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E.g., Aug 28 2016

Bearded Brewery Creek Babe

My two friends and I were so stunned by the variety of beers and the babes working there. You saw the confusion on our faces (I said "confusion looks good on us") and came to our aid multiple times. When we got distracted by pretty labels, you guided us towards the sour (beer) land. We think your name is Brendan, and I was the one with braids and cracking all the jokes. If you have a girlfriend, forget about it. If not, lets hang. Sprinkle me with some beer knowledge.

When: Friday, August, 26 2016

Where: Brewery Creek Liquor store

Subway guy

I was having lunch with coworkers at Joey on Burrard and Robson and as we were finishing up saw you through the window in line at the Subway next door. We made eye contact a few times and I'm not positive but felt like there was a mutual interest...not the best time to try and pursue it but if you see this and were interested, feel free to reach out. Either way, you're looking fine!

When: Friday, August, 26 2016

Where: Burrard and Robson

Long white hair, tall and lean, shirtless

You were walking on the other side of the street, and I was turning right in my car. Wish I could have spoken to you. Still would like to. Not too many casually healthy-looking people ambling along with ease at our age. You caught my attention, and few do.

When: Saturday, August, 20 2016

Where: New West, 7th Avenue just north of 6th Street

Departure Bay

Sorry it's come to this (I am apologizing to myself for posting an I Saw You, because I think this is the domain of cowards - no offense, everyone) We spoke on the ferry one recent Saturday afternoon. You: N. and hot as hell, traveling light. A true gentleman for saying hello and striking up conversation in this, a cold world of indifference where no one says hello anymore. Unfortunately, I rambled on about gambling and beach-lounging, topics that might make me seem as if I take no stock in serious things. Yes, I did have a bag of books. You liked my shoes. They are common-enough shoes, but I am glad they brought you happiness. I would have been a lot more pleasant but when you said hello I had been separated for only a week or so. I have no game yet. The world is still a huge and terrifying place full of strangers I don't feel equipped to make successful small-talk with. You made me smile. That hasn't happened lately. I hope life is good for you on the mainland. Happy trails, stranger.

When: Saturday, August, 13 2016

Where: BC Ferries

Irish guy needing directions

You stopped your bike to ask me for directions to Clark, i had a stroller and a dog, pretty hard to miss. I wished we had chatted longer. Drinks? (P.s. They aren't mine, I'm a child minder.)

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Knight and Kingsway

Sausage Party....

you do not strike me as the type of person that would read these things, and to be honest neither am i, but what have i got to lose...i saw you tonight at the movie theatre and i was sitting in front of you. if i'm not mistaken you were wearing a white striped shirt, black shorts and nikes. i've got blonde hair and i was with my guy friend. i doubt you'll ever read this, but i thought you were really attractive and i would have loved to grab your number or something but i had no liquid courage in me. in the unlikely event that you are reading this, gimme a shout :)

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Park & Tilford

Ramenman West End

You were looking for a table at Ramenman, and smiled. I sat outside, sorry I did not invite you to join me. You were with a friend. I liked how seriously you discussed your ramen with the staff, and your smile. Let's have ramen together?

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Vancouver

You, me and Wreck

Wreck Beach. Me: nude, curvy, tattooed caucasian woman with bleached hair. You: nude, caucasian man with brown hair and an amazing smile. I was comfortably set up, solo, on the sand in front of you with me multicolour umbrella. We exchanged some smiles and words, you asked me how the water was! As you left you walked by me telling me you were on the hunt for shadier space before you got burnt... i'm usually super gutsy and would have made a comment about perhaps seeing you again? But I left it up to chance... wreck beach season isn't over! Contact me if you want to find some shade together :)

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Wreck beach - near the bathrooms

beardy at arbutus cafe

You said it was a cramped corner, we shared the sugar bowl. Me, blonde, kinda sweaty from a workout, you, tall, beard, rings, but not on ring finger? Wish I'd said more...

