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There’s a molten intensity to the roles that built John Cleese’s reputation as one of the funniest and most influential comedians to use the English language in the last century or so.
The Dunbar book dealer will be relocating to the premises of the latest video-rental store to bite the dust in Vancouver.
The Montreal-based author talks about the importance of focusing on the here and now when faced with a health crisis.
Anyone dealing with the emotional distance that inevitably separates parents and children will likely find solace in this novel.
As a travel writer, Chloë Ernst has hiked in amazing places across Canada and in Bolivia, Spain, and the U.K.
The book also provides insights into how to avoid being ripped off by scamsters who rely on Twitter and Facebook.
Canadian parliamentarians can breathe a sigh of relief that sergeant-at-arms
The fired CBC broadcaster wrote a book two years ago that shed light on his admiration for androgynous musicians.
The flesh of some moose near the tarsands of northern Alberta had turned green.
Canada’s 26th governor general, Adrienne Clarkson, experienced a rude surprise earlier this year.