Dr. Martens can add a perfect punch of colour to your autumn outfits


What: Dr. Martens 1461 shoe in bubblegum pink

Where: Gravity Pope (online only at Gravity Pope's website)

Price Tag: $150

Why: Choosing footwear for fall can be a major task—you’re kind of committed to your choices until spring. Thankfully, Dr. Martens makes shoe shopping a bit easier, and the brand has been pumping out cool, comfortable classics for over 50 years. Make these pretty pink ones your new go-to for autumn. They add the perfect punch of colour. I love the saturated hue, too; they almost look dip-dyed. The sole, laces, and lining are all pink! Look smart in a pleated mini, a cable-knit pullover, and woolly knee socks for the first day of school, or be pretty in punk and wear them with a floral-print dress, a denim vest, and fishnets to a friend’s birthday.

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