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E.g., Dec 1 2015

B & B Contracting guy

Saw you on the 22 bus around 1:45pm today. You were wearing a B & B Contracting sweater and had nice blue eyes. I have shoulder length brown hair and was wearing a royal blue shirt and grey skirt. You smiled when I got on the bus at Broadway and we kept looking over at each other, smiling. You made my day! I got off at Cornwall & Balsam, but maybe I'll see you again?

When: Monday, November, 30 2015

Where: 22 Bus, Broadway-Kits Beach

Passing Smiles & Playful Glances Outside the Central Branch Library

We were both crossing the street outside the library, walking towards each other (you on the library side). I was hurrying to get across the street and we exchanged big smiles as I hurried past you. I kept walking, but looked back over my shoulder once on the library side and noticed you looked back at me too. I kept looking back over my shoulder once we were both on opposite sides of the street and noticed you kept looking back at me smiling. We playfully did this about 3-4 times. I have long brown hair, was wearing red pants, a black jacket and burgundy toque. I remember you had dark hair and a black jacket (I think). Anyway, this playful exchange kept me grinning for the rest of the day. I'm a hopeless romantic, and this is a long shot, but I'm kind of hoping you read the Georgia Straight!

When: Sunday, November, 29 2015

Where: VPL Central Branch - Homer & W Georgia intersection

Sat. 6pm, Commercial Drive, Falconetti's or Cannibal Cafe

We used to pass by one another on Commercial Drive (between Broadway and 3rd, walking on the East side of the street, you going North, me South towards the train) most mornings around 8am, back in January. We'd nod and sometimes smile... and then my schedule changed. I'm guessing you work somewhere on the Drive. You have dark hair, warm eyes, wear black shirts, a hat, and you walk fast. Once I saw you with a friend of mine - you and I acknowledged one another but didn't talk, and he made a comment about my dress. I saw you today as I was going home, around 6pm - at least I think that was you. You were either at Falconetti's or Cannibal Cafe, sitting at the bar, corner seat, talking to someone. I've been wondering who you are and where to find you...

When: Saturday, November, 28 2015

Where: Falconetti's or Cannibal Cafe, Commercial Drive

Sexy Paramedic

You crossed my path as i exited the change room at forever 21. Me : head to toe black, caramel goddess. you: delicious paramedic uniform. Do you want to kickstart my heart over coffee ?... the morning after ;)

When: Friday, November, 27 2015

Where: Forever 21 Metrotown

Red Toque and Blonde on the 99 Bae-Line @ 11:30am

We were on the B-Line this morning. When the sunlight flashed through the windows and hit your eyes, they shone green and blue. Someone called you. You took out your cell, answered with a voice-cracky "Hello?" (hastily clearing your throat afterwards). I tried not to look at you, but I'm grateful for the I thrilling two seconds of eye contact we made. I was wearing sports leggings, runners, and a backpack. I hurried off at the Cambie stop, and I felt you behind me for a brief bit. Why didn't I say hi? I guess I'll try to ride the 99 Bae-Line on Friday mornings in hopes of running into you again.

When: Friday, November, 27 2015

Where: 99 B-Line

Teal Truck Showdown

Me turning left on 12th at Main with one female friend in the passenger seat. You heading west on 12th in an identical teal truck. As we turned you waved. Was that wave at us? Lets be friends with super awesome trucks.

When: Sunday, November, 22 2015

Where: Main Street

Tuesday night @ Alibi Room

I love the Alibi Room! You sat at the next table and we had no interaction but you caught my eye- you had black glasses on, great smile and ate mussels. You were in a party of three - i was hoping you wee their wheeling but it was hard to tell! Next time, you, me, beer, mussels!

When: Tuesday, November, 24 2015

Where: Alibi Room

You're still tanned!

You came into the supplement/health food store where I work looking for something to help your cold. I helped you with a product recommendation. You seemed really nice & cute, and I'd love to hear more about your recent trip!

