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E.g., Oct 26 2016

Flirtatious Optician

My parents were in town and my mom wanted me to give her an opinion on some glasses she liked. You were the optician helping her out, and I asked you if you could adjust my glasses while my mother deliberated. We kind of flirted in front of my parents, when you found out I live in the city you asked for my info for the "mailing list," before asking me what I was into. All I could come up with was the fact I speak German. Maybe you were just trying to get a new customer, but I thought you were cute. And you really know your stuff, my glasses fit much better now ;)

When: Friday, October, 07 2016

Where: Durant Sessions, Gastown

Arbutus Building 3rd floor

You're gorgeous and sweet and so kind. You take the utmost care of me. You are so loving and brave and hardworking. You are such a gift. I love you.

When: Friday, October, 21 2016

Where: Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Stranger Things

Just as our rapport soared into a suspenseful crescendo, I disappeared into a dark dimension that may as well have been devised by the Duffer brothers. Today, firmly rightside-up, I sipped a chai latte at the café to which we both belonged, and recalled how your quiet energy seemed to soften the minimalist edges of the room. Sometimes stories happen in a disorderly fashion - is it possible that we will find ourselves reunited in a narrative arc? Doubtful, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

When: Sunday, October, 23 2016

Where: Bump n Grind Café

Brunette Hipster on the 99-Bline, Arbutus and Broadway

Thanks again. I think I'm supposed to write some witty romantic blurb here. You were wearing a black five panel hat and had long-ish brown hair. If you do read this, message me something that confirms it's you.

When: Wednesday, October, 19 2016

Where: Arbutus and West Broadway

Rainy day bus ride up Main St

It was a rainy, crappy day on a stuffed bus and you smiled at me when I saw you. Honestly, that never happens. I feel invisible most of the time in this city. I was super cranky, huddled up in a scarf, having a bad day. So thanks, I needed that. You: cute, blue eyes, dark hair, friendly energy. Keep being friendly!

When: Wednesday, October, 12 2016

Where: 8 bus south, rush hour crunch up main st

Cab on Kingsway Saturday

You-passenger in cab ,and me-passenger in a silver car... our cars were side by side and you attempted to get my phone number, but when I was yelling it out and was 4 #s away you're cab turned right on knight st

When: Saturday, October, 15 2016

Where: Kingsway and knight

Charlatan, Commercial Drive October 15th

I was wearing a Big Bear California baseball hat, blonde hair, blues eyes, denim jacket. I was sitting with my girlfriend in the corner by the door. You were sitting at the end of the bar with a friend. I thought you were going to come and say hello. We kept stealing looks at each other. I kept getting caught looking at you, I'd smile & look away. The rest of our party arrived, your friend left & then you left. I hope you see this & say Hello.

When: Saturday, October, 15 2016

Where: Commercial Drive, Charlatan.

Dear John

We were lined up along the brick wall near the front of the coat check line at the end of the night. You caught me looking at you (twice), we smiled at each other, and you asked me how I was doing. I was speechless. We introduced ourselves but didn't get much further than that. The crowd was a little overwhelming. I must say, you are very attractive and have a really comfy energy. I was so floored by you, I froze. I left with my jacket, but regrettably not with your number. I think your name was John?

When: Saturday, October, 15 2016

Where: The Imperial, Mark Farina Mushroom Jazz

I Mother Earth concert

We were talking about how we listened to the band 20 years ago. You were in Ontario at the time. You accidentally gave the bartender your debit card instead of credit. You are handsome! I have brown hair and was wearing a black tank and black jeans. I wish I had stayed longer to chat.

When: Friday, October, 14 2016

Where: Commodore Ballroom

Buddy at Budgies

You're from Montreal and wore an Expos hat...well. Our chat was brief but somehow delightful. Might have been that smile of yours that stayed with me. Either way, decided I'd rather reach out than let it drift away down main street like a tired trend. Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Neighbourhood drink some time?

When: Wednesday, October, 12 2016

Where: Mount Pleasant

7-11 Red Utility Truck Coquitlam

We saw eachother in 7-11 at about 7:30 am. You grabbed a coffee. You were behind me in the line up to pay and you said I was gorgeous. In my shyness I said thank you and walked away but can't get you out of my head. You drove a large red utility type truck.

When: Thursday, October, 13 2016

Where: Austin Ave 7-11 Coquitlam

Dollarama on SW Marine Drive

Saw you at Dollarama. I asked if you were jealous of the hat I was wearing and told you it was in aisle 3. I am kicking my self for not introducing myself and asking you for a drink. Message me if you feel the same.

