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E.g., Feb 6 2016

Scotiabank Theatre - solo date night with self

Colin, we are basically the same person, as you said. I wished I had come straight over to you after the film was done to ask what you thought hoping we once again had something in common. Can we run into one another again? I'd consider giving up my seat in the back next time and turn it into an actual 'date'

When: Friday, February, 05 2016

Where: Scotiabank theatre

Driving the 402 Bus

I was a little lost and trying to get back to Richmond centre. I hopped on your bus and we had a chat about how much Compass gates and Ikea artwork sucks. I was on my way to an friend's gallery show and I regret not getting your number. Meet up and keep talking?

When: Friday, January, 15 2016

Where: 402 Bus to Brighouse Stn

Princeton pub

it was karaoke night and I was sitting with my neighbour by the bar. You were playing pool with your friends wearing a black hoodie and toque. Blue eyes. I kept staring at you. Wish we would have met

When: Thursday, February, 04 2016

Where: Princeton

Elevator in the Marine Building

I was the girl with the red lips, and the red coat at the crosswalk. We made eye contact. We proceeded to not only go in to the same building, but the same elevator. There was such good tension. You told me to have a nice day before getting off. I could have sworn I was in a movie. Thanks for that.

When: Wednesday, February, 03 2016

Where: Marine Building

Just around the corner - Cambie & Bdwy on the #17

You came on the bus @ Cambie & 7th, I left at the next stop. In the time in between we exchanged quite a few glances - you have a great goatee, amazing clear eyes & were wearing a black toque & black ski jacket, carrying 2 bags (& tapping your right hand a bit). Me - long black wool coat, short salt & pepper hair & black framed glasses. Felt some electricity each time I was brave enough to look into your eyes and smiled shyly at you as I left the bus. If you felt something too - how about a longer bus ride together soon to get acquainted more?

When: Monday, February, 01 2016

Where: #17 bus

Cute tall guy at the Red Room for Marten Horger

I was quite tipsy and my friend was the gate keeper to protect me from creepos trying to dance with me. She let you through because you were tall and handsome. We danced and I left with my friend. We later bumped into you on the street while grabbing a cab and you were munching on a slice of pizza. I was ushered in the cab without a chance to give you my number. Would love to have another dance party.

When: Saturday, January, 30 2016

Where: Red room

Connection @ Safeway

We caught each others eyes as you were headed into the Commercial and Broadway Safeway and I was leaving the parking lot. I definitely felt you see me. You were wearing all black like me, I had my camera strapped around my neck and my hair in a pony tail. As I looked back at you I could see your head turning back as we just missed our second glance. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't so shy...

When: Tuesday, February, 02 2016

Where: Commercial and Broadway Safeway

84 @ Alma

I see you waiting for the 84 @ Alma in the morning every few weeks, and after another run in this morning I've decided to put this out into the universe. You're rugged, handsome, sport a beard and today you were wearing a black toque. While you've never thrown any overt interest my way, you always do seem at least aware of me, a tall brunette wearing a green coat. Today you sat directly in front of me and I wished the whole ride that I had the nerve to strike up a conversation... Here's hoping next time one of us will.

When: Friday, January, 29 2016

Where: Kits

Reading 'Room' on the Canada Line

Admittedly, it was a little weird of me to overlook your shoulder and even more bizarre that I recognized that you were reading 'Room' on your Kindle. I really quite enjoyed talking to you for that one stop, even better that you appeared like a friendly, sincere person. Regardless I can't help shake the feeling that I should post this, it's my first time, and hopefully you will see it and respond. Skill testing question: What was the name of the last book that I told you I read, and I can tell you the colour of your Kindle cover.

When: Tuesday, January, 19 2016

Where: Canada Line - Stop between King Edward and Broadway

Flight from Edmonton to Vancouver

YOU: 5'10 ish, blond hair, with a backpack, blue t-shirt and kakis pants. You were with your daughter and was sitting in the back of the airplane. In Van, We were both in the elevator to the Canada Line, but I was caught up in a discussion with my friends. I was hopeful to be able to talk to you once we would get off... but you took the escalators back to the Departures level. ME: The blond that was looking at you.

When: Wednesday, January, 27 2016

Where: WestJet 137

Will on Gabriola October 2015

We met at The Haven on Gabriola back in October. Your name is name is Wendy. I had gone over with friends and had to leave before getting a chance to say goodbye or giving you my number.

