Burnaby furniture designer wants to give Lady Gaga a seat

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      After Lady Gaga kicks off her Born This Way Ball world tour at Rogers Arena on Friday (January 11), a Lower Mainland-based furniture designer hopes the singer will be sitting in a chair designed specifically for her. Celina Dalrymple, who owns Burnaby’s Fabulous Furnishings, made a chair for Lady Gaga at the end of 2011 and has been trying to deliver the piece of furniture to the performer over the past year.

      “I’m an artist myself, so I had an idea for this crazy chair I wanted to build, and I designed it with Lady Gaga in mind,” Dalrymple told the Straight by phone. “I’ve been trying to get a hold of her. … I’ve had a lot of leads, but now she’s going to be in town, so I’m in a major push trying to get her this crazy chair.”

      The chair is shaped similar to a crown. The circular plush seat is covered in a shiny green-gold satin; while the back of the seat, made from black velvet-upholstered molded foam, is arty and jagged.

      “The legs are encrusted with rhinestones, and I’ve added some bling onto it, so there’s a bunch of jewelry draped across the front of it,” Dalrymple said. “Two people can fit in it quite comfortably. It’s about 50 inches wide.”

      The 31-year-old self-taught furniture maker, who was born and raised on Vancouver Island, said that she’s been a fan of Lady Gaga for many years. Dalrymple credits the singer’s over-the-top artistry for inspiring her to design the chair.

      “She’s the most creative gal out there right now,” Dalrymple said. “She’s kind of like the mecca for wild and crazy design, so she inspires me really to just think outside the box and create something fun and crazy and see how far my creativity can go. That’s why I had her in mind.”

      If Dalrymple isn’t able to deliver the chair to Lady Gaga before the Vancouver concert, she plans on displaying it outside Rogers Arena on Friday in hopes that the singer will take note.

      “I’m going to go down there with my team of people, as many people as I can gather,… and just parade the chair around and try and get some buzz,” Dalrymple said. “I know Lady Gaga will be watching the news after the first show, so she might be able to see what’s going on.”