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E.g., Jul 30 2016

Crying together over Captain Fantastic

Hi...Many thanks for reaching out and offering me your hand when I was leaving. You beautifully surprised me and I enjoyed holding your hand tightly. I would have liked to stay and chat about what made us cry so much during the movie. I returned and looked for you, but you were gone...If you happen to see this, drop me an email. I would love to get together for coffee or a drink sometime. Thanks for showing your vulnerability and for daring to touch me. You were braver than me.

When: Friday, July, 29 2016

Where: 33 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9

Skytrain July 29 at 11:30pm

You: dark hair and beard with headphones and grey backpack, got on at granville me: shaved head, reddish beard wondering if you are interested in meeting up?

When: Saturday, July, 30 2016

Where: sky train from downtown

Studying for GMAT at Jericho

A Sunny Friday afternoon of the long weekend at Jericho beach. We started chatting about how great it is to study at the beach, because, like you, that is where I studied when I did my nursing degree. I was there with a friend and we went swimming and then left. I thought you were really cute and I wish I had asked for your name and number. If you need a break from studying, let's grab a drink!

When: Friday, July, 29 2016

Where: Jericho Beach

You reading, me writing - on the skytrain

You were readingoing a book and I was journaling, on the Expo/Millennium line skytrain to downtown. We exchanged a smile, you asked me about my writing and I asked about yours (and about your book). Our conversation was cut short when you had to get off at Stadium-Chinatown station. I'd love to read one of your stories sometime, or just have a coffee chat! To verify, what book were you reading?

When: Thursday, July, 28 2016

Where: Expo/Millennium Skytrain to downtown

Late night banter with J on 84 to and from UBC!

I was silly goof and never asked if we could trade info to hangout! I had lots of fun talking to you tonight. As we said Vancouver isn't the most openly social city so it was refreshing getting to bust a gut with a stranger over "Train operator Larry getting crushed by a sandbag in a freak testing accident." You mentioned you have a gf and I have a bf so it'd be great to just hangout or trade books since we live in the same area! If you don't see this I bet I'll see you in the area or on some late night bus ride. To verify what is my name or what phone-case do I have or what country is Larry from? Cheers!

When: Thursday, July, 28 2016

Where: To and From UBC

you look like art

shaved head, silver septum, tattoos down the right arm, dressed in flowing black. you turned back and waved when i got on the bus. who are you?

When: Thursday, July, 28 2016

Where: commercial & broadway

Main Dream Sushi

I was having sushi with a friend, have weird hair, and unless I'm mistaken you made eyes at me several times. Terrifying, and electric. Chop stick skill test soon?

When: Tuesday, July, 26 2016

Where: Dream Sushi

Curvy Brunette

You are the vivacious brunette that made my jaw drop as you and your slight bikini jumped on your red paddle board. I stood on the beach agape at your beauty and athleticism. Dumbstruck and frozen, all I could think was: If this girl can sauté an onion, I’ll marry her.

When: Wednesday, July, 27 2016

Where: Bachelor Bay

David outside St. Augustines

You're the tall, blond, recently divorced fellow who grabbed my hand and gave me a hug out of the blue outside St. Augustines. After checking my brain to see if I knew you and wondering if maybe you were on mdma, I concluded that you were simply being unconventional. I must say that your approach, unorthodox as it was, made my day. Good luck to you in life and love, David! Perhaps I'll see you around the drive.

When: Wednesday, July, 27 2016

Where: Commercial Drive

Jogging on the seawall

We both recognized each other as you jogged by on the sea wall. I can't remember where we know each other from and it is driving me crazy!

When: Wednesday, July, 27 2016

Where: Coal harbour

Sushi Bang Cute Blonde

I was the tall Asian guy in my gym outfit that walked into Sushi Bang on Broadway and Cambie and saw you sitting with your two guy friends. Your one friend was talking about vending machines very enthusiastically. We caught each other's eye three times and I found myself finding you very attractive. I thought about you all through my walk home. I hope you get a chance to see this and we can get to know each other. Cheers!

