Health Features

Some experts say that Lyme disease could become even more commonplace with global warming.
Enterovirus is a highly contagious illness that can have severe complications, particularly in children with a history of asthma.
A physician with the B.C. Centre for Disease Control says he’s been reflecting on the extensive media coverage of the Ebola outbreak.
Vancouver resident Victor Chan has had experiences in life that others can only imagine.
Tuberculosis experts have a keen interest in newcomers to Canada.
It looks like rats and their diseases are here to stay. The question is: what are we going to do about it?
Our health issue focuses on neurotechnology in Surrey, computer screens' impact on kids, attention deficit disorder, the Dalai Lama's visit, disease-carrying rats, and tuberculosis.
Universities, Fraser Health, and the private sector are collaborating to turn Surrey City Centre into a globally recognized high-tech cluster.
It may take a village to raise a child, but that village, increasingly digitized, is vanishing.
Vancouver health activist Pete Quily often quips that people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are allergic to boredom.