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E.g., Feb 27 2015

@ the grand villa casino

I guess this is my only chance to find u! U saw me on Saturday 21st at the grand villa casino. Ur friend said that u were shy to talk to me at the beginning then we talked a bit . U took my number from my friend and u left but I guess u lost it or maybe wasn't correct. I was distracted by my friends so I couldn't sit with for long I wish I had more time to talk b4 u leave. I couldn't forget abt and i hope u will see this .

When: Saturday, February, 21 2015

Where: Grand villa casino

Hawaiian shirt guy at Lil' Debbie

You were a babely guy in a hawaiian print shirt, I was the blonde chick that had a pinching war with you. It took me until I got home to realize I should've given you my number. Let's grab a drink together?

When: Friday, February, 27 2015

Where: Fortune Sound Club

I was holding a broom on robson st, you a bit older, locked eyes.

i was given the of-most embarrassing duties of sweeping my work's patio. I waited for people to walk by because i didn't want to be rude and sweep cigarette butts onto their feet. I stood their with my broom in hand and you passed by me, locked eyes ever so romantically, and gave me a smile that made me melt. I had green eyes, tattoos, probably an embarrassed look on my face, oh and a broom. You were quite a bit older, oh but the attraction was there. You are so stunningly handsome, that eye lock was amazing. I would love to buy you a beer.

When: Thursday, February, 26 2015

Where: robson st

Valentine's Date at my Work

Red headed babe that came for dinner at my work on Valentine's Day with a guy. You made a point of saying you sometimes date girls too. Your date and I teased you for flirting. Take me to that 90s bar? I'll wear my acid washed jeans.

When: Saturday, February, 14 2015

Where: Railtown

99 bus today 540 (ish) - Maroon Sweater and Nice Hair

the headline is pretty descriptive but i will expand: you: a babe. you wearing a maroon sweater, glasses, a vest and had nice hair. me: a babe (also). wearing a long beige(y) coat, glasses, black hair (also, nice hair) i boarded at cambie, you were already seated. i'd like to make out with you (with your consent, of course) and swap compliments.

When: Wednesday, February, 25 2015

Where: 99

Personal Trainer - Steve Nash

If I wasn't so shy I would tell you your body is ridiculous in a good way. You seem to have a sparkle in your eye and I am so very attracted to you. Your first name starts with a D. I'm sure you are married or have a girlfriend but maybe if you have a gym crush too it's time to come clean...

When: Monday, February, 23 2015

Where: Steve Nash Downtown Express

dear blonde man on the skytrain

i never thought i would write one of these haha, but i feel strangely compelled to try to find you. you were the really tall guy with shoulder-length hair who was on the millennium line with me and then the expo to surrey too, and we were standing quite close on the expo. the moment i saw you i really wanted to draw you. i'm the girl in the pink sweater and dark blue jacket who was reading on the kindle. i wish i hadn't been too shy to even smile at you. i really hope you see this because i want to get a chance to say hello for real. :)

When: Tuesday, February, 24 2015

Where: Skytrain (first Millennium, then Expo)

Jenga and a Kiss at Score

Sometime in January... My friend and I were about to leave when your friend invited us to your table. We played Jenga and exchanged a couple kisses. My friend wasn't into your friend, so friend code dictated ending the night early. I believe your name was Jason, an Aussie with tattoos :) Next time maybe we'll make it to nachos?

When: Saturday, January, 24 2015

Where: Score on Davie

Choices in Burnaby

We talked about beans for Chili and hearing aids. You looked like you maybe worked in construction. Nor sure if you were just being friendly or possibly flirting?? Regretted not giving you my number in case was the latter...

When: Tuesday, February, 17 2015

Where: Choices in Burnaby

Shoulder Sneak on Alberta Street

We crossed paths while walking in opposite directions on 46th and Alberta at about 7:20pm on Monday night. We both smiled at each other, and when I looked back over my shoulder at you, noticed you were looking back at me, too. We both laughed, but kept walking. You called something out, but I didn't catch what it was. Just wanted to let you know that you caught my eye, and apparently I caught yours as well. I hope I see you around the neighbourhood again, and maybe you can let me know what it was you called out.

When: Monday, February, 23 2015

Where: 46th and Alberta

Made my morning at IKEA.

The store just opened and I just began my shift. You were one of the first customers to be helped in this particular area of the store. I was pre-occupied and working behind the employee helping you, but had to duck away and tend to some other matters for a minute. I came back and you were gone. You apparently mentioned my name and made a comment about me to the employee helping you. If you see this and reply -- mention my name, the IKEA location and department you saw me in, and perhaps a brief description of yourself (there were a couple of things that stood out about you). I'd like to know more about you -- who are you? :-)

When: Sunday, February, 22 2015

Where: IKEA

Danced at the Ice-cream Social

We danced on and off all friday night; you and your friend seemed to always be close by. You were wearing a Beck t-shirt and toque, I in a yellow tank top and jeans. I really regret not exchanging numbers when the lights came on... interested in going for drinks?

