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E.g., Jul 29 2015

Saw you on 8th Ave bike route

I was riding my bike on 8th ave headed east and you were headed west on your skateboard (maybe longboard?) between balsam and vine. We locked eyes and I regret not ringing my bell at you, but I was in a rush to get to work. Let's go for a ride together?

When: Wednesday, July, 29 2015

Where: Kits

Outside of Santa barbara market

I know this is a long shot, but I was paying for groceries and our eyes locked as you walked by the front of the market. I looked away for a second and our eyes met again. I finished paying and went outside but you were gone. Would have loved to ask you out for a drink.

When: Wednesday, July, 29 2015

Where: santa barbra market

met at the met

you said my blonde gf and I were gorgeous I asked if your birthmark on your face was a burn we would love to have a threesome Drop me a line if youre interested!

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015

Where: the met in gastown


You: quite tall, stylish long skirt, wedge heels, 40 - 50.ish - with large wide brim floppy hat. Me: tall, blond, with sunglasses, bieze slacks sitting at table waiting for burger to cook. You smiled at me. We made eye contact. I was day-dreaming and did not properly acknowledge your smile - sorry about that! I should have spoken to you as you walked by. Looking for female travel companion, and would like to talk to you further.

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015

Where: Sunset Beach Food Concessiion


ok tall dude at gene. striped shirt and glasses, dark hair. you were interviewing someone for a server position for a new place. I crept-- you used to be the manager at Pourhouse. you're cute and I think I wanna hang

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015

Where: Gene

Walking from the gym

We made eye contact over 3 times while you walked home from the gym and I was on a brisk walk with another girl. Wish I was courageous enough to some how saw hi! You were such a cutie.

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015

Where: Near the Guildford Rec Centre

Gorgeous Blond on the 22 Macdonald through Kits

Hi, I just saw you on the 22 Macdonald. You stood near the back door for a stop or two and then sat in the seats just above the door. You were a beautiful blonde girl, I think moderately tall, wearing dark round sunglasses. Me - Baby blue tank top and black shorts with a back pack and a bag also carrying a framing square. I have tattoos, I family crest on my arm that was close to you. I got off at the Macdonald and 16th stop. Stood pretty much right in front of you but figured I didn't have enough time before my stop to start a conversation. Yes I know that's a weak excuse. I should have said hi, really wish I had, but you caught be off guard. If you see this it would be great to grab a coffee sometime!

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015

Where: 22 Macdonald Bus through Kits

"Paying it forward" Parking Pass Hand-off

You were waiting in your car in order to volunteer your all day parking pass to the next lucky driver to come into the lot and I was that lucky person. What a great gesture. Speaks a lot about you and your desire to "pay it forward" .... It really stuck with me as did your great looks! I still have the pass pinned to my cork board. I hope you see this and reach out again strange lady. I'd really like to reciprocate and buy you lunch. I'm guessing you were at a meeting at MetroVancouver's HQ. Here's to luck and fate... I thought I'd give it a roll. Regardless, you've inspired me to do the same going forward. Thanks!

When: Friday, July, 17 2015

Where: Parking lot at the corner of Willingdon & Kingsway in Burnaby

Total Beauty

Shoulder length black hair, red lips and docs, jeans wrapping your waist, a black top and a b/r coloured bag with an eagle. Stunned by you. Chinatown, bus-stop and ride up main, you chatted with an oldman a guy and his dog in a bag. We caught each other eyes a couple times. You are the loveliest thing I have every seen.

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015


Tim, bikes, art...tacos?

I've always wanted a good excuse to post one of these haha! We biked on 10th from east to kitts. We chatted about bad driving, tortillas, good places to live and I should have asked you for your number when we stopped to look at sculpture photos. Taco's??

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2015

Where: 10th avenue

Grace on wheels

I was headed north on Bute. A tallish brunette of light Mediterranean complexion with braids, wearing (I think) brown boots, you stopped your bike in the road to let me take the turn east on W. Pender, as the light was changing against me. Sadly, another bicyclist cut in front of me instead, and I grimaced and mouthed "sorry" to you (not my best moment). Thank you, gracious lady, for your consideration to a suburbanite out of his element. I don't drive into Van much, and your momentary kindness really made my day. I trust you arrived at your destination safely. May all your journeys end in triumph, and the wind be ever at your back.

When: Monday, July, 27 2015

Where: Downtown Bute and W. Pender

My crush in the skytrain

Yesterday around 12:45 pm. I got on the skytrain at 29 Avenue Station and I sat next to a very handsome guy. He was tall and with tattoos in both of his wrists, he looks white and had his long brown hair tied in the back of his head. He left the skytrain at the Stadium-Chinatown Station and I regret not having say hello to him because he looked like a very nice person. If you are reading this, please contact me. Would be great to meet you!

