Dayton Boots fashion-friendly biker boot is durable and stylish


What: Confederate boot

Where: Dayton Boot Company

(The Net Loft, Granville Island)

Price Tag: $379

Why: Knockoffs never hold the same style clout for me as the real deals. Vancouver’s Dayton is the original boot company that’s inspired high-street stores to create their version of a fashion-friendly biker boot. The company makes serious boots for serious riders (mopeds and 10-speeds too!), and its Confederate boot is the fashion-perfect version. The ankle strap has rebel written all over it, and the shorter height makes for a more feminine look. This boot boasts Goodyear welt construction, black oil tan leather, and heels of oil-proof nitrile. Wear with a paisley-print empire-waist dress and black tights, or boyfriend sweater and skinnies tucked in.

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