Black minidress with fluorescent detailing has mad '80s style


What: Black minidress with fluorescent detailing

Where: H & M (various locations)

Price Tag: $29.95

Why: Style in the 1980s wasn’t all bad; some pretty significant trends are still relevant. Check out this black-and-yellow spandex dress by H & M: the fluorescent zipper and bold piping are strategically placed to enhance your curves in all the right places. Think Rihanna and pair it with a bejewelled denim jacket, Dr. Martens, and lots of hardware accessories, or sex it up Kardashian-style and wear it with a cropped blazer, strappy heels, and chunky Lucite jewellery. Big frizzy hair and powder-pink lips will complete your look nicely. The one downer about trendy clothes is their short life span, but being priced at just under 30 bucks makes this trend easy to get in on.

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