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E.g., Jun 26 2016


You work at a certain fast food joint and I've only seen you there late at night. Sometimes after the bar sometimes not. We've talked many times. On the bus once or twice too. Quite sure your name starts with the letter A. I've been waiting for the next time I run into you but it never happens. Let me know who I am

When: Friday, June, 24 2016

Where: Coquitlam

You & I

To the babe at the Local Natives concert. I noticed you right away, you stood out in the crowd with your dark hair, I really loved your tshirt. I was the brunette dancing with my group of friends. I may not have known all the lyrics but I sure wish I could have danced with you. When did our love grow cold?

When: Wednesday, June, 22 2016

Where: On the dance floor at The Biltmore

Quick glances at Revolver

I had just picked up my coffee from the counter at Revolver when you walked in with your friend (I think?). You're tall, have dark hair, dark rimmed glasses and wearing an unbuttoned shirt over a t-shirt. We instantly made eye contact and there was something really easy about it. I was in a striped dress and walked past you and your friend when leaving. I immediately turned around when out on the sidewalk in front of the coffee shop, and you were standing in the doorstep just smiling calmly. I'm an idiot and didn't start a conversation since I was with some friends. Geez, maybe I'll get another shot here?! *pun intended*

When: Tuesday, June, 21 2016

Where: Revolver Coffee on Cambie street

I was running, you were biking with a guitar

Hillcrest rec centre crossing on to Ontario bike path. We shared a smile and continued on. You were biking with a guitar on your back and I was running. I tried to keep up, but I'm not a very good runner ;) You turned back a few times and smiled. I should have taken out my ear phones before you turned off somewhere before 16th. Try again sometime?

When: Monday, June, 20 2016

Where: Ontario Street

Packing some meat

I was in line to order smoked pork when you entered to buy meat (sausage to be exact :P) for a BBQ you said you were having that same day. I liked your smile and thought you were really cute. I was the girl standing behind you in the red dress. Hope you see this and we can get together for some other meats!

When: Sunday, June, 19 2016

Where: Jovo The Butcher

Construction Guy @ Waterfront

I see you a couple of times a week down at Waterfront. You: tall dark and handsome in construction clothes with hair in a pony tail. Problem is your usually with a girl with glasses and a hat. We've exchanged glances before and smiles. Me: long brown hair and in my office attire. Sure would love to talk to you and more. Take a chance :)

When: Wednesday, June, 08 2016

Where: Waterfront station

Enjoying Sonic Freak-outs at Levitation

You have long dark hair, are super tall and had a Metallica shirt on the first day. I have blue hair and was a sweaty mess but having the best time. Everywhere I went I ended up dancing beside you. Thank you for picking me up when I fell during FIDLAR. You're a babe and I wish I'd got your name.

When: Sunday, June, 19 2016

Where: The Commodore and The Rickshaw

Travis at Columbia Station

This is a long shot, but you helped me find my way to the Columbia Station in March - I was on my way to the DVC shooting range, and you were going downtown with some friends. Our conversation was light and fun, but I wanted more. I have bright red hair and was sporting a giant brown purse. We shook hands when you went into the station - I wish I could have gotten your number!

When: Thursday, March, 10 2016

Where: Columbia Skytrain Station

Home Depot Double-Take

We were at Home Depot (Cambie Street) and crossed paths on the main store alley while you were walking with your friend. I was in a grey blazer, short hair, jean shorts, hunting for a staple gun. You were in a ball cap, grey tshirt, blondish beard and did a double-take when I smiled. We almost ran into each other again in the same alley a bit later when I turned back too quickly to get an item. Tried to find you afterwards but you must have gone through the cashier already. If you read this, send me a message and let me know what you were buying!

When: Thursday, June, 16 2016

Where: Home Depot on Cambie Street

WEST 4th Double Take

Me, tall, dark, slightly messy hair, on a bike, black hoodie, middle aged. You, seated outside Starbucks in the limited sun. Long curious mutual stare, do I know you (no BS)? You felt so familiar that I rode back to get a better gander and see if you were that person from my past that I thought you might be. None the less the stare was somehow probing and intimate without being a creepy. I pondered it all the way along the seawall. Life is a short bike ride, with many different detours. If you are who I think you are I would love to talk to you, if you are not that individual I think I would still want to talk to you.

When: Thursday, June, 16 2016

Where: West 4th close to Macdonald


You naughty boy!! Remember last weekend my girlfriend and I stayed late and you made out with us in the basement? I was the one in the red dress that got up on your tool bench. I couldn't believe IT (you know what I mean). The Furies are playing on Saturday and they're my favorite. We'll be coming down again to SBC cause we always have so much fun there. Cant wait to see you again. You should fetch a cab for us after and ditch everyone. Come on over we'll show you what's in our basement!!

When: Saturday, June, 11 2016

Where: Smilin Buddha (SBC)

Saturday night wrap up party at Earls YaleTown

We were both the plus one at a wrap up party at Earls YaleTown Saturday night. You work in the film industry I don't. We shared some guesses about the plastic horse and discussed which flavored bell pepper was better. You decided the orange one -but it was a carrot. I haven't laughed like that in a long time, I should have offered up my number. Perhaps if you up for it we could take a stroll around Stanley Park or have a bevy ?

