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E.g., Jul 25 2016

I saw you at the Q BAR, Empress Fairmont

I saw you sitting in SW corner of the Fairmont Empress Q Bar near the water on Thursday July 21/early July 22. I have short cropped blonde hair, and am fairly tall at 5'9", but not as tall as you. You were sitting with a group of three other people, 2 women and a man. I thought you had beautiful eyes, your hands were in your lap, so I couldn't see if you had a ring. I was with a group I'd been working with, and left past your table from the outside patio - I didn't think it was appropriate to disturb you at the time, but wanted to say hi. Saw you the next day outside, but lost my nerve to say hello. Wish I hadn't. If you're single, and by some chance see this, I'd love to hear from you.

When: Thursday, July, 21 2016

Where: Fairmont Empress Q Bar, and next day outside the Empress.

Tragically Hip Concert

Sunday's Hip concert, Section 311. You were in Row 10 seat 1 I think. I was 2 rows back and 2 seats over. We had a couple of moments of eye contacts and smiles. We could have been more but I was a little self-conscious that I kept crying. Emotional night, great show, amazing goodbye to Gord. Maybe there is a hello in there somewhere too?

When: Sunday, July, 24 2016

Where: Hip Concert, section 311

Fire works

I was with my family (daughter, mother and her partner) and you were sitting next to us with a lady friend. We mad eyes a few times. I gave you a smile -- you gave one back. I got such a warm and easy going sense from you. I'm sure you've gotten remarks on being Paul Rudds' blonde doppelgänger in the past. I'd say he has nothing on you, though. In true cliche, "I've never done this before" but if you see this, I'd love to get together for coffee or a drink sometime.

When: Saturday, July, 23 2016

Where: Fireworks: between Sunset Beach and English Bay

Bright smile on the Howe Sound Crest Trail

I was the muddy solo hiker you passed on your way up as I was making my way back down. I was in maroon tech pants and a blue sports bra. I don't remember what you were wearing because the image of your bright smiling eyes were what stayed with me. You were tall, brown curly hair. We had a very short exchange; just hi's and how are you's? You said you were excellent. I was already having a great day. You made it even better. Want company on your next hike?

When: Sunday, July, 24 2016

Where: Howe Sound Crest Trail

Russian beauty on 135 SFU

I was sitting at the back corner of the bus. You were sitting on the side bench on the opposite side of the bus from me. We kept exchanging glances and smiles. I'm sorry if I was staring, but you really are a very beautiful Russian girl. Your name starts with an S, mine starts with a B. I got off at Rosser Ave. You stayed on, so I have no clue where you got off. In the unlikely event that you do see this, coffee/ dinner/ drinks?

When: Sunday, July, 24 2016

Where: 135 to SFU

Cameron @ XY YVR-- Saturday night

We were on the dance floor at XY, had a dance circle going, I turned to you and said "you're hot." We then exchanged names between us and another guy. I was with a friend, who was new to the city, so was looking after him. I tried to talk to you later, but it didn't work out. I hope you see this, remember me and we can meet up some time. If you remember my name, cool. If you can tell me anything about the person who started the introductions, great. Anything else about that night? Hope to hear from you.

When: Saturday, July, 23 2016

Where: XYYVR dance floor

Canada line Bridgeport to vancouver 602 and 311 bus arrivals 5:50 am

You and I are baking eye contact and you like my brightly colored shoes. I carry a heavy knapsack. You are Jamaican and I Caucasian. Your stop is Olympic village I zvancouver City. We have met in the line up for home around 5:00pm 601/311 Bay. You first saw me with a gf and now you seem to still wish to connect with me after looking over your sunglasses and asking me if I will be on the platform next day at 6:00 am

When: Thursday, July, 21 2016

Where: Canada Line Bridgeport stn to Olympic Village

Cashier - Burrard Liquor Store

I was buying beer, you were cute. I was one of your last customers that night, your older coworker was already cashing out his till. I made a comment about not getting ID'd, you told me a story about your female friend who also has a baby face. I told you I play 14 on TV. You were blushing while talking to me. I wanted to ask you out, but your coworker was staring us down, so I left. I know this is a long shot/it was a couple weeks ago now, but... I'd love to go on a date with you!

