Handmade leather mitts are winter chic


What: Handmade leather mitts in brown by Bel

Where: Violet (3012 Granville Street)

Price Tag: $110

Why: There’s nothing quite like the feeling of soft leather combined with the comfort of cozy mitts when winter hits. Check out these handmade leather mittens by Vancouver designer Belinda Chan: they look sweet and very chic. These luxe mitts make a perfect cool-weather b-day gift for your bestie or better yet, gift a pair to yourself and wear them with a Cowichan sweater, a fur-trimmed anorak, and a pair of mukluks. They also come in black.

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Ummm ... leather mitts, mukluks and an anorak? In Vancouver?

Please get a grip.
Rating: -10
No thank you
Those look like oven mitts.
Rating: +3
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