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E.g., Jul 24 2016

Canada line Bridgeport to vancouver 602 and 311 bus arrivals 5:50 am

You and I are baking eye contact and you like my brightly colored shoes. I carry a heavy knapsack. You are Jamaican and I Caucasian. Your stop is Olympic village I zvancouver City. We have met in the line up for home around 5:00pm 601/311 Bay. You first saw me with a gf and now you seem to still wish to connect with me after looking over your sunglasses and asking me if I will be on the platform next day at 6:00 am

When: Thursday, July, 21 2016

Where: Canada Line Bridgeport stn to Olympic Village

Cashier - Burrard Liquor Store

I was buying beer, you were cute. I was one of your last customers that night, your older coworker was already cashing out his till. I made a comment about not getting ID'd, you told me a story about your female friend who also has a baby face. I told you I play 14 on TV. You were blushing while talking to me. I wanted to ask you out, but your coworker was staring us down, so I left. I know this is a long shot/it was a couple weeks ago now, but... I'd love to go on a date with you!

When: Monday, July, 11 2016

Where: Burrard Liquor Store - 8th and Burrard

Quiznos on Broadway

You were ordering sandwiches at the Bayswater & Broadway Quiznos (in Kits). You gave me a winning smile when i waltzed in and asked the sandwich maker to fill my water bottle. And a second smile as I left. You're white, brown shaved hair. I was wearing a blue men's business shirt and flowing badass leopard print pants. I considered asking for your number as I left but chickened out.

When: Friday, July, 22 2016

Where: Broadway, Kitsilano, Vancouver

Langley sushi

Sexy guy at Samba sushi in Langley Monday night. Are you single?? :-)

When: Monday, July, 18 2016

Where: Samba Sushi Fraser Highway Langley

At 8th & Main store on Main Street

We passed each other on sidewalk and both turned around to view each other again. You young and handsome in shorts and T, me in white shorts and white top, longish blonde hair. I went in to store and you came around and walked past store window couple times looking for me. I waved and you came in and asked if I was married, I said no. I would like a total redo of what happened next. Don't know why I brushed you off, want to meet again and start over??

When: Thursday, July, 21 2016

Where: The store 8th and Main on Main Street

Small Moments Come Vivid

Passed by you on Carrall between Water and Cordova. I was walking north carrying a brown shopping bag wearing cut offs and white tshirt, tattoo sleeves. When we saw each other you didn't exactly do a double take- more like a head jerked back, eyes wide smile jam. Like you were surprised and like what you saw. As I passed you I looked away and grinned huge. And I swooned (who knew that was actually a thing?) and that certainly hasn't happened before. You looked a little bike-ish with a flipped up cap and clothes I don't remember. That physical reaction was somethin' else or maybe it was dehydration (Ha!) Let me buy you a beer and we can drink about it.

When: Wednesday, July, 20 2016

Where: Gastown

On Glasses, Mahogany Guitars and Banjolele

We kept going off on these awesome conversational tangents, while I was shopping. I thought you did a great job during your first day at work. It was a really fun conversation, I enjoyed it very much, and if you'd like to continue it, please get in touch!

When: Tuesday, July, 19 2016

Where: Kitsilano

Thin White Duke Sighting @ The Rag

You came into the rag machine wearing almost all white and leather shoes. You parked your bike outside and had black sunglasses on. You asked me where my favorite spot was for thrifting and said you were into blondie-punk as well as ask me if I worked full time. You briefly mentioned the mod movement and told me you just cut your hair. I thought you were really cool but you left before I asked your name :((( come visit the rag machine again this week!!

When: Monday, July, 18 2016

Where: The Rag Machine

Nice watch !

Never done this before... Lets see how this goes. Saw you at the KFC on Broadway tonight around 945 ish. Saw you in line behind me... Your eyes!! So nice. Talked a bit about your watch. If you're single, we should totally grab a drink or something. Ps honey mustard is the best dipping sauce!

