The incredible indie explosion: Myths


Quinne Rodgers and Lief Hall share vocal duties in the designed-to-make-you-think duo Myths, whose eponymous debut disc combines feral electronica, nightmare-inducing industrial, and art-damaged synth pop. Be afraid—be very, very afraid—
especially when listening alone and after midnight.

Best local release other than yours:

(Rodgers) “Animal Bodies are a really amazing local band. Their album, Kiss of the Fang, is dark and sharp and delicious. I want to eat it, but it would probably turn me into the woman from Metropolis—made out of ashes.”

The year’s best gig:

(Rodgers) “We’re both such aesthetics geeks that I would have to say the Full Flex Express Tour that came through the Pacific Coliseum on July 22. Yeah, whatever, haters. That show was such a visual onslaught. Skrillex had a fucking spaceship on a hydraulic lift.”

What classic never leaves the turntable?

(Hall) “I like to obsess over things and listen to them a million-zillion times, so there are lots and lots of cherished go-tos in my collection. But the most recent additions to my all-time favourites list would definitely include Oversteps by Autechre and Visions by Grimes. Beautiful and brilliant.”

Where are we impressing your out-of-town friends?

(Hall) “Me and Quinne’s go-to is Tentatsu [2430 East Hastings] for band dates. When I am dining alone I like to go to Sushi Yama [371 East Broadway] and eat big plates of raw fish at the bar and watch the sushi masters at work. For really special dinners, though, I always prefer to eat at home—put on a great record and make some insane salad with fresh veggies from the garden, with a good bottle of wine.”

Like LMFAO, who’s sexy and knows it?

(Rodgers) “I kind of think everyone I know in the music scene is quite beautiful, so I honestly could not pick one. But if you insist on an answer, I will pick the man who was in the room when I was talking about this question and take the opportunity to embarrass him: Tom Whalen from Korean Gut.”

Uncle Morty left you his fortune. Where are you opening a venue?

(Rodgers) “Thanks, Uncle Morty! Can we throw shows in the Vancouver Aquarium [845 Avison Way]? In the jellyfish section? Really quiet ones. Oh, man, I’d figure out how to do a quiet show to be able to play in the jellyfish area. We could play whispery music in the dark, among all the glowing jellies.”

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