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E.g., Jul 31 2015

Colourful Cowboy!

You: Tall guy, wearing a Pride cowboy costume, complete with rainbow hat, fishnet shirt, jorts, pistols, and a rainbow lasso. Me: Tall redhead, wearing a black corset, with matching booty shorts and heels. You passed me on the seawall, looking fun and sexy as hell. I don't know if you're into girls, but I could do with a stud who's good with a rope! ;)

When: Sunday, August, 02 2015

Where: Second Beach

Bobby come back!

At Braid Skytrain Station, I was waiting to be picked up. You skateboarded passed me and made eye cintact with me the whole time. You returned a couple of minutes later to introduce yourself as Bobby, and to tell me that you thought I was stunning. I gave you a hug and you left. I regret not giving you my phone number! Please find me!

When: Monday, August, 03 2015

Where: Braid Skytrain Station

I saw a man with white cowboy hat driving white car

I saw you on 2 of August around 9:30-10 pm driving on the first back alley before Davie street. You were wearing a white shurt and you had a very nice white cowboy white hat. You stopped before turning left on Denman towards Davie. You had the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen. You smiled at me the whole time when I was crossing the street. I turned back and saw you waiving. I was wearing blue dress with white small flowers (shorts and top in one piece) with straps. If you read this note get back to me and tell me how I reacted after seeing you waiving at me to be sure that this is you. I would love to meet you for a coffee.

When: Tuesday, August, 04 2015

Where: next to English Bay (Denman and the last back alley before Davie)

Free stuffed animals from an old lady on the bus to SFU!

I was on my way to an interview to work on a tv show. You were on your way to SFU I believe. I'd been listening into a conversation you were having with an elderly lady with a walker and another lady with a red scooter and purple skirt. They were doing most of the talking and it was fairly amusing. We kept catching each others eye laughing about the ladies. The ladies noticed I was laughing and started asking my opinion about your life. I stayed fairly quiet but I wish I'd talked to you cause you were pretty cute and seemed funny. The older lady gave us each a stuffed animal. She threw me mine, a polar bear. I believe you got a bunny but I'm not certain. :P You had brown, wavy, hair and looked a little like Cory Monteith. I'm curvy and look Hispanic with black hair and tan skin. If you remember me message me! Even if it is just to be friends cause that was a funny experience! :)

When: Saturday, March, 28 2015

Where: A bus to SFU.. not sure of the number as I don't go that way often.

Mountain Biking/North Van/Tennis Court/Pitt Bull

You were mountain biking in North van Braemar trails waiting for your friend "Cam". I was "training" my blue nose pitt bull in tennis court. You were helpfull with suggestions. Would love more help from you.

When: Sunday, August, 02 2015

Where: North Vancouver Braemar Mountain Biking

We met at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel Lounge Thur July 30th

I met you when we were both at the Fairmont Pacific Rim lounge late Thursday night July 30th. I thought you looked hot in your glasses. I was with a woman you gave the nickname 'Robin's Egg' to because of the colour of her dress. I was instantly attracted to your energy. You told me you lived in Kits, and I told you I lived in North Van. You invited me over to your table when your two friends left. We came very close to exchanging phone numbers but fate intervened and it did not happen. I'm cursing myself for not having turned around and put my number in your hand. I hope you read this or someone remembers you were at the Pacific Rim and points it out to you. I hope you are not gone forever.

When: Thursday, July, 30 2015

Where: Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel Lounge.

I like your glasses

You got on at metro town and you got off at new west station . I like your glasses! Would really like to get to know you. I know someone in the exact same shoes as you too!

When: Friday, July, 31 2015

Where: Train

We screamed for Ice Cream

There is a ice cream shop that just opened on Broadway in between Glen and Caron called Roosters. You were the rather tall handsome man. Dark hair. You had a clark Kent~Superman look. I was in there with my friend. I got the London Fog. I am not sure what you got. But we smiled at each other and joked about screaming about Ice Cream (I think I might have yelled a little while saying I scream for ice cream). You are really cute and I was sorry that we didn't chat more. I am a redhead girl, maybe you remember me?I am going to be at Roosters (the ice-cream place)next Sunday meeting some friends at around 8pm. I would love to see your face again

When: Friday, July, 31 2015

Where: Roosters Ice Cream Bar

Fairmont Pacific Rim lounge -Jesse Brent- Thur July 30th

Me: woman. I met you when we were both at the Fairmont Pacific Rim lounge late Thursday night July 30th. I was with a woman you gave the nickname 'Robin's Egg' to because of the colour of her dress. I was instantly attracted to your enegy. We came very close to exchanging phone numbers but fate interviened and it did not happen. I'm cursing myself for not having turned around and put my number in your hand.I hope you read this or someone remembers you were at the Pacific Rim and points it out to you.

When: Thursday, July, 30 2015

Where: Lounge of Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

I want my newspaper back

You: dark haired, beardy hipster. Me: heavy-set woman, sitting at a window table with my two (female) friends. You loomed over our table ominously, saying nothing until one of my friends finally acknowledged you. "Can I borrow that for a minute?" you asked, gesturing vaguely at my (free) newspaper. "Sure, go for it." By the time I left the cafe an hour later, you were gone - And so was my newspaper. What did you want with my newspaper? Why couldn't you get your own? If you never give something back, is it really borrowing? I want my newspaper back. And I want answers.

When: Wednesday, July, 29 2015

Where: Kafka's on Main

Coffee Cutie

I've seen you in here a few times, the tall guy with short dark hair and a sexy accent (Australian, maybe?). You like to sit near the window, and I wanted to smile up at you when I walked past you on the sidewalk, but I got too shy. Today, I was the blonde in the white tank top and blue skirt. You were wearing a blue shirt and grey pants. Maybe we could share a coffee sometime?