When: Saturday, June, 11 2016

Where: YaleTown Earls

Double Takes for the Double Espresso

I just got back into town and therefore, was consumed by happiness and nostalgia when I walked determinedly into the cafe. You were a tall young man with piercing blue eyes, red New Balance Runners, and a cozy beard. Our eyes were playing Cat and Mouse except neither of us would let the other catch our shy glances at one another. I was the tall girl with the striped shirt, the high pony tail, and a copious amounts of yellow legal pads. You walked out and right away I knew I should have said something. After years of living in this wonderful city, I have never done one of these but I warrant you to be very worthy. You have good taste in coffee shops—let's each grab a double espresso next time.

When: Monday, June, 13 2016

Where: Gene Café on Main Street

Knight on the 20

You were my knight in shining armour on my way to the Wise from the DTES enroute to your 'party' at the Legion. And I didn't even get your name! I owe you a drink

When: Saturday, June, 11 2016

Where: #20 eastbound

cute boxing guy

I've seen you two or three times at boxing but it's so rare that I don't want to simply wait until we potentially cross paths again. We boxed together last week, you have a tattoo on each shoulder, you were really impressed that I remembered your name from the time before, and we had a good energy. Maybe it's just the inherent intensity of boxing that created a sense of chemistry, but I hope otherwise. Would love to get to know you better.

When: Tuesday, May, 31 2016

Where: Boxing downtown

skytrain commercial to burrard

I saw you as I was getting on at commercial and we ended up in the same car. I was sitting facing the window and you sat right beside me - facing me. I felt the energy and was hoping you'd say something - but I had my head phones in so I understand that you didn't. You were cute - and I was the blonde in the black blazer - let's talk?

When: Friday, June, 10 2016

Where: commercial to burrard skytrain

Stolen Glances at The Emerald

You, looking like a dashing Chris Martin, were sitting at a booth with some friends at the back. I, with short pixie blonde hair, was sitting opposite you against the wall with my friend. It might have been my imagination, but we kept making eye contact and I thought to myself, "well, that person is a babe." After only 1 glass of red wine I didn't pluck up enough courage to go and talk to you and my pal wanted to leave. Hopefully you felt the same and that I make eye contact from across the room with you again in the future.

When: Wednesday, June, 08 2016

Where: The Emerald

Punk rock cutie

I bumped into you on the stairs and we hugged tightly. Then you held me as we swayed back and forth to the band. We got pretty wasted and went home together. I woke up alone. Where did you go? You are the cutest boy in the world. I hope you come and find me!!

When: Friday, June, 03 2016

Where: The Sadies at the rickshaw.

I caught you looking three times

I got on at Cambie street skytrain, dark haired and in all white, poorly balancing my book and hanging on. I tripped twice and laughed. I felt you (tall, brunette, short beard, walked with a limp) looking at me but thought you were out of my league so I quickly looked away each time we caught eyes. It was only a block we got off at Vancouver City Central that realised it probably wasn't accidental - there was no reason for you to be riding the escalator backwards as I walked the stairs. What's your story, sir?

When: Wednesday, June, 08 2016

Where: Skytrain heading downtown

take me for a walk?

You. Injured runner. With Dog. Me. Half Chinese. Dogless. Our eyes locked at trout park. It was intense. But then your dog pooped and you had to tend to that situation. I kept walking. Maybe you can take me a for a walk one day?

When: Sunday, June, 05 2016

Where: Trout Lake

So Sad Today on Ferry

You were reading So Sad Today on the 3pm ferry. I almost bought it the other day and I wanted to ask you if you enjoyed it. I was the not-tall blond sitting by the exit door. I should have come over to chat but it was so crowded and quiet and I didn't want to intrude. I am relatively new to Vancouver and I read a lot - maybe we could trade paperbacks?

When: Sunday, June, 05 2016

Where: Ferry

Man in the black sports car in NV

You followed me in my red van and drove up next to me into the opposing lane to say hi after we play cat and mouse. I was the blonde in the red van. Want to race?

When: Friday, June, 03 2016

Where: 2600 Chesterfield ave

Whitehorse cyclist

You caught up with me on the Vanness bike route, just after I had pulled ahead on a hill. I almost started laughing at first because I thought you were maybe one of those guys who can't stomach being passed by a girl...but it turns out you were just being nice! You just moved here from Whitehorse, and wanted to tell me that you recognized my shirt from the Klondike road relay. You caught me a bit off guard, but I enjoyed our chat and now wish I hadn't arrived at my work so soon. Would love to hear more about your adventures up north - coffee or long ride to continue the conversation?

When: Monday, May, 30 2016

Where: on the Vanness bike route, near the Joyce skytrain station

You gave me a 1040 scarf

We met on the bus, you offer me a glass of water, gave me a 1040 scarf and we went for a walk on the beach. It was a wonderful time and I wished I knew how to get ahold of you. Would love to see you again

When: Friday, November, 13 2015

Where: Bus and than 4 th ave


periods and abortions

are not something I want to hear about at the bar!