Book Features

At UBC’s Beaty Biodiversity Museum, where she will be writer in residence this November, the author discusses her recently released second novel and details of her writing life.
International authors, including David Mitchell, will be in Vancouver for one of several literary festivals happening this fall.
The former NDP premier and Liberal health minister comes across exceptionally well in a new biography by his friend, Doug Welbanks.
Fifty years on from Betty Friedan’s landmark book The Feminine Mystique, why are so few women in positions of power?
John Waters gets a lot of action in Carsick.
Popular Day Hikes 4: Vancouver Island and Seaside Walks on Vancouver Island focus on “family-friendly” day trips.
The seventh edition of 109 Walks in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland adds new 14 trips.
The second edition of Off the Beaten Path: A Hiking Guide to Vancouver’s North Shore features 39 local hikes.
The creator of a hit CBC TV series is still dispelling myths about Muslims in Canada.
The scholar of religions sets aside sacred stories to describe Jesus of Nazareth as a revolutionary firebrand very much of his place and time.