When: Friday, July, 15 2016

Where: KFC on Broadway

Bass Coast Geo Dome Friday Night

You: Black framed glasses and hoodie, showed up at the white geodesic dome with your buddy at the camp I was at. You climbed up to the top hammock in the dome after your buddy refused to. Me: Tired girl in the hammock, asked if you were satisfied with your hammock achievement. I didn't mean to be rude, it was a long night of creepy men and I was having none of it by that point. But I admired your intelligence and felt bad about my not-so-welcoming demeanour the next day. I was hoping to run into you again; maybe I did, but I didn't get a chance to dance with you.

When: Friday, July, 08 2016

Where: Bass Coast, Merritt

You have an amazing smile

I limped onto the 19 bus towards metrotown at Main and 2nd today. I put my bike on the front, I couldn't ride because I hurt my knee. I sat across from you at the front of the bus and we exchanged a few smiles during the ride. You had a smile to light up a room and I think we had a connection, even though we didn't speak. I hobbled off at Kingsway and Carolina. Send me a message and let's go for a drink ;)

When: Thursday, July, 14 2016

Where: 19 Bus route

Possibly French? Man with a Vancouver map on the bus looking for MEC

Forgive me for not saying hi, or asking if you needed directions somewhere, I was blown away by your smile and couldn't come up with the courage before my stop came. Me: Brunette female, Blue Jacket, black and white t-shirt, got on at Cornwall/4th You: Red shirt, amazing tan, and Vancouver map on your lap chatting briefly with an elderly lady. I'd love to show you around town if you need a tour guide, and I certainly know my way around MEC.

When: Thursday, July, 14 2016

Where: Bus 7 (or 4) from Kitsilano to Downtown

Late for work and without a date... but

...but on second thought lets at least meet for a friendly tea at the Union Market?? To the guy on his bike with friendly eyes and a chin stache (what do you call those things?) who was late for work on account of biking after me as I walked down the alley past Union Market to stop to ask me out for a coffee... Thanks for the hug, and I regret not at least getting your number for a friendly Union Market morning tea or something! If you happen to see this do get in touch!

When: Tuesday, July, 12 2016

Where: Strathcona Alley

Young(er) guy bus driver sun. July 3 no6 rd-Cambie

You pulled away from the stop just as I approached. I asked you a question then said nevermind and started walking. You were about to drive away then stopped again and I got on the bus. Im usually not attracted to (other) blondes but something about you. It was a short bus ride,but I wish I DID STAY on the bus. I didnt realise till after i left that maybe you were flirting when you made that suggestion? Will you be friends with me? ??? (No if u have gf but pls let me know either way) Me- blonde hair in bun, really short and thin. Wearing grey cardigan, And dark jeans. I was having two car problems what were they? Or who else was on the bus ?etc. -please no replies from random people with strange requests, or if you think you can trick me/catfish. Im not stupid and will know in two seconds what youre up to. - I came back a week later same time to give you a pretty rose i picked.Then realised how many 410 ? busses there are back to back, (i m guessing at the bus #) and that your schedule might change week to week so I attached it to the sign post hoping you'd see, and not some caterpillar or angry commuter, and left. It was sort of a series of odd events/ decisions that made me end up there that day, so just wanted to put this out there, and hoping i dont sound like a psycho at the same time.

When: Sunday, July, 03 2016

Where: No 6 road exit off highway 91 (6 rd and Maycrest

Handsome at blenz!

Me: I walked up to u Friday evening at blenz.. I was On my way to an online first date! You: were leaning against blenz looking like u were waiting for someone.. Super cute and kinda similar to who I was meeting. I came up and said hey is your name Waled? You said "no. But I can be if u want me to be!" We smiled I said sry I thought u were someone else. I laughed and kept walking,, but I couldn't stop thinking about how I did wish u were him! Lol Anyways my actual date was a total dud! I've never done an I saw u add before, but thought why not.. Maybe you'll see this. Wanna grab a drink, and laugh about my bad date?

