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E.g., Jun 3 2016

Pacific Centre contractor who helped with directions

We both were waiting at the elevator and you asked if I needed some help with my directions; you also were so kind to tell me how to get where I needed to go! You were so sweet and handsome; I was kicking myself for not saying more than "thank you". You appeared to be working as a contractor and walked thru Pacific Centre. Dark hair and features with a killer smile

When: Monday, May, 02 2016

Where: Pacific Centre, W. Georgia St

Leather Jacket on Lonsdale

You: tall, wearing a leather jacket, and holding a video camera with a group of other guys on Lonsdale Avenue. Me: curly hair, blue headphones, and standing beside you at the crosswalk. Too shy to say hi in the moment, but noticed you sneaking looks. Just letting you know, you seemed like my type :)

When: Sunday, May, 01 2016

Where: Lower Lonsdale

Unexpectedly Nice Customs Officer

You were the awesome Canadian customs officer at the far right side of the border crossing. I think I was there around 11:30am. I remember you because of your eye colour, which were way too mesmerizingly light in colour to look at. Not sure if you could tell but I was trying my hardest to avoid eye contact without looking like a suspicious person. I was the one telling you about rock climbing in Leavenworth and you had no idea what bouldering was. And I think you were surprised that a female would climb and camp on her own but we do! Anyways, you are way too good looking to be a customs officer but thank you for being so nice and pleasant about my trip down into the States. Cheers!

When: Saturday, April, 30 2016

Where: Truck crossing in Blaine

Punk Guy Helps Old Drunk Guy

I was in the number 7 Dunbar and we had stopped at Heatley and pender. And an old drunk man stumbled and fell underneath the parked bus. You had long dark hair and lip piercings. Wearing all black. You jumped to action to help the man up and offered to take him to the triage where you worked to sober up and have a bite to eat. You really tried to take him with you and help him out. But he refused. I was the punk chick with the punk mohawk who thought it was absolutely heartwarming to see such kindness. I thought you were really handsome. I'd like to see you some time. Maybe over a beer?

When: Friday, April, 29 2016

Where: Heatley and pender

Granville Island Market.

I am a redhead that was standing in front of a candy making place talking to an older lady I had just met in the market. You walked past with short dark hair, a sleeve and eye contact that gave me temporary conversational black out. My left hand rings are NOT wedding related. I wonder if you saw me? Coffee or a cocktail? Hopelessly optimistic...

When: Wednesday, April, 27 2016

Where: Granville Island Market between apples, candy and chicken...

Bathroom Construction Adonis

This was a few weeks ago I can't remember the exact date. You were at my place of work looking over the construction on the bathroom. You introduced yourself to me and asked if I was such and such ....I was not.....but you were very attractive....and then you were gone

When: Tuesday, April, 05 2016


Two for one Tuesday's on Bowen

You: Torontonian who cracks great jokes while giving kayak paddling demos on Bowen island. Me: Tall, curly haired girl who forgot to return the ziplock bags (and feels so guilty!). I had to run to catch the ferry before asking... would you like an adventure buddy?

When: Saturday, April, 23 2016


Cute Police Officer, Ryan, at movie shoot

We were working at a movie shoot together. I thought you were super cute and really enjoyed talking to you.. I didn't see a ring on your finger? you left before I got back to the meeting area.. I'd love to go for drinks ? Lemme know what my name is so I know it's you ;-).

When: Friday, April, 22 2016

Where: Movie Shoot

Server at the Duhb Linn

Last night I came into the pub with a large crowd for a birthday party. We chatted a little while you served our table. I would have liked to exchange numbers but I never got the chance to ask before I had to go. I think you're super cute and I'd like to meet up.

