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E.g., Jun 28 2015

Upper Lonsdale Bus

I saw you on the Upper Lonsdale bus yesterday around 10:30 a.m. You were sitting near the front beside the window. An elderly woman with white hair and a pink jacket came to sit beside you but, because the driver didn't wait for her to sit down, he drove on and on she pitched forward. Some people's reaction might have been to protect themselves and not get hit by a falling person, but you reached out to break her fall. Thank you for showing me that men can be gentle and protective. When I read the daily news I forget that sometimes. You: mini mohawk, tan backpack, green ear buds, sunglasses, superbly awesome. Cheers :)

When: Thursday, May, 28 2015

Where: Upper Lonsdale Bus

Blarney Stone

I told you that you were an awful dancer but what I should have said was that dancing with you was the best part of my night. You are from white rock so the chances of running into you are slim but I wouldn't hate it if I saw you on the dance floor again.

When: Sunday, May, 24 2015

Where: The Blarney Stone

Handsome Asian Guy at Kingyo

You were amazingly attractive handsome Asian guy at Japanese restaurant Kingyo. You were with 2 male friends sitting a table and you were on a sofa next to your friend. I was with my male friend and lost a chance to say hello to you. I love your hair style and fashion. Id like to see you again msg me if you see this :)

When: Tuesday, May, 26 2015

Where: Kingyo on Denman St.

Backwards hat on Cordova Street

We were walking in opposite directions on Cordova St. just east of Richards. You had a black sweater and dark pants, with a backwards hat and a cheeky smile. I was in a black and white striped dress, holding a coffee. You definitely stunned me a little bit and I didn't get a chance to say hi! Give me a shout if you see this and let's grab a drink or snack? Something ridiculous like bowling? :P

When: Wednesday, May, 27 2015

Where: Cordova Street at Richards

green lettuce in surrey

I was eating with my friends and you came in with yours. I couldn't help glance your way whenever I could, butyou sat behind me so I wasn't able to until I left from the paying counter. You were wearing white with black framed glaces. I wanted to say hi but got too nervous Anyway love to have coffee sometime

When: Sunday, May, 24 2015


The Eagle has landed

I was taking a photo of an eagle perched on a rock off-shore Oak Bay in Victoria on the May long weekend. You approached and told me you had seen it landing and the spread of its wings was magnificent to see. Then my friend, who was also taking photos, came back and you went to your car. There was a moment when I looked at you and felt a "pull". I wanted to find out why. I still do.

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015

Where: Oak Bay Beach

Hot guy on Rolerblades

Was walking down Denman St. to do laundry & saw you blading towards me. I looked at you, and got a little nervous (so cute!) so I looked down at your blades & started laughing. When I found the courage to look up, saw you smiling back. Would love the chance to blade the park with you one day! :)

When: Saturday, May, 23 2015

Where: Denman, between Barclay & Haro.

Missed chance to give you my number on Denman

The girl in black with the takeout, we shared a few smiles through the window but I was working and couldn't give you my number. I'd love to know if you're as nice as your smile!

When: Saturday, May, 23 2015

Where: Kitaya Japanese on Denman

Vine & 4th

We smiled at each other as we were crossing 4th and Vine yesterday around 5pm. I wore a floral maxi dress and you were a cute blond guy with a backpack. You started talking to me complimenting me on my smile, but even on a good day I'm that paradigmatic girl who walks around with her head in the clouds... I guess it took me way too long to realize how warm your smile was. And then you started petting a big dog.. Love big dogs! I think I don't write this for any particular reason other than to note that I liked your smile too. :)

When: Friday, May, 22 2015


Waiter at Rodney's

You served my sister and I on May 17 where we stayed until close and enjoyed a cheesecake (thank you!). You're quite handsome... perhaps we could grab a drink sometime.

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015

Where: Rodney's Oyster Bar

Shy sees shy on millennium line

We sat opposite to each other on connected train trollies. We smiled at each other but both looked away more then likely because we got nervous. Then a few stop later we waved goodbye to each other. You, cute bearded boy with a red toque (I think it was red) reading a book. Me, bright rainbow haired girl with pink shades on, jamming out to some serious terrafractly :) I kicked myself for not coming over and bugging you... what were you reading? Lets play in the sun!

