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E.g., Mar 27 2015

@ Womyns Ware on Commercial

After some happy browsing and buying, I was pushing open the door of the store and noticed you giving me a very intense look. I'm curious to know what you were thinking. You: Dark hair and even darker eyes

When: Friday, March, 27 2015


Across the Runway

I saw you looking at me across the aisle at Vancouver Fashion Week. I smiled at you and you looked away. Were you looking at me? Why didn't you smile back? I caught you staring at me a couple of times...too shy to smile back? You sat in the third row and your friend next to you was wearing a baseball cap. I sat across the runway from you in the second row. I'm the girl in the fuchsia pink top- the one you didn't smile back at.

When: Sunday, March, 22 2015

Where: Vancouver Fashion Week Finale

Red Notebook, Art Gallery

I saw you at the art gallery, Tuesday evening. You wore a brown sweater, plain pants and black Nike shoes. Your hair is curly and shoulder length, you wear glasses. I saw you several times but at one moment you approached a piece of art near me and smirked, then continued to open your red notebook to write something down. That was my opportunity to introduce myself but I was too flustered to speak. I’m in Vancouver very briefly, please contact me if you’d like to get tea soon!

When: Tuesday, March, 24 2015

Where: Vancouver Art Gallery

Spanish Banks with Daisy & Chloe

You had a purebred pit bull named Daisy who immediately became smitten with my dog Chloe. I really liked talking to you. Wanted to ask you out but didn't. It's too bad humans aren't as unhindered with their affections as our dog companions. Call me!

When: Friday, March, 20 2015

Where: Spanish Banks dog beach


I saw you on Tinder and should have swiped right. Wonder what the chances are of you (or someone who knows you) seeing this and us being able to connect?

When: Tuesday, March, 24 2015

Where: Tinder

The sunny side of East Van

You: Cute asian- mid twenties, broad jaw, wide nose, brown side swept hair, average height & build with a whole lotta come n' get it in that smile. You exited your honda , we crossed paths, and then you headed up the road, and turned south after making my heart pause. Me: Blonde with fair skin, freckles, and a rockin' curvy bod struttin down the side walk past your car in east van last monday. Something about you...made my heart pause? idk! But the sun going through those highlights, that tawny skin... write me back, you tease ;P

When: Monday, March, 16 2015

Where: east vancouver near naniamo stn

Cute Smile in Kakhi trench

We're probably neighbours. It was pouring rain and I was doing my usual lap of West Elm distracted from my grocery mission. You were tall, in a ball cap and kakhi coat. You smiled at me (at least I think), I smiled back, but eventually made my way to the grocery store. I saw you again there. I finished paying and you were next in line. Definitely a smile. I felt like a drowned rat having just come from the pool (wet hair, tied up, no make-up). I promise I can step up my game. First day of Spring, and I'm feeling bold- Coffee sometime?

When: Friday, March, 20 2015

Where: West Elm

TED volunteer

You were one of the catering volunteers at the event today. We kept locking eyes every time you walked by my booth but I'm super shy and couldn't hold eye-contact. You're probably younger than me and I like taller guys, but you are cute ;)

When: Wednesday, March, 18 2015

Where: Vancouver Convention Centre

Cute Asian Guy at Tycho

Saw you near the front left of the stage wearing a grey chambray hat backwards with a black on the brim, I was standing to your left with long red hair and a tank. You were with a pretty short girl but it seemed like you two were just friends. We caught eyes a few times and I meant to try to just "hi" or something; got distracted by a friend during the encore. I don't know if posting this is creepy :( but you're ~dreamy~.

When: Tuesday, March, 17 2015

Where: Commodore Ballroom

Spirit of the West Concert

You had a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" t-shirt on and a ball cap . You were with 3 friends. I was a few rows in front of you on the dance floor. Your smile caught my eye when I turned around. I was the tall brunette with long hair and an eyebrow ring. We exchanged a few glances but then the concert was over. I should have just followed your t-shirts instructions...then maybe I wouldn't be having to be writing this!

When: Saturday, March, 14 2015

Where: Commodore Ballroom

Continental Coffee - Star Wars Chat

You were sitting at a long table by the washroom - working on your laptop with a red ball cap on. I was putting something in the garbage when I looked over and saw you... and your cool notebook (pictured here)... I thought it was tres cool and you were pretty keen to tell me you had got it from Barnes and Nobles... - after a little exchange, I smiled and went back to my table. I kind of hoped you'd come over and chat to me more but then I got caught up on some work I needed to do. An hour later, I got up to leave and passed by your table again. You looked up and we smiled at each other. As I was leaving I wondered if I should suggest a future coffee... but didn't. :P I came back to the coffee shop 20 min later to make that coffee/drink proposal but you were gone. Me so sad. Well, I'm going to be back at Continental next week but if you read this and know it's you I'm talking about, send me a note and perhaps we can meet up earlier? ps. I told you what I wanted to do with that picture... Remember what it was? :) Hope you see this, or I see you again soon.

When: Sunday, March, 15 2015

Where: Continental Coffee

Honking at your California Stop in Mt Pleasant

You were driving North on Brunswick and made a left onto E7 Ave, you had the stop sign but didn't see me coming eastbound, so I had brake as to not hit you, I honked at you for turning in front of me. You stopped and rolled down your window, I assumed that I would get yelled at plus I was in a hurry so I did not stop, but as I drove past and looked at you saw that you were quite cute. You silver SUV. Me red Honda fit. What were you going to say?

