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E.g., Dec 6 2016

Did I imagine it?

You used to come in to my work fairly often. We would chat and you would ask me very direct questions. Last time I told you my family up north has guns, and I think I freaked you out. Ran in to you recently at an opening, but it looked like you were on a date already. Are you flirting with me? Am I imagining it?

When: Friday, December, 02 2016

Where: Vancouver Art Gallery

Geologist in the Yukon

YOU-W- geologist from Surrey in Dawson first week of August ME-Y-tattooed lady wrestler, met at the Pit. Coming to Van, Round 2?

When: Sunday, August, 07 2016

Where: Dawson City Yukon

To the guy with the snowboard outside Noodlebox...

We caught each other's eyes as I walked past you at the bus stop on Main and Broadway. You were holding your snowboard and I was heading into the Noodlebox. I sat by the window as I waited and you turned and smiled at me, I don't know why I didn't take the chance, run out and give you my number while we were both waiting. The #3 bus came and you turned, smiled and waved. I grabbed my pen and a piece of paper to quickly write my number but the bus just pulled away as I got outside. If by chance you are reading this, would you be interested in coffee sometime?

When: Friday, December, 02 2016

Where: Broadway and Main

Viking Dogs.

We see each other often, and every single time you make me feel immensely happy. We talk about all the concerts we've seen, our little pups, Lava Field, and occasionally new beer to try. You are genuinely such a lovely and kind man. If I could sit for hours on Commercial just telling stories, laughing and being close with you, I always would. I already look forward to seeing you again.

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: Burnaby

WWE Survivor Series at the 12 Kings

My friend and I sat at the bar expecting to watch football, but wrestling ended up being a pleasant surprise, especially with you, a young Shawn Michaels, hosting and simultaneously superkicking your way into my heart. That championship winning smile and ponytail embody the Heartbreak Kid, too bad you weren't shirtless. You are a sexy boy, will you be my boy toy?

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: The 12 kings pub

Cute bearded man on the #19

Me: Short chick with dark, long hair in a black and white checkered jacket You: Dressed mostly in black, an awesome gingery beard and a wrist tattoo We locked eyes as I was exiting out the back door on fraser. Thank you for opening the door for me! Drink sometime?

When: Tuesday, November, 29 2016

Where: Bus

Tall "gingerbeard" man...

En route to Thrifty Foods at Morgan Crossing, I saw you on the sidewalk. You were a tall Caucasian man with greying ginger hair, a scruffy short beard, and blonde eyelashes that I could see all the way from my car. You had this cute half-smile on your face and, had I been on the sidewalk instead of in my car, I totally would have aimed a smile your way. You reminded me of why it's important to put makeup on, even if I'm just headed to the grocery store to pick up a few staples!

When: Monday, November, 28 2016

Where: Morgan Crossing, South Surrey

At Gourmet Warehouse

You: very attractive man in orange jacket... Me: attractive woman in black boots & jacket

When: Sunday, November, 27 2016

Where: Gourmet Warehouse, 1340 E Hastings, Vancouver, BC

Hollister cashier

I was shopping at Hollister in Pacific centre on Black Friday night, and I saw you, standing behind the cashier's desk...I knew it was stupid and even creepy but I just couldn't stop looking at you.I grabbed a random sweater and went to the long check-out line, hoping to have you as my cashier..When it was my turn, I didnt even have enough courage to walk to your desk, so I just chose the girl beside you and tried to smile at you but you were then having a little trouble with your customer, seemed like she had some problem with the price... I really want to tell you that you made my Black Friday more than just shopping fun...If it is possible I want to meet you again :) Thank you the cutest cashier in this world !

When: Friday, November, 25 2016

Where: Hollister in Pacific Center

Beer tasting

Brewery tour -November 24. I drank several beers with my friend. You're English and I'm a kiwi, who was charmed. Let's meet up for a drink.

When: Thursday, November, 24 2016

Where: East Van

Thank you

Seymour Building, Monday evening. You had just come out of the elevator; I was leaving Ruby's Ukes. You gave me a great smile and held the door open even though I lagged behind. I wish I took the chance to talk to you instead of just saying a quick thanks and going about my way.

When: Monday, November, 21 2016

Where: Seymour Building

Could you read my poker face?

We were playing poker in a giant mansion. 5 hours later, you ended up taking second after scoring the last of my chips. You seemed like a cool cat, and I wanted to chat more, but the cab arrived so quickly after the game that I never got your info. I'd love a rematch.

