Eco Fashion Week set for style at Robson Square


Fashion and environmentalism collide, once again, at Robson Square (800 Robson Street). Eco Fashion Week’s spring/summer 2013 shows are scheduled for October 16 to 19. Now in its fifth season, the event features fashion shows and informative seminars and workshops that highlight designers with an environmentally friendly and sustainable edge.

“With a growing consciousness and consumer interest in sustainable clothing, we are poised to host our most successful event yet,” Myriam Laroche, creator of Eco Fashion Week, stated in a news release Wednesday (September 12).

The four-day fashion event will kick off on October 16 at 7 p.m. with a look at Vancouver-based ecodesigner Nicole Bridger’s latest collection. Entitled “Kali”, Bridger’s fall/winter 2012 collection will be presented with choreography by Heather Laura Gray. Also featured that evening will be the Value Village runway show. For a second time this year, local stylists Nicolette Lang-Anderson, Tony Vu, and Mimi Lauzon will be given $500 to style 10 to 15 looks based on thrift-store finds.

Other highlight include the Atiler B. fashion show— one of five clothing designers from Quebec at Eco Fashion Week—and a seminar on ethical textiles and manufacturing practices.

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