When: Monday, August, 22 2016

Where: arbutus cafe in kitsilano

Commercial Broadway all black photographer

You: all black, handsome, camera around your neck, casually lounging on the corner of the drive and broadway all suave like. Me: stopped at the light on my old ten speed. curious. looked over and exchanged glances at least a couple times. You're handsome and intriguing. Meet ups? What color was my bike?

When: Sunday, August, 21 2016

Where: Commercial at Broadway

If we could reconnect....

I saw your post in "I Saw You". Have been trying to contact you for a week, but have not heard anything back. We met 9 years ago, POF, my name is Lianne, I am Jewish, live in Kits, went to Israel, etc, etc. Many friends have forwarded me this post and I would love to reconnect. Please be in touch if you see this. That would be amazing.

When: Monday, August, 22 2016

Where: in Georgia Straight

Tall, dark and handsome

We were at the intersection of Davie and Thurlow outside of Starbucks. You had a red shirt and a skateboard, tall and handsome. I had pink hair in a braid and you asked me for a smoke. Shoulda got your name and number, felt like we vibed. Did we?

When: Friday, August, 19 2016

Where: Davie and Thurlow

Oh my God where's Omad?!

We met at 7-11 in New Westminster at the end of July, possibly the 17th or 24th. We talked about tattoos and dogs. I am the voluptuous blond with blue eyes. You asked me to blaze and I said no , been kicking my ass ever since. Would love to hear from you. How many tattoos do I have???

When: Sunday, July, 17 2016

Where: New West 7-11

Cutie@ BCL in Kingsgate Mall

We made eye contact in the beer aisle at BCL in Kingsgate Mall and I asked you if you knew where I could find a 26 of Wiser. We talked for a bit, then we went our separate ways. At the cash register, we made eye contact again and you teased me about my purchase; Cider and a 2.6 of Wiser. I wanted to invite you to my party that night, but pussied out. You: tall, dirty blonde/brown hair, hip, light blue shirt. Me: brown hair, stripped shirt, blue jeans. I enjoyed the casual tease. Bikes and beers?

When: Friday, August, 12 2016


Cute AF couple at the dog beach

You guys were SO Adorbs, pretending not to see your dog shit on a beach full of people and their dogs. It was extra cute how you deliberately pointed outwards at bowen island instead of acknowledging your dog's soft serve gracefully swirling onto the sand, even though it was >10ft upwind of you. I thought you may have been a deaf couple as you immediately started walking away and ignored my requests to pick up after your dog. I thought it was so very cool of you to then lie to the life guard who chased you down because *maybe* you legitimately didn't hear me calling to you. I feel like I need more of you in my life, as a dog walker I've found myself yearning for more turds to pick up in my day to day. I really hope you see this and maybe we can connect, I'll bring the bags ;) You: Basic AF with your Pigeotto haircut and your probably-free-from-a-food-truck sunglasses, tight jean cutoffs, and button down shirt, with your equally basic redheaded hipster girlfriend and overweight Vizsla, being entitled AF, and clearly a (pun fully intended) crappy dog owner.

When: Friday, August, 12 2016

Where: Spanish Banks dog beach

Shell Gas Station - South Surrey

You were pumping gas at the pump ahead of me, in a black jeep, wearing a blue shirt and dark shorts. I drive a civic and dropped a piece of paper on my way out, which you noticed. We exchanged glances, thought I'd post this in case you saw it and want to exchange more.

When: Wednesday, August, 10 2016

Where: Shell Gas Station - 20th & 152nd Street Surrey

handsome cyclist

We exchanged big smiles crossing the Ontario and 16th intersection on our bikes. You: dark hair, dark eyes, backwards hat. Your gorgeous smile brightened my day! Me: on my road bike, wearing all black, long brown hair in a pony tail. If you are single I would love to meet up for a drink or a bike ride sometime. Skill testing question... what colour were my sunglasses?

