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E.g., Apr 30 2015

John the Musician + Judas Priest Fan

A man had been following me for several stops .. I reached out to you in the line up for help and you intervened without hesitation. You protected me, kept me safe and rode the bus past your own stop to make sure I made it to my stop safely. You walked away saying if I ever needed help, that I could find you at that same stop around the same time and I've been looking for you ever since ... I've shared our story and have drivers and passengers keeping their eyes open for you too but I seem to be missing you every timE ... I want to share with you how amazing you are and how grateful I am to you for being so willing to help me ... for being such a gentleman. You're a beautiful soul and I would like to see you again ... AND I cannot believe I didn't ask you for your number or give you my card! Woman?! haha I had just taught a meditation class and was a bit shook up from being followed .. I also trusted I would see you again ... Trying every angle to find you. Hoping you read the Georgia Straight! Warmest hugs, ~Michelina

When: Wednesday, April, 08 2015

Where: Surrey Central Station | Bus Stop #61035 | Bus #502 Langley Centre | Time: 8:30pm

I startled you aruound 8pm as you were heading to work

Me, short female, dirtyblonde. You, tall dapper fellow with your JJbean coffee. I was having a heated argument, and stopped you to demand your opinion on the definition of verbal abuse. You cleared some things up, then declared "I have to go to work now!" and bid a hasty retreat. I just wanted to say thanks, and I'll buy your next coffee if you see this!

When: Wednesday, May, 06 2015

Where: Commercial and 6th

A handsome man at the corner of Lonsdale and 16th Street

We met approximately a week ago. You are a tall, handsome, with a light brown or dark blond hair color. You were looking somewhere above your head. I caught you off guard and asked you: Are you enjoying the sunny weather? and I wished you to have a nice day. OI hope you will read my note and send me a replay. If you are the person I am looking for please write what you said that day. I had a leather jacket on, black short hair, and green eyes

When: Wednesday, April, 22 2015

Where: at the corner of Lonsdale Avenue and 16th Street, North Vancouver

#99 Monday evening

We got on the bus at the same stop. Traded smiling glances back and forth until MacDonald, where we both exited. You had headphones in. I should have said hello. I was wearing a black jacket, glasses, and have dark wavy hair. After getting off the bus, I got a call from a friend. I was standing across the street from the apartment building you walked into and looked up to see you (?) painting a red wall (?) Tell me the stop where we boarded the bus, and the name of the coffee shop attached to your building, so I know it's you! Maybe we can ride the bus again, but sitting together this time?!

When: Monday, May, 04 2015

Where: b-line, going West

Gentleman on the #15 bus

You: black male, wearing thick, black rimmed glasses and dressed very handsomely. You got off at the Shoppers on 16th ave, carrying an iPad (?). Me: chin length brown hair with bangs, glasses, in a light grey coat, brown tights. Just wanted to say that I thought you looked great. Maybe coffee sometime?

When: Monday, May, 04 2015

Where: on the #15 cambie bus, i got on at cambie and 12th ave

Gimme dat Wu-Tang

Walking towards each other on Gore, you with a friend, me in a Wu-Tang t-shirt. You yelled "Hey, gimme dat Wu-Tang shirt!" I stared a little and smiled, shook my head. You yelled again, as you passed, grinning, "GIMME DAT WU-TANG!" I smiled, "Can't, naked underneath". You grinned more "GIMME IT!". I loved the whole exchange and you are one styley brother and I like your moxy.

When: Monday, April, 27 2015

Where: Gore Street, Chinatown

Pterodactyl Artist

You definitely were an artist. I wanted to ask you to draw on my food takeaway box. But was too shy. I thought you were hot and cool and fab. I got on at Metrotown and sat with you. There was a noisy chatty guy behind us and we sort of looked at each other when you got off at surrey central. And looked at again and nodded. I wish...I wish...Are you a T. Rex, cause I would like to plesiosaur you.

When: Saturday, May, 02 2015

Where: Metrotown to SurreyCentral Skytrain

the narrow Jew

So you read my Hebrew tattoo on my arm and asked me what it meant. I was too nervous to give you my number or talk to you and I regret it. You were very tall and wore glasses. Since we are the only Jews in Vancouver we should at least go for a drink.

When: Friday, May, 01 2015

Where: The Narrow- Main street

The boy in line at Mac Demarco

I was holding my super huge, newly discovered Mac Demarco painting while in the line up for his Vogue show. We were in line together after I had met up with someone who bumped me up closer to the front that you happened to be with. I don't remember the interaction we had word for word, but you were super charming and inquisitive, and the fluorescent paint on your hands was quite the cool sight. I really can't stop thinking about how cool you are.

When: Friday, April, 24 2015

Where: the Vogue theatre

Surfer Dave!

I left my number on your orange camper at Flo about 5 years ago...I moved to England and lost track of you, but I'm back in BC and was always curious... :)

When: Thursday, April, 30 2015

Where: Florencia Bay

Tower Encounter

I was strolling your way at Tower Beach and paused to comment on the Sun Kil Moon song coming from your iPhone. You smiled confidently and asked me to smoke a joint with you. I had to dash up the stairs and back into the real world, but would love to return to the sand and have a sunset smoke with you one of these days. Get in touch if you see this.

When: Wednesday, April, 29 2015

Where: Tower Beach

Main Street Station

Running late for work never looked so good. A long shot, but worth the try! You were wearing a black tshirt, cuffed jeans and had a Herschel duffle over your shoulder. I would have said hi, but work was calling my name.