When: Monday, July, 27 2015

Where: Expoline Skytrain to Waterfront

Canada Line Cutie

I ran onto the Canada Line at the Yaletown Station around 5PM today. I was looking for a place to hold on to when I notice you smiling at me. You looked Asian or mixed, and was wearing a black graphic T-shirt with shorts and a backpack. I was wearing a white top and a pair of cat-eye glasses. We exchanged a few smiles and glances. You got off at King Edward Station. I should have gone over and said hi. I would love to grab a drink with you. Message me :)

When: Monday, July, 27 2015

Where: Canada Line toward Richmond

dog intervention

If it weren't for you I probably would have hit that dog as I was turning in. You stopped my car AND my heart. (just kidding! that's cheesy!) I would have said hey but I had a post morning-yoga "glow" thing happening. #glowing #flawless

When: Monday, July, 27 2015

Where: 6th ave Starbucks

Genuine smiles @ Browns SocialHouse

Here goes nothing. You came in with both your parents, and greeted me with the warmest genuine smile. Myself, was working and sat you to your table where you sat outside on the patio. I opened the door to allow you to walk first but instead you smiled at me again, asked how I was, and allowed me to go first. I tried to catch you on your way out from the bathroom but was too nervous to say anything, I regret it now. I would love to get to know you more. Your smile and presence made my evening. You had a grey long sleeve if I recall, jeans, and a navy blue baseball hat. I was wearing a black dress with an open back, I have dark hair, tanned skin, & brown eyes. Oh, I asked to light your tables candle and you responded with uplifting the mood, which then I laughed. Hope to hear from you, total shot in the dark.

When: Sunday, July, 26 2015

Where: 10th & alma

Sexy lil asian guy on a road bike!

I saw your cute little ass crossing the crosswalk at Rupert station this morning... Your cute little Asian butt looked FINNE in your spandex... You were on a black Cannondale roadbike. I was on my FULL Carbon Masi ROADBIKE. Our eyes meet for a brief moment... I felt like we are star crossed lovers reunited. Hit me back if this was you.. My name is E.Chan

When: Monday, July, 27 2015

Where: Crossing Rupert Station crosswalk

White Shirt w/ flower on the 99

Short girl wearing white shirt with 1/2 sleeves and a yellow flower in the centre. You got off at cambie. You are so beautiful. Your hair is beautiful, your eyes are beautiful, your thick blonde arm hair is beautiful. I was standing next to you with my partner, trying not to stare at you, and trying not to fall over onto you or someone else. We still haven't figured out how to flirt with girls in public. How open-minded are you? Want to go on a date with me? Both of us?

When: Saturday, July, 25 2015

Where: 99-B Line

Deep Space Crush

Without fail you wear your NASA hat, and I have yet to learn your name. I don't know if you're flirting with me or not, but I love it when you ramble. In another world I would ask, so we could sit on your porch and listen to Coast to Coast. Until then I'll stay thirsty.

When: Thursday, July, 23 2015

Where: Idle Tho


I was at the McDonalds with a friend ordering food and you were with two of your buddies at Starbucks. I kept checking you out and you finally glanced over and we made eye contact I wanted to say hi but I didn't know how. My friend went to go get coke so I carried the tray and went to go find a seat I didn't wanna seem like a creep so I avoided eye contact and your were messingly scribbling something down on a napkin. I think you took it as I wasn't interested and left when I actually wanted you to come up to me and start a conversation. I wore a white romper with red roses on it.

When: Saturday, July, 25 2015

Where: Waterfront Skytrain

Margaret @ Main Street Brewing

We met while I was having growlers filled. I couldn't tell if we had a connection or if it was just customer service. Because of my lack of common sense I'll assume it was a connection. Can I fill your growler sometime?

When: Sunday, July, 26 2015

Where: Main Street Brewery

3 girls in hijab

There was 3 muslim girls in feeries on the way from victoria to vancouver .she was in hijab, also from lebanon.we had a little conversation and she told me this is the first she visited the victoria.i told her 'mashaalah'at the end of conversation.

When: Thursday, July, 23 2015

Where: bc feeries.victoria to vancouver

A tall blond security at Urban Winery Thursday night

Never done this before, but here we go! You were ushering people in to the exhibition. You smiled and said hello as you greeted me. I was limping and trying to walk with the cane and you asked people to clear the entrance. When I got out you were gone. You have a beautiful and kind smile. It made me feel warm and fuzzy :) With a nice smile like that you must be a really nice person. I don't know, may be, hopefully? If you are, I would like to get acquainted and be friends. Not looking for a romance, at least not at present, but if you are, I may not object too terribly :)

When: Thursday, July, 23 2015

Where: Urban Winery

VFMF atm

We were in the long, slow atm line at the folk fest. We exchanged some words - you saying how you really needed the lemonade, and me the ice cream. You were at folk fest to see your friends who were in one of the groups. I later saw you walking with a friend while I was in the middle of a conversation. You seemed cool and I'd love to chat more. You: darker, long, wavy hair. Me: brown hair.

When: Friday, July, 24 2015

Where: Folk Fest


Standing outside the Urban Winery late last night, talking with a group of friends was you, a beautiful girl with an amazing smile in a black and white stripped skirt. I caught your eye on the way in, and again for a little longer on the way out. You were busy and there wasn't really a chance to introduce myself, so I managed a simple 'hi' as I passed. Something about the encounter kept you on my mind for the rest of the night, and this morning there you were again. And now here I am looking for you.

When: Thursday, July, 23 2015


Ginger on the 20

We chatted about games, our siblings and we happen to be in the same line of work. Were you going to ask for my number?

When: Thursday, July, 16 2015

Where: The 20


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