When: Sunday, August, 07 2016

Where: Ontario and 16th

Forgive my crazy

We met last fall. Our eyes locked at a friends bday/halloween party and later you got my number. We went on a few casual dates and fooled around over the next couple months. I shocked you the night that I flipped at you over text and I don't blame you. My attempt to stand up for myself and avoid being used was uncalled for. I was excited about you, so attracted to you. I wanted you to want me too. I felt rejected when you weren't making the effort that I was craving. I called you a jerk and gave you tips on how to handle your other ladies (I lol at how crazy that was now). I thought I saw you walking the other day and had an urge to say hi. I hesitated as it occurred to me that I do not know you at all and ruined any chance of ever getting to way too early. I regret that. I think we could've had a good ride. I like your style (and your peoples food, I know you like mine too). Cheers to fudging things up with babes way too early to even know if you could genuinely have feelings for them. I hope you're well.

When: Saturday, August, 06 2016


You caught my eye, I told you you were cute

We were picking out our groceries and saw each other from a far a few times. I was done paying and you were next up in another checkout line. By the time I got into my car and was waiting to pull out onto the road you were walking my way. You walked in front of my car and we exchanged a nice smile. I turned the corner as you walked and cut you off at the next driveway to tell you how cute I thought you were. I think you were surprised! Trying to not be too awkward I drove away before I could ask you if you were single.... Are you??

When: Tuesday, August, 09 2016

Where: Choices on 16th

West Coast Trail - Thrasher Beach

lack tshirt with a football on went swimming in the ocean. We got into camp on our last night early, you came late which I think was your first day/night. I think you were alone, super cute, dark hair, beard, athletic....You camped alone just into the treeline and stayed to yourself, pretty quiet. But I kept looking at you and would catch you looking at me. I tried to look you up under solo trail entries from the day before at the Gordon River station but no luck. Ha somehow thought this maybe would work!!

When: Monday, August, 01 2016

Where: West Coast Trail - Middle Of knowhere:)

Bottle guy

We have met many times before, I work at the hotel and you collect the recycling for the company. I mentioned today was my last day here and really wanted to ask you for a drink but chickened out. We have talked many times and seem to get along, wouldnt mind getting to know you more.

When: Tuesday, August, 09 2016

Where: Century Plaza Hotel

Are you available???

I was beside you at the Colin James show at the Burnaby Blues and Roots. You were wearing a Chilkoot Pass sweatshirt and I was wearing an off-white tank top and white skirt. I noticed you weren't wearing a wedding band. Are you available? and would you be interested in meeting?

When: Saturday, August, 06 2016

Where: Deer Lake Park

Twin Sails

We joked while waiting in line, you said you did not have an accent though my friend and I could hear one. You mentioned it was perhaps because you were just speaking to your Dad in Ukrainian and I joked about my Ukrainian side of the family. I thought would we could chat once we got our beers , but you were only buying to go...

When: Saturday, August, 06 2016

Where: Port Moody

The Wise Hall 'killer hill' guy

I stopped after cycling the hill on Adanac just outside the Wise Hall Saturday night. You were on your way back in and called out something about it being a killer hill. All I could manage in my state was a very ladylike four letter exclamation. I wish I had asked you to come see for yourself how heavy my bike is and to have an excuse to continue conversing with your dark handsome self. Bike rides?

When: Saturday, August, 06 2016

Where: The Wise Hall

Len At Robson Square Ballroom Dancing

We danced in the cha-cha lesson and chatted a bit later before you took a smoke break. You: short gray hair, glasses, long time dancer--you even have THE shoes. Me: petite, short hair with blonde streaks, glasses, not a great dancer now, in gold running shoes. I liked your sense of humour and mischievous glint in your eyes. I've been dancing 2X since then but you're not there. I'd like to see you again. You too?

When: Friday, July, 01 2016

Where: Robson Square Friday night dancing


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