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E.g., Sep 27 2016

8:45pm 502 bus heading Langley way.

You were wearing a big cozy looking, blue sweater, you have your bridge pierced and you were sitting in the far back corner of the 502 headed towards Langley around 8:45-9pm. I was the girl wearing all black and grey drawing in front of you. You were getting off the bus when we made eye contact and then you gave me a silly face as you walked away. I thought you were cute and it would be cool to actually meet, if you ever find this that is. I really should have said hello!

When: Monday, September, 26 2016

Where: 502 bus going to Langley

Timbertrain in Gastown

I saw you today in Timbertrain Coffee roasters in Gastown. I smiled to you. You too) You tall man in a blue t-shirt, drinking americano and typing green text on black screen. Hmm... I was sitting behind you. Let's have a coffee next time)

When: Monday, September, 26 2016

Where: Timbertrain Coffee roasters in Gastown

Wonton soup and spring rolls on Main street

We made eye contact when you first came in and you sat with your back to me. I was with my mom, you were with an older man (your dad?). You had 2 bowls of wonton soup and spring rolls. On my way out I chickened on passing you my number, but we stared at each other as I left. Walked by an hour later and saw you getting in your truck. Barely missed you. Do over?

When: Saturday, September, 24 2016

Where: Au petite cafe - Main Street.

safeway worker on robson

You were stacking some stuff at the edge of the meat department and caught my eye as you apologized for being in the way - I laughed and said no worries... but wish I had said more. If this is you - and you - let's maybe plan another time to run into each other when you are off work?

When: Sunday, September, 25 2016

Where: Safeway Robson and Denman

Value village on Hastings

I was in a daze vintage shopping at Value Village on Sunday when a tall handsome fella with longer hair wearing denim overalls crossed my path. You caught me off guard when you said hello and asked how I was. I was the blonde wearing a blue/white hippy shirt and jeans. As I was leaving a rainbow appeared outside - not everyday a handsome fella says hello and a rainbow appears! Shoot me a message if you see this :)

When: Sunday, September, 18 2016

Where: Value Village on Hastings

Donair Dude

Beautiful Man at Donair Dude on Monday afternoon.... I couldn't keep my eyes off you as I sat in my truck across the street. I went to Starbucks to get a napkin and wrote a message on it for you....when I went were gone :(

When: Monday, September, 19 2016

Where: Donair Dude on Davie Street

Kits Beach Playground

You have dark hair and a good beard, and were collecting chestnuts with your kids at Kits Beach. The little girl I was looking after unburied a chestnut your son had so carefully hidden in the sand. I was the blonde girl in a jean jacket with the stash of goldfish crackers. We chatted briefly. It'd be nice to see you again sometime. :)

When: Sunday, September, 18 2016

Where: Kitsilano Beach Park

Homer Street Smiles

In passing - I was on my lunch break walking west on Homer St close to Helmcken and you had crossed the street walking the other way. You: A handsome taller Mark Wahlberg'esk looking man in dark jeans and khaki long sleeve with great smile. Me: cute brunette with long hair in a burgundy sweater, black leather jacket and black pants. You smiled / I smiled / we both smiled at each other; made my day. There is little chance you will read this, but you never know. If you do, share another smile or two over a coffee?

When: Monday, September, 19 2016

Where: Homer St. near Helmcken

Cutie in Costco

Saw you in Costco, Richmond on Sunday September 18th around 11:45am. You were wearing grey jogging pants, a white shirt and a baseball hat. You have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I was wearing blue jeans and a plaid shirt. My son was in the buggy. We locked eyes & smiled at each other but I never saw you again. I can't believe I'm doing this.....

When: Sunday, September, 18 2016

Where: Costco in Richmond

Embarrassed by my roomie hollering out of her car as you passed by

My friend and I were stopped at an intersection in her red civic on Nanaimo and Adanac (roughly). I told her I thought you were cute and she proceeded to flag you down in a rather embarrassing manner. You were such a good sport, shook my hand and told me your name was John. Despite being embarrassed, I still think you're cute and would love to hear from you. Cheers! M.

When: Sunday, September, 18 2016

Where: Nanaimo st, you were catching the 7

Babe on a bike

We were talking on Hastings and you were frustrated. I just wanted to smooch away your mood. You rode off and I got on the bus. I felt like getting off and chasing you down but you were too far away. Literally and figuratively. I hope we can ride together soon.

