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E.g., Sep 2 2015

Right behind you in line at Army & Navy cash in New West

I let you know you had dropped something out of your pocket when pulling out your wallet to pay for your purchase. You caught my eye...real nice cobalt blue shirt,jeans,silver earring ,white hair. Wish it was easier to carry on a conversation with someone in a line up,but the person in front of you always has to leave ;)

When: Sunday, August, 30 2015

Where: Army & Navy in New Westminster

Electrician fixing Cardero St. power line

You were in a crew of three, wearing a beige khaki shirt, dark beard, dark pants and a green hard hat, to fix the snapped power line on Cardero St. between Nelson and Barclay from about 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm. I watched the repair from an open window near the trucks (fascinating!). You looked up a couple of times, I smiled back and later walked in front of your truck (jean shorts, scarf, dark green jacket and umbrella) while you were finishing up a call. Got a lovely smile from you that I’m having a hard time forgetting! I should have knocked on your window to say hi and a big thank you for the hard work so here it is! If you see this, I'd love to treat you to a beer as an actual thanks! Please high five your team for me too. :)

When: Sunday, August, 30 2015

Where: Cardero Street, between Barclay and Nelson

Vancouver city centre skytrain - We had the same shoes

We were waiting for the skytrain, both wearing the same shoes and you smiled me and said cool shoes, and we joked about how mine were cleaner! The train came and I sat down, but you stood. We smiled at each other a lot and you got off after one stop, I wanted to introduce myself and give you my number! Hopefully you read this :)

When: Sunday, August, 30 2015

Where: Vancouver City centre skytrain stop

Blood Donor Clinic

You: tall, dark t-shirt & shorts. Me: long hair, tattoos, t-shirt, sitting at the snack table behind with a couple of people. I noticed you had a 1st time donor sticker on and you weren't with anyone. I tried to sneak a couple peeks at you cuz I thought you were really handsome and I wanted to see how your first time went. Also I wanted to say Thank You for donating. What you did was really awesome and I hope your next time you are able to bring some friends with you. I don't know if this is something you would be but life's all about taking chances whatever the outcome might be

When: Friday, August, 28 2015

Where: Blood Donation Center Oak St

Aphex Twin on the Number 3

You were sitting in the back talking to an older man about electronic music, I was sitting alone waiting to get off at Hastings and Main. I heard you bring up Aphex Twin and had to automatically interrupt. We chatted about Richard and you told me you were from Victoria.

When: Thursday, August, 20 2015

Where: 3 Bus heading down Main

#8 Downtown bus

You: Tall, dark hair, got on my bus looking a little worse for wear, but still super cute. You had one arm in a sling, and the other was pulling a large black duffel bag. Me: Tall, cute bus driver with short, brown hair We talked about your injury, your daredevilery, the power of mind over matter, and my tight hammies, among other things. Wish I hadn't stumbled on my words when you got off the bus. Perhaps we could grab a coffee sometime?

When: Thursday, August, 27 2015

Where: #8 Downtown bus @ Main St. Skytrain Stn

You complimented me and made my day!

You: tall, dark hair, beautiful eyes. Me: a redhead in a green jacket and faded ripped jeans. We made eye contact across separate checkouts and then you stopped me at the elevator to tell me I looked great. The unexpected compliment brightened my day. I wish I'd had time to say more than "thank you" before the elevator doors closed.

When: Friday, August, 28 2015

Where: Whole foods, Cambie and Broadway

White Caps Game Sept 26-- Section 114 Row 5

I saw you at the Whitecaps game and you were two seats away from me. You tall, salt and pepper hair and beautiful eyes, not to mention a lovely smile. You were wearing jeans, plaid shirt, red shoes and was with a friend. Me... wearing white t-shirt, blue jacket, black pants and I brought mom to the game. Wish we had a chance to talk but was unable to as I had to leave early. If it is meant to be are paths may cross in the future...

When: Wednesday, August, 26 2015

Where: BC Place-- White Caps Game Section 114

Bearded runner: I watched you stumble off a curb

I was riding my bike way to dance class, stopped at the light at 10th and Main: black cutoff tights, long red hair, sunglasses. I watched you running north on Main, beard and black shorts and tank. I thought you looked great, you looked at me, our eyes kind of locked, and then you missed the curb! Aw man. It was just a little stumble, but so cute and funny and classic. I should have smiled and asked if you were okay! I'd love to re-live that and laugh about it with you.

When: Wednesday, August, 26 2015

Where: 10th and Main

JJ Bean Morning Coffee Convo

We were in line for coffee this morning around 10am. I asked you if you worked in film because you were dressed nicely and your friend was covered in paint. We had a small conversation before my coffee was ready and as I was leaving you said bye to me and used my name. I left without asking your name but went back to leave my number with the barista for you in case you asked about me. Is that the JJ where you always take your breaks because I'd like to see you again...

When: Tuesday, August, 25 2015

Where: JJ Bean Park & Tilford

5pm-ish,Friday, August 21st - Cypress Street, Vancouver

I was sitting/texting on the steps of a condo bldg (between York and 1st Ave), watching you put your gym bag? into your SUV. We chatted briefly, you popped into the store on the corner and came back to your car...and then I left walking. I waved, you waved back. I should have asked if you were single and interested in coffee - are you?

When: Friday, August, 21 2015

Where: Cypress Street and 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC

You caught me eating donuts out of the box!