When: Tuesday, October, 11 2016

Where: Dollarama

Capitol on Davie - Davie Street Party Pride

We met at Capitol on Davie the night of the Pride block party. You bought me and my friend a drink then you and i had a Jagerbomb then had a smoke outside together. You were there alone as you had recently moved here and didnt know many people. I lost you in the craziness and wish I had of got your info.

When: Friday, September, 02 2016

Where: Capitol on Davie

False Creek Jogger

You were jogging this morning down the path beside the dog park going towards the False Creek seawall. It was raining. You touched the seawall with your foot, turned, gave me a great smile and a "good morning" and ran back up the path. You had on a ball cap and wear trimmed facial hair. I was walking on the seawall wearing a khaki coloured raincoat and shiny red rain boots. You were such a nice surprise and your smile shone in the rain. I hope you had a good run. Hope even more that we cross paths again...

When: Saturday, October, 08 2016

Where: False Creek Seawall near Charleson dog park

at the radio canada visit

I went to the radio canada visit, sunday octobre 2, you worked there, maybe as security or something like that. we look at each other 2 or 3 times and when I came back in I looked for you but you wasn't there anymore. I would like to see you again.

When: Sunday, October, 02 2016

Where: radio canada, Montreal

At Bimini's

We danced for a hot second on Friday night at Bim's. You: tall, tattooed arms, black nike hat that you were wearing backwards. I was the girl in the grey skirt, black top, black boots & curled hair. You told me your name but I couldn't hear over the music. You're probably taken...but on the off chance you're not, hit me up? Drinks? :)

When: Friday, October, 07 2016

Where: Bimini's/W. 4th/Kits

212 bus, 6:47

we started on the 210 downtown. i moved so you could sit, cause there were no seats left, you sat beside me. i was wearing black hoodie, black leggings and black and white shoes. i was listening to music. we both got off at phibbs and got on the 212. i sat right behind you. when you got off the bus (one stop before me) we locked eyes as the bus pulled away. you were wearing work clothes, had a green backpack with a hard hat strapped to it. must have been coming off the night shift.

When: Thursday, October, 06 2016

Where: 210, 212 bus

kofta kutie

i was with my mum eating meatballs on cambie, you had red shoes on

When: Monday, September, 19 2016

Where: Kofta on Cambie St

Cute Button Boy

I was working on main and 6th and you came in with a bearded buddy to bye a snack. You (somewhat nervously?) made conversation about your buttons from HotArt, I thought you were cute. You sat around with your friend for a while and waved goodbye when you left. Maybe I'm crazy or maybe you would want to grab a drink?

When: Saturday, October, 01 2016

Where: Main & 6th


You look like a sexier Johnny Depp/Javier Bardem. I said "thanks" for holding the door and you slyly replied "no problem, it's actually automatic". I wanted to keep the conversation going but I was mortified cause I should not have been in public cause I was essentially naked under my coat. Long story, hopefully we can chat about it over your bag of cheese buns.

When: Saturday, October, 01 2016

Where: Kingsgate Buy-Low Foods

209 Vancouver Bus

Saw you sitting with a friend on the 209 Vancouver bus from Lynn valley. Blue ball cap, white shoes, and a black jacket. You were 10/10 and I wish I said something as I got off!!!!

When: Saturday, October, 01 2016

Where: 209 Vancouver bus

Skytrain. September29 midnight

I think you watched me the entire train ride you got off at royal oak and motioned for me to get off i would have missed my bus connection or i would have . this is a long shot i was the gorl in the single seat in a purple shirt you were in a suit abd have a cute smile this is a long shot but i would regret it if i didnt. Coffee?

When: Friday, September, 30 2016

Where: Skytrain

Marcus @ Birthrave

We danced all night at the birthrave bush party on the river. Your friends and mine joined forces to throwdown beats and cook up a delicious hog. You were gone from my tent in the morning but I can't stop thinking about your fancy feet

When: Saturday, September, 24 2016


Joel at Eastside Flea

We chatted about lighthouse labs and the Yukon. Like a true Darbyshire gentleman, you gave me your number but you must have mistyped it, because it led to a text from someone named Yoko ?? My reply was 'O no'. Hope you see this, would love to go for a coffee.

When: Sunday, September, 25 2016

Where: The Ellis building on Main

8:45pm 502 bus heading Langley way.

You were wearing a big cozy looking, blue sweater, you have your bridge pierced and you were sitting in the far back corner of the 502 headed towards Langley around 8:45-9pm. I was the girl wearing all black and grey drawing in front of you. You were getting off the bus when we made eye contact and then you gave me a silly face as you walked away. I thought you were cute and it would be cool to actually meet, if you ever find this that is. I really should have said hello!

When: Monday, September, 26 2016

Where: 502 bus going to Langley


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