When: Monday, July, 11 2016

Where: Burrard Liquor Store - 8th and Burrard

Green hair and pretty eyes

My friend and I walked onto the bus and you and I smiled at eachother briefly. I saw that some big drunk dude behind you kept attempting to talk to you so I asked how your night went. You were with friends at the Pint and my friend and I had left the beach. You showed us some of your make up work from film school, and jokingly asked for a bite of my burger when the other drunk guy started pillaging my friends fries. You introduced yourself and told us to find you on Facebook but I didn't have any luck finding you. Thought I should give this a go.

When: Friday, July, 22 2016

Where: 19 Metrotown

Quiznos on Broadway

You were ordering sandwiches at the Bayswater & Broadway Quiznos (in Kits). You gave me a winning smile when i waltzed in and asked the sandwich maker to fill my water bottle. And a second smile as I left. You're white, brown shaved hair. I was wearing a blue men's business shirt and flowing badass leopard print pants. I considered asking for your number as I left but chickened out.

When: Friday, July, 22 2016

Where: Broadway, Kitsilano, Vancouver

Langley sushi

Sexy guy at Samba sushi in Langley Monday night. Are you single?? :-)

When: Monday, July, 18 2016

Where: Samba Sushi Fraser Highway Langley

Gorgeous eyes at No Frills

Our eyes locked for a few seconds as you were leaving the store and I was going in. You had a mysterious smile on your face, my heart skipped a beat. I thought the guy behind you was with you, so went in the store. As you walked away saw you were not, but it was too late..

When: Thursday, July, 21 2016

Where: No Frills Denman

At 8th & Main store on Main Street

We passed each other on sidewalk and both turned around to view each other again. You young and handsome in shorts and T, me in white shorts and white top, longish blonde hair. I went in to store and you came around and walked past store window couple times looking for me. I waved and you came in and asked if I was married, I said no. I would like a total redo of what happened next. Don't know why I brushed you off, want to meet again and start over??

When: Thursday, July, 21 2016

Where: The store 8th and Main on Main Street

Keith Logan Hat with Adele

You wore a Keith Logan hat and were with a drag queen dressed as Adele. I asked if you liked spicy food and you said 'mmm. Paella.' I told you I'd call but lost your number. Mine is in your phone under 'Toasty'. Call me. I love a man who loves Adele.

When: Thursday, July, 21 2016

Where: Davie Street

Gas Town Bike Races

You, a pretty brunette, late 40's, standing at the fence across from the hairpin turn, close to the TV Camera. I was the guy with blond hair to your right a few feet away. We exchanged glances several times, then I wandered off to other parts of the track. Let's meet for coffee or a drink.

When: Wednesday, July, 13 2016

Where: Gas Town

Small Moments Come Vivid

Passed by you on Carrall between Water and Cordova. I was walking north carrying a brown shopping bag wearing cut offs and white tshirt, tattoo sleeves. When we saw each other you didn't exactly do a double take- more like a head jerked back, eyes wide smile jam. Like you were surprised and like what you saw. As I passed you I looked away and grinned huge. And I swooned (who knew that was actually a thing?) and that certainly hasn't happened before. You looked a little bike-ish with a flipped up cap and clothes I don't remember. That physical reaction was somethin' else or maybe it was dehydration (Ha!) Let me buy you a beer and we can drink about it.

When: Wednesday, July, 20 2016

Where: Gastown

On Glasses, Mahogany Guitars and Banjolele

We kept going off on these awesome conversational tangents, while I was shopping. I thought you did a great job during your first day at work. It was a really fun conversation, I enjoyed it very much, and if you'd like to continue it, please get in touch!

