Book Reviews

There’s a lot out there in the world that can hurt us.
Naomi Klein's new book, This Changes Everything, provides a road map to make it happen.
U.S. presidential candidate Gary Hart’s alleged infidelities ushered in a new era of political reporting.
A new book offers everything you need to know about the business of daily broadsheets and tabloids.
Urban lives overlap in Dionne Brand’s new novel.
While Girl Runner is not a sports book by any stretch of the imagination, it subtly touches on the prejudices facing women in sport.
Pulitzer-winning author Lawrence Wright details the 1978 summit between Israel, Egypt, and the U.S. in a crisp and electrifying manner.
There’s apparently no dark side, no counterbalance to the incredible string of accomplishments that led to the astronaut's first steps on the moon.
Similar to Girls, whose success is predicated on its relatability to millennials, Not That Kind of Girl feels like a collective experience in many ways.