Claris leopard print coat looks just like the real deal


What: Claris Leopard Print Coat

Where: Club Monaco (various locations)

Price Tag: $349

Why: Chilly temperatures and cozy fur go hand in hand, but finding vintage fur in good condition or faux fur that looks legit can be impossible. I love this plush leopard-print coat from Club Monaco. Animal prints are once again at the fashion forefront, and the synthetic fur looks and feels just like the real deal. Think Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl and style this with a short black mini dress, textured tights, and patent flats or take style notes from Kate Moss and wear it with grey skinnies, a floppy hat, and black booties. This chic piece has mod written all over it, so boy-short hair, lots of liner, and a pale pout will complete your look.

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Keep it faux or enjoy your new red paint job.
Rating: +3
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