When: Friday, April, 22 2016

Where: Duhb linn gate pub, Vancouver

#321 Bus Driver in Surrey

Shout out to the Amaranthe hoodie bus driver I met in January or February boarding the #321 at Surrey Central, and then again this week on Monday April 18. I was wearing a Xandria t-shirt as I boarded your bus at Newton Exchange just after 5pm & we discussed Leaves' Eyes. I am open to a message from you if you're interested. :)

When: Monday, April, 18 2016

Where: Newton Exchange

Slicked Back Hottie at Cactus Yaletown

Gordon gecko rocked the pinstripes back in the day but you took it next level with ur gold bracelet. I always thought slicked back hair was for douche bag brokers and sleazy realtors. But you wore it sooooooo good. You met me and my gf at cactus Yaletown and even though I have a boyfriend I can't get u out of my mind. Especially at certain hours of the evening :). I was the hot blond in white. U bought us a bottle of wine and if only you stuck around to see where that could've gotten you...... You should get in touch and find out ;)

When: Thursday, April, 07 2016

Where: Yaletown Cactus Club


I was sitting outside of Sweet Cherubim on commercial drive and had just finished writing a post card. You walked by just as I looked up and we smiled at each other. Me: short hair, bike helmet, black turtle neck, flip phone. You: curly blonde hair, adorable, wearing blue I think, not super tall. After that one look you kept turning around and smiling at me looking very interested or curious about something. Me, being intrigued by you, I smiled curiously back. You continued walking down commercial and kept turning around every few steps smiling a great big smile and I kept looking back at you smiling great big smiles back and I know we both wanted to say something but instead I got on my orange bike and biked up the drive and you kept walking down the opposite way. Your excitement excited me and I wish one of us said something! But I left thinking "I'll see him again", so now I write this in hopes that you are someone who still reads the newspaper :').

When: Tuesday, April, 19 2016

Where: Sweet Cherubim Commercial Drive

The usual story - Woman stares at bearded stranger

I sat across from you tonight from Commercial to Stadium and tried my best not to look at you. It proved very difficult with your happily loud metal-looking friends framing your silent and calm presence like you were the protagonist of this moment. You look like the sort of man that would never talk to a woman who feeds birds and exists almost solely in shades of beige but I couldn't stop myself from taking you in. I'm sure you caught my eyes on you, and I think you leaned forward.. And then I hurried off a stop early- partly shy, partly intimidated by the situation, mostly certain my cold self would offer nothing lingering but a few words. But I regretttttt ittttttt nowwwww. You were a medium brunette with a full beard, wearing a dark (band?) t-shirt and work boots I kept staring at. I have long dark hair and was clad in a beige skirt and coat, carrying a very large pink reusable bag. I have no idea what I'd do if you saw this, but I like the notion of you knowing how you struck me.

When: Sunday, April, 17 2016

Where: Skytrain heading downtown

Cute Guy

Me and you were talking on the street near Vancity on left side waiting for 106 bus and you were talking to me about your daughter and I was pregnant and I was talking about my concert and you said you didn't know who they were but I would love coffee one day with you.

When: Friday, April, 08 2016

Where: Near the Vancity in New West Burnaby

You taught my first aid class.

I actually feel like such a dork for posting this. You taught my first aid class and you were very cute, helpful and nice! I had additional questions and you were more than happy to go full paramedic nerd. I turned into a total chicken shit and didn't attempt anything because you were working. We both have pretty demanding jobs. Let me take you out for a drink. Also: Thank you for the additional advice. It's actually super useful for me.

When: Wednesday, April, 13 2016


Photobooth Free-For-All

I raided the photobooth when you were sitting in there alone and demanded you take photos with me as I put in a toonie in the slot. I can mail you the half the photos. Top half has the snap of me licking your face and the bottom half has the snap of me trying to claim ownership of your bottom lip. Sorry about that - I drank a lot of whiskey.

When: Monday, April, 11 2016

Where: Cobalt Karaoke

Elevator Cyclist Babe

You: Mega babe wearing a helmet who complimented me on my hair. Me: Girl who returned your compliment wearing a grey sweater and unnecessary rain boots. You said something about your hair being purple before the elevator doors closed. I'm super curious.

When: Thursday, April, 14 2016

Where: West Georgia

Cute Cyclist on Cornwall

My friend was driving us back from the beach, heading up Burrard from Cornwall in Kits. I looked out the window and was somewhat awestruck. You were waiting at the light on your bike, perhaps ready to cross the bridge. I was the wide-eyed gal staring at you from my friend's passenger seat. I thought I must have known you so I did a double take and realized, nope, I just feel like I want to know you. You were very cute but that is neither here nor there. There was just something about your whole being. My heart kinda skipped a beat.