When: Sunday, February, 22 2015

Where: The Biltmore

Saw you on a Thailand ferry from Krabi to Ko Phi Phi the 14th Feb

You are the tall handsome traveller who was sitting at the back of the ferry when I got on and I sat down next to you. Then 2 girls sab between us. When we got to Ko Phi Phi I just lost you in the crowd but would have loved to talk to you. I'd be well surprised if this ad found you but who knows.. Love to hear from you :) Csilla VaNilla

When: Saturday, February, 14 2015

Where: On ferry from Krabi to Ko Phi Phi (Thailand)

We met on the flight from London to Budapest

I am so sorry to miss you… just went to buy a magazine. We came together from London on the 15th of February to Budapest. You took a seat next to me. After you followed me and asked me couple of questions. You are from Bath and I went to visit my parents. I hope you enjoyed your holiday in Budapest. Please contact me :D

When: Sunday, February, 15 2015

Where: Budapest

Central City

I was headed out of the mall you were headed in cought a glance of you staring at me was too shy to stop and say hi you were cute though if you read this tell me what jacket I was wearing in your reply :)

When: Saturday, February, 21 2015

Where: Central City mall

Modestly Athletic at the Quick Nickle

Having just come out of the change room, you were at the counter paying for your purchase. The clerk remarked that your item must have looked great because you're so fit. This seemed oddly forward, but you modestly laughed it off. You mentioned sometimes going months without exercising, but are trying to get back into it, despite your love of Haagen Daz. I was the strawberry blonde girl with dimples standing indecisive over socks. You had a great smile. Would love to see it again... Perhaps over ice cream?

When: Saturday, February, 21 2015

Where: Quick Nickle on Davie St


You sat beside me in the sauna room at Renfrew community centre around 3pm, you left 5 mins earlier and sat on a chair facing the pool, we said HI but did not carry on a conversation.

When: Tuesday, February, 17 2015

Where: Renfrew coummunity centre sauna room and pool

Starbucks Fairview

You sat down a few tables away and I couldn't stop looking at you. You were dark, well dressed and had glasses on. I asked you to watch my things when I went to the washroom- risky move but I was too shy to say anything else to you. Our eyes met again when I packed up my bag. I'd like to see you again :) Juliana

When: Friday, February, 20 2015

Where: Fairview Slopes, Starbucks

Mr. Cooper

Your right…. my boots did fit the bill, thanks for the intel and Mr. Cooper is a Genius. I was sorry you ran away. Probably the most interesting thing to talk about there.

When: Wednesday, February, 18 2015

Where: yaletown mini

Late to a Canucks Game...

You arrived during the first intermission of the Canucks vs Wild game on Feb 16 and sat next to me in section 307. We talked about poor eyesight and winning the 50/50 lottery. You had a great smile, let's go for pizza...?

When: Monday, February, 16 2015

Where: Rogers Arena

Mansion house party

Hi, I saw you last Friday at a house party on Cypress, I think. I don't know the area very well. You were with two white guys and a couple girls. I hope that they weren't your girlfriends. You are a handsome Asian man. Your friends were not as handsome as you are. You stole my friend's Cariboo but I didn't tell her it was you because I thought you were cute. You stole beer and you stole my heart. Really hope you see this. I was the girl in the black sweater with the blonde hair.

When: Friday, February, 13 2015

Where: Mansion on Cypress


'Take me to Church' was playing...and you confirmed (with your mega watt smile) who the artist was. Hope to see you again one day.

When: Tuesday, February, 10 2015

Where: City View Medical

Canucks Game vs. Minnesota

My dad and I were sitting next to you and your friend at the Canucks game on February 16th against Minnesota. Section 119, row 23. You both seemed like cool guys, but I never said hi to you! I should have. Darn. You were wearing a blue-ish plaid shirt and jeans, and I think your friend was wearing an orangey shirt. If you see this, get in touch and we can grab a coffee.

When: Monday, February, 16 2015

Where: Rogers Arena

Saw you at Fox Cabaret on V-Day

You are tall, nerdy, funny with glasses and 27 years-old, I think. I tried to add you to my Facebook but you said "no" cause you thought that guy that I was with was my boyfriend and that I was trying to cheat on him or something... but he's actually just my neighbour and not my boyfriend. I was too drunk to explain.

When: Saturday, February, 14 2015

Where: Fox Cabaret

Biercraft on Cambie

You paid for our drinks and appies. It was me and my colleague. I want to personally thank you.

When: Tuesday, February, 10 2015

Where: Biercraft on Cambie and Main.



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