When: Sunday, October, 18 2015

Where: The Haven, Gabriola Island

Clark Kent

I asked you for a lighter and you offered not just that but excellent conversation as well! Whether you realize it or not you changed the course of my life (at least a little bit). I'd like to meet up again to discuss the possibilities.

When: Saturday, December, 24 2016

Where: Butcher&Bullock

Toyota Tacoma

Chevron Gas station Abbotsford. I'm sure we were checking each other out. I thought you looked familiar, I should have said something, I didn't and wish I had. I was driving a Mazda and wearing a black jacket.

When: Wednesday, January, 20 2016

Where: Abbotsford

Pub 340

Met you in a hurry to catch my cab last night. You stopped me outside and I took your number but I got it wrong. You were sitting in the corner with your friend I was at the table across you

When: Thursday, January, 21 2016

Where: Pub 340


Yo dude. You kept catching me staring at you on the bus and then I ran into you at that pho place on main and 30th??? We said hello BUT YOU STARED INTO MY SOUL?? I felt like I was in a rom-com can't wait to run into you again HAHA! P.S. I was wearing a spacesuit and a fur coat.

When: Sunday, January, 17 2016

Where: 3 marine drive, pho

Embarking on a Journey

You are handsome, blonde, and creative. I am a gregarious brunette that you seemed to enjoy speaking to! This may be a long shot, but you came into my work and treated your friends to dinner. As you put it, you were about to embark on an emotional journey with them...creating something together. I would love for you to show me the final product!

When: Friday, October, 23 2015

Where: Main Street

You had me at man bun..

I know this is a long shot..but I saw you on the 5:45 seabus headed downtown from the quay last Wednesday evening. You were tall, handsome, wearing a suit, and had your hair pulled back. I sat one row ahead of you, but I wish I would have said something. When we got off the seabus, you headed to the sky train and I was headed downtown. I missed my chance. Taking a risk you may read this.

When: Wednesday, January, 13 2016

Where: Seabus

JJ Bean Yaletown

Let's see if this works ... You were adorable helping to watch another coffee goer's dog out on the patio. I was sitting inside giggling along with you at the silly pup now in your lap. And then your friends whisked you away while I sat slapping myself for being too shy to give you my number in the moment. dangit.

When: Monday, January, 18 2016

Where: JJ Bean Yaletown

Take out order for Theo

Dear Theo, I was too shy to make eye contact with you when I had the chance. While I was serving you your food and looking at the floor I couldn't help but notice your boots tucked into your jeans. Nice touch. Just typing this is giving me a bit of anxiety, so I'm not sure how suave I would be should we meet again. If you're up for it though, we should do something like a walk, where I can stare at the floor, and you can stare at the top of my head. Yours, The girl with her identity protected by the Georgia Straight

When: Saturday, January, 16 2016


this one is definitely about you

Sitting at the counter you grabbed the straight and flipped to the 'i saw you' section. I asked if there was anything good and you said earnestly that no one had written about you. Later I took the paper and asked you your birthday. I know I told you capricorns can be icy, but I thought I felt you warming up to me.

When: Saturday, January, 16 2016


Lust For Youth at Budgies!~

Just want to say thank you again, LFY is the coolest. Keep playing the good stuff, my name is Cass, I was wearing Air max thea's and lots of black.

When: Wednesday, January, 13 2016

Where: Budgies Burritos

At eternal abundance

You were sitting alone and I was having lunch with my mum. You had long brown hair and mentioned you lived in Brazil for a while. You were cute, I'd love to see your face again.

When: Sunday, January, 10 2016

Where: Eternal abundance on commercial drive

Steamworks Server

To my charming server, you were such a ham which made me giggle endlessly. Though, I'm a vegetarian. Maybe opposites attract because you made several great recommendations, but you are all I've wanted for a while now.

When: Sunday, January, 10 2016

Where: Streamworks

Boxing day ferry, shared a toke n smoke

It was a windy day on the bc ferries. Top deck was closed and we met on the deck 5 walkway. You asked me for a smoke and shared your J with me. We talked about the old boats and the Arcades. It's weird you shared your name with my ( now ex) Jan. I hope you see this and would be interested in getting to know each other.

When: Saturday, December, 26 2015

Where: Coastal Renaissance - bc ferries

Checking you out at the checkout

I seen you a few times around the store and again at the checkout couldn't help but keep looking you are one hot dad...

When: Sunday, January, 10 2016

Where: No frills 128 and 96


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