CES 2014: Wearable technology that tracks more than motion


The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing in Las Vegas this week. Here’s a look at the wearable technology that might be in your future.

New headphones from LG use blood flow signals from the inner ear to measure heart rate. They pair with the Lifeband Touch wristband that tracks activity and can pair with Android and iOS devices.

The June is a crystal from Netatmo which can be worn on a leather band or clipped to your clothing. It measures ultraviolet intensity and exposure so you know when to get out of the sun.

Pebble Steel.

The Pebble Steel, the company’s second smartwatch, is smaller yet slightly heavier and comes in grey or black. The Pebble works with Android and iOS devices, and an app store to aid users in finding software created for the wrist is launching soon.

And despite the fact that Google Glass is being routinely banned, Epson announced its second-generation Moverio smart glasses.

The Core may be the smallest device Sony has ever manufactured. It’s a waterproof sensor that can be inserted into a wristband and which promises to do more than just track your activity. In introducing the device, a Sony spokesperson uttered the refrain, “We’re not just about motion, but emotion.” Sony is working with developers and hardware partners to make the Core and Sony’s SmartWear Experience more complete.

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