Geek Speak

Simon Fraser University business student Chantelle Buffie is hoping that you’ll soon be using FIXO.
In Vancouver, geek culture is experiencing a “golden age”.
Vancouver’s Jesse Heaslip cofounded a Bitcoin exchange startup.
Bryan Hellard spoke about Bitcoin at a currency conference, which took place during CoinFest.
Gerald Cotton wants to spread Bitcoin across Canada.
Michel Laberge is the only local speaker set to take the stage at Vancouver’s TED2014 conference.
Meredith Underell enjoys bringing people together to learn about computer technology.
What ePACT offers is an “online emergency system” that takes emergency contact forms off paper and into the Digital Age.
Suzette Laqua is planning the first international web series festival in Canada.
Jenn Lowther advises companies to avoid being too self-promotional on social media.