When: Tuesday, September, 13 2016

Where: Hastings and Heatley

JJ Bean Suterbrook Village

Here goes nothing ... to the gentleman who said hello and asked me how my day was. Blonde, red converse and black blazer. You -tall and handsome with a gorgeous smile. You asked how my day was before the crash of some plates. You ordered your coffee to go but you stayed. Wish I had the courage to offer you my business card. Perhaps we could share a coffee in the future..... one in a million you will see this :)

When: Tuesday, September, 13 2016

Where: JJ Bean Suterbrook Village

ICBC- Gilmore- Bike- David/Dave

I saw you when I went to ICBC to renew my licence. I was in line and we made eye contact then we both turned around. Later, you came and sat beside me, but we both didn't say anything, then they called your name (Dave or David) and you went for your motorcycle road test. I was the petite girl with black hair and beige jump suit.

When: Friday, September, 09 2016

Where: Icbc Gilmore

Sunny Sunday at English Bay

I saw you at Cactus Club on Sunday and you smiled when you walked by. Later on, my friend and I were sitting on the logs at the beach and we saw you and your friends playing soccer. You asked us if we wanted to play, but we were leaving. Should have turned around! It would be cool if you saw this :)

When: Sunday, September, 11 2016

Where: English Bay

GNC Broadway and Granville

You are the incredibly handsome man working at GNC this afternoon, dark hair, dark eyes and so friendly. I have seen you working there once or twice before, but I don't really know when you work, otherwise I'd just wait until I see you again. I was the brunette buying all the Muslcepharm bars with my sister. If you ever want to share a protein shake or talk deadlifts, holla back!

When: Sunday, September, 11 2016

Where: GNC on Broadway and Granville

We're on the same crew

And I know you have a girlfriend. But I appreciate the small talks we have albeit we keep getting interrupted. I notice you're one of the only people outside of my department that says my full name. I'm glad you think it sounds pretty. :)

When: Friday, September, 09 2016

Where: the location always changes...

Handsome guy with the sick dreads

We got on the bus at the same stop it seemed like we were trying to both get a good look at each other maybe I'm wrong but I smiled at you when I got off and you smiled back. I was the girl with brown hair and red moccasins

When: Thursday, September, 08 2016

Where: Broadway and main

Searching for my mystery Hercules

I was heading home from the gym. You commented on the bright colours of my workout gear to your friend after we made eye contact. I was too embarrassed to admit I liked the attention and talk to you. You were also new to the city from what I overheard. Me: blonde, curvy and usually less shy. You: tall, slim with a great smile. Need a workout partner?

When: Saturday, September, 03 2016

Where: Commercial Broadway

Chinatown Brad

Bumped into you in the avocado isle where I used to work and we had a little back and forth, then again at the till. I was surprised you remember me and said so. You don't live in my hood but you work there and I see you that you're not a customer, Tatsu sometime?

When: Sunday, September, 04 2016

Where: Commercial Drive

Dream Lover

You were walking down past Burrard View Park, from the corner store, carrying two icecream cones, one in each hand, wearing red plaid, bearded, and looking so happy. I hope you had a great night, I smiled because you make me happy, hopefully that's how you took it, although you seemed to be floating by, on to your ice cream lover.

When: Tuesday, September, 06 2016

Where: Trinity Street at Slocan

Bright orange sweater

I was buying patchouli soap with a friend. In the checkout we started talking about plastic bags (nice pick up line btw). We joked about how you probably hadn’t showered in a year. Outside, we chatted for a few minutes when you were suddenly swarmed by ladybugs. I told you I was seeing someone, but that’s over now. I would love to take you up on your offer to watch Bottle Rocket sometime. We have so much more to talk about!!

When: Thursday, September, 01 2016

Where: Health Food Store on Commercial Drive

Donair Town "gentleman"

You served me my Donair late Sunday night (Monday morning?) by shouting, "Here's your Donair, lady!" I acted outraged but secretly, was kind of into it (and you!) I'm kicking myself for not asking for your name or number. Drinks sometime?

When: Monday, September, 05 2016

Where: Mr. Greek Donair Town on Granville

Sturdies Bay BC ferries Bowen Queen

You were behind the girl who I bought the hot dog for and offered to pay. We locked eyes and stared at each other until I left. After I left, you came back and told my mom I was beautiful and you wanted to meet me. When I came back you were gone, you got off in Sturdies Bay. I want to know about you. List the brand of sweater you were wearing in the subject line so I know it's you.

When: Saturday, September, 03 2016

Where: Bowen Queen Hot Dog line up

Folk Fest - green MEC bag

Bruce Cockburn concert - watching through the fence. You were with your daughter (?) and I was with my friend. You pointed out that we had the same green MEC book bag lol and we had a brief conversation. When you left, you touched my arm, smiled and said goodbye. I wish we had had the chance to talk more. Would be nice to meet for coffee : )

When: Sunday, July, 17 2016

Where: Folk Fest- Bruce Cockburn concert outside fence


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