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I always come to your spot SBC down on Hastings, your either running around scowling super busy or behind the bar barking. regardless none the less when I come to shows and see you I instantly I feel like a sat on slug. Turn that frown upside down lets have a drink? Arn't you suppose to be the smilin Buddha?

When: Saturday, May, 21 2016

Where: SBC

Yyoga Tinder run-in FAIL

YOU: "What *exactly* happens in Restorative yoga?" ME: "You see God and sh*t" I saw you checking me out, but was so high from my yoga class that it wasn't until I left that I realized who you were. I recognized you so started chatting, you asked me about what you could expect in Restorative class as I was leaving. I believe we met on Tinder last summer, I was on such a dating rampage that I never replied after our meet. At the time you didn't seem to fit the bill, but now I'm not so sure. So, apologies for ghosting, you still seem mega cool and magnetically attractive. Let me know if you ever want to try for round two. If not, sorry for being a jerk.

When: Saturday, May, 21 2016

Where: Yyoga Kits

Deli inside Granville island market

My friend and I were walking around aimlessly and hungry through the market and I stopped by the deli you work at, looking at the pasta, trying to get inspired for dinner. You looked up and asked me if you could help me with anything and I got shy and said no and quickly walked away. I really wish I would have striked up a conversation and given you my number. You had a man bun and an accent, I had long brown wavy hair and a demin jacket. Can you tell me where you work and where your accent is from? Drinks?

When: Wednesday, May, 18 2016

Where: Granville island market

19 Bus Ride full of unanswered questions

We were both taking the 19 bus home around 6:30pm. You were wearing a jersey over a t-shirt and asked me about who the customers are for items being sold on the street in the downtown eastside. I tried to answer your question which led to many more. I told you about my bike bag that was recently stolen from me. Tell me where I was when it was stolen and let's get a drink. I feel as though our conversation was unfinished and I also have the name of the documentary you are looking for!

When: Tuesday, May, 17 2016

Where: 19 Bus between downtown and mount pleasant

Tinder date from hell

I walked in my local East Village liquor store and there you were, tall dark and handsome and giving away free samples of Big Rock Cider. Never made it to the Brighton cause shortly after we left I decided to ditch my drunken Tinder date from hell. He couldn't hold his liquor and puked ten minutes after we left. Should have slipped you my number when I had the chance? I will give you a sample of my heart straight up.

When: Saturday, May, 14 2016

Where: High Point

Save On Check Out Line

You were being checked out while I was waiting in the line over. You have short, dark brown hair and were wearing a black shirt. I have blond/red hair and was wearing all black yoga gear. We made eye contact and smiled many times and I think you might've tried to come say hi but chickened out? When I was leaving I saw you drive away in a big black pick up truck with a big piece of furniture strapped in the back. Message me with the type of furniture it was and let's grab a drink!

When: Tuesday, May, 10 2016

Where: Main and 13th

Drummer at Guilt & Co

You really caught my eye. It was my first time at guilt and co, you had a great set. You: wearing a paperboy hat, black shirt. Me: drinking wine in the back. Let's get a drink!

When: Thursday, May, 12 2016

Where: Guilt & Company

Skateboarding in Granville Island

I was making my way to an event while staring at my phone to find my way there. When I looked up I saw this super cute guy holding a camera on a tripod while skateboarding. I think he was Asian and for the life of me I can't remember what he was (or what I was) wearing. I was the little Asian with blonde shoulder length hair.

When: Monday, May, 09 2016

Where: Granville Island

RBC on W Hasting - Standing in Stairs

You were standing on the staircase inside the building. I had to walk beside you to go downstairs and that's when you said HI and smilled at me. Maybe you mistaken me for somebody else? When I left, you were on the phone, so I didn't want to interupt. I was the blondie in the blue dress, with her younger friend and her dog. Would love to go for coffee if you are not taken!

When: Thursday, May, 12 2016

Where: RBC 685 W Hasting

Wednesday Night Waiting

@ Columbia waiting for the skytrain to King George, you got off at Gateway you were wearing some nice nike air max and had a few tattoos. You bumped in to someone as you were leaving. Hope you have a lovely day, if you see this stranger!

When: Wednesday, May, 11 2016

Where: Columbia Skytrain

Grey Ford truck . Nice rack ; ))

I see you at Starbucks and I saw you at the gas station to. You are tall, great looking with a smile to die for. Your eyes have to be the kindest eyes I have ever seen. You made me get goose bumps each time I have seen you. Your demeaner is calm cool and collected. I hope I see you again. I might have the courage to say something intelligent haha. You really have made my days brighter

When: Wednesday, May, 11 2016

Where: 216th

Smiling Irish

You, Irish (I think if you're scottish I owe you a beer), live in point gray, smiley on your bike, me mint green scooter, and bright summer dress on my way to meet a friend. You were thinking about buying one and we chatted for a bit and I zipped off as I was running late. In hindsight, should have grabbed your number! DOH! Let's see if this thing really works :)

When: Tuesday, May, 10 2016

Where: Granville and 7th bike route

Pitcher at UBC game Monday at 5:45 - Urban Rec

Babe throwing some great pitches and hits for the Home team. You, looking good with Tom Selleck-est moustache and tattoo on your leg. Me, tall blonde swinging oppo and playing rover/3rd. Private practice?

