Book Reviews

There’s apparently no dark side, no counterbalance to the incredible string of accomplishments that led to the astronaut's first steps on the moon.
Similar to Girls, whose success is predicated on its relatability to millennials, Not That Kind of Girl feels like a collective experience in many ways.
Terrible things happen in Jane Smiley’s beguiling new novel.
The Fernie-based author's new novel offers an alluring study in contrasts.
If you’ve ever wondered why your to-do list fills you with dread or why texting a friend feels like such an effort, this is the book for you.
The Kingston-based author nearly redeems CanLit from its excess of the everyday.
MacDonald’s effortless ability to quickly spin pathos into humour makes the suffering of her characters humane and never heavy-handed.
Cross-dressing and gender-bending are not normally associated with highly conservative societies.
John Belshaw’s fascinating anthology contains original historical chapters by 15 researchers in various fields.
The Vancouver author creates a peculiar and pretty world of misfits and loners.