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E.g., Apr 14 2015

We exchanged smiles on the skytrain

I saw you at Granville skytrain station where we both got on the same train. You were with a friend, and when he got off we exchanged at least three smiles before you got off at 22nd st skytrain. I wanted to give you my number, but I hesitated. I was wearing navy blue skull leggings, red lipstick and have Brown hair.

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: Granville skytrain station

25 UBC

You got on the 25 UBC bus and you were about to sit by me but I had to get unfortunate! It was a slightly awkward so I had to compose myself and look kewl beans but I was actually quite flustered by your smile. I should have just stayed put and just chatted with you. Regardless, the smile kept me going ;) Hope you had a great night!

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: 25 UBC bus at King Edward and St. Catherine's

on seabus southbound

me in green and black striped top, green 3/4 pants, glasses, very short brown hair, you in brown blazer and jeans, glasses, reading a book, we shared a look - wanted to look again, but didn't, would like a chance to say hello.

When: Friday, April, 17 2015

Where: seabus to vancouver

At the show

You let me go ahead of you in line. You said you were not sure what movie to see. I recommended a movie and you bought a ticket to that show. On the way out of the theatre you wanted to talk,but I had to rush away. I wish I would have take a minute to explain that to you. Sorry, I would have enjoyed a chat with you.

When: Friday, March, 20 2015

Where: Silver city

telus store

I saw you working in the Telus store downtown, you helped me find a new phone, but I awkwardly laughed the entire time. Wanted to grab your number but didn't, and should have.

When: Thursday, April, 16 2015

Where: telus store, downtown Vancouver

Crossing paths once a month on Oak

I first saw you a few months ago, one afternoon behind the De Dutch at Oak and 16th. Then a month or two later I saw you on Oak and 13ish when I was with my friend on a Saturday afternoon. Then I saw you a couple weeks ago one evening when I was getting off the 17 at Broadway and Oak. Maybe I will see you in a month and get the chance to give you my number this time? Or maybe you'll see this and want to go for a beer before then. If you do, let me know!

When: Tuesday, April, 07 2015

Where: Oak Street

Blue eyes Kingsway & Boundary

You were driving south on Boundary in a white SUV. I could feel your eyes on me, I looked up & couldn't look away. You hypnotized me with those amazing blue eyes. I'm pretty sure you saw straight into my soul. I'm tried to say 'Hi' as I walked in front of your car, but you looked away. Thank you for that intense moment. I felt alive.

When: Tuesday, April, 14 2015

Where: Kingsway & Boundary

handing out books outside broadway-city hall station

it was my birthday and i was waiting for friends. your name is isaiah. i almost gave you my number but then didn't when your work friend came over. anyways, you're cute!

When: Tuesday, April, 14 2015

Where: broadway city hall canada line station (near the 99 stop)

19 bus and black sticker

As you were exiting the bus you handed me a sticker that said, "you are beautiful". You didn't say anything else, so it was unusual. But It really changed how I was feeling at that time and made me smile, thanks for that. I know I didn't say much other than thank you. I wish you knew that that was the nicest gesture I have ever experienced from a complete stranger.

When: Monday, April, 13 2015

Where: 19 bus to metrotown

Silvercity Riverport, Saturday night

You were standing in front of me at the concession on Saturday night for the Furious 7 show. You were with a woman, but I couldn't tell if you were a couple. You had blonde hair and were wearing a navy blue jacket. You made a comment about some kids playing a basketball game in the arcade which I replied to (apparently neither of us have hoop skills). You're really cute and had a sweet smile! I saw you again in the theatre, normally I would have chatted you up more, but didn't think that would be respectful, in case that was your girlfriend. If this interaction sounds familiar, shoot me an email :)

When: Saturday, April, 11 2015

Where: Silvercity Riverport, Richmond

Breaded Gentleman on the Sky Train East Bound at around 5:30ish. Today (April 12)

I was on the Sky Train home. You got on at Mainstreet I think. You were tall, all in Black, including a Black hat. You have a thick black beard and black eyes. Have a Punk/Garage look going on When you first got on, I checked you out a few times. I thought you were pretty attractive. You got off at Paterson the throw something away. I turned around to check where I was, then you ran back on. Then you stood infront of me the entire time until you got to Edmonds. I am the brunette, with glasses, a green coat, black shoulder bag, black hat. Why did you stand in front of me? Did you want to communicate with me, or did you feel by checking you out I was violating your space and you were violating mine in turn? All I meant was an flattering check out. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable.

When: Sunday, April, 12 2015

Where: Sky Train- Main-Paterson-Edmounds

Yaletown Friday Night Sighting

First noticed you when you passed behind me and I was impressed with how tall you are, cute too. After I thought you were checking me out, but you were sitting with a group of ladies, so I wasn’t super sure. When I left you were outside with your friend who was smoking, we made eye contact when I passed. When I got my courage to talk too you which was under 5mins later, you were gone… You were wearing a dark plaid shirt and I was in a hot pink blazer. Let’s have a coffee/tea

When: Sunday, April, 12 2015

Where: Yaletown Distillery

Mahler's Resurrection Symphony

You had bright and lovely eyes, and a polite, focused demeanor-- I was the eager fan on your left in the red dress. I made a face at my sister, the cellist, when you came to sit down and then pointed her out; but we both were focused on our work for a moment till I realized how fascinating you seemed. I regret being tongue-tied and not asking you if you enjoyed the show. If you found it as beautiful as I did, maybe we should get coffee and chat about it together?

