2010 sex survey: The lust and thrust report

The readers have spoken and, er, fantasized. Survey says: you’d do Lady Gaga, you got laid in a convent—and you’re twisted.

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Nevertheless, the survey delivered some intriguing data. This year, for the first time, no women reported having paid for sex, which suggests that the global economic downturn has harmed the prospects of local gigolos. Among those who responded to a question about infidelity, 22 percent of married women and 28 percent of married men reported having sex outside their regular relationship in the past year. And 13 percent of married female respondents and 11 percent of married male respondents admitted to having unprotected sex with someone who wasn’t their spouse.

Some of the most entertaining answers involved locations where people had sex. One woman claimed she did it in the kitchen of a church. Another woman reported getting it on in a convent. Two other women revealed that they had each played with a partner in a cemetery. One guy cited a monastery as his most unusual location, while another said he did the deed on the steps of an unnamed Kitsilano church. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Perhaps those responses weren’t as peculiar as that of a woman who said she had sex on the front lawn of City Hall. There was also a lot of bathroom sex reported in a breathtaking array of locations, including a Wendy’s restaurant, the Westin Bayshore, and the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. One woman said she did it in the Denman Cinema men’s washroom. A guy reported having sex in a bathroom in a private suite at GM Place. There were also claims of sex in the bathrooms at the Amsterdam airport, a youth hostel in Taipei, the Odyssey nightclub, the Vancouver Convention Centre, and the Richmond Olympic Oval.

But the strangest location of all came from the guy who confessed to having sex underneath the bus ticketing desk on the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver. Another guy claimed that he made out in the clock tower at Lonsdale Quay. The most surprising female response came from a woman who did it in a glass elevator at a Seattle public market.

Then there were the “unusual desires”. One woman reported that she was attracted to the idea of “dressing straight boys up in my clothing”. Another woman wanted to be paid for sex in shoes and clothes. (Some men might not find that unusual.) Another expressed a wish to have anal sex with a man while describing it to a woman underneath her. Yet another respondent said she has thought about getting it on in a tree.

Our favourite? A young woman who declared: “One time I stepped into a music store for the first time in a long while and got totally excited in the pants.” Hmmm. We never thought shelves of CDs could have this effect.

It’s generally acknowledged that men are more sexually twisted than women. In this regard, a couple of the male respondents didn’t disappoint. Under the category of unusual desires, one cited a wish to fart in someone’s mouth. Another wanted to be penetrated by a dog. We’re not making this up.

The Georgia Straight sex survey isn’t going to change the world, but perhaps it’ll make us reflect on some of the choices we make. We hope that it also makes us more accepting of our sexual differences and helps us feel a little less guilty about our fantasies—so long as they don’t involve animals!

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