Your horoscope for March 7 to March 13, 2013

Scorpio Christy Clark has taken a big hit from Mercury retrograde. The transit will end on March 17, but her bumpy ride will continue. The trickster cycle is notorious for lifting the floorboards, so it’s not surprising that the U.S. faltered on its sequester deadline. Not even the Queen is immune.

Progressively, Mercury in Pisces exposes that which is in need of re-examination, correction, or healing. It also launches a ripe time-has-come moment.

Thursday’s Mercury/Pluto brings an opportunity to make inroads. On Friday, Mercury/Chiron hits peak two of a three-part destiny-writing cycle that coincided with Chinese New Year and the pope’s resignation. The final alignment happens on Good Friday (March 29). On Saturday, Mercury squares Jupiter for a second time.

Get off the hamster wheel this weekend. Relax, enjoy, and play up the romance, but avoid getting overly caught up.

Saturday through Monday, the transiting moon brings the Pisces planetary total to seven. Monday’s new moon is particularly infused with potential and emotion. Spring break may be coming for some, but expect a lot more action and fast-tracking thanks to the advance of Mars into Aries, starting Monday at 11:26 p.m. Tuesday/Wednesday, the transiting Aries moon hits things full throttle. It’s quite possible a new pope will be announced this week.

March 20 - April 19

It’s not how, what, or who you anticipated, but destiny’s design is developing a much clearer outline. Continue to monitor your thoughts and feelings, and allow for reality to fill in the other half of the equation. Thursday through Saturday, Mercury retrograde makes several peel-it-back alignments. Tuesday/Wednesday, it’s full steam ahead. Mars, freshly in Aries, sets into takeoff/blast time.

April 19 - May 20

Isn’t it strange how things shake out sometimes? By deliberate design or unexpected happenstance—and likely it’s a mix of both—life now grabs hold of you. Mercury retrograde aligned with Chiron sets life’s serendipity into play. You’re heading in exactly the direction you originally hoped for, but how you’re getting there isn’t the way you planned or envisioned it.

May 20 - June 20

Answers, solutions, and opportunity will be more forthcoming now. There’s no reason to sweat it or force what isn’t coming naturally. Thursday through Saturday, the stars piece things together for you very well. A sacrifice could be in the mix, but so be it. Don’t let regret or loss distract you. Tuesday/Wednesday, life hits full thrust, fast-forward.

June 20 - July 22

The next few days can make you aware of something you haven’t thought about or haven’t yet addressed. As well, something or someone could get your attention unexpectedly. Perhaps you hadn’t considered it or them within the realm of possibility. Do not discount the signal or your intuition. Tuesday/Wednesday lets you off the hook or presents a fresh challenge.

July 22 - August 22

You are wise to take the time to gather more information and to feel your way along. An exchange can reveal more than the words convey. Over the next few days, Mercury retrograde could prompt a change of plans, mind, or heart. Also, you’ll find an opportunity to go back over something that was left unfinished. Tuesday/Wednesday, it’s takeoff or breakthrough time.

August 22 - September 22

There’s uncertainty to sort through, but there’s no question that hopefulness is a better fuel than anxiety. Whatever you don’t know now, you’ll know shortly. Mercury retrograde will continue to unwrap the package for you. Beyond the ideally timed approaching spring break, Monday’s new moon holds fresh financial or relationship prospects. Tuesday/Wednesday, it’s full off or full on, perhaps abruptly so.

September 22 - October 22

Thursday/Friday keeps things social and active, but during Saturday through Monday’s new moon, you’ll get better mileage out of peace and quiet. Extra space to feel, think, study, conjure, rest, repair, or relax is where it’s at. Whether spring break sets you free or not, Tuesday/Wednesday you’ll hit into it hard and fast. The transiting moon and Mars in Aries turn up the heat.

October 22 - November 21

Simple, easy, and straightforward are the best picks for now. If something has added work or stress attached, put it off through the weekend. During Saturday through Monday’s new moon, you should find life, love, and ambition are working for you like a charm. As of Tuesday, Mars thrusts you into a new work, healing, or fix-it chapter. The Aries moon may stir a hot pot.

November 21 - December 21

A change of pace hits it just right. By Friday afternoon, you should feel that last bit of pressure lift. Saturday through Monday, you’ll find yourself in the mood to switch off outer distractions and tune in right where you are. Home and family is the place to be. Tuesday/Wednesday puts you back into full and fast swing.

December 21 - January 20

Thursday through Saturday, a reconnection, rehash, or revisit could occur through an unusual circumstance or strange twist of fate. Through Monday, you may stumble upon an answer or a critical piece of information, or gain from advice, a medical checkup, a saving grace, or a stroke of luck. Tuesday/Wednesday finds you freshly stoked.

January 20 - February 18

Whether or not you get to ditch out early on Friday afternoon, on some level you’ll have already checked out. The weekend keeps you submerged wherever you are. Monday’s new moon holds more than the usual potential. More lucrative prospects and opportunities will appear soon enough. Tuesday/Wednesday, you’ll make an important personal, creative, or communication breakthrough.

February 18 - March 19

Thursday/Friday mostly keeps you busy and out of sight. If your birthday is nearby, it’s likely that others are Keeping secrets. During Thursday through Monday’s new moon, there are seven planetary bodies in Pisces. That’s an ocean of emotion and creativity to swim in. You are in your element—soak it up, drink it in.