When: Wednesday, July, 27 2016

Where: Sushi Bang on Broadway near Cambie

Harris Road Angel in a Red Toyota

8:40ish, stopped at the light at Harris Road and Lougheed Hwy, you in a newer model Red Toyota, Me, Blue Mazda 3. I could only see you in my side view mirror but I couldn't help but keep looking back. You must have heard something funny because you smiled and it was like amazing. Don't know if you could see me or not but I'm wondering if you live in the neighborhood and if you would like to go for coffee sometime.

When: Wednesday, July, 27 2016

Where: Harris Road Pitt Meadows

Shi Zen Ya Restaurant on Hornby (at Nelson)

I saw you eating at Shi Zen Ya restaurant. I had never been before but for some reason, I was drawn there today! I was on the phone, waiting for take out when I saw you. I was wearing black pants, a white shirt, I had my brown hair up and was wearing gold leaf earrings. You were eating on your own, had two Herschel bags with you, and when you got up to leave, we smiled at one another. I said hello, and immediately regretted not starting more of a conversation. Soon after my take out arrived, and I left and out of the corner of my eye I saw you waiting at the street corner. I so wish I had been bold and turned around sooner, but once I had, you were gone. I know this is such an extreme, but I felt energy with you that I have to explore. Here's hoping that you felt it as well, and also had the crazy notion that this might work! I will definitely return to the restaurant tomorrow - let's see if the universe will work in our favour! :)

When: Wednesday, July, 27 2016

Where: Shi Zen Ya Restaurant on Hornby

Bonfires, bats and room service

We shared coffee and croissants on the beach with our bikes. I watched you tame a rare and mystical creature. Wondering if you'd like to run away and have bonfires and room service forever. ;)

When: Tuesday, July, 26 2016

Where: Tofino

GC Ride in Portland

Jeff from Victoria, it was lovely chatting with you during the ride and before dinner. But then you dined with family and I dined with friends...and the evening was over. Care to meet up for another beautiful ride in our home province?

When: Saturday, July, 23 2016

Where: Portland OR

Steveston pokestop sporty Asian!

I might be a little bit of a hopeless romantic for trying this... We were walking our dogs/hunting pokemon? At least I was. ;p I thought I saw a small smile so I tried to start a conversation. (The sun was in my eyes so I could be way off.. haha) We chatted for a short time before my dog decided to be a jerk and bark like a maniac. I instantly regretted not chatting for a bit longer. Hope this finds you!

When: Tuesday, July, 26 2016

Where: Steveston tram station

Let's talk law

You're the slim, stunning redhead working at Jake's LIquor Store in Port Moody. I told you I was just browsing and then we talked at the till...I wanted to chat more, and I think you did too, but bloody customers kept interrupting us! You think I have an interesting job and I encouraged you to apply for it.

When: Tuesday, July, 26 2016

Where: Jakes' Liquor Store, Port Moody

Houseboat in Vancouver

You might have my email address wrong, it is dot net, not dot com. Was great meeting you, would like to carry on the conversation. Wish I had joined you at Cactus Club... If you don't have my card, drop me a note here with info about how we met.

When: Monday, July, 25 2016

Where: Vancouver

Osoyoos BC 2001, 2002 summer

It only says 2006 because thats as far back ss it goes uh oh. This is as long of a long shot as it gets I think but here goes: me-18 or 19 (best guess)blonde hair I think I was wearing it in two braids that summer but I might be wrong) I was skinny girl kinda pale (I know sounds hot) I think I had 2-3 tattoos by then. I was there with my family; mom and my two sisters, and my cousins. I was staying in a tent with my cousin, she had long brown hair oh were white btw. You were there with your family, you were staying in a tent with two other guys right by the office/ store thing. this was at a camp site called cabanna beach. I think that you said you were from alberta or ontario originally and you were visiting and something to do with your mom deciding where you live. Not very sure on that one tbh. You had a bmx you would ride around and you also weren't super tall, I'm like 5'3" and was same height then too and you weren't like towering over me like almost everyone else. Anyways on my last night there I can remember spending a memorable night with you - obvioustly if I can still remember after all these years! We didn't have sex just cuddling and stuff and I remember thinking that I was sure I would see you again but never did as far as I know. I can be a bit spacey (hah) sometimes and not recognise people so I'm sorry if i did run into you and not remember. If you remember please reply. Obviously some other things that you remember because I'm not getting scammed/tricked by a perv! Thank you!

