Your horoscope for January 10 to 16, 2013

No matter how stubborn or locked in, if the goal is important enough, the job gets done. Let’s commend Chief Theresa Spence for getting as far as she has. Could/would you have done it? While we’re giving shout-outs, let’s congratulate the NHL and the players’ association for not letting the clock run out on their profit margins or their fans.

If you haven’t been able to put such formidable commitment into action yet, look to Friday’s new moon in Capricorn to put the key in the ignition. Stephen Harper has chosen an appropriate day to get down to business with Spence and other aboriginal leaders. Aim to do the same for yourself. Like the ice in the Arctic, time is disappearing quickly. Don’t let any more of it pass you by. On the plus side, when the Capricorn archetype is effectively employed, substantial results are gained.

It’s taken a long time to get this far along, but we’re about to hit full throttle. Saturday/Sunday, the Aquarius moon aligned with Mars is in the mood to wake it or shake it. Venus stimulating Uranus keeps things lively and percolating, especially on Saturday evening. Monday/Tuesday, the Pisces moon keeps the creativity and easy flow going strong. By Wednesday, the Aries moon heats things up again.

March 19 - April 19

A lengthy wait is over. You’ve earned it, you deserve it, and things will come to fruition soon. A new professional development and acknowledgment cycle begins with Friday’s new moon. Your personal life or parenting efforts can deliver more tangible results and rewards over the coming weeks. Saturday through Monday can prompt a personal or relationship breakthrough.

April 19 - May 20

Friday’s new moon in Capricorn brings a time-is-ripe cycle into being. Over the weekend, watch for a significant revelation, discovery, or personal insight to get the ball rolling faster. Saturday/Sunday, a conversation, a cutoff point, or an ultimatum could spark unexpected yet necessary impetus. Monday/Tuesday should prove smooth sailing. Wednesday kicks your motivation and passion up a notch.

May 20 - June 20

The weekend is for letting yourself off the hook, but beyond that the squeeze is on. It’s time to get a better handle on your finances. The new moon in responsible Capricorn puts you in the right head space to get down to business. Aim for a short-term goal and know it will set the stage for long-term benefit.

June 20 - July 22

If you really want to move yourself forward, it’s time to stop wishing and take an official stab at it. Turn intention into an actual event. That first step can prove to be easier than you think. Once you launch it, it will quickly snowball. Psych yourself up through the weekend and aim to use Monday/Tuesday’s smooth sail to your fullest advantage.

July 22 - August 22

It’s time to get to work. Start with a small step and see the good it does you. Once you set mind to matter, relief and results aren’t too far behind. Stay organized: a written schedule, list, or business plan can increase your effectiveness. Spend on the necessary upgrades. Friday through next Thursday, the stars favour contract signings, commitments, refinancing, and important purchases.

August 22 - September 22

You are gradually getting to where you need to be. Venus, Mercury, and Friday’s new moon in Capricorn will help you gain better control over yourself. Saturday/Sunday could lead you to a personal or relationship breakthrough. Next week could be a time of empowered fresh starts. Give it your best shot, commit your all, and don’t look back.

September 22 - October 22

What are your short-term and long-term priorities? Friday’s new-moon prompt will help you to get clearer regarding “need”, “want”, and “should”. Saturn in Scorpio helps you to get committed and stay the course for the long haul. Over the weekend, Venus/Uranus can provide a sudden insight, a revelation, or an opportunity. Stay creative; good strides can be made next week.

October 22 - November 21

What can you do to look more polished and professional? Now’s the time to put in some serious effort. Refine your résumé, plans, or presentations. Ditch time wasters, streamline output, and focus on your best bets. A productive week lies ahead, regarding negotiations, difficult talks, paperwork, finances, legal matters, studies, and self-improvement mandates.

November 21 - December 21

The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. A fuller investment is required from you now. Friday’s new-moon fuel helps you get real and get at it. It isn’t all a grind, though. Saturday/Sunday, the stars are suited up for pleasure, creativity, and play. Monday/Tuesday, you can coast. Wednesday onward stokes the fire.

December 21 - January 20

Do you have your eye on the right carrot? How do you know you can do it? Let your instincts override your trepidation. Friday’s new moon prompts you to take an official step forward. All new launches are well timed. Saturday/Sunday, the stars deliver breakthrough, find-it, or takeoff time. Monday/Tuesday, things flow well for you.

January 20 - February 18

Friday’s new moon can help peg what you couldn’t grab before. The stars will help you gain clarity on how to proceed. Saturday/Sunday, synchronicity, instincts, and social and intimate connectivity are at peak. Monday/Tuesday, keep the schedule loose and stay creative. Aim for full tilt from Wednesday onward.

February 18 - March 19

As of Friday’s new moon, your future plans and/or new life course will shape up even more. The more time goes by, the more confidence and security you’ll feel. Do your own thing or enjoy a social weekend. Monday/Tuesday, the Pisces moon makes things come together like a charm. You’ll find yourself on a roll.