Your horoscope for December 12 to 18, 2013


A leader not only for our times, but also for this age: a special soul like Nelson Mandela comes along only every so often. His legacy will remain a beacon for the collective, but as the Dalai Lama has said, we must carry on his spirit with determination.


Jupiter trines Saturn on Thursday. This marks the midpoint of a sub-cycle that began in July and will arc through May of 2014. Jupiter is the planet that conceptualizes, and Saturn is the planet that shapes our reality. Working in harmony, they have been on an elongated fact-finding mission. Their aim is to help us to better recognize what we have been fashioning, what standards we have come to accept, and what is absolutely necessary to correct.

The gift of knowledge and experience provides an opportunity for productive growth, but it requires that we face our truth, hold ourselves to greater accountability, and independently author the change that is so needed now. For the next seven months, Mars, the warrior god, transits Libra, the sign of social morality and justice. Both Jupiter/Saturn and the transit of Mars are now actively at work resetting our personal and moral compasses to new coordinates.

Tuesday’s full moon in Gemini occurs at 1:28 a.m. A few hours later, Uranus in Aries ends retrograde. Sunday through Wednesday are especially lively, mobilizing, and newsworthy days. We’ll see more traffic, trading, commerce, mail, and higher volume everywhere.

March 19 - April 19

News is on the way; a visitor could be too. Whether you’ve been consciously working toward it or spontaneity takes over, Tuesday’s full moon in Gemini lights the spark you’ve been waiting for. It’s building as the workweek finishes out and a new one begins. Sunday/Monday is ideal for getting a move on. Shop, talk, ship it, deliver it.

April 19 - May 20

Through Saturday, the Taurus moon keeps you pacing it just right. The sure-fire bet is just that. Sunday/Monday there’s more to get at, but for the most part the stars keep you on a productive roll. Tuesday’s full moon can bring a tip, news, a come-clean conversation or opportune meet-up, a discovery, a great find, or a sudden flash worth acting on.

May 20 - June 20

Through Saturday prioritize your personal checklist, and if you need extra breathing room, make others wait. Whether you pick up a second wind or a fresh wind, you’ve got it going on late Saturday night through Tuesday’s full moon. There’s more to do, say, buy, or face, but for the most part it’s a smooth sail. Watch for an opportune “it” moment.

June 20 - July 22

Stick with what you know best; aim for the tried and true. Satisfaction and accomplishment are on a straightforward track through Saturday. Sunday/Monday, it can be easy to get carried away, to lose track of time, your to-do list, budget, or point. If you work with the public, expect an onslaught through Wednesday. Tuesday/Wednesday takes you over the hump.

July 22 - August 22

Stay practical, patient, and consistent on Thursday/ Friday. Keep simplicity, ease, and your own comfort margins in mind when shopping or socializing. Saturday through Monday you’ll do battle like the rest of us, but even so, you’ll motor along fairly well. Expect to hear from or bump into more folks. Tuesday’s full moon could dish up added excitement, surprise, or news.

August 22 - September 22

Gift yourself with extra time margins on Thursday/Friday. There’s no reason to put yourself under needless pressure. Saturday/Sunday, the extras or crowds can slow you down, but even so, you’ll make good progress. Tuesday’s eventful full moon could deliver a surprise check-in, news, an announcement, an answer, or a result. An added insight can pull a truth into the full light of day.

September 22 - October 22

Making it, spending it, or a combination of the two—through mid next week, money makes your world go round. Wrapping yourself around another does the trick quite nicely too, especially on Friday/Saturday. Sunday through Tuesday keeps the good social buzz going strong. News, a surprise, a perk, or a sale can make your day. On Wednesday, emotions, nostalgia, or family could tug harder on you.

October 22 - November 21

Thursday to Saturday, others can slow you down, but for the most part the social exchanges are pleasant and the days run smoothly. Use Sunday/Monday to wheel and deal, to connect the dots, or for expressing what’s on your mind and in your heart. Whether it’s the plan, a sudden shift, or a state of mind, Tuesday/Wednesday sets you onto a different track.

November 21 - December 21

Aim to be productive Thursday through Saturday, and you will be. Save the visits, chats, and extras for the end of the weekend. Even though there’s higher volume to contend with everywhere, Sunday through Tuesday are your best get-around, ship-it-out, hit-the-road, or hop-a-plane days. A sudden flash or added excitement—Tuesday/ Wednesday could get something unexpected cooking.

December 21 - January 20

Don’t call it boring, call it smarts. Thursday to Saturday, stick to the tried and true, to what you know works best for you. Sunday/Monday, pay especially close attention to impressions, instincts, or your body’s signals. Tuesday’s full moon divulges more or brings the previously hidden into fuller view. Tuesday/Wednesday keeps you especially busy and on the go.

January 20 - February 18

The workweek finishes on a straightforward note. On your own, at home, or with family are the best picks for entertainment through Saturday. Sunday through Wednesday keeps you going strong with one thing after another, perhaps unexpectedly so. Tuesday’s full moon gives you something exciting to talk about. On Wednesday, extra caretaking is in order.

February 18 - March 19

While you’re at it, why not indulge yourself? You deserve it! Sunday/Monday loads you up with extra running around or back and forth. Family, a home matter, or work can put you under added pressure. Tuesday/Wednesday, something unexpected necessitates a change of plans, but you are likely to feel it works out for the better.

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