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E.g., Jun 30 2015

Calgary flight underwater sculptures

Hello Nick, I saw you at Vancouver Airport and sat next to you on West Jet flight 174... we chatted, nature, scuba diving, underwater sculptures... The hour flight seems to have cut our conversation short. Let me know if you'd like to continue it. Nikki

When: Thursday, June, 25 2015

Where: Calgary airport/ west jet flight 174

You: crossing the street, me: in the Car2go

You must have been out running on the sea wall or something like that, you seemed to be so hot, sweating even, when you crossed Beach Avenue on Hornby. You were tall with dark hair and amazing eyes - mid-40's, I suspect. I was sitting there in my Car2go waiting for you to cross the street. You looked at me, then looked away...but then you looked again and smiled. I grinned back at you. If I only had my business card, I would have unrolled my window and given it to you, you beautiful man. Seeing your smile brightened my day. It would be awesome to see your smile again. Call me.

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Hornby Street at Beach

Skytrain - Commercial to Granville

I got on the skytrain at Commercial. You were sitting at the very back on the ledge drinking your coffee. We kept looking at each other and you knocked my leg by accident. I should have said hi. I got off at Granville and you waved goodbye.

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Skytrain - Commercial to Granville

You were my cabby tonight (saturday)

You picked me up when I finished my shift around Georgia and seymore at 430am. You are a total babe. You drove me to New westminster, we chatted the whole way. I never like people, and I totally liked you. Can we do that again?

When: Sunday, June, 28 2015

Where: Georgia and seymore

you piqued my interest at the top of Lynn peak

My two girlfriends and I were just coming down from the top of Lynn peak. You asked if you were close to the top. You put out your hand. I took it. You were very sweet and guided me down. I wanted to ask. "What's your name?" "Do you wanna be my boyfriend?".

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Lynn Valley Peak

We danced, I pranced.

Met you on the dance floor at the Portside earlier tonight. I was wearing a blue tank top and green shorts, you were wearing a purple tshirt and had a beard. We danced for ages and you left to go to the washroom, asking if I would be there when you got back. My friends pulled me away but I wish I could have stayed. I don't have your number or even know your name but maybe we could get coffee sometime?

When: Saturday, June, 27 2015

Where: Portside

U asked me to go sit with u&ya cousin

We met eyes numerous times and I got your name (Dave )but didn't introduce myself. I wanted to swap numbers but hoped you would be on the skytrain or in Victory square in a cpl days n I'll see you again when I visit my uncle there tomorrow.

When: Thursday, June, 25 2015

Where: Victory Square

33 Acres Dude

You sat with my friends and I and we had some good conversation. I thought you were really handsome and regretted not exchanging information. Saw you later on at red gate. Who knows if you'll see this, but I hope you do and I wanna talk to you more about rattails.

When: Friday, June, 19 2015

Where: 33 Acres

I wish I got your number - Rogers Store

You came into Rogers Bentall to get a new sim card while I was being helped. We chatted a little but I wish I got your number.. I would like to see you again!

When: Thursday, June, 25 2015

Where: Rogers - Bentall

Art Gallery Tuesday Night

I kept noticing you throughout the evening. At one point I saw you looking at one particular painting for a long time. It was an Italian painting depicting the death of Julius Caesar. I wanted to ask you what it was about that painting that caught your attention, but I lost my courage. Perhaps you'll see this and I'll get a chance to ask you? I was the lady with red hair wandering around. You, the tall gentleman.

When: Tuesday, June, 23 2015

Where: Vancouver Art Gallery

Drawing in the park

Hey if you were in Jonathan Rogers Park on the 8th and Columbia corner doing some sketches and lounging in the overcast weather today, I hope you show up again so we can hang out together. You took off your hat and checked the time, looked around and stayed for at least the hour. I was chatting with a friend kiddy corner and spent time mindlessly watching you.

When: Wednesday, June, 24 2015

Where: Jonathan Rogers Park

Cute guy at the YMCA on Burrard

We met in the stairwell of the YMCA, you thought I was a girl you played softball with, I thought you were cute. We had a nice, flirty conversation and I said I would see you around. Well I really would like to see you again, and maybe trying to find you in a busy gym is asking a lot. You said your name was Braden, you have very broad shoulders, a beard and a nice smile. Would you like to go for coffee?

When: Monday, June, 15 2015

Where: Robert Lee YMCA

Handsome Guy Shopping at JCrew

I think your name was Andy (Andrew). You came into the store and I noticed you right away. You were trying on some shirts and two of your friends came up to the men's floor at one point and you stayed longer. We chatted a little bit, you were recently in Edmonton, and looked amazing in that chambray shirt! I should have given you my number, but that would have been unprofessional. Meet for a drink?

When: Saturday, June, 20 2015

Where: JCrew on Robson (Men's Floor)

Thanks for making my night

I served, you drank and you made a very long day of working my 2nd job awesome. Keep your handsome face smiling.