When: Saturday, April, 11 2015

Where: Chan Center for the Performing Arts

Power outage

I know this is a long shot - and kind of cheesy - but you and your crew were fixing the power line poles in the alley behind my house (you were up in the bucket). The other tenants in the house didn't pass on the message that there would be no power all day, so I came out to check when it would be back on. The supervisor? joked that it would be out until next weekend, you just smiled. I left for a few hours and was going to come back and make cookies for you all (gas oven), but you had finished up early. Rain check?

When: Saturday, April, 11 2015

Where: Back alley W21st

Breakfast at Zawa's on the Drive

I was wearing a white crop-top with yellow and blue design over a bright pink tank top with leggings and flip-flops. You were having breakfast with someone, and sat in the booth at Zawa's with your legs stretched out. You wore a hat and were extremely handsome and had great energy. We shared a few glances from across the restaurant while I dined with two friends. Coffee sometime?

When: Saturday, April, 11 2015

Where: Zawa's on Commercial Drive

Flight from Dallas to YVR, then again on Commercial Drive

We were on the same flight from Dallas to YVR on April 10th. You were travelling with your dad back from Florida where you celebrated his 70th birthday while swimming with the manatees. We were travelling back from Costa Rica with a 15-month old. Your dad kept referring to my friend's daughter as a he. And he was impressed that she was willing to share her cookie with him. Then we ran into you again this morning on Commercial Drive. Small world! You said you live on Commercial Drive, as do I. Anyhow, I'm writing this for my friend (the mom of the baby - and the one who now lives in Victoria) on the off chance that you're single and interested. She doesn't know I'm writing, but she's interested. If this reaches you, drop me a line. I'll play match-maker.

When: Friday, April, 10 2015

Where: Flight from Dallas to YVR, and Commercial Drive

Cute Front Desk Agent

I stayed at the Waldorf over two nights in March. I was the Asian student you checked in and had a conversation about my student Visa. You were the Asian male who worked nights. You smiled at me everytime I walked downstairs to the lobby. Interested in getting to know you better, I regret not making conversation with you when I had the chance.

When: Thursday, March, 26 2015

Where: Waldorf Hotel

I think I recognized you and you recognized me?

We first locked eyes on the 49 UBC then you slid down on the handrail at the Canada line. We kept glancing at each other on the train. You were 6' or taller, carrying a backpack, and plugged in. You wore dark wash denim, unzipped hoodie covered in triangles, and black/grey Vans shoes. When you got off at Olympic Village, you purposely walked past me and looked right at me. Tell me what I looked like if you see this.

When: Tuesday, April, 07 2015

Where: Canada Line: Langara-49th to Olympic Village

Jim Morrison type guy

You - average height, curly brown hair, leather pants and plaid shirt. You were coming down the stairs outside H and M. I was walking up with my friends. I have short dark hair, and was all in black. Our eyes met for the longest time! I have seen you before, hope to see you again?

When: Monday, April, 06 2015

Where: Pacific Centre

Boy at the Roxy

I think you said you were from was nice to meet you, but sorry so brief!

When: Thursday, April, 02 2015


Sunglasses at Cat empire, April 4th

You had blonde, wavy/curly hair and sunglasses perched upon your head. I was wearing a long black shirt and medium length brown hair. We danced together for a while and then when I turned around to say hi, you had vanished. How about a coffee somewhere a little quieter?

When: Saturday, April, 04 2015

Where: Commodore

White Rabbit Working Less

You were the White Rabbit at the WL Party on Saturday. I was the red bobbed wig with black corset over white collared shirt. First met you as I was faking it as a counter girl checking wristbands. Kept seeing you at the venues and finally at the end ... when sadly I jumped into a cab with friends. Should have got your info, would like to chat more about what happened to Alice :)

When: Sunday, April, 05 2015

Where: Hastings

Davie street, end of February, you approached me and we had a chat

I guess it was last weekend in February or maybe the first in March. I was standing on Davie Street ( wearing total black and dark sunglasses) when you, handsome Iranian by descent, came out of London Drugs with your friend and came up to say hello. We had a chat and I told you I had just came from a different country and it was a pleasant encounter. But I had to go and no phone numbers were exchanged. I've been thinking about you. Who knows, maybe you'll read this text once and reply.

When: Friday, February, 27 2015

Where: Davie Street, near London Drugs

Bus stop Surrey - adorable baby + me

You were sketching something when I sat beside you. I'm normally not so shy but I couldn't get any words out. I was hoping youd be the one to start up a conversation. I had on red jeans + my lil babes. I felt this almost electric tension. I would to see u again.

When: Thursday, April, 02 2015

Where: Courthouse bus stop 341


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