When: Tuesday, July, 19 2016

Where: Kitsilano

#16 Bus PokemanGo player

You sat next to me and played Pokeman Go. I asked you to show me how it works. Then told you about a man on Commercial Drive who was fed up with people traipsing through his front lawn and he posted a sign saying "get a life". You said you were caught up in it and that you worked in the industry. Did you not notice every woman and gay man was enthralled with you? You are quite a handsome catch! Love for you to show me more.....about PokemanGo that is.

When: Tuesday, July, 19 2016

Where: On Granville Street

Disarmingly beautiful girl working at the Perrier Tent at Pemberton

I approached you and awkwardly complimented you on your beauty, dropped my drink on the ground, tried to maintain a casual demeanor while we chatted about the job, which you seemed to be only partly enjoying, and I found out your name was Rachael. I sidled off a little flustered back to my group but couldn't seem to stop my eyes from wandering back to you and we made eye contact several times thereafter. The next day I came back with a Giraffe (friend) and you were out front in the same mint coloured dress and flower ring around your head. I, probably too enthusiastically, said 'Hi Rachael!" and you said, with a grin "Ummm Brian, right?" to which I replied "Nope! Not even close"....that's how I knew you totally remembered me :-)... In any case we didn't speak, as you were talking with a coworker, most likely discussing ways of avoiding contact with man named Brian who was now wearing a ridiculous getup and trying to see you at every opportunity. I came back later that night to finally ask you if you'd like to go out after the festival but the tent was closed and my heart sunk. I, now wearing the aforementioned Giraffe costume, kicked myself and slunk away a little heart broken, which must have looked both adorable and tragic simultaneously to the remaining staff. If you're out there Beautiful Perrier Rachael there's a sad Giraffe that would love to see you again and take you to dinner.

When: Saturday, July, 16 2016

Where: Perrier Tent at Pemberton Music Festival

Heidi at Hillcrest Hot tub

A few months ago you saddled up next to me in the hot tub with a big grin and great eye contact. We talked and you told me you're a nurse and trying to do more aerial ropes. I was recently single and a little rusty! We left when the pool closed. I figured I'd run into you again in the gym or pool, but I haven't. Drinks sometime?

When: Tuesday, July, 19 2016

Where: Hillcrest pool

You popped into Lucy's Diner...

...just to compliment the way I rocked my black fedora. You: Tall, Asian, baseball cap, headphones, knee brace. Me: black hat, burgundy long sleeve, cargo shorts. Unfortunately sitting with mom and the little sister, all I could muster was a mere 'thanks', a nod, and a smile. Wish I was with other company; I would have at least asked for your name.

When: Monday, July, 18 2016

Where: Lucy's 24hr Diner on Main St.

Holt Renfrew

I live in Vancouver from last 10 months. I have not much with whom i can enjoy. I saw a lots of girls but I am shy to talk to them.Recently I saw a girl at Holt Renfrew. I like her in first sight. She is cute. She is in Black top and shorts. She give me a smile. But due to urgent work I have to leave from there. I just want to say that I wants to be your friend.

When: Monday, July, 18 2016

Where: downtown

Thin White Duke Sighting @ The Rag

You came into the rag machine wearing almost all white and leather shoes. You parked your bike outside and had black sunglasses on. You asked me where my favorite spot was for thrifting and said you were into blondie-punk as well as ask me if I worked full time. You briefly mentioned the mod movement and told me you just cut your hair. I thought you were really cool but you left before I asked your name :((( come visit the rag machine again this week!!

When: Monday, July, 18 2016

Where: The Rag Machine

You liked my earrings at Folk Fest

We met by the coffee stand at folk fest on Sat and fancied each others earrings. Your are gorgeous! I wished I had more time to talk but I had to get back to my booth! I hope I see you again.

When: Saturday, July, 16 2016

Where: Folk fest folk bazaar

Starbucks Pinetree Coquitlam

You were sitting with your 2 friends. You had white nail polish and camo pants. Very pretty and friendly. We all chatted about my 3 dogs and your boxer. Would really like to have another coffee:)

When: Saturday, July, 16 2016

Where: Starbucks pinetree way coquitlam



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