When: Saturday, April, 02 2016

Where: Cornwall and Burrard

Spanish Bank Beach - Beach Volleyball

Saturday afternoon (April 9th), after my ballet class, I wanted to come down to my favourite beach and satisfy my craving for the ocean...and I saw you playing beach volleyball with your all male team. You: Tall & handsome, grey Lululemon long sleeved shirt & multi-coloured shorts; Me: sitting by myself, dark skin, red tinted sunglasses, black hoodie, black Lululemon yoga pants. When the volleyball went out of bounds...closer to said to me, "Are you still here?", and I said, "I think so!". I didn't know what else to say!! I wanted to stay and talk to you in between matches, but I didn't want to interrupt your team of friends (I am very shy)...and I needed to leave to get home to Skype with my sisters. If you are single & available (as I am) I would love to have a chance to talk with you...if you feel the same.

When: Saturday, April, 09 2016

Where: Spanish Bank Beach - Beach Volleyball

Baseball capped fellow outside of Starbucks waiting for... me?

I was minding my own business and was waiting for my best friend coming down Cypress street. I waited outside of the Starbucks near, right on the bike rack and saw you waiting at the intersection of Cypress and Cornwall. You were wearing a black cap, sunglasses, black Tshirt, jeans and great shoulders and jaw. I was the girl in loose ripped jeans and a bright red and floral Lulu zipup and sunglasses. It seems like you were waiting for someone too. Wish I could see what's underneath those sunglasses and that I said hello before leaving and seeing that you took my waiting spot (bike rack). We could have shared that waiting spot...

When: Thursday, April, 07 2016

Where: Thursday Eve, Starbucks, Cornwall and Cypress

Calvin over vegetable plants at BK Market on Hastings

Calvin; lovely to meet you and bond over a mutual love of growing our own kale. Sorry for not taking your number, I actually would like to have coffee with you and talk more about gardening.

When: Friday, April, 08 2016

Where: BK Market, Hastings & Nanaimo

15 Cambie/50 False Creek: friendly guy

Hi, I was riding home on the bus after work this evening (about 11:30pm, just a few passengers, maybe only me, not sure); my eyes were closed, so at first, i wasn't even sure if you were talking to me. You said "how's it going?" or "how are you doing?" I guess i looked startled as i tentatively said "hi". You said "oh, sorry, i won't bother you", and to be honest, i felt relieved... and then regretful because you were lovely and open and friendly and so readily considerate, it was sweet... silly maybe, but somehow, you charmed me... Here's my delayed response: "tired and too thoughtful, unwinding from work" Thanks for the lovely interruption. I'm sorry i didn't talk with you. It would have been nice to meet you.

When: Saturday, April, 09 2016

Where: On the Cambie 15/ False Creek 50 bus going northbound along Cambie Street

blue jay in 8th and main

I dipped into the clothing store 8th and main. You weren't the first thing I saw, but you were definitely the most memorable. You were around 6'5 and dressed in grey with a blue jays cap on. You caught me staring at you from the line up to the change room. I was the blonde in the jean shorts and black shirt. Posting this just to put it out into the universe that I like babes in blue jays caps.

When: Saturday, April, 09 2016

Where: 8th and main

Breka on Davie

You had slicked back hair and a mustache, in a black jacket. I was sitting with friends, black hair with blonde streaks and glasses, wearing a shirt with skulls on it. We smiled and made eye contact a few times. You waved to me as I left. I'd love to know what you were reading.

When: Saturday, April, 09 2016

Where: Breka on Davie Street

Tall guy on W Georgia and Citadel Parade

Tall guy walking along W Georgia St and Citadel Parade around 10:30 pm on Friday, nice to meet you too! You were too hot! You kept looking back and eventually waved at me. I was with 2 of my friends , we were with a dog.

When: Saturday, April, 09 2016

Where: W Georgia and Citadel Parade



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