Joy MacPhail backs Adrian Dix for B.C. NDP leadership


Longtime B.C. New Democrat Joy MacPhail has endorsed party leadership candidate Adrian Dix.

MacPhail announced the support today (January 27) in Vancouver.

In a news release, she credited Dix for his commitment to progressive politics, defence of the public interest, and efforts to build the NDP.

“Adrian’s mastery of the issues and ability to effect positive change is on full display in and out of the legislature, where he is the most effective critic for the official opposition,” she said in the release.

“His skill in mobilizing activists and citizens around issues also reflects his effective leadership style. He is taking a strong stand on jobs and the economy, the environment, health care and education, and that is what the NDP needs and that is what B.C. needs.”

“Adrian’s dedication to grow the New Democratic movement is recognized throughout B.C. NDP members across the province have sought out his help and he has been there for them time and time again. Adrian gets results – and he will lead our party to victory in the next election.”

MacPhail was one of only two NDP MLAs to win a seat during a B.C. Liberal landslide in the 2001 provincial election.

Dix, who entered the leadership race on January 17, has served two terms as MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway since he was first elected to the legislature in 2005.

He had held the role of Opposition health services critic until a shadow cabinet shuffle yesterday.

The NDP leadership vote is April 17.

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The BC Liberal's only reason for suggesting Dix is their choice for the new BCNDP Leader is because they are truly afraid he can beat them at the polls. Vote for Adrian Dix if you want to get rid of the BC Liberal's and their lies.
Rating: +2
Joyless Macphailure weighs in supporting the back room hardliner with the new NDP battle cry - "Back to the 90's". Perfect for a party looking to spend 10 more years on the sidelines...
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Peter Blake
There is no other MLA in BC that works harder than Adrian Dix. With this endoresement in hand from MacPhail, Dix surely has the momentum. Also, just a reminder, the recent Ipsos poll considered the general public. The determination of who is going to be the Leader of the NDP will be NDP CARD holding members. NOT the general public. Adrian Dix is going to win.
Rating: -3
Here's the current Ipsos poll. Farnworth is way ahead with everyone, including those who voted NDP in 2009. But this poll was certainly taken before Red's big endorsement, so who knows ...
Rating: +1
Strong New Democrat
I like the hard work this scrapper puts in and the results are fantastic, however it strikes me he would make a far better "right arm" Lieutentant to Hogans strong and steady Leadership featuring Farnworths talents as a strong and concilliatory backup to both.

Imagine the Team these three can make leading us into whomping the Campbell Liberals minus Gordon. I can see it now.
Rating: -2
These polls are hilarious, as they're based on the general public, not BC Liberal or BCNDP members desires. The margin of error is so far out of whack as to make them irrelevant.
Rating: +4
Lynn Smith
Adrian, you rock! The Liberals and mainstream media are frightened by you and your successes. Don't let them bring you down.
Rating: -4
Just what was Ipsos Reid issues were asked of respondents, like what candidate expresses best your view on health issues? education issues? economic issues? environmental issues?

Polls like this just distract and disinform voters. Just what are respondents responding to? Mainstream media reports? How well are respondents informed on each candidates platform, their past accomplishments and achievements or their lack of achievements?

Shepsil's comments on the poll is right on.

Here is my question, why hasn't the party that professes gender equality been able to muster at least one female candidate to run for leadership?

Mr. Lalli, there is no need for you to represent the middle age white man, he is well represented by the current NDP leadershhip candidates.

I can't stomach the BC Coalition, but at least they have a better balance of candidates running for leadership than the one that professes social righteousness.

There is infinite hope but sadly not for us in BC.

The party system is dead or dying.
Rating: +1
former activist
pwlg - isn't it interesting that the NDP looks bad for not having a woman candidate and yet if they hadn't been pushing the issue for the last few decades nobody would notice? Maybe it is just a natural outcome of having had a woman Leader and now the logic seems right to have a male. Consider it orchestrated balance.
Rating: -7
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