When: Monday, May, 09 2016

Where: UBC

Server at the Union

I was captivated by your perfect man bun/beard combo that I'm sure you get 1,000 compliments a day on. You were real tall and very friendly, and I was with a group of ladies (we were all wearing white shirts for some reason) that stopped by for drinks and food on Friday evening. I wish I had chatted with you more than the standard server-patron interactions - my friends made convinced me to post in here (in the slight chance you're single!) because I wouldn't shut up about the "server with the perfect beard" all night. Maybe we could grab mangaa lasings when you're not working?

When: Friday, May, 06 2016

Where: The Union (Union St.)

BIG BLONDE DOOR MAN @ SBC (Smilin' Buddha)

You hold the door for all the girls. You keep the bad guys honest. You run the best joint in the city. You're polite and strong and funny and beautiful and I WANT YOU!!! Im the mature curvy redhead. You told me I was your viking goddess. See you on friday. Drinks after the show???!!!!

When: Friday, May, 06 2016

Where: SBC 109 E. Hastings

Gelatos on Friday night

I walked into the Gelatos ice cream shop on Venables May 6th and saw the most handsome guy working behind the counter. I was wearing the long green dress with tattoos and an eyebrow ring. You were checking me put but I was too scared to ask for your number. Coffee sometime?

When: Friday, May, 06 2016

Where: Gelataos on Venables

Red hat, bearded skater on Millenium Line

You are a guy with a beard, white baseball style shirt, skateboard and red hat. I have blue hair and tattoos. We made eye contact a few times at about 5:30pm on the Millenium line, but I was too shy to do anything about it. Anyways, you're kind of a babe.

When: Friday, May, 06 2016

Where: Millenium Line Skytrain

Organic Meat at the East End Co-op

Thursday at the East End Coop, you were in the meat section wearing a plaid shirt and baggy shorts. I was the hipster looking for organic yogurt. You decided not to buy any meat because there wasn't any organic ground turkey, I think I fell in love at that moment. It could be an organic match made in heaven.

When: Thursday, May, 05 2016

Where: East End Co-op Meat Section

Construction guy named Clay

I was with my guy friend and i heard you telling your name to the barista so I had to say hi. Id love to actually go for a coffee with you after your work one day if youre not taken :)

When: Thursday, May, 05 2016

Where: Starbucks on Davie

A Beautiful Entity Pharmasave

I decided to drop off my prescription at your Pharmasave not knowing the beauty I was about to encounter. Before me at the drop off desk I looked up to see the most beautiful man with sharp brown eyes, the kind of eyes that tell of a lone ghost waiting for his love. The glimmer of your bald head shone like a lighthouse in the distance guiding me towards the conquest of love. Your hands were adorned with rings that obviously must hide a treasure cove of past experiences I'd love to revist with you. If only I can drop off my scripts here all the time for I come from a far away exotic world. I long to have a taste of the delicacy that is the divine trifecta of Vancouver class, sugared maple, and the intensity of those razor sharp eyes.

When: Wednesday, May, 04 2016

Where: Caulfeild

Saw someone from Paris @ safeway last summer

Last summer, we were at ice-cream section in Safeway and had a nice chat. You moved to Vancouver 6 years ago from Paris. Currently live and work in Burnaby. Would like to reconnect!

When: Wednesday, July, 22 2015

Where: Safeway Vancouver

Pacific Centre contractor who helped with directions

We both were waiting at the elevator and you asked if I needed some help with my directions; you also were so kind to tell me how to get where I needed to go! You were so sweet and handsome; I was kicking myself for not saying more than "thank you". You appeared to be working as a contractor and walked thru Pacific Centre. Dark hair and features with a killer smile

When: Monday, May, 02 2016

Where: Pacific Centre, W. Georgia St

Leather Jacket on Lonsdale

You: tall, wearing a leather jacket, and holding a video camera with a group of other guys on Lonsdale Avenue. Me: curly hair, blue headphones, and standing beside you at the crosswalk. Too shy to say hi in the moment, but noticed you sneaking looks. Just letting you know, you seemed like my type :)

When: Sunday, May, 01 2016

Where: Lower Lonsdale

Unexpectedly Nice Customs Officer

You were the awesome Canadian customs officer at the far right side of the border crossing. I think I was there around 11:30am. I remember you because of your eye colour, which were way too mesmerizingly light in colour to look at. Not sure if you could tell but I was trying my hardest to avoid eye contact without looking like a suspicious person. I was the one telling you about rock climbing in Leavenworth and you had no idea what bouldering was. And I think you were surprised that a female would climb and camp on her own but we do! Anyways, you are way too good looking to be a customs officer but thank you for being so nice and pleasant about my trip down into the States. Cheers!

When: Saturday, April, 30 2016

Where: Truck crossing in Blaine

Punk Guy Helps Old Drunk Guy

I was in the number 7 Dunbar and we had stopped at Heatley and pender. And an old drunk man stumbled and fell underneath the parked bus. You had long dark hair and lip piercings. Wearing all black. You jumped to action to help the man up and offered to take him to the triage where you worked to sober up and have a bite to eat. You really tried to take him with you and help him out. But he refused. I was the punk chick with the punk mohawk who thought it was absolutely heartwarming to see such kindness. I thought you were really handsome. I'd like to see you some time. Maybe over a beer?

When: Friday, April, 29 2016

Where: Heatley and pender


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