When: Tuesday, November, 24 2015


You were walking your dog this morning in Grays park.

Hello! You have an adorable black dog and I stopped you to say hello to it. You have a fantastic smile and it was a really great way to start my morning. I would've chatted you up but I was in a rush to catch my bus. I saw you look back! I would totally go out for coffee with you. Are you single?

When: Monday, November, 23 2015


Climbing in Squamish

I think your name is Steven? Saw you climbing at Octopus Garden with a girl I was acquainted with. We talked briefly... I have long dark hair and we were wearing the same sportivas. You gave me beta on a mossy route. Anyway, I wasn't sure if you were on a date with that person, or if you're dating anybody at all. But you seem pretty mellow and I like that. Maybe I'll hear from you?

When: Saturday, October, 24 2015

Where: Octopus Garder Squamish

Cute guy who helped me mount my bike on the front of a #22 bus.

Friday night around 6:30 pm I was struggling to get my bike up on the bike rack of a bus. This was on Hastings street in front of the Harbour Centre building. You stepped out of the line you were waiting in to come to my rescue. I mentioned that I had never done this before and you said something about how the bike clamps often get sticky. The you smoothly hoisted my bike up on the rack. You smiled at me as I got on the bus. I was humbled by your kindness. I'd love to meet up with you on purpose and thank you for saving me from the bus driver's glare.

When: Friday, November, 20 2015

Where: Downtown Vancouver - Harbour Centre

consistently rushing past you

I see you, consistently, at the oddest hour walking north down Templeton street. Who are you? Why are you awake at the early hour of work a day people and where could you be going when you're walking away from all the bus stops? What kind of cigarettes do you smoke? Is your beard soft? Can I find out? What does your voice sound like? Have you noticed a creepy stranger cultivating a mystery around you for over a year now? How does it feel to be so effortlessly alluring? By now I would have said hello, and asked all the above questions your curious presence inspires in me, but I'm always in rush to work mode when I pass you, maybe this digital nudge will coax you out at a more chatty time of day.

When: Thursday, November, 19 2015

Where: Templeton street

But you don't have an accent?

I see you almost every day. Sometimes I avoid you because I become so flustered, you melt me like butter. Your smile is perfect and I just want to Get to know you better....amongst other things. Sometimes I wish we didn't work together. But you do make Monday's better. I'll continue my sordid love affair with you in my mind. Maybe one day you'll ask me out.

When: Friday, November, 06 2015

Where: Downtown

Your nose was red from the cold but you had somewhere to be.

Tall, dark, and brilliantly handsome. I saw you standing on the platform of Production Way/University, waiting for the Millenium Line. I could't take my eyes off of you. You were holding a box of Daniels chocolate, wearing a charcoal peacoat and jeans with black laced brogues. I was standing a few feet away: Asian, short, brown curly hair in a leather jacket and headphones, trying not to be too obvious. I suspect the chocolates were for that someone special in your life. The train was late so I hope you made it to them on time.

When: Tuesday, November, 17 2015

Where: Production Way/University Skytrain Station

Navy New York Yankee hat on a rainy Monday afternoon @ 49th Parallel on Main Street

It was the middle of the day on a Monday and it was extremely rainy outside. I am the brunette that was at the end of the long table in forty ninth parallel on Main Street sitting on my own after a friend had left. Working on my computer. You came in and sat on your own at then end of long table facing out the window. I'm pretty sure you were wearing all black, a navy New York yankees hat and large black headphones while you worked on your computer. I noticed you as soon as you walked in and thought you were really handsome, but, for some reason I was too shy to make eye contact...I think you noticed me as well. I kicked myself that I did not try harder to get your attention. I know this is kinda creepy but I normally work on Mondays so the chances of us being in the same place same time are slim. So here goes! Want to grab a coffee sometime?

