Just in time for the holidays, here’s more electronic goodness than you could ever fit in a stocking.
Here’s the lowdown on some others you’ll want to consider spending time with.
It’s a great time to be a kid who likes to play video games, because two of the best releases this fall were designed just for you.
At the risk of being overly optimistic, we’re predicting a resurgence in the local scene.
In terms of new video games, this autumn is looking a bit thin.
For all that’s familiar, Destiny is a much different game.
The theme of hope resonates throughout Bungie’s games, and in Destiny the Tower is the embodiment of that emotion.
Chet Faliszek and Aaron Leiby will appear at the second Full Indie Summit.
The latest hardware and software promising full-immersion experiences will be on view when SIGGRAPH returns to Vancouver with its annual convention and exhibition.
Among them are such classics as Arkanoid and Defender, as well as the original The Legend of Zelda.