Your horoscope for December 19 to 25, 2013


The winter solstice occurs on Saturday at 9:11 a.m. By mid-afternoon, Venus in Capricorn will turn retrograde. Goat folks born at the beginning or end of the sign can feel these planetary transitions more, but we’ll all notice the shift. The start of Venus retrograde is aptly timed for a work stoppage. It also helps you to find the inner wisdom to hold back when you know you should; on the other hand, more frustration can build. If you feel that you are pushing too hard and not getting anywhere, pack it in for the day and look to the Virgo moon on Sunday-Monday for a more productive chug along. Mercury in Capricorn, starting early Tuesday, could prompt a further price reduction, but also less to pick from. This holiday isn’t likely to be a retail blockbuster.


Dominating all other influences, Mars in Libra opposition to Uranus peaks early on Christmas morning. Don’t expect a restful sleep on Christmas Eve. From one extreme to another, Mars-Uranus can be all over the map. It can keep the good buzz going strong; it can be stress-inducing, disruptive, even volatile; or it can produce a disconnect or an altogether cutout. While moderation is the aim, folks can be easily provoked; accidents or arguments can happen all too quick. Despite the Libra moon, many more of us will spend Christmas Day apart from family and loved ones. If by choice, great; if not, it’s just another day.

March 19 - April 19

Even if you have more work or finishing to do, Saturday can feel like quitting time. The start of Venus retrograde sets the clock to a well-deserved break. Despite the added traffic, Sunday through Tuesday productive stars get you through the rest of your checklist. Christmas is uneven and full of emotional triggers. Neutrality is a good aim but expect to be challenged.

April 19 - May 20

Through Christmas morning, Mars-Uranus can keep you forcing it rather than feeling it. Venus retrograde, starting on Saturday, can offer some reprieve, even if it is only slight or temporary. Sunday through Tuesday goes better than you anticipate. Christmas Day, peace of mind or heart may be difficult to come by. Whether you are with them or not, others tug hard on you.

May 20 - June 20

Whether you are excited about Christmas or not, most of your attention is likely to be focused on what comes after the holidays. Sunday-Monday can be especially busy but productive. You’ll find a knack for spotting a great bargain or for making less add up to more. Christmas Day covers the gamut. Expect an over-the-top day.

June 20 - July 22

Saturday could put you on a pause or backtrack, but it’s only temporary—and it could prove advantageous. Don’t worry about what you haven’t been able to get at yet. The last-minute stuff should work out just fine, especially Sunday-Monday. Christmas Day can take you from one extreme to another. Whether you are surrounded, alone, or are missing someone, go gentle on yourself.

July 22 - August 22

The Leo moon keeps you going strong on Friday-Saturday, but even so, you’ll feel a natural pull to call it a wrap. As Venus switches to retrograde, you can feel less driven by guilt or obligation. Forgo some of your to-do list and you’ll still cover it well. Sunday-Monday are busy but move along well. Christmas Day ignites more than you expect.

August 22 - September 22

While Venus retrograde, starting Saturday, is a time to back up or out, you are likely to find yourself gaining rather than losing momentum. Through the end of January, Venus helps you to refortify and strengthen from within. Sunday-Monday keeps you motoring along a good track. Christmas Day delivers a mix of smooth and chafing, expected and unexpected. Emotions can ride up and down.

September 22 - October 22

No matter what you have planned for yourself, and despite Venus retrograde that starts Saturday, expect to be pumping it right through to the end of the month. Mars in Libra will continue to gather up added steam and keep the intensity going through Christmas Day. Even without your beauty rest, the Libra moon has you knocking it out of the park.

October 22 - November 21

Friday you know best; stick with that. Saturday, streamline or shelve it rather than waste your time. Despite the long list and lineups, Sunday through Tuesday the stars help you to take care of business with less fuss. Quietly, out of sight, or on an escape is great for Christmas. Even so, Mars-Uranus can pull you into something unexpected.

November 21 - December 21

At work, at play, or on a plane, Friday keeps you well entertained. The sun leaves Sagittarius on Saturday and Mercury does so on Tuesday. Venus retrograde also calls for a slowdown or a regroup, but overall and despite it all, you’ll continue to clip right along. At peak on Christmas morn, Mars-Uranus keeps the intensity dialled right up.

December 21 - January 20

Timing it just right for the holiday clockout, Venus in Capricorn begins retrograde on Saturday. Even if work continues for a few more days, an attitude shift makes life somewhat easier to take. If you find yourself alone on Christmas, remember: you aren’t the only one. Regardless of how you spend it, others tug hard on you.

January 20 - February 18

How great if the weekend starts your holiday break. If it doesn’t, let the countdown be reason enough to reclaim your spirit bright. Sunday to Tuesday, the little things add up to a lot. Christmas Day can be delightful, exciting, and noisy. Expect a surprise. Keep safe and don’t take risks around fire or when driving.

February 18 - March 19

Saturday could see you reach your limit. Still, you’ll find a way to push past and keep going. It’s a race or a drain and perhaps a bit of both Sunday through Tuesday, but you’ll manage well. Accommodating or pleasing others isn’t as easy as it should be on Christmas Day. Patience is a virtue.

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