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E.g., Dec 10 2016

Great Smile on the Snowy Number 9

Normally I hop on the 99, but I didn't want to wait in the cold so I got on the 9 and I'm glad I did 'cause your smile brightened my day. I was bundled up in about 13 different layers and you were dressed real sharp with shiny black shoes that didn't look like they'd hold up too well in the snow. We kept exchanging looks, even after we got off the bus... I should have stopped and said hi. So, hi. Drink sometime?

When: Friday, December, 09 2016

Where: Broadway & Cambie

Toque craft fair

You may have noticed me staring because I was trying to figure out where I knew you from. We met at the coffee shop you worked at in Victoria almost 10 years ago. You played the banjo and gave me a David Berman poetry book that I adored. I can't believe it didn't click until just now, I would have loved to give you a hug.

When: Saturday, December, 03 2016

Where: Western front

Drivin your black maxima, muffler caught his all smoker life.

On oak/41, i heard à earthquake. No, itd a bright, sexy, shiny face in à black maxima. Under your white hat your eyes having a question. We look at each others, drivin to westend, my neigbourg Just wanna see you Park yo car but, dont wanna scare u. So,, i stunt crossing street. lost u. Now i wanna see u.

When: Tuesday, December, 06 2016

Where: Oak/41

L4 Red Cross Volunteer On East Kent Today

I know this is random but you visited my office together with an Indian guy. I was the person with the slippers that you complimented and then I gave you some bubble wrap to pop XP. I really liked your bubbly personality and was wondering if you were down to hangout sometime? (if you ever see this lol)

When: Tuesday, December, 06 2016

Where: East Kent Ave 1083

A Saturday morning ferry to Victoria

I was with my family in the cafeteria of a ferry leaving from Tsawwasen to Swartz Bay on Saturday morning. You were sitting at a table on your own working on your computer. We smiled at eachother and when it was time to go back to our vehicles I walked by and told you to have a good day hoping that you would ask me for my number. I was disappointed that I didn't just ask you realizing that it might have been intimidating that I was with my entire family. Hoping you see this and contact me.

When: Saturday, December, 03 2016

Where: BC ferries

Boulevard of broken dreams?

Saturday, Dec. 3rd 2016: I sat down for desserts at Boulevard with a friend to catch up before the holiday break. I looked over his shoulder and our eyes met. We smiled and went back to our conversations, but all night we caught our eyes glancing at the other. Especially when you walked past my table. I felt rude interrupting your time with your friend, but knew I may never see you again. I was so close to asking if I could share your cab with you even though I live half a block from the restaurant. I hope I can talk with you over a drink someday. Until then, thanks for the smiles.

When: Saturday, December, 03 2016

Where: Boulevard Restaurant Burrard st.

East Cafe girl w/ cactus ankle tattoo ;)

Hey! I saw you in there on Sunday. You were sat with a bunch of your pals . You look like you have some great friends there! Anyway, I was sat behind you then opposite you when you moved. British chap - short dark hair, grey jumper (sweater!), black trousers (pants!). I kept looking at you because you were super smiley and attractive :)

When: Sunday, December, 04 2016

Where: East Cafe

Smirking not smiling

You were standing, waiting to get off the train. I was sitting at the back listening to that little brat and his views on Donald Trump. We were both smirking at each other for several minutes. When you got off the train at New West station @ 7:18pm, you sort of saluted to say bye. I was shy, but would like to meet you for coffee or glass of wine to hear your view on the subject and vise versa.

When: Friday, December, 02 2016

Where: Skytrain between Edmonds and New West

GLASSES Canada Line King Ed Station

You: Tall gorgeous brunette with glasses; i commented on how your glasses complimented your look as we walked up Cambie street. I should have introduced.... Me: big, long haired, older gentleman, who was too shy, introverted, scared, to introduce myself. (introverted I'm not, so more immature and scared maybe Lol!) The energy i felt when we were looking at each other in the eyes!!! WOW! Hope you're curious enough to think I may seek you here. Reply and let's continue where we left off, just a talk and get to know one another... alternately I'll hand around the Starbucks at 20th more often hoping to see you again. God will place us together if the energy is same for you as it was for me.

When: Wednesday, November, 30 2016

Where: Canada Line King Ed Station and walking up Cambie

Did I imagine it?

You used to come in to my work fairly often. We would chat and you would ask me very direct questions. Last time I told you my family up north has guns, and I think I freaked you out. Ran in to you recently at an opening, but it looked like you were on a date already. Are you flirting with me? Am I imagining it?

