, 29 2016

Where: The whip

#19 bus

U had grown out bleached hair and I couldn't help but smile at you and your friends loud conversations, on the 19 bus to Stanley park. Sorry for the awkward eye contact :)

When: Monday, December, 26 2016

Where: 19 bus

Skating is for Weirdos

I bailed almost going up a ramp at the UBC skatepark and you gave me, a very new boarder, some words of weirdo-to-weirdo encouragement. I really appreciated your friendly demeanour at the very scary skate park. You wore a Vans shirt (classic) and beat up nikes. Id love to see you again for a drink or a bite. Or if not, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your kindness in the park

When: Sunday, December, 25 2016

Where: UBC SkatePark

BCF Breakfast Smile

Just as I took my first bite of breakfast, all disheveled and bleary eyed. You stopped by my table to collect the plate tops. I smiled because you seemed to be smiling at me and it felt nice to make eye contact with such a handsome person as yourself. We should smile at each other over drinks, maybe..? :)

When: Saturday, December, 24 2016

Where: Tsawwassen to Duke Point

Rad guy on the 3

No 3 bus going up Main. I got slapped on the ass by a random guy and you spoke up. You might've been tipsy from your work party, but your earnestness got me good. Let's be friends?

When: Monday, December, 19 2016

Where: Vancouver

Shizenya sushi guy

You and your friend came in shortly after me today and I thought you were super fine but wasn't about to interrupt to say so. You had your back to me but looked over a couple times and again as I left. Lululemon t and black toque. Tall. If you see this and reciprocate, sushi date?

When: Wednesday, December, 21 2016

Where: Nelson and Hornby

Hey Boy

Uncanny Ryan Gosling look alike on the 20 bus downtown today. There was some eye contact as you got on and again as I got off downtown. I wanted to blurt out something witty but thought better of it so as to refrain from tripping over my mouth. If you see this and we are semi on the same page, get at me.

When: Wednesday, December, 21 2016

Where: 20 bus downtown


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