When: Friday, June, 19 2015

Where: Tavern

Morning commute

Looking for Mr know who you are! It's been a while since I last saw you (early October 2014) on my morning walk/commute to work. We usually see each other around 8:45 ish am anywhere between Robson/Thurlow to Burrard sky train going east all the way to the millennium line train. Did you move? Got a new job? I enjoyed seeing you in the mornings and it's a bummer I don't anymore. I miss the exchanging glances, the walking side by side pretending we are not aware, the standing across each other sometimes side by side on the sky train, did I mention the glances? I know we both felt a connection or attraction. Come out of the woodworks and put a smile back on this gal's face again. I miss seeing you - Your whole 6 to 6"2, clean, blue white stripe golf shirt khakis/chinos wearing, handsome YOU! Write me a private message if this is you..maybe a cup of tea/coffee or a drink soon?

When: Tuesday, June, 23 2015

Where: Thurlow St, Burrard sky train east, Millenium line

Sailboat in False Creek

I was cheeky and asked you to donate a beer to my friend getting married as we kayaked by your new-to-you sailboat with you and your mates. You shotgunned one with her after we managed to berth and I was kicking myself for not inviting you to join us later on that night.

When: Saturday, June, 20 2015

Where: False Creek

Not Franz Kafka!

You bought a couple books and it sounded like you were pretty excited about them, when I walked in right before the store was about to close. You explained to me that the "Kafka" you were talking about was not Franz Kafka. I thought you were a babe, and if I see you around the Drive again, I'll say hi! If not, just maybe you'll see this.

When: Monday, June, 22 2015

Where: Canterbury Tales - Commerical Drive

Pottery @ Car Free Day

I was throwing a bowl on a pottery wheel when I sensed someone watching and looked up into the most intense, beautiful eyes. Hello, hello, hello.

When: Monday, June, 22 2015


Jericho Sailing Centre

I saw you at the beach and thought you looked interesting. You were tall with brown hair and wearing coveralls. I think you had a beard. I was walking the opposite direction with my dad, wearing a hat, blue shirt, and skirt. You are pretty good-looking and probably like the ocean. That's all I know.

When: Sunday, June, 21 2015

Where: Jericho Sailing Centre

Midnight Skytrain Glances

You boarded the Expo line around midnight, wearing a green button-up, mid-brown hair, facial hair. I was sitting in the corner in a black top with glasses. Immediately I thought you were cute, and in my post-work haze, couldn't stop looking over at you. You kept glancing at me as well, but I was suddenly overcome by shyness and didn't want to approach you. In a surge of confidence, I wrote down my number on a slip of paper that I wanted to give to you on my way off the train, but lost my nerve when I got off at Edmonds. When I was on the platform, we made eye contact and you smiled a bit, and as I walked toward the stairs, I was kicking myself for not giving you my number. Unfortunately as I turned around, the doors closed. So here I am trying in vain to tell a stranger that I think he's adorable.

When: Sunday, June, 21 2015

Where: Skytrain, Stadium-Chinatown to Edmonds

Canada Line - Oakridge --> Vancouver City Centre

I was heading to meet a friend for the Lion King and you were going to explore downtown. You were really personable and nice and I enjoyed our chat about Dubai and Vancouver. I would have liked to talk to you longer but the train got to my stop too quickly to exchange numbers. I'd love to get to know you better, so hopefully you see this!

When: Saturday, June, 20 2015

Where: Canada Line Oakridge-Vancouver City Centre

West Lion

My brunette friend and I had arrived to the base of the west Lion and crossed paths with you and your friends. I would have liked to chat longer but we were heading in different directions. Hopefully you catch this and we can continue chatting about hikes and other summer activities.

When: Saturday, June, 20 2015

Where: Howe Sound Crest Trail

135 SFU; You sat at the front with a crazy lady berating you.

We didn't met per-se, however, I got on at the Main Street bus stop, the same stop as the crazy lady who was harassing you for not giving up your seat even though she had a seat already. (What was that about? :\) She threatened you, harassed you and even pushed you with her hands, and you just chose to act calmly, without violence. Didn't get to hear or see the whole thing, but I hope you're okay. Everybody else on the bus was on your side if the issue would've escalated. Hope you have a great week, and keep that smile on! :)

When: Friday, June, 19 2015

Where: 135 SFU bus

cute scruffy ausie

Me: blonde, turquoise dress,drinking the best whiskey sour (made by you). You: scruffy dirty blonde aussie named G. Fairmont Pac Rim bar, not generally my scene. Wanted to see if you were interested in grabbing a coffee sometime but thought better of it since you probs get hit on endlessly... if you are into it as much as I was, look me up.

When: Sunday, June, 21 2015

Where: Pacific Rim Fairmont


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