Book Features

Peter Hudson runs an ebook startup, but that doesn’t mean the Vancouver entrepreneur believes the print book is dead.
Nancy Lee’s debut novel returns to the anxious ’80s for a depiction of youth lived under a nuclear cloud.
An East Vancouver festival hopes to bring people together through the power of verbal expression.
Gregory Zuckerman's book shows how rising U.S. oil and gas production carries important implications for Canada and the world.
The Canadian celebrity gossip blogger and new author writes about an unusual mother-daughter relationship in her debut memoir.
The Booker Prize–winning author of The God of Small Things has lots to say in advance of her first visit to Vancouver.
Our special spring books section boasts everything from searching memoirs and haunting novels of failed revolution to caustic tales about the borderless lives of millennials.
Here are just a few of the thought-provoking titles helping to mark the slow annual transition from fireside reading to waterside reading.
Internet has exacerbated inequality and hasn’t democratized culture, author says.