When: Tuesday, July, 26 2016

Where: Osoyoos BC Cabanna Beach

I saw you at the Q BAR, Empress Fairmont

I saw you sitting in SW corner of the Fairmont Empress Q Bar near the water on Thursday July 21/early July 22. I have short cropped blonde hair, and am fairly tall at 5'9", but not as tall as you. You were sitting with a group of three other people, 2 women and a man. I thought you had beautiful eyes, your hands were in your lap, so I couldn't see if you had a ring. I was with a group I'd been working with, and left past your table from the outside patio - I didn't think it was appropriate to disturb you at the time, but wanted to say hi. Saw you the next day outside, but lost my nerve to say hello. Wish I hadn't. If you're single, and by some chance see this, I'd love to hear from you.

When: Thursday, July, 21 2016

Where: Fairmont Empress Q Bar, and next day outside the Empress.

Tragically Hip Concert

Sunday's Hip concert, Section 311. You were in Row 10 seat 1 I think. I was 2 rows back and 2 seats over. We had a couple of moments of eye contacts and smiles. We could have been more but I was a little self-conscious that I kept crying. Emotional night, great show, amazing goodbye to Gord. Maybe there is a hello in there somewhere too?

When: Sunday, July, 24 2016

Where: Hip Concert, section 311

Fire works

I was with my family (daughter, mother and her partner) and you were sitting next to us with a lady friend. We mad eyes a few times. I gave you a smile -- you gave one back. I got such a warm and easy going sense from you. I'm sure you've gotten remarks on being Paul Rudds' blonde doppelgänger in the past. I'd say he has nothing on you, though. In true cliche, "I've never done this before" but if you see this, I'd love to get together for coffee or a drink sometime.

When: Saturday, July, 23 2016

Where: Fireworks: between Sunset Beach and English Bay

Bright smile on the Howe Sound Crest Trail

I was the muddy solo hiker you passed on your way up as I was making my way back down. I was in maroon tech pants and a blue sports bra. I don't remember what you were wearing because the image of your bright smiling eyes were what stayed with me. You were tall, brown curly hair. We had a very short exchange; just hi's and how are you's? You said you were excellent. I was already having a great day. You made it even better. Want company on your next hike?

When: Sunday, July, 24 2016

Where: Howe Sound Crest Trail

Russian beauty on 135 SFU

I was sitting at the back corner of the bus. You were sitting on the side bench on the opposite side of the bus from me. We kept exchanging glances and smiles. I'm sorry if I was staring, but you really are a very beautiful Russian girl. Your name starts with an S, mine starts with a B. I got off at Rosser Ave. You stayed on, so I have no clue where you got off. In the unlikely event that you do see this, coffee/ dinner/ drinks?

When: Sunday, July, 24 2016

Where: 135 to SFU

Cameron @ XY YVR-- Saturday night

We were on the dance floor at XY, had a dance circle going, I turned to you and said "you're hot." We then exchanged names between us and another guy. I was with a friend, who was new to the city, so was looking after him. I tried to talk to you later, but it didn't work out. I hope you see this, remember me and we can meet up some time. If you remember my name, cool. If you can tell me anything about the person who started the introductions, great. Anything else about that night? Hope to hear from you.

When: Saturday, July, 23 2016

Where: XYYVR dance floor


First impressions

I'm in my fifties. I look nice and straight. People at work think I'm sheltered...