CES 2014: Low-cost laptops, desktop tablets, and curved smartphones


The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing in Las Vegas this week. Here’s a look at the laptops, tablets, and smartphones that might be in your future.

Lenovo’s new Horizon 2 is a 27-inch touchscreen tablet running Windows 8 that can you can set up as a desktop computer. Whether you want a keyboard and a mouse is up to you.

Toshiba’s first Chromebook is a 13.3-inch lightweight notebook that runs on Google’s Chrome operating system and provides a low-cost solution—around $300—for students who can manage their studies with a web browser, Gmail, and Google’s web apps. It comes with 100 gigabytes of cloud storage at Google Drive.

LG G Flex.

LG’s G Flex is a curved phone. Aside from the form factor, there’s nothing that the curve adds to the six-inch handset. Maybe it fits the back pockets of some people better than others. What shape is your bum?

Alcatel OneTouch announced at CES that it’s moving into the Canadian market with its Idol X and Idol Mini smartphones. The handsets run on Android’s Jelly Bean operating system. They will be available through Bell and Virgin Mobile.

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