When: Thursday, April, 30 2015

Where: Main Street Skytrain Station

Manbun on the 99

I never do this, but here goes. We both got on the 99 at UBC around 4:30 on Tuesday. You sat in front of me in the accordion part. You had your hair in a man bun, and were wearing Blundstones (so was I. .. sporting Blundstones, not a man bun, that is). You looked my way a few times, but I was too shy to catch your eye. As you got up to leave, you made a comment to the person behind me about the book she was reading. Maybe you were just interested in the book! Anyhow, you are very dreamy.

When: Tuesday, April, 28 2015


FedEx Delivery man

I don't remember exactly what time and date because it happened so long ago, but i remember it was sometime in mid october. You rang the doorbell and my brother answered it and I couldn't be bothered because it was kind of early for me anyway. I had to come to the door anyway because I had to pay duty and to my pleasant surprise you were totally cute and young. I looked terrible though. You told me I was lucky that I got to sleep in and asked me what I was doing up so late but.. um.. that's for me to know and you to find out. I was hoping to see you again because I had more stuff coming and also I had a shipping error so I had another chance to see you, but both times it was an older lady :(

When: Wednesday, October, 15 2014

Where: my house

Book Reading on Victoria ferry crossing

Hey! Thanks for the recommendation on reading Ayaan Ali's books. I bought her other two books. I was debating on getting your R. Dawkins book, but I'll have to get your "read" on it.

When: Saturday, April, 25 2015

Where: BC Ferry Crossing Vancouver to Victoria

Mr. Red Truck leaving work

This was a while ago but I can't seem to get it off my mind which is why I decided to post this comment. It was one moment that I will never forget or always regret because I did not make eye contact with you. You were driving behind me (blue/green Toyota), eventually side to side as I noticed you looking my way for quite some time as though you were trying to figure something out. I was distracted talking to my daughter in the car. By the time I found the courage to look at you, the light turned green and I had to make my left turn. Even if I never meet you, I want to thank you for your smile and attention - it was a turning point in my life... that I still smile about. You are truly an 'un-sung hero'.

When: Wednesday, October, 08 2014

Where: Albert and Willingdon

Waves coffee

You were sitting with your Asian friend. You were wearing a shirt from a kick boxing match. I came in to meet my friend for coffee with a bird scarf on.

When: Sunday, April, 26 2015

Where: Waves at Carleton and Hastings

Cute Home Depot Employee

Me - pink jacket, short, long brown hair. You showed me where the shelf brackets were and told me where to find the decorative brackets. I thought you were cute but was too shy to say me put up the shelves?

When: Sunday, April, 26 2015

Where: Cambie Home Depot

Beard and a Banjo

You: The bearded dude in a newsboy cap playing a stripped-down version of "Thunderstruck" on the banjo outside Continental Coffee. Me: The short-haired, petite girl reading Camus on the other side of the glass. Your rendition was so good that it made me question my personal moratorium on AC/DC songs (too many loud late-night suburban Camaro rides in my youth). Would love to sip some tea together and listen to the rest of your repertoire!

When: Saturday, April, 18 2015

Where: Continental Coffee on the Drive

Hegemonic Actor

You: VFS 51 grad with the hard nipples (probably because it was cold) wearing a hat. Bummed a cigarette off of my Ukrainian friend. Me: I taught you about hegemony.

When: Friday, April, 24 2015

Where: In front of Chill Winston

Miles Teller lookalike at Yyoga Kits

We were both in the noon Power class at Yyoga, both near the back wall on either end of the room. You made eyes at me the entire class. You are at least 6' tall, brown hair, ultra-white teeth and sort of stocky - total Miles Teller (from Whiplash) lookalike. Under 30? I'm a very petite and bendy brunette with long wavy hair and green eyes. Wish you had chatted me up after but I was talking to too many friends after the class and I didn't see you leave the building. Too bad. Love to yoga with you again sometime ;)

When: Thursday, April, 23 2015

Where: Yyoga Kitsilano

I'll Have Another Guinness

I've seen you read these, so I hope you see this. I see you every week. Sometimes we chat, but I can't tell if you're interested or just being friendly. I'd like to see how we'd get along outside of the pub!

When: Thursday, April, 23 2015

Where: Johnnie Fox's

Danny from cactus club.

This is long overdue considering its been a little while BUT our brief encounter at the restaurant is still on my mind! I'm kicking myself for not getting your number when i had the chance. Would love to get together some time for a drink possibly?

When: Wednesday, April, 22 2015

Where: Cactus club cafe

buy-low foods

You're impossibly tall and good-looking. We made eye contact but I am somewhat incapable of going from resting bitch face to a smile fast enough. You had a helmet with you, and I saw you a few minutes later waiting by the flower shop. Coffee? Marriage?

When: Tuesday, April, 21 2015

Where: buy-low foods at Kingsgate

Stalker Postman

I was helping a friend who lives up the block move some stuff, but I wondered maybe if I SHOULD have been stalking you, hence the "maybe" when you asked. You were driving the mail truck and I was looking sort of slobby with my hair tied back in a black oversized hoodie. Pretty sure you said something to me a few years ago while walking down the drive too. Been wondering when I might run into you again. Preferably after work.

When: Monday, April, 13 2015

Where: Victoria & 1st Avenue


Phalluses, Freud, and pig ladies at the...

The Room Nobody Knows is an off-planet theatrical piece from Japan's Niwa Gekidan Penino.