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E.g., Oct 8 2015

Dark hair, brown eyes, in Whole Foods

I saw you in Whole Foods today. You were all in black. You have dark brown hair tied in semi-bun. I was at the salad bar and you walked past a couple times. We locked eyes once or twice. I was in a blazer and a gray hat and heels. You bought your dinner and you were eating it by the window when I was checking out. I literally walked towards you, and then walked away and then turned back. I had no idea what to say, I wanted to talk to you, but didn't know what to say. I was so attracted to your energy in the very small interactions we had. I went to my car and hummed and hawed but at that point I was late for a rehearsal and left. But I am kicking myself. Seriously. If you remember who I am and would like to get to know me, let me know :)

When: Wednesday, October, 07 2015

Where: Whole Foods, Cambie and Broadway

Unforgettable walk on the beach

You, green eyed, brown haired guy at the burrard @ west Georgia bus stop. Me: dark haired blue eyed. We were waiting for the same bus. You asked me if you knew me. We chatted for a bit while on the bus where you told me you were going to travel to Japan and then you invited me for a walk along the sea wall. We shared an amazing kiss and you held my hand as you walked me home. There are a number of reasons why I'm kicking myself about this encounter, but the biggest reason was not asking you for your number.

When: Saturday, October, 03 2015

Where: Burrard bus station, bus 250

Bearded Brown Haired Band Boy At The Biltmore

You were in a red and black flannel with a beard and your hair pulled back standing in the corner and loading gear out of the Biltmore Saturday night. I was a brown long haired girl dressed in black dancing with some friends on the outskirts of the crowd. Our eyes meet a few times and I smiled but I got shy then you were gone. Wish you would have come and said hi. Want another chance?

When: Saturday, October, 03 2015

Where: The Biltmore

I got you a taxi home... And you kissed me

You came into the adult store looking how to get to 4th and McDonald. You - green t-shirt blue jeans and Irish guy. You were convinced I was going to kiss you and you stole one from me. me - short blonde chick. I know this is a long shot but I hope you see this!

When: Sunday, October, 04 2015

Where: Helmcken and Granville

Gardening Guy!

Saturday afternoon, I was the brunette buying the goodies for my terrarium. You mentioned a baby shower and pulled out the "looking for love in Alderaan places" line- which I informed you was a t-shirt. I saw you didn't charge me for my orchid feed when I got home. Thank you! You look fairly young, but hard to tell if you're age appropriate or not. If you're 27 plus and interested, come find me! I'll show you my super cool terrarium.

When: Saturday, October, 03 2015

Where: GardenWorks off Lougheed

Moon Party Man

Hey Moon Party Man! I think your great!! Was walking down the beach sometime this summer with friends and I see your signs.... Free Moon party!! So cool! Jumped in line to see Jupiter?? I think or maybe Venus?? I don't know but you were cool with your wild hair!! Loved that you brought out your badass telescope out and gave a lot of people a chance to look through it !! Was so excited to see a planet and then after chatting a bit you started a special line for Me to see the moon! So amazing! Would love to moon gaze with you again! Hopefully you throw another moon party!! I'll be there

When: Friday, August, 21 2015

Where: English bay

contemplations on the universe on the 44

You caught my eye as soon I hopped on, but i'm shy so I just stuck to my Amy Winehouse album. When I finally got to take a seat it was by you.. and I couldn't help but notice what you were doing on your phone. At first I thought it was an email but then I realized the prose was coming for you. It was oddly beautiful, and I just wanted to let you know your writing was a silver lining in my otherwise unremarkable yet trying day.. thanks, even if you don't get this. I was the girl with the huge brown bag lost in my thoughts and music.

When: Thursday, October, 01 2015

Where: UBC

Babe at Main and 4th afterhours

Found myself at a weird af(terhours) last friday night. My (gay) friend and I were chatting you up for a bit toward the end. I can't say I remember much of what I said to you but he's convinced me I made a mistake not exchanging numbers and that I should take the chance and reach out. I know I liked your face and style. Black hair, black leather and jeans, were you feeling me too?

When: Friday, September, 25 2015


South Granville CNX

I saw you yesterday walking North on South Granville. Just caught your eye as we passed. I was with a girlfriend walking In the opposite direction. We both took second & third glances and I regret letting you walk away ....... Here's to the chance that read the Georgia Straight....tell me where you stopped to cross?

When: Tuesday, September, 29 2015

Where: South Granville

Handsome guy on the 7

Me: Brown hair, freckles & hazel eyes, wearing a khaki green dress, jean jacket and blundstones. Got on the bus at 4th and Macdonald and stood by the doors. You: tall, brown hair & eyes, navy blue jacket, sitting up the steps by the doors. Glanced up to see you looking at me and when I looked back we made eye contact again. You were so handsome, but I was to shy to say hi. You got off at 4th & Arbutus, but maybe I'll see you again?

When: Tuesday, September, 29 2015

Where: #7 bus eastbound, kitsilano, Vancouver

Bashful at the bus stop

I was the girl in the green dress black tights drinking the booster juice, you were the guy wearing flip flops. I thought you were cute but I was freezing and wanted to stand in the sun. Got on the 22 at Cornwall and cypress. Didn't have the guts to chat on the bus but saw you scrolling through a dating app. You won't find me on there. But if you're interested, you can here.

When: Saturday, September, 26 2015

Where: Cornwall and Cypress bus stop

Woodwards building

I am guessing at the date and time when we were in the elevator together. I was visiting a friend and you were waiting behind me to get into the building. I think I said hey and you smiled at me. You had your bike and we rode the elevator together. You are tall and have dark hair. I think I was wearing grey jeans, boots and a grey sweater and have long dark hair. I asked if you lived in the building (you do) and told you that I worked down the street. You asked me where I worked and I answered as I was getting off the elevator. I was passing by yesterday morning and think I saw you with your bike. I don't really have any reason to think anything will come of this but I'm not in the building very often so might as well give this a try. I thought you were quite handsome and hope I run into you again...