When: Thursday, May, 21 2015

Where: Millennium line

I saw you at hookah

You were working on a friday night and I came in with a girlfriend for the first time. My friend burnt herself with the coal and I asked you for a bandaid! You even asked me "can I do anything to make your night better" while I was paying the bill, if I was brave enough that night I would have asked for your number! If this is you contact me mr tall and handsome :)

When: Friday, May, 08 2015

Where: Bloo hookah

Yaletown Brewery Saturday night

You wore a denim jacket, and your hair was slicked back. You were sitting on the patio with a friend when I first saw you. I regret not getting the chance to speak to you. If you see this, drinks sometime?

When: Saturday, May, 16 2015

Where: Yaletown Brewery

Handsome Closed Shaved Bearded Man in London Drugs

You handsome man with black close shaved heard. Me tall dark hair. I was watching you, you were watching me, but you were finished shopping before me. You looked at when you were at the till as if to say are you done yet. If by some small miracle, you are single, would love to connect.

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015

Where: London Drugs Byrne Road Burnaby

white tshirt with black short sleeves, tall guy near park royal

If you were offended by a random stranger giving you a salty look while walking by at a bus stop, I didn't mean to!! I am sure you didn't think much of it but if you were, I am sorry. I wasn't trying to be rude. It was a failed attempt at making an eye contact with you, and basically me being a loser ha. You are gorgeous and have a great long weekend!

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015


U2 Concert

I was with my husband and you were solo. Just to be clear, this is not your usual "hook up" post. Anyway, you told us you got your ticket from a scalper for half what we paid for ours! Enjoyed small talk while waiting an hour for the show to start. We were in section 108, row 11. Hope you find a great scalped seat for Rush! You just had really positive energy and were a great row mate for the show. That's it. Nothing weird here at all. You have great taste in music and would be fun to have drinks with pre-show probably. Keep up the positive vibes!

When: Friday, May, 15 2015

Where: U2

Cute Tattooed Guy on 99

Hi! This is out of character but you! You in your green plaid, your shaven head, and your hand tattoos with the moths caught in spider's web (and on your left-hand knuckles that said love). You are handsome as heck. I was the light green haired badly tattooed (self done, is why) girl with groceries. We should drink beers in the sun, or if you don't drink then we should get soda and sit in the sun! Because who doesn't like vitamin D....ahem.

When: Saturday, May, 16 2015

Where: 99 west bound

engineer meet restaurant manager

I knew you in university. I saw you at the night market and you met my daughter. I didn't remember your name and I felt ashamed to ask. I also didn't say I was single ;)

When: Friday, May, 15 2015

Where: Richmond night market

Fellow Nerdfighter on the Canada Line!

This is a long shot, but, to the Vancouver nerdfighter wearing an 'Okay? Okay' shirt that I met on the Canada Line, I wanted to keep talking to you, but I was in a rush and had to get off the train! I'd love to continue our discussion about the Hank/John Batman debate. :)

When: Friday, May, 15 2015

Where: Canada Line

Handsome Postman

You came to visit me in uniform at my favourite coffee shop even though it was off your route. Then you walked me to the bus stop. Now every time I see a postman or a post vehicle I smile and wonder if it's you. I'll receive a package from you any time.

When: Wednesday, May, 06 2015

Where: main and broadway

White cap and guitar

You were with a white cap, blue jeans, DC shoes t-shirt and your guitar. You got on the train at Granville station, I saw you talked with another guy who also had a guitar. Me: the girl who couldn't take my eyes off you and would love to see you play the guitar : )

When: Thursday, May, 07 2015

Where: The skytrain Expo line to King George.

cute guy with the awsome pet rat!

Your name is mat you have a pet rat who is cute! I am too chicken to tell you to your face but I think your sweet.. maybe when you read this you will guess who I am? Wanna get a drink together? My treat!

When: Thursday, May, 14 2015

Where: the 800 block of grandville st

Park Slope at Whole Foods Robson

You were a very handsome tall fellow with glasses who commented on my Park Slope bag while in the check out line. We briefly chatted about Brooklyn before it was my turn to check out. You wished me a good night and I saw you take off on your bike. Wish we had the chance to talk more. Coffee sometime?

When: Tuesday, May, 12 2015

Where: Whole Foods on Robson

Cute guy in line

I told you you were super cute, you sheepishly said thanks; I wish I would have said something more...

When: Tuesday, May, 12 2015

Where: McDonalds at Commercial and Broadway

Alex, from France, bike engineer extraordinaire!

You helped me with kindness many times. Today I went by the shop and you were 'no longer there.' Quelle horreur! No one would say where you had gone; bad vibe in the space; I left quickly. Where are you? My bike and I will follow!! Kathy

When: Tuesday, May, 12 2015

Where: Reckless, Fir Street



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