Your horoscope for May 16 to 22, 2013

Whether you tackle home and garden projects or aim for well-deserved respite, the long weekend is ideal for your catch-up program.

Joining Venus and Jupiter, Mercury begins a quick trek through social Gemini. On Victoria Day (May 20), the sun’s advance increases the total to four planets in the fleet-footed sign. Gemini is a networker, deal maker, newsmaker, and trendsetter archetype. Expect the rest of the month to keep life clipping right along.

Sandwiched between two eclipses, Victoria Day marks the third peak of the ground-shifting Uranus/Pluto transit. The fourth peak will occur on November 1, and three more are yet to come. A dominant influence through 2015, Uranus/Pluto will alter each of our lives in some radical way.

In more immediate terms, Monday or the days nearby can produce striking headlines or something unexpected in our personal lives. Watch for an acceleration of circumstances, a breakthrough, or sudden clarity. Supportive stars suggest there are good opportunities for the taking. It can be a decisive time for political or corporate agendas, sports, and other competitions. Whether the start of the week is eventful for you or not, please note that the Uranus/Pluto transit is an ongoing one. Evolution is a process, and we are in the thick of it now. Something from 1974 or 1995 can be completing a full circle now.

Next Friday, the super full moon delivers the last of three eclipses in a row. Stay alert.

March 19 - April 19

Face it, take the plunge, and get on with it. Once you do, you should find that it was well timed, easier, and more productive than you imagined. As of Monday/Tuesday, you’ll switch onto a fresh page. Four planets now tenanting social Gemini offer greater opportunities to connect and communicate through the month’s end. Next Friday’s lunar eclipse delivers you to your destination.

April 19 - May 20

Whether the vehicle is play or work, aim to make the best use of this long weekend. Your activities and ambitions should hit their targets well. Symbolically, Monday’s Uranus/Pluto peak marks yet another “that was me then, this is me now” checkpoint. Your future is coming into much sharper view. Don’t dwell on loss—your options are increasing.

May 20 - June 20

Pleasure, indulgence, and attention-seeking are the right aims for this long weekend. You should already feel a strong boost from Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter in Gemini. By Monday, the sun shines on you too. People come, people go. Along with a prod from Uranus/Pluto and Chiron, it’s an optimal time to leap with head, heart, and both feet.

June 20 - July 22

A get-away-from-it-all week­­end to reflect and replenish is just what the doctor ordered. Come Tuesday, aim to hit the ground running. That shouldn’t be too hard, thanks to Uranus/Pluto taking care of business for you. A new career and relationship chapter is already under way. It requires that you rip the bandage off and face the risk head on.

July 22 - August 22

Thursday/Friday, the Leo moon advocates a spontaneous approach. Spend to make yourself happy; say yes to the extra. You’ll be in long weekend mode before it begins. Saturday and Sunday, your stars switch to a productive track. Monday can spark a sudden flash or an unexpected opportunity. Grab it/say it while you can. Uranus/Pluto keeps your ambitions sparked. Yes, you can—and you will.

August 22 - September 22

The end of the workweek can see you quietly plugging away, but come the weekend you’ll be ready for a change. Saturday/Sunday, call the shots and follow your instincts. The Virgo moon keeps you energized, stimulated, and hitting it just right. Monday and Tuesday bring feedback, a response, gain, or acknowledgment. Uranus/Pluto continues to speed you along a personal, relationship, or financial breakthrough track.

September 22 - October 22

A social and upbeat end to the workweek hits it just right. Saturday/Sunday, you are likely to relish out of sight and/or out of mind. Have it your way, and don’t let obligations get the better of you. Monday could dish up something unexpected, advantageous, or opportune. Take spontaneity out for a spin. If it excites or delights you, go for it.

October 22 - November 21

Aim to get yourself noticed on Thursday/Friday. Put on a show, and play it to your best advantage. Saturday/Sunday brings ample opportunity to catch up with others or yourself. A garage sale or look-see could produce a good score. Uranus/Pluto now thrusts you onto the next stage of your personal, professional, and financial rework-it program. Next week, test-drive a new agenda or angle.

November 21 - December 21

The workweek is likely to end on a high note. Even if you have to meet obligations, Saturday/Sunday works well for you. Monday/Tuesday, a brainstorm or sudden impulse can get something unexpected off the ground. The potential could be lucrative, romantic, or liberating. The rest of the month keeps your social life, partnerships, and public involvement strong and moving faster.

December 21 - January 20

You have been working it for some time now, and as of Monday’s Uranus/Pluto peak, you can consider yourself officially launched. This acceleration transit will continue to support your personal reinvention and significantly redirect the course of your life for the next couple of years. Saturday/Sunday, it’s as good as it gets. On Monday/Tuesday, opportunity strikes.

January 20 - February 18

The long weekend starts on an upbeat and social note. Use Saturday/Sunday to catch up on personal priorities and to give your lover more of the good stuff. Monday/Tuesday pieces it together for you surprisingly well. Take a risk or extend an invitation. Reach out, speak your mind, take it to the next level, sign it, or buy it.

February 18 - March 19

The long weekend keeps you packing it in and loving it that way. As of Victoria Day, a new private/home life chapter officially launches. You’ll entertain or putter more. Forge new bonds or refresh existing ones. A key individual, new address, business direction, or significant investment soon defines the shape of things to come.