When: Monday, September, 07 2015

Where: Vancouver

Kitsilano Mini Storage

You: wearing Van City shirt with a moving company. Me: sweats, tank top. I wasn't feeling well so wasn't looking my best. You were extremely handsome, and such a gentlemen. You apologized for a having left your storage doors open. My sister and I talked about how nice you were to us. I wish we had more stuff to move that day so I could of tried to start a conversation with you. You may have a gf 'cause I'd be shocked if someone nice as you were single. I hope your move went smoothly and if by some luck you see this, thank you for giving me faith again that there are gentlemen out there. Would really like to go for coffee.

When: Friday, September, 25 2015

Where: Kitsilano Mini Storage

Mustard Pants at IKEA

Where: Richmond IKEA - could it be any more romantic? When: Wednesday night, near closing time You: Wearing mustard coloured pants and managing to leave with only one item! Mad respect. Moi: Plaid shirt testing out couches - and regretting not asking you to test them out with me Us: Drink sometime?

When: Wednesday, September, 23 2015


Joey badass coat check

We both were waiting in line at the coat check after the show ended. I was too overwhelmed by the crowd and heat to take in anything else. A girl next to us asked if you and I were from the same neighbourhood because we were both tall... couldn't help but just to laugh.

When: Saturday, September, 19 2015

Where: The Vogue

Staring Contest

The first time I saw you was at The Morrissey Pub a few weeks back. You and your friends were at the stand up table in the middle. You were tall, brunette, handsome and had blue eyes. We caught eyes when I first walked in. I was sitting at the bar with two of my gfs. I was to shy to come over and to chick shit to chase you down as you left. I saw you again tonight at the 7:15 showing of Black Mass at the Scotiabank Theatre! We locked eyes walking out from the movie and I was standing there flipping through the movie magazine. Third times a charm?

When: Tuesday, September, 22 2015

Where: The Scotiabank Movie Theatre

Nice Chat at Kits Liquor Store Monday

It was around 8pm Monday night and I happened to go into the Liquor Store beside No Frills on 4th, after having dinner at The Dark Table. You were beside me getting beer at the cooler, wearing a black suit and brown dress shoes, dark hair and a great smile. We made small talk at the cashier about the Apricot St. Ambroise beer I was buying. I made a comment about the Apothic Red wine on the magazine cover. Interested in having drinks and getting to know each other better sometime? You seemed really nice.

When: Monday, September, 21 2015

Where: Kitsilano Government Liquor Store next to No Frills

Searching for TJ

My partner and I had fun that nite and would like to see you again.

When: Sunday, September, 13 2015

Where: 8x6

Gastown Encounter

You were standing in front of the Flying Pig. Handsome. Facial hair. Tall. I was crossing the street with two other people, an older man and a woman with curly red hair. I am tall with blonde hair and I was wearing black ripped jeans. I noticed you right away. Our eyes locked and it made me blush. I kept walking and looked back and you were looking at me! I wish I would have said hello, maybe you'll read this? Please reach out if you do!

When: Saturday, September, 19 2015

Where: On the corner of Water and Abbott st.

Amato Gelato Summer 1998! Mario's Gelato....

I worked at Amato Gelato, you a customer with a friend who worked for HY Louie. You came in often, asked to visit, I was working tho, you asked for my number and called and asked where I live, we never did connect, I think I saw you as I left my building one day. I liked you but was shy back then (I think you were too), I wonder where you are now, If you are married with kids? If you still wonder about me, how we just missed connecting, love to hear from you... it was around 1998, summer. long time. Wondering if you will ever click on this?

When: Sunday, August, 23 1998

Where: Vancouver, Amato Gelato

Bearded mystery man at Old Faithful Shop

You work at Old Faithful Shop. I was in with a friend and we both agree you're very goodlooking and you seem like a sweet guy! We were the girls wearing Doc Martens and you called us wild because our weekend plans consisted of working.

When: Friday, September, 18 2015

Where: Gastown

I want to tell you how hot I think you are...

... but that would be a little inappropriate, and could create some awkwardness down the road. For the past few weeks I have been looking forward to seeing your smiling face almost every day (sometimes twice!) Trying to hide my attraction but I feel like I can be read like a book. Thanks for making my day a little brighter.

When: Friday, September, 18 2015

Where: Burnaby

Conor from Tipperary

We met outside the Warehouse on Granville. I was going to have a drink with you but you wanted to show your friend a real Vancouver time by taking off to the Roxy; good on ya. ;) Sorry I couldn't join you guys, I bet we would have had a great night. Let me know the next time you're out and I'll buy the first round.

When: Friday, September, 18 2015

Where: The Warehouse

#41 bus joyce to ubc 830am

Hello you Such a nice eye candy. Too yummy for words. Just the right amount of muscles and man. You wore shorts too. I wish I could stay on the bus forever. And look at you, you fantabulous piece of man. Oh la la.

When: Friday, September, 18 2015

Where: bus#41

VCC Skytrain - black hoodie great smile

You - black hoodie, headphones, jeans - smiled at me - black everything, tattoos - after a couple sideways glances on the VCC Skytrain tonight. Just wanted to say, it's a hell of a smile.

When: Thursday, September, 17 2015

Where: VCC Skytrain


Cheaters are everywhere

I only have open relationships. I find its better to have a honest relationship rather one where...


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