Best of Vancouver

Interviews with some of the winners of the Georgia Straight's 19th annual Best of Vancouver awards.
David Hawksworth is known for dishes such as foie gras torchon and pan-roasted sablefish, so it may come as a surprise that pizza is one of his favourite foods.
Despite their relative media obscurity, there are many other individuals who cook excellent Indian cuisine and run much-loved South Asian restaurants.
At UBC’s Beaty Biodiversity Museum, where she will be writer in residence this November, the author discusses her recently released second novel and details of her writing life.
For this Best of Vancouver issue, we’re going to double down on the theme and chat with two of the city’s best wine pros about what tops their own “best of” lists.
The local folks behind the top releases of the past year unveil their favourite records and dirty-talking crushes.
Harking back to Vancouver’s Emergency Room era of punk, Snit fuses eerie, frantic guitar work with lyrics that are as grippingly bleak as Hastings and Main.
Best place to frolic with goats? Why did no one tell us about this sooner?!
The band’s self-titled heart-throbbing hardcore debut, released last month, bids a perfect farewell to summer with crunchy guitars and life-affirming melodies.
Did you know that Vancouver is secretly fun? Too bad everyone who lives here is such a big whiner.