When: Thursday, July, 30 2015

Where: Starbucks on Robson and Thurlow

Portside Red Bull Partyy

You were the cutie in a red t-shirt and black hat at the other end of the table. We locked eyes a few time but I couldn't woman up and come over to you. I was the dirty blonde in all black/tan with her two guy pals. Sincerely, The shy one.

When: Thursday, July, 30 2015

Where: Portside

Saw you on 8th Ave bike route

I was riding my bike on 8th ave headed east and you were headed west on your skateboard (maybe longboard?) between balsam and vine. We locked eyes and I regret not ringing my bell at you, but I was in a rush to get to work. Let's go for a ride together?

When: Wednesday, July, 29 2015

Where: Kits

met at the met

you said my blonde gf and I were gorgeous I asked if your birthmark on your face was a burn we would love to have a threesome Drop me a line if youre interested!

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015

Where: the met in gastown


ok tall dude at gene. striped shirt and glasses, dark hair. you were interviewing someone for a server position for a new place. I crept-- you used to be the manager at Pourhouse. you're cute and I think I wanna hang

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015

Where: Gene

Walking from the gym

We made eye contact over 3 times while you walked home from the gym and I was on a brisk walk with another girl. Wish I was courageous enough to some how saw hi! You were such a cutie.

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015

Where: Near the Guildford Rec Centre

Tim, bikes, art...tacos?

I've always wanted a good excuse to post one of these haha! We biked on 10th from east to kitts. We chatted about bad driving, tortillas, good places to live and I should have asked you for your number when we stopped to look at sculpture photos. Taco's??

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015

Where: 10th avenue

My crush in the skytrain

Yesterday around 12:45 pm. I got on the skytrain at 29 Avenue Station and I sat next to a very handsome guy. He was tall and with tattoos in both of his wrists, he looks white and had his long brown hair tied in the back of his head. He left the skytrain at the Stadium-Chinatown Station and I regret not having say hello to him because he looked like a very nice person. If you are reading this, please contact me. Would be great to meet you!

When: Monday, July, 27 2015

Where: Expoline Skytrain to Waterfront

Canada Line Cutie

I ran onto the Canada Line at the Yaletown Station around 5PM today. I was looking for a place to hold on to when I notice you smiling at me. You looked Asian or mixed, and was wearing a black graphic T-shirt with shorts and a backpack. I was wearing a white top and a pair of cat-eye glasses. We exchanged a few smiles and glances. You got off at King Edward Station. I should have gone over and said hi. I would love to grab a drink with you. Message me :)

When: Monday, July, 27 2015

Where: Canada Line toward Richmond

dog intervention

If it weren't for you I probably would have hit that dog as I was turning in. You stopped my car AND my heart. (just kidding! that's cheesy!) I would have said hey but I had a post morning-yoga "glow" thing happening. #glowing #flawless

When: Monday, July, 27 2015

Where: 6th ave Starbucks

Genuine smiles @ Browns SocialHouse

Here goes nothing. You came in with both your parents, and greeted me with the warmest genuine smile. Myself, was working and sat you to your table where you sat outside on the patio. I opened the door to allow you to walk first but instead you smiled at me again, asked how I was, and allowed me to go first. I tried to catch you on your way out from the bathroom but was too nervous to say anything, I regret it now. I would love to get to know you more. Your smile and presence made my evening. You had a grey long sleeve if I recall, jeans, and a navy blue baseball hat. I was wearing a black dress with an open back, I have dark hair, tanned skin, & brown eyes. Oh, I asked to light your tables candle and you responded with uplifting the mood, which then I laughed. Hope to hear from you, total shot in the dark.

When: Sunday, July, 26 2015

Where: 10th & alma

Deep Space Crush

Without fail you wear your NASA hat, and I have yet to learn your name. I don't know if you're flirting with me or not, but I love it when you ramble. In another world I would ask, so we could sit on your porch and listen to Coast to Coast. Until then I'll stay thirsty.

When: Thursday, July, 23 2015

Where: Idle Tho


I was at the McDonalds with a friend ordering food and you were with two of your buddies at Starbucks. I kept checking you out and you finally glanced over and we made eye contact I wanted to say hi but I didn't know how. My friend went to go get coke so I carried the tray and went to go find a seat I didn't wanna seem like a creep so I avoided eye contact and your were messingly scribbling something down on a napkin. I think you took it as I wasn't interested and left when I actually wanted you to come up to me and start a conversation. I wore a white romper with red roses on it.

When: Saturday, July, 25 2015

Where: Waterfront Skytrain

A tall blond security at Urban Winery Thursday night

Never done this before, but here we go! You were ushering people in to the exhibition. You smiled and said hello as you greeted me. I was limping and trying to walk with the cane and you asked people to clear the entrance. When I got out you were gone. You have a beautiful and kind smile. It made me feel warm and fuzzy :) With a nice smile like that you must be a really nice person. I don't know, may be, hopefully? If you are, I would like to get acquainted and be friends. Not looking for a romance, at least not at present, but if you are, I may not object too terribly :)

When: Thursday, July, 23 2015

Where: Urban Winery

VFMF atm

We were in the long, slow atm line at the folk fest. We exchanged some words - you saying how you really needed the lemonade, and me the ice cream. You were at folk fest to see your friends who were in one of the groups. I later saw you walking with a friend while I was in the middle of a conversation. You seemed cool and I'd love to chat more. You: darker, long, wavy hair. Me: brown hair.

When: Friday, July, 24 2015

Where: Folk Fest


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