When: Friday, July, 08 2016

Where: Commercial and broadway at blenz

Blue Suit Jacket Dapper Dude on Commercial Drive

You were speaking to an older gentleman at the coffeeshop by 1st Ave and then you walked by me and headed to Norman's to pick out (a lot!) of long yellow/green peppers. I went by you and thought "What the hell" and walked up and said "I've seen you before and have to say you are the most dapper dressed man on the Drive." (big smile from me). You smiled and said "Yeah, I'm the only one wearing a suit jacket today." I squeezed your arm (my attempt at flirting) and laughed and said "Well, you look great." that that was it... sigh. You have this look about you that's so handsome to me... nice dark hair, good fashion sense, (nice shoes!), and an air of confidence that's not... slick. Anyway, you may have a significant other, tho, I've never seen you with anyone else, but I wish I would have said my name. I thought it was obvious my interest... and maybe you also noticed how obvious it was but are not feeling it. If by chance you are, and actually know this is you (you should because I'm being pretty specific), then email me! I would love to go for coffee and chat some more... about what the heck you did with all those peppers! ;)

When: Sunday, July, 10 2016

Where: Norman's Fruit & Veggie Stand

Undercover VPD Hottie

You: You are the hottest cop I've ever seen! You work undercover. Your buddies were calling you "Blue." Me: The cute blonde at Milano. I noticed you and THOSE eyes. You should see how blue looks on me. Can I go for a ride along? I want to be under your covers.

When: Friday, July, 08 2016

Where: Milano on Powell st

Tall guy with orange tanktop

You are white tall guy with orange tanktop, and I am Asian girl with white bikini top. I was with my Asian friend who matches white bikini top. While Jack u perform, me and my friend were too short so you and your friend let us jump over your back or sth, but we said no bc we thought we're too heavy lol I wanna talk to you again. Txt me if u find me.

When: Saturday, July, 02 2016

Where: At the last Jack u's performance

Cute Single (?) Dad at Extreme AirPark

Our kids were attending parties at the same time, and we kept checking each other out, and joking about how we had to stop meeting all the time, or people would start to talk. You were wearing a green t-shirt, brown hair and a beard, you had a daughter. I was wearing yoga pants, a ponytail and a bike t-shirt. Am assuming you were single, if so, hit me up, and let's get together for coffee and talk about how hard it is to date as a single parent. ;-)

When: Thursday, July, 07 2016

Where: Richmond AirPark

Laptop worker at Starbucks at Park Royal

You bought a drink ahead of me and were working on your laptop. You had dark blonde/brownish hair and a bit of stubble. You sat in the big comfortable chairs, across from a guy with dark hair. I'm blonde and was on my break at work, and was too scared to say hi!

When: Thursday, July, 07 2016

Where: Starbucks at Park Royal

Trout lake bike path

You were riding your bike and looked indo canadian. I was talking to a Japanese and black friend. You rode on your bike past me and did a double take. I thought you were fairly handsome.

When: Friday, June, 17 2016

Where: Trout lake bike path you were riding by me.

I want a Smilin Buddha Baby

It might be far fetched but I am ready for a baby! I am the tall blond that always comes and eye fucks the shit out of you almost at every show at SBC. Maybe a baby is pushing it as I do like to have a cocktail or two and that might put a damper on said events. Can you just acknowledge my existence (even tho your so nice to me it's always small talk and i want MORE) i know your working hard but don't work too hard!

When: Saturday, July, 02 2016

Where: SBC 109 East Hastings

Late Night Pho

We saw each other as I walked in with my girls, and you commented on my hair. Before you left you came up to my table and asked me how I was doing... Thought that was gutsy, I remember your name is Allen- wish I had your number

When: Tuesday, July, 26 2016

Where: Broadway and Cambie


YOU pulled up front in a black car with your friend you asked me if I WAS MARRIED to the native guy sitting beside me. I'm not with him he's a neighbour. I can't believe he blurted that out. I would like to get to know you. I think it's been more than a month

When: Monday, July, 04 2016

Where: grandview hwy gas station - whitespot near walmart

Convo about nudity at wreck near #4 trail

You stopped and said hi to me and my friends and we had a little chat about how nudity at wreck has changed over the years... I thought you were super sweet and would be down to share some further chats. I wish you had stopped and chatted more on your way back down the beach You: mostly nude save for your backpack, shoes and sunnies (I'm second guessing whether or not you had a hat on..)

When: Sunday, July, 03 2016

Where: Wreck beach near #4 trail



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