When: Monday, November, 16 2015

Where: 49th (forty ninth) Parallel Coffee Roasters on Main Street

Handsome athletic type

I was in line behind you in Nestor's at Hastings and Abbot tonight 630/7pm. You bought a bunch of healthy items including organic kale and eggs, and were dressed in black athletic wear (north face jacket). You gave a phone number that brought up a female name... girlfriend? Single? Hopefully. Sigh. What a babe...

When: Monday, November, 16 2015

Where: Nestor's Hastings and Abbott

What's in the bucket?

Heya Joshua, I was really enjoying our conversation about Wreck Beach but I had to get off at my stop - I'd love to continue it sometime! Helena

When: Saturday, November, 14 2015

Where: #3 Bus Downtown

Paradise in the paint department

Your name was Alex (at least that's what your apron said, but I couldn't be sure because it looked like it was written by a 4 year old), you made me a bunch of weird paint colours and suggested I burn my heritage home down. I like your nose ring and the fact that you don't like Madonna. PS. My room looks awesome and I'm still looking for things to paint copper.

When: Sunday, November, 08 2015

Where: Home Depot on Cambie and 8th

Diamond in the rough

At first you walked past me as we made eye contact, you were a bit shorter rhan me tattooed and pierced (sexy beared to boot) we were both out of our elements to say the least. You had been at a mining camp for the past few months and needed to break the sausage fest. You showed me your work while your passed out aussie roommate snored next to kitty poo , then later slipped into a steamy scrub down and ignored a Russian documentary by vice magazine. You finished off what felt more like a reunion of old friends than a business transaction with a private fashion show . If you don't know who I am still by now does a UNICORN ONESIE ring a bell. I lost your number. And no I am not obsessed or looking for you to be my boyfriend. Your just too cool to never talk to again. Coffee or drinks ? No charge this time . Ibviiu

When: Wednesday, November, 11 2015

Where: Hastings stroll

BK, Sunday, Highgate

You: cute ginger man with a nice beard, glasses and tons of tattoos, with a brown hat and white longer shirt. Me: short blonde girl with leather jacket and black and cheeta print hat. I seen you at BK, I was with two loud friends and you were with a friend sitting across from us. You had bike tires in hand when you left. I was hungover and looked like trash so I didn't approach you. You were very handsome and interesting looking. If your single lets chill, I'd like to see what your about... And I sware I clean up 100% better!!!

When: Sunday, November, 08 2015

Where: BurgerKing,Highgate in Burnaby on kingsway

I got in on Main Street, got off on Metrotown

U had me with ur smile. I was with a friend and u were alone, and u were wearing headphones. We smiled at each other. And when I was leaving the train u have followed me with your eyes. U were wearing red Ralph Lauren sweater . It's such a small chance that I will find u . But still...

When: Wednesday, November, 04 2015

Where: Main Street

Very cute building cleaner in Langley,BC

I know this is a long shot but hoping you actually see this and were cleaning my building in langley. We exchanged a few hellos and a lot of eye contact especially the other one wasnt looking, so many things came to my mind, you are very cute and I wanted to ask your name and your number but chickened out

When: Monday, November, 02 2015

Where: Langley

Dracula at Parade of Lost Souls

Hey Dracula (sometimes Jesse), what do you do when you're not charming ladies and dancing in the streets at the Parade of Lost Souls? Please don't tell me you never drink wine.. -Frida

When: Saturday, October, 31 2015

Where: Parade of Lost Souls

Cambie and Cordova-ish

You were in a hat and on the phone, I was hoofing it down cambie with my headphones in-- but when we made eye contact your gaze left a mark on my subconscious. I probably won't stop thinking about you until I run into you in Gastown again, this time with the courage to say hi.

When: Sunday, October, 25 2015

Where: Gastown

Suffragette seeking Hatted Gentleman in New West

On election night we crossed paths at a skytrain station - you were dashing in your coat and hat, and wanted to know why I was dressed as a suffragette... I remain impressed you recognized me as a suffragette, and am wondering if you'd like to step out in style for a coffee?

When: Monday, October, 19 2015

Where: Bus loop at a skytrain station in New Westminster


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