When: Friday, December, 02 2016

Where: Vancouver Art Gallery

dropped your compass card

I was walking on Vanness toward the Skytrain station and you came out of an apartment a few blocks from the station. i was a few steps behind you and you dropped your compass card and i made a comment to you. Would like to continue the conversation and go for a coffee or a drink. Before i had a chance to say anything you crossed the street and we walked opposite each other to Joyce would like to see you again

When: Saturday, December, 03 2016

Where: Vanness

Hastings Tacofino

You were the blonde who seemed to be on a business lunch. I hope. I sat facing you at the next table. We shared a couple of smiles. If you'd rather have a meal with someone who pays more attention to you than his phone, I'm available.

When: Saturday, December, 03 2016


Geologist in the Yukon

YOU-W- geologist from Surrey in Dawson first week of August ME-Y-tattooed lady wrestler, met at the Pit. Coming to Van, Round 2?

When: Sunday, August, 07 2016

Where: Dawson City Yukon

To the guy with the snowboard outside Noodlebox...

We caught each other's eyes as I walked past you at the bus stop on Main and Broadway. You were holding your snowboard and I was heading into the Noodlebox. I sat by the window as I waited and you turned and smiled at me, I don't know why I didn't take the chance, run out and give you my number while we were both waiting. The #3 bus came and you turned, smiled and waved. I grabbed my pen and a piece of paper to quickly write my number but the bus just pulled away as I got outside. If by chance you are reading this, would you be interested in coffee sometime?

When: Friday, December, 02 2016

Where: Broadway and Main

Bad Boots

You asked me about my boots. And apologised for distracting me from my laptop. Truth is, I couldn't do any work with you sitting across from me. Wish you could distract me more.

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: The Birds & The Beets

Lunchtime at Hastings and Hornby

Between 12pm-1pm we walked past each other twice at Hastings and Hornby. The first time we smiled and even caught one another doing a double-take. The second was more of the same, and I would have liked to say hello but there was a flood of children between us on the sidewalk and it probably wouldn't have been a good look to push them out of the way. You had a black hat and dark rimmed glasses, I was wearing the same, albeit a toque, and was also very full from just eating tacos. But you wouldn't have known that. They were good. If you see this, perhaps you'd like to grab a coffee or something sometime?

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: Hastings and Hornby

Viking Dogs.

We see each other often, and every single time you make me feel immensely happy. We talk about all the concerts we've seen, our little pups, Lava Field, and occasionally new beer to try. You are genuinely such a lovely and kind man. If I could sit for hours on Commercial just telling stories, laughing and being close with you, I always would. I already look forward to seeing you again.

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: Burnaby

WWE Survivor Series at the 12 Kings

My friend and I sat at the bar expecting to watch football, but wrestling ended up being a pleasant surprise, especially with you, a young Shawn Michaels, hosting and simultaneously superkicking your way into my heart. That championship winning smile and ponytail embody the Heartbreak Kid, too bad you weren't shirtless. You are a sexy boy, will you be my boy toy?

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: The 12 kings pub

Vivacious blonde in Value Village

I bumped into you thinking you were my friend with a faked English 'Ello, Love! You were snide about how my pajamas looked too short. I'd like to think you know I'd never wear those in my right mind.

When: Wednesday, November, 30 2016

Where: Value village Hastings

On the 135 at midnight

My name is Dana and I had a great chat getting to know you. You told me your full name last minute to find you on facebook, but as you rushed off I couldn't find you. Say hey

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: 135 from main to boundary

SALES Concert

We danced, made naughty fairy eyes, kissed, you carried me. A hypnotic spell, a hallucinatory response to a drug that is you. We were on an adventure. Sage you are the match that lights my fire. Come play with me. Amber

When: Saturday, November, 19 2016

Where: Cobalt

Bowen Island

Hey M. Saw you at lunch again today at the Ruddy Kitchen. You are lovely - so tall, dark and handsome. Could kiss those lips for a good long time. May I take you out on a date?

When: Wednesday, November, 30 2016


Cute bearded man on the #19

Me: Short chick with dark, long hair in a black and white checkered jacket You: Dressed mostly in black, an awesome gingery beard and a wrist tattoo We locked eyes as I was exiting out the back door on fraser. Thank you for opening the door for me! Drink sometime?

When: Tuesday, November, 29 2016

Where: Bus

Tall "gingerbeard" man...

En route to Thrifty Foods at Morgan Crossing, I saw you on the sidewalk. You were a tall Caucasian man with greying ginger hair, a scruffy short beard, and blonde eyelashes that I could see all the way from my car. You had this cute half-smile on your face and, had I been on the sidewalk instead of in my car, I totally would have aimed a smile your way. You reminded me of why it's important to put makeup on, even if I'm just headed to the grocery store to pick up a few staples!

When: Monday, November, 28 2016

Where: Morgan Crossing, South Surrey


Mouch baby

I confess, I'm only posting so I can win a trip to France


Homeless in Vancouver: More snow does not...

Snow sticks to the poor by sticking in areas where they go binning.