Your horoscope for January 23 to 29, 2014


Friday’s Mercury/Mars and moon in Scorpio bring the workweek to a positive end. Saturday morning could have a slow start, but the hard-edged stars happen before most of us are out of bed. It’s the dip day of the weekend. By Sunday, the energy is on percolate again.


January began on a super moon and ends on one too. Pluto’s edict ruled the Capricorn new moon on January 1. Since then, we’ve all been hard at work on the turn-it-around clock. Uranus sparks the super-charged Aquarius new moon on January 30. Expect to have an epiphany or an awakening, or for circumstances, opportunity, creativity, and social trends to come vibrantly alive. Something could burst into awareness or into actuality in the few days prior to next Thursday’s new moon.

Making contact with Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Venus, Tuesday’s Capricorn moon pushes forward on a busy agenda. It’s a time to lay it on the line. Put ambition into action, do the work, make it official, get the result. Once past push-comes-to-shove, ambition can meet with solid gain.

Still travelling retrograde to Friday next week, Venus in Capricorn makes her appearance in the morning sky. The ancients used this Venus cycle for conquest. If you’ve been waiting for your flint-strike moment, this is it. Sunday through the first week of February provides a fresh window of opportunity for the courageous risk taker.

March 20 - April 19

The end of the week can see you make good progress. Friday’s stars are great for wheeling and dealing, a get-together, or an intimate encounter. Sunday/Monday, you should find yourself in full swing and playing a good game. There or almost there, Tuesday can thrust you into the final stretch of an important decision, undertaking, or long-awaited conclusion.

April 19 - May 20

A friendly vibe prevails on Friday. Business and pleasure mix well as the workweek comes to a close. Mercury in Aquarius can open you up to a new line of thinking. It can also put fresh options and opportunity in your path. Stick with it and you’ll get yourself somewhere good. Sunday begins a momentous and happening week. Aim to rock it Tuesday/Wednesday.

May 20 - June 21

You can expect life to keep well on brew for the rest of the month. Intellectually, creatively, and socially, you’re a sharpshooter while Mercury continues in Aquarius to next Friday. Something new regarding finances, family, real estate, professional development, or an official relationship status can open up, kick into gear, or thrust you into action mid next week.

June 21 - July 22

Jupiter, the growth and increase planet, will be in Cancer through mid July. The search for more and better continues to be steady fuel. To the beginning of March, Jupiter retrograde puts you back in touch with what you need most—from yourself and the world around you. Through the end of the month, Jupiter/Pluto builds urgency on that growing need.

July 22 - August 22

Friday’s events are sure to push your Refresh button. A talk, social exchange, or shopping excursion perks you right up. A night of indulgence or lust hits it just right too. Saturday and Tuesday, the stars move you past a personal, intellectual, or relationship block. Sunday can light a spark. The busy week ahead keeps you in good flight.

August 22 - September 22

Friday’s Mercury/Mars alignment makes for a relatively smooth go of the work, the spending, or the rationalization. Try a new technique, angle, or tool—it could work well for you. Saturday moves you past a mindset or stumbling block. Sunday onward you’ll gain a much better sense of direction. On Tuesday, effort nets significant results. Take charge, push ahead, call the shots, and make it happen.

September 22 - October 23

At work or at play, Mars in Libra keeps it on a smooth dial-up as the workweek finishes. On Friday, get your sexy on. Sunday/Monday keeps the good vibe and your good ideas going strong. Tuesday could be a milestone day regarding a legal judgment, a contract, an important decision, a result, a money matter, a beginning, an ending, or a completion. From here, you move onto a lucrative fresh page.

October 23 - November 22

You’ll find yourself nicely situated, in your element, and coasting right along on Thursday/Friday, thanks to Mercury/Mars and the Scorpio moon. On Tuesday, push the boundaries, force things into action, and gain. It can be an eventful and lucrative launch-it or find-it day. Tuesday through next Friday, watch for important news, information, or results, a visit, an event, or a major opportunity to set big wheels in motion.

November 22 - December 21

Same-page accord comes readily Thursday/Friday. You’ll find it’s easy to relate, negotiate, track folks down, or find what you’re looking for. Sunday/Monday, the Sagittarius moon keeps you nicely replenished, on top of your game, and connecting the dots very well. Tuesday, a major push is on. You may have to work for it, but there’s plenty to be gained.

December 21 - January 19

Cooperation, agreement, and win/win can be easily achieved Thursday/Friday. You’ll find those in charge are more willing to accommodate you or give you a chance. Monday/Tuesday, you’re a dynamo. Call the shots, give it your all, don’t hold anything back. Wednesday onward fast-tracks you into something fresh and lucrative.

January 19 - February 18

Right place, right time, right words: Mercury/Mars keeps you quick on the uptake Thursday/Friday. Next Thursday’s super new moon in Aquarius stokes you with exceptional fuel. You’re likely to feel the energy surge as early as Sunday. Tuesday can build more pressure or incentive, or require added force. Midweek sets the new reality into play.

February 18 - March 20

Mercury/Mars makes for good sharing or good lovin’ on Friday. Sunday, it’s time to freshen it up and/or get moving in a new direction. Tuesday’s full-to-the-brim day can see you reach a significant goal or make major progress with someone or something. It could be a big money day—earning or spending it.

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