Holiday Gift Guide

So you're trying to think of what to give to the person on your list who has everything?
Here are some gift-giving suggestions for those on your list with interests that go beyond the mainstream movie fare.
The Straight has searched the city to find ways to warm up your home, not only for the holidays but for the balance of the cold season.
The holidays will be here before we know it, so let’s get a jump on our shopping.
Few events in the city offer as much in the handmade, one-of-a-kind way as the Make It! craft fair.
Unique finds include pillow odes to retro department stores and pepper grinders with Northwest Coast motifs.
From cozy blankets to fresh fragrances, antique cufflinks and vegan lip balm—we have you covered for fashion and beauty gifts this winter.
Often, the best travel gifts don’t come from a store, but these gadgets can help the journey go smoothly.
A tonic to all this most-wonderful-time-of-the-year business? Sex and romance.