When: Friday, November, 18 2016

Where: Vancouver

Laptop Warrior at the Cascade Room

You asked me for a last drink at Cascade as I was leaving. I was thrown too off guard to say anything other than "sure!" before fleeing. It's rare for me to find a complete stranger interesting, so if you still want that drink, I'm game.

When: Wednesday, November, 16 2016

Where: Cascade Room

Cute Smile

We exchanged a smile as we walked past each other on Davie between Jervis and Bute. You were tall wearing a light grey sweater with your hood on, I was wearing a black baseball hat. I would love to see your smile again :)

When: Saturday, November, 19 2016

Where: Davie St

Tall Dark & Handsome Neighbour in Olympic Village

Have never posted here before and doubt you''ll see this... But I'm kicking myself for not saying more than "have a good night" when you got off the elevator in Wall Centre last night. You: Really tall, dark hair, black backpack (?), got on in the parkade. Me: Tall, blonde, headphones, w/ dog, got on in lobby. Lmk which floor you got off on so I know it's you =)

When: Thursday, November, 17 2016

Where: Olympic Village

Porteau Cove

Thank you again for both the chai and the great conversation on a wet, west coast morning. I later regretted not exchanging numbers. Hike, snowshoe, kayak?

When: Sunday, November, 13 2016

Where: Porteau Cove

Cute truck driver at value village

You got out the truck and winked at me, you have black hair and a tattoo on your arm. I smiled and was too shy to say anything. Drinks sometime?

When: Tuesday, November, 15 2016

Where: Value village on hastings

Pourhouse Bartender in October

You were the bartender in October at Pourhouse. I was with a guy friend (neck tattoos and we had a few too many old fashiond's) you made me some kind of cocktail. I left and came back not long after and you gave me an old fashioned on you. You have stretched ears, arm tattoos, super babe. I look like a basic brunette. I'm 31 but look a bit younger. I didn't say a word but for the 4-5 hours I was there I wanted to speak to you more than anything. Perhaps we spoke without words anyway... I would love to see you again but apparently you left the pourhouse! I can't get you off of my mind and I don't even know your name.

When: Tuesday, October, 11 2016

Where: Pourhouse

REPUBLIC nightclub (fri nov 11)

You were in a plain white tshirt + had an accent. I was wearing a gold top, drinking a corona with long brown hair. We danced and kissed on the stairs.

When: Friday, November, 11 2016

Where: Republic nightclub

We locked eyes a few times during a yoga class

Me: wavy brown hair, no make up, purple yoga pants, blue tank top. You: dark eyes, shaved head, grey shirt, cool charcoal black pants. We were one in front of the other at the 12pm yoga class. We locked eyes a few times and after class you sat next to me to get ready. But you left the moment I pulled my leg back and I didn't have the time to start a conversation with you.

When: Friday, November, 11 2016

Where: One Yoga

Olympic Village JJ Bean

You; tall, well dressed, sporting a red poppy. Me; long blonde hair, camel coloured trench coat and converse sneakers. You looked up at me while I was checking you out, but I was to shy to say anything. I grabbed my coffee and we both walked outside. My cab showed up quickly and away I went. I regret not saying anything, hopefully you do as well.

When: Friday, November, 11 2016

Where: JJ Bean, Olympic Village

Smitten on Bus #16

We rode the #16 bus westbound this morning together, from Strathcona until I left at City Centre. You are tall, wavy dark hair with a great beard and even greater blue eyes. Your jacket looked like something from a Team Canada, with a maple leaf crest and your number embroidered on the sleeve. You carried a messenger bag, red, I think. I hope you felt me smiling, and heard me whisper 'bye'. I regret not saying 'hi'.

When: Thursday, November, 10 2016

Where: #16 Bus Westbound

new west skytrain platform

I was getting off the train, you were with your friend and your skateboard. You stopped in front of me, I pretended not to see you because I'm shy. I think that's enough info? Was barely even an interaction.

When: Tuesday, November, 08 2016

Where: New Westminster

Tall, handsome guy wearing a green toque

I was reading my book and you stood in front of me on the bus, catching my attention. You sat down and started reading "Gas Pipe". Would you like to go for coffee to discuss fine literature sometime?

When: Monday, November, 07 2016

Where: 99 B-Line from UBC


Our low dollar is hurting all Canadians.

And we have the Anti-Everything crowd trying everything they can to get it lower....Not sure how...