When: Wednesday, March, 04 2015

Where: Brunswick & E7th Ave

Attractive Caucasian Blonde Teacher Recently Graduated From SFU

Hey! Dunno if you'd ever read this but.. I guess I should give this a shot. You were a cute blonde with short hair sitting across from me on the skytrain and got on at New West at 11ish? You had a fundraiser at the Met and you were wearing a green polo and light blue rain jacket. We had a brief conversation about what we both did and I am such an idiot and really wanted to give you my number. You said your name was Patrick. If you're single and you want to reconnect, I'm the Asian with the dark green jacket and shoulder length black hair. Send me a message!

When: Saturday, March, 14 2015

Where: New Westminister Skytrain

Down Under Dinky in Gastown!

Impatiently I waited at the lights on the corner of Abbott and Hastings... You offered me a ride on your bike... Upon arrival at my destination you asked for my number and I swiftly declined. Even though I said no, your bright eyes have yet to escape from the corners of my mind... I'd love for you to return back to the neighborhood to get back to the way we were...

When: Thursday, March, 12 2015

Where: Abbott and Hastings, Gastown.

Tandem Starbucks

You opened the door as I approached and insisted I go ahead after I said you could go first. We exchanged smiles. Later realized you weren't lining up for coffee. But sat down across the table from a man by the window. You have a great smile.

When: Thursday, March, 12 2015

Where: Gilmore Station Tandem Starbucks

Original Joe's on Cambie

You were sitting two tables away from me and my friends, drinking wine and laughing a lot. You have short brown hair and were wearing a grey hoodie with a white v-neckish t-shirt. You have a beautiful smile and lovely eyes. I could not stop staring at you while trying to listen to my friends. I was wearing a dark blue t-shirt and have long, dark brown hair and big teeth. I didn't have the courage to approach you in the restaurant. Would you like to go for coffee or beer sometime?

When: Thursday, March, 12 2015

Where: Original Joe's on Cambie

Sebastian from Halifax with your bike on the Skytrain

You got on the Skytrain at Main Street (Friday, March 6th). We talked until arriving at Commercial, where I got off. I gave you my CD so you could contact me. I just found out that one of the email addresses linked to my website hasn't been properly forwarding. If you wrote me and I didn't write back, please write me here. I'd still love to show you around.

When: Friday, March, 06 2015

Where: Skytrain between Main and Commercial

Nice Fellow (with a broken hand) at Strange Fellows Brewery

Hope your hand is healing well Michael! It was nice to chat biking, beer, ghosts, roommates, home towns and stars (the moving kind too) with you and your Albertan/East coast friend. I wish I had given you my number. See you at Strange Fellows soon, same time same place?

When: Thursday, March, 12 2015

Where: Strange Fellows Brewery

#16 Bus caught eyes and smiles

I was in a lime green waste length coat sitting at the front (where seniors normally sit) of #16 Arbutus bus heading downtown from Granville/Broadway stop. You were sitting diagonally from me on the left hand side of the bus, 2nd row. Our eyes met, we held the gaze, we shared a smile, you acknowledged me with a nod and I smiled again. I wanted to tell you that you are so handsome. You made my day with your dashing no-hair professional look and that smile made me smile all day. Then you got off at W. Georgia and Granville...I wondered what the chances are that we might meet again? Anything is possible.

When: Thursday, March, 12 2015

Where: On Bus #16 heading downtown from Granville and Broadway

Good Omens

We were both riding the #7 bus heading downtown on Wednesday morning. You were reading Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman. I'd never heard of it but love both those authors so requested from the library then & there. This morning Terry Pratchett died and it made me think of you.

When: Wednesday, March, 11 2015

Where: #7 bus

met on skytrain friday March 6th

You were sitting on the opposite side of the aisle, the guy in front of you started talking to you. He asked if you had a gf and you said you guys broke up you were on your way to get you're stuff from her place at king george, then he told you he was dating Megan Fox. An older gentleman got on with a walker and another older man had to give him his seat you pointed out he shouldn't have to. I got off at metrotown and you smiled at me as I got off. I wish i had given you my number, you are so handsome and I love your smile! I cant get you off my mind since then, I hope you get to see this and will contact me!!

When: Friday, March, 06 2015

Where: skytrain expo line to king george

Can I get a burger? To go with that shake!

I saw you sitting on a small bench, so small that it almost got lost in your butt. A red and yellow painted bench small enough for a child. Well, it was in a daycare center. You sat there and watched me for months, but I never noticed you. You were just another guy. Many months later, you caught my eye. Nearly a year has gone by, and I wonder where you are. I think i have seen you a few times, but you dont seem like the same guy I have seen or used to know. Saw you again today at a pho restaurant near lougheed today around 6pm. Wish you would look at me and think of me the way you used too. I miss seeing you. You: Over 6ft tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, and a nose as cute as a bunny. Me: black hair, 5'5, brown eyes, a butt the size of a hazelnut, but still not good enough.

When: Monday, March, 09 2015

Where: Sperling/Lougheed station


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