The latest hardware and software promising full-immersion experiences will be on view when SIGGRAPH returns to Vancouver with its annual convention and exhibition.
Chet Faliszek and Aaron Leiby will appear at the second Full Indie Summit.
Among them are such classics as Arkanoid and Defender, as well as the original The Legend of Zelda.
Unlike other exhibitions of video games from the past, this one is entirely hands-on.
The Vancouver-based game company learned early that too much ambition can put a project in peril.
The majority of indie games appear on Steam.
Watch Dogs is the video game of our time.
In addition to its announcements about video games, Sony had other details to reveal at E3 2014.
There are soon going to be some amazing things to play on the slick new consoles that Microsoft and Sony dropped last fall.
Whether you’ll appreciate The Elder Scrolls Online really depends on whether you’re interested in it because you’ve been playing other games in the Elder Scrolls series or because you’re a fan of massively multiplayer online games.