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Summertime can be especially bad for food poisoning because bacteria can multiply quickly in hot weather.
A new report from provincial health officer Dr. Perry Kendall recommends a number of strategies that need to be taken in B.C. to address the HIV epidemic.
More awareness could lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment of the poorly understood mental illness that affects 40,000 people in B.C.
An expert says new research about the chemical BPA's effect on the mammary glands of rats should raise a red flag for humans.
Harbouring excess fat in the midsection has less to do with fitness levels than the role that nutrition, blood sugar, and insulin all play.
Dr. Arun Garg is eager to discuss what Fraser Health is doing to improve the health of people of South Asian descent.
A professor advises people to protect themselves against carcinogens before worrying about Fukushima.
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Some 40,000 British Columbians have epilepsy, but many people have no idea how to help when anyone nearby has an episode.
Climate change is creating significant new risks for the $65-billion-a-year U.S. corn industry, foundation for the nation's favorite soft-drink sweetener, at the same time that consumers are shifting away from the additive.