Your horoscope for January 9 to 15, 2014


While Venus continues along a reassessment backtrack, fuel-it planet Mars—the other half of the relationship equation—has recently thrust into full steam ahead. Don’t get stuck on the cost, the loss, or the past; let it motivate you to build things better from here.


Thursday/Friday, the Taurus moon keeps a smooth and productive pace. On Saturday, Venus retrograde conjoins the Capricorn sun. This is the halfway mark and the peak of the retrograde cycle. We are still immersed in the re-meet and review, but from this point forward we’ll filter, discover, and create through a new lens. Time ripens, opportunity brightens.

Venus ends retrograde at the end of January, shines brightest by mid February, and completes Capricorn by the beginning of March. By October, Venus will align on the far side of the sun. Venus, Mars, et al. will make 2014 a major move-it-forward year for every level of relationship—personal, intimate, social, financial, national, global.

Mercury in Aquarius, starting Saturday, can spark a new dialogue. It also perks up the social, economic, and political action.

Tuesday can be a high-stress, high-impact, volatile day. Guard passwords, health, money, and loved ones. Wednesday’s Cancer full moon can hit your/our/the government’s most vulnerable spot. The attention is on family, home, food, real estate, and contracts; children, the needy, and the past; safety, security, and support. Watch for good progress in the days that follow.

March 20 - April 19

Venus retrograde puts added emphasis on reevaluating your professional goals and priorities. Family and financial obligations are also up for review. Saturday can make you more aware of your options and limitations, and/or solidify a new course of action. Tuesday/Wednesday forces you to set new ground rules or compels you to action. Either way, you gain. The results work in your favour.

April 19 - May 20

You can coast through Monday, but take action and easy- rolling stars will help you get somewhere good. It’s an ideal weekend to revisit the place, face, conversation, or past; to repeat a success or revamp the expectations, goal, or business plan. Mercury in Aquarius sets up something fresh. Handle mid next week with care—and be gentle on yourself.

May 20 - June 21

Now through the end of next week is a good time to put your money down, seal the deal, sign up, and/or make it official. Starting Saturday, Mercury in Aquarius perks up your social life and lucrative prospects, and keeps you well stimulated and entertained. Regarding health, wealth, or a tender heart, extra safety precautions are wise Tuesday/Wednesday. Bundle up or shore it up.

June 22 - July 22

You’ll get a faster move-on now. Beyond a special event or meet-up, Saturday’s sun/Venus conjunction can illuminate or crystallize a reality. It’s a great day to decide it, buy it, say it, sign it, do it, renew it, or make it official. Wednesday’s stage-setting full moon brings confirmation, security, completion, reward, compensation, a solid fresh start, and/or something more substantial to go on.

July 22 - August 22

The stars keep you especially quick on the uptake. You don’t need to say a lot to get your point across. The action or the presentation speaks for itself. Saturday/Sunday can be especially productive or informative. Attend a workshop or meeting, get something social cooking, try someone or something new. Wednesday’s full moon brings a brewing potential into fuller view. Follow through, seize opportunity.

August 22 - September 22

Thursday through Saturday, the stars keep life on the straightforward dial. You’ll sort it out well and see it all fall into place just fine. A sense of accomplishment or confirmation can be growing for you now. While Wednesday’s full moon could bring a review, reminder, or backtrack, overall the past is receding fast and your future is gaining more solid ground.

September 22 - October 23

Risk-taking will prove to be of substantial benefit now and in the long term. Saturday’s Venus/sun benefits matters to do with home, family, boundary-setting, real estate, and business development. Mercury in Aquarius, starting Saturday, pushes your Refresh button. Tuesday to Thursday can help you gain added recognition or nail down a professional or financial contract.

October 23 - November 22

Thursday/Friday, simplicity sets a ready breeding ground for satisfaction. Interactions should prove to be fairly straightforward. On Saturday/Sunday, business, study, and pleasure can mix just fine. Get back in touch with an old friend or colleague, or forge a new bond. Wednesday’s lucrative full moon brings big news; a substantial opportunity, gain, invitation, or gift; travel; and added advantage, luck, or popularity.

November 22 - December 21

Keep at it, and by the weekend you should have plenty to show for your efforts. Saturday’s Venus/sun conjunction calls for a full investment or commitment. Sign on for the long haul. Wednesday’s full moon can bring substantial financial opportunity, perhaps through a significant other or parent. It can also see love or family blossom, or prompt a new home address.

December 21 - January 19

Mars keeps you steadily breaking away from the past and breaking new ground. Venus puts you back in touch with yourself and what’s most important. Saturday can bring a realization, added attention, or an opportunity to do something good for yourself. Tuesday/Wednesday prompts a big move, decision, announcement, purchase, or investment. An interview or presentation goes well.

January 19 - February 18

Saturday/Sunday pushes your Refresh button. Mercury into Aquarius boosts you with a fresh stimulus and plenty of can-do. Tuesday/Wednesday, work or compromised health can overtake you. On the plus side, it’s an auspicious time to sign a contract or make a commitment. As well, you can gain added support, good advice or test results, or an opportunity to prove yourself.

February 18 - March 20

Now through the weekend, a reconnect or revisit is well timed. Saturday through Monday can spark something fresh. Tuesday/Wednesday sets you or someone you love into a positive growth spurt. Your ability to convince, emote, or perform is at peak. Watch for a major turnaround or news, for something opportune or long sought-after to come into being.

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