You interrupted my snack time to tell me I make wearing glasses look good (or something to that effect). I laughed and said thank you but feel like maybe you thought I was laughing at you? I didn't mean it that way. You just caught me stuffing my face with my favorite treats and I didn't know how to react in a more cool way! Lol Thanks ♡

When: Sunday, August, 23 2015

Where: New west skytrain station safeway

Backseat firefighter in Gastown

I was walking out of Blood Alley and you were in the backseat riding through gastown in your firetruck. I locked eyes with you as you slowly crept towards Cordova and abbott. I saw you poking your head out of the window and smiling until we couldn't see each other as I stood on the sidewalk. I'm blonde, and was wearing polka dots on my top and a black skirt. Lets go out and do something spontaneous.

When: Friday, August, 21 2015

Where: Gastown/Blood Alley

bikes and tattoos

We both jumped on the bus with our bikes at the same stop and I sat next to you. We probably have the same length hair although yours was up and mine was down. You had a jelly fish tattoo and gloves on. I was wearing my denim jacket and a long black skirt. I make am damn fine coffee if your interested?

When: Friday, August, 21 2015

Where: 22 bus route at a Clark st stop

Dancing mexican

We met at the Roxy on Sunday night. We danced, you spoke Spanish in my ear. My friends dragged me home before we could exchange phone numbers.

When: Sunday, August, 16 2015

Where: The Roxy

Like a dance movie.

We danced at the Roxy. You picked me up and we kissed, like a scene from Roadhouse or Dirty Dancing, or some other Patrick Swayze movie. Or any movie where the guy picks up the girl on the dance floor and they kiss. Yup, it was that good.

When: Sunday, August, 16 2015

Where: The Roxy

SVMF - Jeremy

We were both at the Kodiak camp ground. You approached my friend and I when we were in the line for the shuttle with our camping gear on Sunday morning and chatted with us for a few minutes, you were heading to the medical tent. I saw you later in the day, hanging out with your pals at your site, I was too shy to say anything to you the second time I saw you. I got good vibes from you when we were chatting and would like to see if the feeling was mutual.

When: Sunday, August, 09 2015

Where: In the shuttle line at the SVMF

Badass in a Nice Suit

My morning coffee ritual had a lovely something special when I saw you, a yummy-looking guy in a nice grey suit and a dark blue shirt. Your head is shaved, which makes you look like such a badass, but you had this really cute smile while you were playing with your phone. I hovered by the coffee station, trying to work up the nerve to approach you, but you were sitting next to two older ladies and a blonde girl, and I felt embarrassed. I don't know if you saw me, but I was the tall brunette in the sleeveless white top and black skirt. Hope to see you again, and hope you're single! Maybe we could share something stronger than coffee?

When: Monday, August, 17 2015

Where: Starbucks at Burrard and Georgia

Open house in Fraserview SE Van

Spoke with a handsome blue eyed man at a townhouse open house Sunday afternoon about possible marine/industrial noise in Fraserview/Fraser Lands area. I'm the woman with a house in Kits contemplating a change but not sure I want to move. Maybe we could get a coffee or something?

When: Sunday, August, 16 2015

Where: lighthouse way near Jellicoe and East Kent

Cute Spanish guy at Squamish fest

I went to your booth to charge my phone on Sat. You told me you teach Spanish and live in Van and made some pretty stupid jokes that made my day. I think your name was Pablo. I´m the cute girl, blue eyes, brown hair, wearing a shirt with a monster on it. I know this is a long shot but if you read this maybe we could have coffee some time? ;)

When: Saturday, August, 08 2015

Where: Aquamish Music Fest

YVR - Flight to Kelowna

I doubt you will read this but I figured why not. I just saw/met you as I was boarding my flight. You work for Westjet and you graciously printed me a boarding pass and referred to me as a trouble maker. Would have chatted more if I hadn't been holding up the line. You were cute and very helpful. Let's grab a drink!

When: Friday, August, 14 2015

Where: YVR

Handsome and haggard Yaletown DILF

Handsome and haggard Yaletown DILF wearing a dorky child handprint t-shirt and black fadora. Formidable intelligence and endless patience. We talked about transit and the scourge of mediocrity. Shall we dance?

When: Friday, August, 14 2015

Where: Yaletown

Three roomies totals babes at No Frills on Broadway

I pass quickly the meat section, cuz I'm not a meat eater but a man eater haha... Then I saw the first total babe... Long blond hair, hoodie on, holding an empty coffee mud with piercing (bonus)... And that smile... Then I turned around around again... I noticed that it was two others total babes with him. I believe that they was roommates... Three different style. The second one has brown short hair, geek style and gorgeous face. And then the 3rd one with dark brown hair and a beard and a total babe as well... As I was looking for the next cashiers available... I saw those three babes again... I was too shy for going in the same waiting line... The blond one notice me first and then the 2nd and the third. I was the gal with a rock shop black and white polka dots dress with red flowers, a bow in my hair, lightly inked and piercings... When they left the blond babe turn around again... And yes... I was still looking at you guys ;)... Wanna share those ''Decadent chocolate chips cookies'' from PC?! ;)

When: Thursday, June, 11 2015

Where: No Frills on Broadway.

Acute tattoo on Skytrain

We got on the same train at Gilmore; I liked your acute angle tattoo, and the R2-D2 on your elbow. I was the blonde in work boots and cutoffs, fiddling with my sunglasses while I tried to come up with an opening line. "Hello, Do you want to have a drink" probably would have sufficed.

When: Tuesday, August, 04 2015

Where: Gilmore to Commercial


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